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Time to stop crying about Trump's election, there is #worldnews to cover: First artificial gravity to appear at ISS thanks to russian scientists, Chinese official elected as President of Interpol and US Army makes largest European ammo delivery in two decades. Many, many more link in this #podcast page and homepage of knightsofnews.com, the Round Table of Information. - Jonathan
Central Bank sees no risks of financial volatility due to US presidential election
Oil wars? UK’s most advanced warship secretly deployed to Yemen coast
Angry protests sparked across US by Trump's shock victory
‘Soldiers go home’ – Italians protest American base on US Election Day
Kenyan troops arrive from peacekeeping mission in S. Sudan
India Stocks Up on Russian, Israeli Ammunition as Borders Remain Tense
Austrian Presidential Candidate Hofer Hopes for Trump to Mend Ties With Russia
Cyberattacks Target Five Large Russian Banks
Sberbank refutes series of DDoS attacks organized from dozens of countries
'Move to Canada' threats return – but actually emigrating there is difficult
Trump, our next president, promised to block AT&T/Time Warner merger
WikiLeaks Releases 36th Batch of Clinton Campaign Chair Podesta's Leaked Emails
Donald Trump’s win boosts Canada’s energy pipeline prospects
US Army Makes Largest European Ammo Delivery in Two Decades
NATO launches maritime operation Sea Guardian in Mediterranean
'Promising & exciting': Brain implants with wireless signal let paralyzed monkeys move normally
London: At least seven killed, 50 injured as tram overturns
Russia Delivers Over 6 Tons of Humanitarian Aid to Syria
US Central Command confirms 119 civilians killed in US airstrikes in Syria & Iraq since 2014
Official: Russians Flying Armed Sorties From Carrier Over Syria; Massive Strikes Likely Soon
Israeli air forces attack Syrian position in Qunaitera
Committee Considers Fukushima for Events in 2020 Olympics
Medvedev to hold talks with Netanyahu in Israel
Europe needs own army, can’t rely on US forever – EU Commission President
'Flash Crash' Trader Pleads Guilty to Fraud, Spoofing in US
Mass Shooting Reported Amid Anti-Trump Rally in Downtown Seattle
Trump Election ‘Market Panic’ Ends with All-Time Dow Jones High
Trump pledges to defend South Korea in phone call with Park, as Pyongyang urges policy shift
Canada open to renegotiating free trade with Donald Trump
Australian PM: Trump agrees that US military presence in Asia is ‘foundation of peace’
Chinese official elected as President of Interpol
NATO-Georgia Exercise 2016 to Begin Thursday
Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe to meet Donald Trump next week in New York
Maduro Calls for 'Positive Agenda' With Venezuela During Trump Presidency
SWIFT Hack: Bangladesh Bank Recovers $15 Million from a Philippines Casino
Australia ratifies Paris climate agreement, eases fears of a Trump exit
Russia's representative elected Interpol vice president for first time
Russia, NASA Will Jointly Train Crews for Interplanetary Travel
First Artificial Gravity to Appear at ISS Thanks to Russian Scientists
Former Japan PM apologizes for WWII bombardment of China
Egypt secures $2 billion dollars ahead of IMF bailout
Crippled Fukushima Reactor Fully Exposed for the First Time Since 2011 Disaster
IMF lifts motion of censure on Argentina for manipulating data
Russian Foreign Ministry reports up to 6,000 gunmen trying to attack eastern Aleppo
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I would like everyone to know more about our world.

Hi, my name is Jonathan and I am 40 years old. First, let me tell you that the English language isn’t my first language; I speak French in my everyday life. So don’t be too severe with me, since I will make mistakes. You can laugh about it, and you can also point out some errors I may make so I can improve myself.

I am the founder of the Knights of News, a concept I created to show my love of world news. Everyone can be a Knight of News, you simply need to care about humanity and have the willingness to inform others.

The home of the Knights of News is TacticalFM.com, a website I created in 2007. Our headquarters changed many times since its launch. Before today, it was firing in all directions… but now, it’s more focused than ever: on world news.

« Why world news? » Very simple: I care about my planet and the people who are living on it. One day I had a flash, I realized that the VERY FIRST STEP to being able to settle even the simplest problem requires a common knowledge of the context and parameters of this problem.

In short, as humanity, we cannot fix what’s wrong in our society if we, each one on our side, have different knowledge of the situation. The reason is simple and very logical: solutions a person may suggest will always miss important key points that another may have, and the consequence is that these solutions will be incomplete and partial.

We all have the same concerns, we all have the same goals, we want to live in peace, have food, shelter and love. Whatever part of the world you live in, we all feel the same, we all have the same basic needs.

This planet is going to crash if we, as a global ensemble, continue like we have been. But before doing something that can apply to and help all of us, we must all have the same stance on the situation.

This is why the Knights of News exist. View them as a tool that enables you to have better common knowledge of the situation on Planet Earth. We put in evidence complex topics, that at first may not seem to be important (e.g.: geoengineering, geopolitical tensions, global economy, etc.) so that in the long run, YOU do care and become curious. Without basic curiosity, we can’t have any hope to fix the smallest problem.

Today, a small group of people have all the space they want to decide, just because the majority of us don’t care enough about the decisions taken by this Elite. This must change, and the very first step is to get CURIOUS about everything, from the simplest topic to the most complex.

Don’t be afraid, just because you don’t understand, we are all together on this boat, we all need to help each other. The majority of us want peace, but the war mongering minority have control because we don’t take the time to understand what is happening or why.

Knowledge is power. Be powerful. Start learning about complex world news. This can be very hard at first, but be courageous, and you will see that over time, this will becomes easier.

Peace, love and justice requires common knowledge of what’s happening on Earth.
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What is this site?


But more precisely:

It fetches a custom set of world news RSS feeds from various official media outlets.

It filters the resulting list to remove non pertinent links.

It orders and timestamps the news links with UTC time zone.

And finally colours them if they are important news, special topics, etc.

News for pros, plain and simple!

Why everyone should visit this site?


Nothing less than that, thanks to the "comparison effect" by putting all news media outlets side-to-side, on the same list.

This way, we can compare titles and spot the nice written and descriptive ones. It forces MSMs to be as complete and pertinent as possible.

This way, we can compare the content and when it's reported. The media that will have the greater and more pertinent content will win the popularity race when displayed with all his competitors, it's pure logic.

Everybody win by visiting the Knights of News: quality and pertinence over entertainment and consumerism!

Overall, this website forces each of our beloved MSMs to do a better job, this is why your visit, and to talk about it around you, is so important.
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Jonathanboucharddotca micro 2016 ruche Peace, love and justice requires common knowledge of what’s happening on Earth.

L'amour, la paix et la justice exigent une connaissance commune des événements sur terre!

"Chevaliers de l'information",
"Knights Of News"
created by / conçu par
Jonathan Bouchard

Born in 1976, I am a computer geek and programmer who loves geopolitics and MSM.

I am from Quebec, Canada, I speak french. I started to learn english with a Commodore 64.

FPS lover who can't play as he wants like many others but still, I finished original Doom I and II without cheating at hard. ;)

Philosopher who loves to think about the future of mankind, evolution and what we are supposed to do on Earth.

My dream would be that each one of us develops his curiosity toward what's really happening in the world. Before trying to fix our major problems of coexistence, I think the very first step is to learn about what we are and then, we will be able to fix problems like global warming, terrorism, hunger and war. Because, that's our goal, right?

My english grammar is not perfect, my french is a lot better, but I am trying hard.

Suits and ties are not for me... even if I look handsome in it!

I kept my child's hearth, I make jokes, I sing, I am not shy to laugh at myself.

I don't bite. I just know what I want and there's reasons for it, each time.

Don't you think it's enough? Contact me if you still want more! :D
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