Oldpaper kon v2 band sepia
Mon 18 @ 04:38 Gujarat: BJP pulls ahead in tight India contest BBC
Mon 18 @ 04:36 'Nice' Australian was a 'loyal agent' for North Korea BBC
Mon 18 @ 04:34 Das boot ist kaputt! Germany has the world's best submarines... but none of them work Russia Today
Mon 18 @ 04:24 Female monkeys are having sexual interactions with deer in Japan and scientists are intrigued S.China Morning Post
Mon 18 @ 04:24 Trump says he is not planning to fire Mueller as Republican attacks on Russia investigation increase S.China Morning Post
Mon 18 @ 04:18 Peru president: Odebrecht payments did bring 'some money' ABC News
Mon 18 @ 04:14 Tropical Storm Urduja Kills 27 People, 24 Reported Missing in Philippines Sputnik
Mon 18 @ 04:13 Toronto police release cause of death of billionaires ABC News
Mon 18 @ 04:05 Honduran President Declared Winner in Disputed Election The N.Y. Times
Mon 18 @ 04:04 Canadian homicide police take lead in pharma billionaires' death probe ABC
Mon 18 @ 04:03 Le revenu des Nord-Coréens en hausse en 2016 Canoe
Mon 18 @ 04:03 Egypt condemns deadly church attack in Pakistan Indian Express
Mon 18 @ 03:59 Chili: 11 morts et 15 disparus à la suite de fortes pluies Canoe
Mon 18 @ 03:58 Finnish conductor to lead anniversary concert Vietnam+
Mon 18 @ 03:55 Song Da Corp's IPO to sell 219 million shares Vietnam+
Mon 18 @ 03:54 Universities Australia attacks Coalition's $2.2bn funding cut revealed in Myefo The Guardian
Mon 18 @ 03:47 US man recaptured after escaping Bali's Kerobokan prison using a ladder ABC
Mon 18 @ 03:41 US to spend $214mn on Europe air bases on pretext of 'Russian aggression' Russia Today
Mon 18 @ 03:39 Peru president: Odebrecht payments did bring 'some money' Indian Express
Mon 18 @ 03:32 U.S. citizen recaptured after Bali jail break The Star Online
Mon 18 @ 03:32 Government leader hosts Lao Defence Minister Vietnam+
Mon 18 @ 03:31 Une panne de courant soudaine crée un « cauchemar » à l'aéroport d'Atlanta Radio-Canada
Mon 18 @ 03:30 IDF: Rockets Fired at South Israel Landed in Gaza, Hamas Accountable Sputnik
Mon 18 @ 03:30 All eyes on Sabeco shares Vietnam+
Mon 18 @ 03:29 New Zealand's Northern War: mass grave reveals bodies of British soldiers The Guardian
Mon 18 @ 03:27 In about-face, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte now supports gay unions S.China Morning Post
Mon 18 @ 03:23 Cri d'alarme des hôpitaux publics sur leur situation budgétaire RTL
Mon 18 @ 03:23 Vietnam wins global cyber security competition Vietnam+
Mon 18 @ 03:17 Van Don gears towards special administrative-economic zone Vietnam+
Mon 18 @ 03:14 Honduras: l'opposition rejette la victoire du chef de l'Etat sortant, invite à manifester RTL
Mon 18 @ 03:10 Peru president: Odebrecht payments did bring 'some money' MetroNews
Mon 18 @ 03:10 Peru president: Odebrecht payments did bring 'some money' Fox News
Mon 18 @ 03:10 Le niveau de vie des Nord-Coréens en hausse en 2016 La Presse
Mon 18 @ 03:10 Christian Karembeu to arrive in Vietnam Vietnam+
Mon 18 @ 03:09 Ninh Binh's Tam Diep city recognised as new-style rural area Vietnam+
Mon 18 @ 03:08 CLV youth forum issues joint statement Vietnam+
Mon 18 @ 03:08 Academics divided on tuition-free pedagogy education Vietnam+
Mon 18 @ 03:06 Barry and Honey Sherman deaths: Canada homicide police take over investigation The Guardian
Mon 18 @ 03:05 Hernández announced winner of disputed Honduras election BBC
Mon 18 @ 03:01 Turkey Plans Embassy in East Jerusalem, Erdogan Says The N.Y. Times
Mon 18 @ 03:00 Experts: Start-up potential high for solution finders Vietnam+
Mon 18 @ 02:58 Honduras' electoral court declares president election winner ABC News
Mon 18 @ 02:56 Livelihood options sought for CLV populations Vietnam+
Mon 18 @ 02:55 Four killed, seven injured in fire at Japanese 'soapland' bathhouse S.China Morning Post
Mon 18 @ 02:55 Le milliardaire canadien Sherman et son épouse morts par étranglement RTL
Mon 18 @ 02:54 US Republicans confident tax bill to become law this week Indian Express
Mon 18 @ 02:50 Honduran President Hernandez declared winner of Nov. 26 election The Star Online
Mon 18 @ 02:49 Russia's Rosneft wins gas licences in Venezuela BBC
Mon 18 @ 02:49 Dershowitz: 'Rod Rosenstein Should Recuse Himself' Breitbart
Mon 18 @ 02:49 Vietnamese diets still lack iodine Vietnam+
Mon 18 @ 02:48 Cambodia learns from Soc Trang's experience in religious affairs Vietnam+
Mon 18 @ 02:48 Protest in Indonesia against US President's Jerusalem move Vietnam+
Mon 18 @ 02:47 Japan exports, imports surge on strong demand in China, US MetroNews
Mon 18 @ 02:46 Japan exports, imports surge on strong demand in China, US Fox News
Mon 18 @ 02:46 Formosa fined for improper hazardous waste treatment Vietnam+
Mon 18 @ 02:45 Exclusive – Steve Bannon Delivers Donors for Lee Zeldin: 'Best Fundraiser of the Year' Breitbart
Mon 18 @ 02:44 Battles fought over Christmas in 2017 Russia Today
Mon 18 @ 02:44 All Flights in US Atlanta Airport Canceled Over Power Outage Sputnik
Mon 18 @ 02:42 More than 1,000 flights cancelled as blackout hits Atlanta airport Arab News
Mon 18 @ 02:42 Paraguay senator with dictatorship ties to run for president The Star Online
Mon 18 @ 02:38 Trump says he's not considering firing Mueller ABC
Mon 18 @ 02:36 10 Things to Know for Monday MetroNews
Mon 18 @ 02:36 Honduras: le président sortant déclaré vainqueur, l'opposition appelle à manifester RTL
Mon 18 @ 02:35 Kailash Satyarthi seeks high-level meet of UN bodies on child labour Indian Express
Mon 18 @ 02:33 Stage industry survey finds 14% of Australian cast and crew sexually assaulted The Guardian
Mon 18 @ 02:31 Report: China 'Determined to Take On a Central Role' in Rebuilding Syria Breitbart
Mon 18 @ 02:31 Children of Toronto billionaire couple angrily reject murder-suicide theory, as homicide team probes deaths S.China Morning Post
Mon 18 @ 02:30 Honduran President Hernandez declared winner of November 26 election Indian Express
Mon 18 @ 02:25 Canada: les époux Sherman morts par strangulation au cou RTL
Mon 18 @ 02:25 Reference exchange rate down at week's beginning Vietnam+
Mon 18 @ 02:24 Un an après l'attentat de Berlin, les proches de victimes enfin reçus par Merkel RTL
Mon 18 @ 02:24 Vietnam News Agency enhances relations with European partners Vietnam+
Mon 18 @ 02:20 Honduran presidential candidate Nasralla says election marred by fraud The Star Online
Mon 18 @ 02:19 Panne géante dans le 1er aéroport au monde Tribune de Genève
Mon 18 @ 02:18 Australian government foresees smaller budget deficits, surplus in 2020/21 Indian Express
Mon 18 @ 02:17 Chile's conservative billionaire ex-President Pinera easily wins runoff election Fox News
Mon 18 @ 02:14 Le président hondurien sortant déclaré vainqueur Tribune de Genève
Mon 18 @ 02:12 GOP Rep Curbelo: No, Breitbart Is Not 'a Productive Force in This Country' Breitbart
Mon 18 @ 02:11 Chili: le conservateur Sebastian Piñera remporte la présidentielle RTL
Mon 18 @ 02:08 Russia kicks off presidential campaign trail as Federation Council publishes resolution TASS
Mon 18 @ 02:08 Autriche: Sebastian Kurz et l'extrême droite s'installent au pouvoir RTL
Mon 18 @ 02:08 2 rockets from Gaza hit Israeli territory Russia Today
Mon 18 @ 02:07 Barry Sherman: Murder unit to probe Canadian mystery deaths BBC
Mon 18 @ 02:06 South Africa's ANC votes to elect successor for party leader Zuma The Star Online
Mon 18 @ 02:05 UK Prime Minister Theresa May to pitch status quo Brexit transition to parliament Indian Express
Mon 18 @ 02:02 Trump stresses importance of anti-terror cooperation between US and Russia TASS
Mon 18 @ 02:01 Republicans confident tax bill to become law this week The Star Online
Mon 18 @ 02:01 U.S. helped thwart major attack in St. Petersburg -U.S., Russia say The Star Online
Mon 18 @ 01:56 British embassy worker Rebecca Dykes found murdered in Lebanon, official says S.China Morning Post
Mon 18 @ 01:50 Juan Orlando Hernandez Reelected as President of Honduras Sputnik
Mon 18 @ 01:46 Décès d'un milliardaire à Toronto: Barry Sherman et son épouse morts étranglés Canoe
Mon 18 @ 01:44 Saudi prince who led anti-corruption purge revealed as owner of 'world's most expensive home' Russia Today
Mon 18 @ 01:40 Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport power cut grounds flights BBC
Mon 18 @ 01:38 I'm not considering firing special counsel Mueller, says Donald Trump Indian Express
Mon 18 @ 01:36 L'aéroport d'Atlanta paralysé par une panne de courant Canoe
Mon 18 @ 01:29 Beirut Journal: Lebanon's Palestinian Refugees Resist from the Sidelines The N.Y. Times
Mon 18 @ 01:29 'It's Very Expensive:' Most Teachers Say Immigration Has Harmful or Mixed Impact Breitbart
Mon 18 @ 01:29 Canada: le milliardaire Sherman et son épouse morts étranglés RTL
Mon 18 @ 01:25 Russia inquiry: Trump denies he plans to fire Robert Mueller BBC
Mon 18 @ 01:24 Trump to say in security speech that China is competitor | officials The Star Online
Mon 18 @ 01:21 Chili: le conservateur Piñera revient au pouvoir Tribune de Genève
Mon 18 @ 01:21 Griezmann backtracks over 'insensitive' blackface tweet ABC
Mon 18 @ 01:21 Deadly attack on Methodist church in Pakistan BBC
Mon 18 @ 01:19 Toronto homicide police take lead in probe of billionaires' deaths The Star Online
Mon 18 @ 01:15 Cause of Canadian billionaires' 'suspicious' deaths at home revealed Fox News
Mon 18 @ 01:14 'The king of bling': Macron's birthday celebration in lavish palace draws ire in France Russia Today
Mon 18 @ 01:11 Putin phones Trump with thanks for CIA tip that 'prevented bombings by Islamic State' S.China Morning Post
Mon 18 @ 01:09 UN Security Council to vote on outlawing Trump's Jerusalem decision Russia Today
Mon 18 @ 01:06 Afrique du Sud: l'ANC reprend le vote pour élire le successeur de Zuma RTL
Mon 18 @ 01:04 Sebastián Piñera Wins Chile's Presidential Election The N.Y. Times
Mon 18 @ 01:02 $300m French chateau bought by Saudi prince linked to Da Vinci purchase – report The Guardian
Mon 18 @ 01:01 Toronto Buzzes With Talk of Billionaire Couple's Suspicious Death The N.Y. Times
Mon 18 @ 01:01 Pope Francis celebrates his birthday with extra-long pizza Fox News
Mon 18 @ 00:58 Canada: les époux Sherman morts par strangulation au cou RTL
Mon 18 @ 00:55 Honduras: le président sortant Hernandez déclaré vainqueur après un scrutin controversé RTL
Mon 18 @ 00:54 Le syndicat des pilotes irlandais de Ryanair suspend son appel à la grève RTL
Mon 18 @ 00:52 LeBron wears 1 black shoe, 1 white shoe saying 'equality' MetroNews
Mon 18 @ 00:48 Hundreds Attend Funeral Honoring 'Abandoned' Vietnam Veteran Breitbart
Mon 18 @ 00:40 Travel nightmare as sudden power outage brings world's busiest airport to a standstill S.China Morning Post
Mon 18 @ 00:40 US, Russia 'Need Each Other' to Set Program to Boost Int'l Security | Antonov Sputnik
Mon 18 @ 00:40 Panne géante à l'aéroport d'Atlanta, le plus fréquenté du monde La Presse
Mon 18 @ 00:39 Afrique du Sud: l'ANC reprend le vote pour élire le successeur de Zuma RTL
Mon 18 @ 00:32 Pakistan Church Attacked by 2 Suicide Bombers The N.Y. Times
Mon 18 @ 00:29 Chile election: conservative Piñera elected president BBC
Mon 18 @ 00:25 Trump Admin Launches Campaign to End Extended-Family Immigration into U.S. Breitbart
Mon 18 @ 00:19 CNN : Trump's Allies Try to 'Destroy' Mueller Breitbart
Mon 18 @ 00:17 Honduras' electoral court declares president election winner MetroNews
Mon 18 @ 00:17 Honduras' electoral court declares president election winner Fox News
Mon 18 @ 00:16 U.N.'s Zeid toughens warning of 'genocide' in Myanmar The Star Online
Mon 18 @ 00:15 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' hauls in US$450m worldwide on opening weekend, leaving box-office rivals far, far away S.China Morning Post
Mon 18 @ 00:14 La CIA confirme avoir aidé le FSB a déjouer une attaque terroriste Euronews
Mon 18 @ 00:13 Lebanon murder probe as British woman found dead BBC
Mon 18 @ 00:10 Afghan opposition factions join hands against Ghani Arab News
Mon 18 @ 00:10 Russia signals support for Pakistan's NSG candidature Arab News
Mon 18 @ 00:07 Election Commission Declares Pinera's Victory in Presidential Election in Chile Sputnik
Mon 18 @ 00:04 Uber: a no-Goa at Asia's tourist hotspots? S.China Morning Post
Mon 18 @ 00:01 Saudi Arabia told by UK minister to stop blocking Yemen aid The Guardian
Mon 18 @ 00:00 Deadly Taliban Attacks on NATO Convoy and Police in Afghanistan The N.Y. Times
Mon 18 @ 00:00 Chili: Sebastian Pinera élu président pour la seconde fois Xinhuanet
Mon 18 @ 00:00 Le président turc réaffirme son intention d'ouvrir une ambassade à Jérusalem-Est Xinhuanet
Mon 18 @ 00:00 Juan Orlando Hernandez réélu président du Honduras Xinhuanet
Mon 18 @ 00:00 La Ligue arabe met sur pied une délégation ministérielle pour s'opposer à la décision américaine sur Jérusalem Xinhuanet
Mon 18 @ 00:00 La Turquie critique l'Autriche pour sa tentative de blocage de la candidature turque à l'UE Xinhuanet
Mon 18 @ 00:00 France/chômage : les premiers effets de la réforme du Code du travail seront perceptibles "dans deux ans" (Emmanuel Macron) Xinhuanet
Mon 18 @ 00:00 Explosion dans une station de métro de Hambourg : la police exclut la piste terroriste Xinhuanet
Mon 18 @ 00:00 Syrie: "Il faudra parler à Bachar et à ses représentants", selon Emmanuel Macron Xinhuanet
Mon 18 @ 00:00 Poutine téléphone à Trump pour remercier la CIA d'avoir partagé des informations sur les terroristes Xinhuanet
Sun 17 @ 23:55 Chili: le conservateur Sebastian Piñera remporte la présidentielle RTL
Sun 17 @ 23:54 CNN Commentator Hilary Rosen Falsely Calls Georgetown Student an Anti-Semitic Bigot for Wearing a Bacon Suit Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 23:52 Chili: le conservateur Sebastian Piñera remporte la présidentielle Canoe
Sun 17 @ 23:49 US, Canada to begin talks in 2018 on Columbia River deal MetroNews
Sun 17 @ 23:41 USA: Une panne de courant met à l'arrêt l'aéroport d'Atlanta RTL
Sun 17 @ 23:40 British embassy worker found dead by roadside in Lebanon ABC News
Sun 17 @ 23:40 Le choix du successeur de Zuma en pleine confusion Tribune de Genève
Sun 17 @ 23:39 Report slams local, US hurricane response in Puerto Rico ABC News
Sun 17 @ 23:39 Le syndicat des pilotes irlandais de Ryanair suspend son appel à la grève RTL
Sun 17 @ 23:34 Sebastián Piñera wins Chile's presidential election The Guardian
Sun 17 @ 23:32 Bitcoin futures begin trading on CME MetroNews
Sun 17 @ 23:27 Refugee advocates blockade Melbourne port in protest at offshore detention The Guardian
Sun 17 @ 23:26 Weak 15: Ratings Crashing, Players Kneeling, and Fans Leaving Empty Seats In Stadiums Everywhere Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 23:24 Présidentielle au Chili | Le conservateur Sebastian Piñera l'emporte après dépouillement quasi-total RTL
Sun 17 @ 23:23 Chile election: Sebastian Pinera projected to win Al Jazeera
Sun 17 @ 23:22 Feel Old? Boeing 747, World's 1st Jumbo Jet, Takes Final US Commercial Flight Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 23:21 Victor over Roy Moore says US should 'move on' from Trump's alleged sexual misconduct Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 23:20 Gov. says senator should resign over misconduct allegations MetroNews
Sun 17 @ 23:20 UN Security Council to weigh resolution on Jerusalem Al Jazeera
Sun 17 @ 23:16 Palestinian teen in coma after shot with rubber bullet Al Jazeera
Sun 17 @ 23:14 Piñera, le milliardaire qui va de nouveau présider le Chili La Presse
Sun 17 @ 23:13 World's busiest airport halts flights as power outage causes 'bedlam' ABC
Sun 17 @ 23:11 Iran: la TV diffuse des images d'un universitaire condamné à mort RTL
Sun 17 @ 23:11 Hundreds get sick on Royal Caribbean cruise CNN
Sun 17 @ 23:00 Korean battle flags tied to Kim Jong Un ancestor unearthed at US Naval Academy Fox News
Sun 17 @ 22:59 Pinera Leading in Chilean Run-Off With 54.3% After 47% Votes Counted Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 22:55 Ryanair pilots in Ireland suspend strike plans BBC
Sun 17 @ 22:51 Trump says he is not planning to fire Mueller as Republican attacks increase The Guardian
Sun 17 @ 22:42 Autriche : le gouvernement investi ce lundi Euronews
Sun 17 @ 22:42 Venezuela to Give Russia's Rosneft Gas Field Rights Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 22:35 Trump assure qu'il n'a pas l'intention de limoger le procureur spécial Canoe
Sun 17 @ 22:33 Prince Harry interviews former President Obama ABC News
Sun 17 @ 22:32 Ex-mayor called traitor says Catalan referendum has ruptured society The Guardian
Sun 17 @ 22:31 Birmingham road accident leaves six people dead The Guardian
Sun 17 @ 22:22 L'équipe Trump dénonce des irrégularités Tribune de Genève
Sun 17 @ 22:17 The Japan Times: Former Trump Strategist Steve Bannon Praises Abe's Nationalist Agenda Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 22:17 'Relentlessly average': Evolutionary biology suggests The Beatles 'weren't musically important' ABC
Sun 17 @ 22:17 McCain returning home to Arizona, will likely miss tax vote MetroNews
Sun 17 @ 22:17 Trump confirms he won"t fire Mueller despite allegations of unlawful email seizure + bias Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 22:15 Le Pentagone reconnaît l'existence d'un programme d'étude des ovnis! 45e Nord
Sun 17 @ 22:13 Sen. John Cornyn Questions Legitimacy of Robert Mueller's Probe Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 22:10 St. Louis man charged with robbing, then murdering family ABC News
Sun 17 @ 22:05 Trump assure ne pas vouloir la tête du procureur spécial Mueller RTL
Sun 17 @ 22:05 Bitcoin Races to $20K Mark as CBOE, CME Introduce Cryptocurrency Futures Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 22:03 When Harry met Barry: Prince interviews Obama ABC
Sun 17 @ 22:03 "Bachar est l'ennemi du peuple syrien, mon ennemi c'est Daech" Euronews
Sun 17 @ 22:02 La TV iranienne diffuse des images d'un entretien avec le professeur de la VUB condamné à mort DH
Sun 17 @ 22:00 More haunting declassified scans of nuclear weapons test videos released ArsTechnica
Sun 17 @ 21:59 Russian Presidential Election Campaign Officially Launched Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 21:55 Accident de car scolaire : tout un village français en deuil Euronews
Sun 17 @ 21:53 Quebec woman dies in fire despite efforts by neigbours to rescue her MetroNews
Sun 17 @ 21:52 C.I.A. Helped Thwart Terrorist Attack in Russia, Kremlin Says The N.Y. Times
Sun 17 @ 21:48 19h le dimanche du dimanche 17 décembre 2017 France Info
Sun 17 @ 21:43 Ryanair pilots suspend one-day strike in week before Christmas The Guardian
Sun 17 @ 21:38 Organizers pleased with response to Montreal's 375th anniversary celebrations MetroNews
Sun 17 @ 21:32 L'EI revendique l'attaque contre une église au Pakistan Euronews
Sun 17 @ 21:31 Israël: un projet de loi prônant la peine capitale pour les «terroristes» La Presse
Sun 17 @ 21:30 Palestinian protesters set fire to pictures of Pence in Bethlehem Fox News
Sun 17 @ 21:29 Report slams local, US hurricane response in Puerto Rico MetroNews
Sun 17 @ 21:26 Israël: un projet de loi prônant la peine capitale pour les « terroristes » Canoe
Sun 17 @ 21:24 Gaza Terror Rocket Slams Into Israeli Town, Damages Home Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 21:14 Trump, Putin Welcome Foiled Terror Attack as Positive Example of Cooperation Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 21:12 Baisse de l'achalandage constatée au centre-ville de Montréal TVA Nouvelles
Sun 17 @ 21:06 Trump's 'Lapdog': Iran Calls Out France's Macron Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 21:05 Attentat terroriste déjoué en Russie : Poutine remercie Trump Radio-Canada
Sun 17 @ 21:03 Putin-Trump call: leaders hail US-Russian efforts to foil Isis bomb plot The Guardian
Sun 17 @ 21:02 British diplomat found strangled, dumped by road in Lebanon ABC
Sun 17 @ 21:00 Tropical Storm Kills 30, and Nearly 90,000 Flee to Shelters in Philippines The N.Y. Times
Sun 17 @ 21:00 US Army sergeant killed in Niger attack not captured, despite reports Fox News
Sun 17 @ 20:54 Macron répond à ceux qui critiquent son séjour "royal" 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 20:52 Syrie, écologie, diplomatie... Le grand oral d'Emmanuel Macron France24
Sun 17 @ 20:51 End of days comes for Ohio man's 'zombie Nativity' scene MetroNews
Sun 17 @ 20:50 Trump Putin call: CIA helped stop Russia terror attack BBC
Sun 17 @ 20:49 Gazprom's exports to Turkey up by 18.8% in 2017 TASS
Sun 17 @ 20:44 German police: small explosion in subway, no injuries MetroNews
Sun 17 @ 20:43 Attentat déjoué: Poutine remercie les Américains Tribune de Genève
Sun 17 @ 20:42 Deux roquettes tirées de Gaza vers Israël 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 20:41 Libyan National Army Commander: Government of National Accord Lost Legitimacy Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 20:39 Deux roquettes tirées depuis Gaza vers Israël Canoe
Sun 17 @ 20:38 Immigration : "Une grande loi est en préparation" France Info
Sun 17 @ 20:38 Iran TV broadcasts jailed doctor 'confessing to spying' BBC
Sun 17 @ 20:36 Mississippi shipyard gets initial $63M to repair destroyer MetroNews
Sun 17 @ 20:34 Seoul police investigate baby deaths in hospital Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 20:34 Macron: Talk to Assad now, he will answer for crimes later MetroNews
Sun 17 @ 20:32 The Media Have Not Learned the Most Important Lesson of 2016: The Constitution Matters Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 20:31 U.K.'s Next Brexit Agony: What Sort of Trade Deal? The N.Y. Times
Sun 17 @ 20:28 Trump to Putin: US was glad to save many lives in Russia by helping foil major terrorist attack Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 20:19 Emmanuel Macron est «l'apprenti de Trump en Europe», pour un haut responsable iranien Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 20:15 La fin de la guerre entre Ryanair et ses pilotes? 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 20:15 Landslides, flooding kill 30 in Philippines after slow-moving storm Fox News
Sun 17 @ 20:12 Putin thanks Trump for help in foiling attack plot Arab News
Sun 17 @ 20:12 Atlanta airport travel chaos as power outage hits world's busiest hub Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 20:08 Jerusalem row: Palestinian protesters set fire to placards of US vice president Mike Pence in Bethlehem Indian Express
Sun 17 @ 20:07 Bientôt la peine capitale pour les terroristes? Tribune de Genève
Sun 17 @ 20:01 Sudden power outage creates 'nightmare' at Atlanta airport MetroNews
Sun 17 @ 19:58 Man, 71, dead after alleged drunk driving crash in Ottawa MetroNews
Sun 17 @ 19:56 Cuban President Raul Castro and Russian oil company Rosneft's chief meet in Havana Indian Express
Sun 17 @ 19:54 Un homme poignarde deux journalistes danois au Gabon Radio-Canada
Sun 17 @ 19:52 A Damas, un sapin recueille des voeux de paix Tribune de Genève
Sun 17 @ 19:51 Accueil des migrants : les maires de France interpellent l'État France Info
Sun 17 @ 19:51 Jerusalem as capital: All the latest Al Jazeera
Sun 17 @ 19:50 Le vote se prolonge en Afrique du Sud pour choisir un successeur à Zuma Radio-Canada
Sun 17 @ 19:47 Italy to Decrease Military Presence in Iraq, Afghanistan, Start Mission in Niger Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 19:45 US government admits funding secret UFO programme Al Jazeera
Sun 17 @ 19:45 Gaddafi's son to stand in next year's Libyan presidential elections | spokesman Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 19:44 British embassy worker found dead, believed strangled, in Beirut The Guardian
Sun 17 @ 19:39 Around the world in 42 days: French sailor smashes solo record ABC
Sun 17 @ 19:38 Report: U.S. Weapons Found in Islamic State Arsenals in Syria and Iraq Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 19:32 Statut de Jérusalem: vote lundi au Conseil de sécurité 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 19:31 Le Fonds Ecofuel avec 30 millions$ à gérer est officiellement lancé TVA Nouvelles
Sun 17 @ 19:31 Even Batman admires these super heroes CNN
Sun 17 @ 19:30 Lebanon: Female British embassy worker found strangled near Beirut Indian Express
Sun 17 @ 19:29 Only Year One: Trump Milestone as US Sends Special Ops to 149 Countries in 2017 Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 19:29 Venezuela awards 2 offshore gas field licenses to Russia's Rosneft Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 19:28 CIA tip thwarts terror attack on Russian cathedral ABC
Sun 17 @ 19:27 'Most important relations': How US pressure may help turn China-Russia strategic ties into alliance Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 19:24 South Africa's ANC party to vote for new leader BBC
Sun 17 @ 19:23 Des fake news, tu ne colporteras point : le pape François taxe la désinformation de «péché grave» Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 19:22 UN Security Council Weighing Resolution to Reject Trump's Recognition of Jerusalem Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 19:19 Abbas's Fatah Party Calls For 'Angry' Protests During Pence's Upcoming Visit to Israel Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 19:19 Une employée de l'ambassade britannique tuée Tribune de Genève
Sun 17 @ 19:19 Malgré sa «sérénité financière», LREM lance un appel aux dons Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 19:19 British woman diplomat found murdered; strangled in Lebanon Fox News
Sun 17 @ 19:14 Libye: pour le maréchal Haftar, l'accord politique libyen a expiré 45e Nord
Sun 17 @ 19:14 Lucky Number Three: Watch Man Partying With His Three Brides! Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 19:13 UN to vote Monday on call for Donald Trump's Jerusalem decision to be withdrawn Indian Express
Sun 17 @ 19:11 Star Wars: The Last Jedi takes $450m on opening weekend BBC
Sun 17 @ 19:05 Ravitailler la Station spatiale internationale une livraison à la fois Radio-Canada
Sun 17 @ 19:04 My three weddings: Life as a gay man in China ABC
Sun 17 @ 19:01 Disputes Delay Vote on African National Congress Leader The N.Y. Times
Sun 17 @ 18:59 US soldier killed in Niger ambush was not captured, military report finds The Guardian
Sun 17 @ 18:58 Afrique du sud : l'élection du président de l'ANC reporté France24
Sun 17 @ 18:57 30 personnes se rassemblent sur le balcon pour une photo et c'est le drame 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 18:53 British embassy employee found murdered in Lebanon: Official Arab News
Sun 17 @ 18:53 Pentagon SecDef Mattis Claims DPRK Missiles Cannot Strike US Mainland Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 18:52 WHO: Africa's healthcare suffering from lack of funding Al Jazeera
Sun 17 @ 18:51 Suicide bombers attack church in Pakistan, killing 9 ABC News
Sun 17 @ 18:47 Saudi-led coalition air raids 'kill 10 women' in Yemen Al Jazeera
Sun 17 @ 18:44 #MagicResistance: The Rise of Feminist Witchcraft Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 18:43 'Huge Distraction': US Treasury Secretary Urges to Hurry Up With Russia Probe Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 18:41 Attentat déjoué en Russie: Poutine remercie Trump pour l'aide américaine Canoe
Sun 17 @ 18:35 Meet the Cryptocurrency That Outperformed Bitcoin Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 18:33 L'extrême droite fait son entrée dans le gouvernement autrichien Tribune de Genève
Sun 17 @ 18:31 Turkey Slams Austrian Gov't That is Seeking to Freeze Ankara's EU Bid Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 18:30 Resting place of the HMS Terror given national historic site protection MetroNews
Sun 17 @ 18:29 From Rock Album to Personalized Emojis: Top 7 Facts About Pope Francis Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 18:27 Les Françaises remportent le Mondial de handball face à la Norvège France24
Sun 17 @ 18:25 Air Canada inaugure sa première liaison directe vers l'Amérique du Sud depuis Montréal TVA Nouvelles
Sun 17 @ 18:23 Une employée de l'ambassade britannique tuée au Liban 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 18:22 Police clash with Saakashvili supporters who call for Poroshenko impeachment, storm Kiev center Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 18:21 Elections : la Catalogne en ordre de bataille Euronews
Sun 17 @ 18:20 Une employée de l'ambassade britannique tuée au Liban La Presse
Sun 17 @ 18:19 Swiss Banking Giant Warns Against Buying Bitcoins That Are 'Not Money' Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 18:19 Anniversaire royal: Macron refuse d'y voir un symbole Tribune de Genève
Sun 17 @ 18:18 China Congratulates Itself for Making 'Remarkable Progress' on Human Rights Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 18:13 Ecuador Warns Assange Against Interfering in Catalonia Crisis Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 18:07 Macron "est l'apprenti de Trump en Europe" 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 18:06 Le Conseil de sécurité va voter sur Jérusalem Tribune de Genève
Sun 17 @ 18:01 Les mots « foetus » et « transgenre » interdits par l'administration Trump Radio-Canada
Sun 17 @ 18:00 Australia Diary: A Trip, And a Life, Interrupted The N.Y. Times
Sun 17 @ 18:00 Hurricane Harvey studies: Yesterday's 100-year storm is today's 30-year storm ArsTechnica
Sun 17 @ 18:00 Meet the Scheers: Andrew and Jill on faith, politics and parenting MetroNews
Sun 17 @ 18:00 La Russie a déjoué un attentat grâce à la CIA Euronews
Sun 17 @ 17:59 Un Airbus dessine un sapin de Noël dans le ciel Canoe
Sun 17 @ 17:57 L'administration Trump veut-elle vraiment interdire les termes «fœtus» et «transgenre» ? Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 17:56 Putin's school teacher of German died in Israel | Russian embassy TASS
Sun 17 @ 17:51 Clarence Thomas accuser Anita Hill to spearhead fight against harassment in Hollywood The Guardian
Sun 17 @ 17:50 Le Pentagone reconnaît l'existence d'un programme d'étude des ovnis Canoe
Sun 17 @ 17:49 Un Australien, accusé d'être "un agent nord-coréen", inculpé pour avoir tenté de vendre des composants de missile France Info
Sun 17 @ 17:49 President Trump Expects Tax Reform to Produce 4-6-Percent GDP Growth Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 17:47 Téhéran suffoque sous la pollution Tribune de Genève
Sun 17 @ 17:47 Démantèlement d'un réseau de trafic de cannabis Tribune de Genève
Sun 17 @ 17:45 Nigeria: quatre civils tués dans l'attaque d'un convoi La Presse
Sun 17 @ 17:42 UK diplomat found dead in Beirut, murder probe launched – reports Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 17:40 Saudi Arabia Begins Exploration of Uranium | Reports Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 17:38 New Hope for Education Financing: Oxford Successfully Issues 100-Year Bond Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 17:37 Russian mine specialists and field engineers return from Syria | defense ministry TASS
Sun 17 @ 17:31 Projet de loi sur l'immigration et l'asile : vers davantage d'expulsions ? Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 17:30 Berlin appelle à nommer un commissaire à l'antisémitisme La Presse
Sun 17 @ 17:28 Yemeni Authorities Urge Humanitarian Agencies to Work From Aden | Reports Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 17:26 Critiqué pour son "Noël avant l'heure" en famille au château de Chambord, Emmanuel ... DH
Sun 17 @ 17:26 Sanders: If Dems Take Control of the Senate 'Absolutely' Corporate Tax Rate Is Going Up Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 17:16 Rose McGowan Burns Actresses Planning Black Dress Protest at Golden Globes: 'Your Silence is the Problem' Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 17:12 Millionaire heir found guilty of murdering ex-girlfriend, burning her body in an incinerator called 'the eliminator' to satisfy lover Fox News
Sun 17 @ 17:10 Boris Johnson breathes new life into 'Russian meddling' fairy story – introducing Facebook trolls Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 17:09 Palestinian Billionaire Released in Saudi Arabia Says He 'Was Given All Respect' Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 17:00 Trop tôt pour crier victoire face à l'EI en mutation estiment des experts 45e Nord
Sun 17 @ 17:00 Photosynthesis before oxygen may have kept the early Earth warm ArsTechnica
Sun 17 @ 16:59 Poutine remercie Trump pour l'attentat déjoué en Russie 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 16:56 US tip-off helped Russia halt terrorist attack in St Petersburg: Kremlin Indian Express
Sun 17 @ 16:55 Pakistan : une attaque du groupe Etat islamique fait huit morts dans une église méthodiste France Info
Sun 17 @ 16:55 'Jurassic' Legion Addition: Dino-Like Corpse Featuring Flesh Grabs Spotlight Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 16:51 Attentat déjoué en Russie: Poutine remercie Trump La Presse
Sun 17 @ 16:50 Putin thanks Trump for CIA data that helped prevent terror attack in St. Petersburg TASS
Sun 17 @ 16:45 Sanders: Corporate Tax Rate Will 'Absolutely' Go Up If Democrats Take Back Control W. Free Beacon
Sun 17 @ 16:44 Suicide bombers attack Pakistan church, killing at least 9, officials say Fox News
Sun 17 @ 16:39 Fox News' Jesse Watters: We May Have an Anti-Trump 'Coup on Our Hands in America' Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 16:38 Perez: We Reached Out to 'Barbershops' and 'Beauty Salons' to Get Black Voters in Alabama W. Free Beacon
Sun 17 @ 16:34 L'administration Trump bannit les mots "foetus", "diversité" et "transgenre" 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 16:33 A Trump 'Pivot' May Be Coming: The Question is When, and How Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 16:33 Attentat déjoué à Saint-Pétersbourg grâce à la CIA : Poutine remercie Trump Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 16:29 Le Pentagone a enquêté des années sur les ovnis Tribune de Genève
Sun 17 @ 16:29 Un Australien accusé d'être au service de la Corée du Nord Radio-Canada
Sun 17 @ 16:28 George Will: With an 'Extraordinary Flawed Candidate' Bannon 'Came Very Close' To Winning in Alabama Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 16:25 Le prince saoudien acquéreur de la demeure la plus chère au monde La Presse
Sun 17 @ 16:24 US ambassador says both Americans and Russians want bilateral relations to improve TASS
Sun 17 @ 16:24 'Battle is not over': Defeated Moore sets up 'election integrity fund' to probe voter fraud claims Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 16:24 Premier mariage gay en Australie Euronews
Sun 17 @ 16:24 Putin thanked Trump for CIA tip-off which helped Russia prevent terror attack Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 16:23 Thousands rally in Jakarta against US Jerusalem move Al Jazeera
Sun 17 @ 16:22 Philippines : 26 morts dans des glissements de terrain après le passage de la tempête tropicale Kai-tak France Info
Sun 17 @ 16:21 Kremlin on Putin-Trump Talks: CIA Gave Russia Intel That Helped Foil Terror Act Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 16:20 Nouveau record pour le cours du Bitcoin, qui franchit la barre des 20 000 dollars Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 16:18 Des glissements de terrain font 26 morts aux Philippines Radio-Canada
Sun 17 @ 16:17 Régate de pères Noël sur le Grand canal de Venise Canoe
Sun 17 @ 16:17 «Macron est scotchant! Dans son comportement, il y a du travail» Tribune de Genève
Sun 17 @ 16:14 Experts say homegrown extremists pose main threat to Europe, US Arab News
Sun 17 @ 16:14 Does the Queen of England Favor Meghan Markle Over Kate Middleton? Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 16:13 En Hongrie, on traque les ONG liées à Soros Tribune de Genève
Sun 17 @ 16:11 Téhéran suffoque, la circulation automobile en cause La Presse
Sun 17 @ 16:08 UK support for Remain highest since referendum Arab News
Sun 17 @ 16:07 'Well-Known EU Critic': Meet Karin Kneissl, Austria's Future FM Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 16:07 Iran tells France's Emmanuel Macron not to 'blindly follow' Donald Trump Indian Express
Sun 17 @ 16:07 La capsule Dragon de SpaceX amarrée à l'ISS 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 16:01 Sept ans après, que reste-t-il de la révolution tunisienne ? France24
Sun 17 @ 16:01 3 militants killed by Russian security forces in Dagestan Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 16:01 Patrimoine : Niclas Hulot se défend Euronews
Sun 17 @ 16:00 Ars Technica System Guide: December 2017 ArsTechnica
Sun 17 @ 15:58 Anita Hill to Lead Commission on Sexual Misconduct in Hollywood Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 15:57 Europe far right hails Trump, slams EU, Islam, migrants Al Jazeera
Sun 17 @ 15:52 Russia's Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin meets with Cuban leader Raul Castro in Havana TASS
Sun 17 @ 15:51 Enquête russe: l'équipe Trump dénonce des irrégularités Canoe
Sun 17 @ 15:51 Manchin: It's 'Futile' to be Talking about Impeaching Trump Right Now W. Free Beacon
Sun 17 @ 15:47 Philippines: 26morts dans un glissement de terrain après le passage d'une tempête tropicale France24
Sun 17 @ 15:47 China, Russia Achieve Breakthrough in Missile Defense Cooperation | Beijing Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 15:46 Saudi Arabia releases Jordan's top businessman Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 15:46 Suicide bombers kill nine at Christian church in Pakistan The Guardian
Sun 17 @ 15:45 La demeure la plus chère au monde rachetée par... Tribune de Genève
Sun 17 @ 15:42 Switzerland funicular: World's steepest railway opens BBC
Sun 17 @ 15:40 Etats-Unis : le Pentagone a mené un programme secret de recherche sur les ovnis France Info
Sun 17 @ 15:38 Trump assure ne pas vouloir la tête du procureur spécial Mueller La Presse
Sun 17 @ 15:37 La Turquie tire à boulets rouges sur l'Autriche 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 15:36 Kasich: Alabama Loss Shows 'People Are Not Happy' With GOP 'Being Small, Angry and Narrow' Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 15:33 Minister joins calls for anti-Semitism czar in Germany's next government Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 15:32 Turkey hopes to open embassy in East Jerusalem, says Erdoğan The Guardian
Sun 17 @ 15:31 Pentagon's secret UFO programme revealed BBC
Sun 17 @ 15:28 La capsule Dragon de SpaceX arrive à l'ISS Canoe
Sun 17 @ 15:27 Border Patrol Busts Previously Deported Mexican Crossing Border — In Maine Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 15:26 François Gabart gets a hero's welcome after breaking sailing record BBC
Sun 17 @ 15:25 Catalan Separatists Want Independence. Who Else? The N.Y. Times
Sun 17 @ 15:23 Mohammed ben Salmane, le prince héritier saoudien, acquiert la demeure la plus chère au ... DH
Sun 17 @ 15:21 Catalonia on knife-edge as pivotal elections loom Arab News
Sun 17 @ 15:20 Doug Jones to Roy Moore: 'It's Time to Move On — Alabama Has Spoken' Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 15:20 Rome Pardons Famed Ovid 2,000 Years After His Exile Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 15:19 Enquête russe: l'équipe Trump dénonce des irrégularités 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 15:17 Storm Kai-tak: Philippines landslides kill 26, more missing BBC
Sun 17 @ 15:16 Flames threaten rich California enclave; residents flee Arab News
Sun 17 @ 15:13 L'administration Trump interdit les mots «foetus» et «transgenre» dans des documents La Presse
Sun 17 @ 15:11 Erdogan hopes Turkey can open 'embassy to Palestine in Jerusalem' soon S.China Morning Post
Sun 17 @ 15:11 Thousands rally in Pakistan against Donald Trump's Jerusalem move Indian Express
Sun 17 @ 15:11 LA PHOTO. Le Swaziland, un royaume où seul le christianisme a voix au chapitre France Info
Sun 17 @ 15:10 UK's Boris Johnson Told Beware of Vodka, Beautiful Women on His Trip to Russia Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 15:08 Pakistan: au moins huit morts et une trentaine de blessés dans l'attaque d'une église par l'EI 45e Nord
Sun 17 @ 15:02 Bill Morneau voted Canadian Press 2017 business newsmaker of the year MetroNews
Sun 17 @ 15:00 Tunisie : le Français condamné pour avoir embrassé son amie a été libéré France Info
Sun 17 @ 15:00 Dr. Seuss and Star Trek mashup comic isn't fair use after all, judge says ArsTechnica
Sun 17 @ 14:57 'Very Difficult and Upsetting': 6 Dead in Horrific Car Crash in UK Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 14:57 Élection au Chili : le conservateur Sebastian Piñera l'emporte Radio-Canada
Sun 17 @ 14:53 Battle to lead ANC and set South Africa's future course too close to call The Guardian
Sun 17 @ 14:48 Doug Jones Bucks Future Democratic Colleagues, Says Trump Shouldn't Resign Over Harassment Allegations W. Free Beacon
Sun 17 @ 14:48 Bomb and gun attack on Quetta church kills eight Al Jazeera
Sun 17 @ 14:46 «Rien ne pourra faire dérailler le gouvernement» Tribune de Genève
Sun 17 @ 14:45 Rosneft plans to produce 6.5 bln cubic meters of gas per year on Venezuelan shelf TASS
Sun 17 @ 14:45 Argentina fires head of navy after submarine disappearance Fox News
Sun 17 @ 14:44 US fugitive from Bali prison captured after five-day manhunt S.China Morning Post
Sun 17 @ 14:43 UK to spend 50 million pounds more on counter-terror efforts Indian Express
Sun 17 @ 14:39 Erdogan souhaite installer l'ambassade de Turquie à Jérusalem-Est 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 14:37 Pollution: Téhéran suffoque, la circulation automobile en cause Canoe
Sun 17 @ 14:37 Rising seas will displace 150 million people by 2100, says climate report Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 14:37 Christmas across US Mexico border BBC
Sun 17 @ 14:37 Police investigate four baby deaths at South Korea hospital BBC
Sun 17 @ 14:37 'I Want to Change My Biology': Why Some Girls Want to Be Boys Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 14:37 Japan Mulls Reinforcing Missile Defenses to Intercept Cruise Missiles | Reports Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 14:36 Le président turc espère ouvrir une ambassade à Jérusalem-Est La Presse
Sun 17 @ 14:36 Erdogan: 'Day is Close' When Turkey Will Open Embassy in East Jerusalem Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 14:33 Alliance entre le FPÖ-ÖVP en Autriche : un accord "pas forcément exportable en France", selon Nicolas Bay France Info
Sun 17 @ 14:31 Un économiste suspendu de la Francophonie pour son opposition ouverte au franc CFA Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 14:31 Présidentielle chilienne : l'heure du choix Euronews
Sun 17 @ 14:31 Le pape François fête ses 81 ans Euronews
Sun 17 @ 14:30 More than 30 dead in Philippines due to slow-moving storm Indian Express
Sun 17 @ 14:29 Marche de solidarité aux migrants à la frontière franco-italienne Euronews
Sun 17 @ 14:28 Chine : Yiwu, l'atelier mondial des décorations de Noël France Info
Sun 17 @ 14:26 California Forced to Issue Cell Phone Radio-Frequency Energy Risk Guidance Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 14:24 Syrian Asylum Seeker Pair Murdered By Another Migrant In Knife Attacks Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 14:23 Saakashvili pledges to have no secret talks with Ukrainian authorities TASS
Sun 17 @ 14:22 Indonesia holds biggest rally yet against Trump's Jerusalem decision Arab News
Sun 17 @ 14:21 US Ambassador: 'We Will Expect Further Improvements' in Ties With Russia Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 14:20 California Legislature Plans to Pass Own Net Neutrality Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 14:20 La Californie toujours en lutte contre l'incendie Thomas La Presse
Sun 17 @ 14:19 Design of Russian athletes' Olympic kits not yet approved | ROC president TASS
Sun 17 @ 14:19 Le retour en Italie de la dépouille du roi Victor Emmanuel III ravive le débat 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 14:16 Interdiction des mots "foetus" et "transgenre": l'administration Trump ... DH
Sun 17 @ 14:15 Suicide bombers kill nine after storming church in Pakistan ABC
Sun 17 @ 14:06 Les petits paysans victimes du réchauffement et de la faim La Presse
Sun 17 @ 14:05 Les Chiliens ont voté pour désigner le successeur de Michelle Bachelet au second tour de la présidentielle France24
Sun 17 @ 13:55 Trois attentats terroristes déjoués en Allemagne en 2017 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 13:54 10 women killed in Saudi airstrike targeting wedding procession in Yemen – report Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 13:53 Delingpole: 'Bitcoin and Porn Cause Global Warming', Environmentalists Warn Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 13:50 Le Cameroun veut se doter d'une couverture santé universelle France Info
Sun 17 @ 13:50 Burning Passions: Fire in Japanese Sex Service Kills Four, Injures Seven Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 13:49 New Rules Are 'Expected Response' to Bitcoin Becoming More Mainstream – Investor Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 13:47 Les feux en Californie forcent de nouvelles évacuations Radio-Canada
Sun 17 @ 13:46 Gabon arrests dozens after knife attack on Danish nationals S.China Morning Post
Sun 17 @ 13:46 Boy, 9, locks himself in safe while playing hide-and-seek Fox News
Sun 17 @ 13:44 Turkey will open embassy in east Jerusalem – Erdogan Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 13:43 Vidéo: sept ans après la révolution, des Tunisiens désespérés continuent de s'immoler par le feu France24
Sun 17 @ 13:42 Former diplomat to lead remainers' bid to shift public opinion on Brexit The Guardian
Sun 17 @ 13:42 Jerusalem has been the capital of Jewish community for 5000 years, says Israeli Ambassador to India Indian Express
Sun 17 @ 13:41 US Tries to Discredit Iran With Accusations of Involvement in Yemen | Analyst Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 13:30 China, Russia wrap up anti-missile drills simulating 'sudden and provocative attacks' S.China Morning Post
Sun 17 @ 13:25 Le pape fête ses 81 ans 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 13:22 François Gabart: French sailor slashes around the world solo record BBC
Sun 17 @ 13:22 First Western Music Band Concert Takes Place in Tehran Over Last Four Decades Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 13:20 Ingérence russe : Trump assure vouloir garder Mueller à la tête de l'enquête Radio-Canada
Sun 17 @ 13:15 Austria's New Government: Kurz 'Was Forced to Make Too Many Concessions' Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 13:13 Refugees in US-Held Area in Syria Appeal to Moscow, Damascus for Help | Source Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 13:11 Pakistan: au moins huit morts dans une attaque suicide contre une église La Presse
Sun 17 @ 13:08 South Africa's ANC prepares to elect new leader Al Jazeera
Sun 17 @ 13:08 Rodrigo Duterte says he supports same-sex marriage ABC
Sun 17 @ 13:07 Malgré des ministères pour les populistes, le nouveau gouvernement autrichien ne sortira pas de l'UE Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 13:07 Afghanistan: 11 policiers tués par les talibans 45e Nord
Sun 17 @ 13:05 Russia was never "militaristic", unlike European countries | Foreign Ministry TASS
Sun 17 @ 13:05 Le pape fête ses 81 ans et appelle à être «toujours joyeux» La Presse
Sun 17 @ 13:03 Une attaque dans une église du Pakistan fait au moins 9 morts Radio-Canada
Sun 17 @ 12:57 The Backbone of Russia's 'Nuclear Triad': Strategic Missile Forces Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 12:52 Woman who paid hit man in bitcoin gets 6 years in prison Fox News
Sun 17 @ 12:51 'Not a European Army': PESCO is About 'Cooperation, Not Integration' – General Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 12:50 «Image monarchique» ? Emmanuel Macron fête ses 40 ans à Chambord, l'opposition s'indigne Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 12:48 Milan fête Noël avec le plus grand panettone du monde 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 12:47 Brexit will not be derailed, says British Prime Minister Theresa May Indian Express
Sun 17 @ 12:45 Can UNSC Reject Trump's Decision on Jerusalem With New Resolution? Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 12:43 US boycott push amid mass protests in Jakarta against Trump's Jerusalem decision ABC
Sun 17 @ 12:39 Six killed in multi-vehicle crash in Birmingham today Indian Express
Sun 17 @ 12:33 Dramatiques inondations aux Philippines Euronews
Sun 17 @ 12:31 Brexit: Theresa May says she 'will not be derailed' BBC
Sun 17 @ 12:30 Bitcoin Hits Record High of $ 20,000 Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 12:28 Funicular railway: Switzerland launches world's steepest service BBC
Sun 17 @ 12:24 Afghanistan: 11 policiers tués par les talibans La Presse
Sun 17 @ 12:23 Philippines' Duterte Voices Support for Gay Marriage: 'Trend of Modern Times' Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 12:22 Bitcoin soars above historic $20,000 mark Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 12:19 Philippines: 26 morts dans des glissements de terrain La Presse
Sun 17 @ 12:16 India army kills driver in Kashmir's Thindpura village Al Jazeera
Sun 17 @ 12:01 Thales et le spécialiste des cartes SIM Gemalto ont trouvé un accord d'achat pour 4,8milliards d'euros France24
Sun 17 @ 11:58 "Il y a urgence" : sept maires, dont Aubry et Juppé, dénoncent un manque de moyens pour accueillir les migrants France Info
Sun 17 @ 11:58 La maison la plus chère du monde? Simple babiole pour un prince saoudien The N.Y. Times
Sun 17 @ 11:56 Syrian Children Suffer From Shortages of Medicine Due to Western Sanctions Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 11:51 Telegrams to stop STOP BBC
Sun 17 @ 11:36 Attaque sanglante contre une église au Pakistan Euronews
Sun 17 @ 11:35 Soyouz emporte trois astronautes vers l'ISS Euronews
Sun 17 @ 11:30 Journalist reveals how arms experts tracked down illicit US supplies to Iraq ISIS workshop Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 11:27 Taiwan Sends Aircraft, Ships to 'Monitor and Deal With' Chinese Transport Plane Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 11:24 National Tourism Year 2017 winds up Vietnam+
Sun 17 @ 11:21 Milo Yiannopoulos on Net Neutrality: 'Soros-funded groups are pushing lies' Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 11:20 UK's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson compares Russia with closed, nasty Sparta TASS
Sun 17 @ 11:20 Rien ne pourra faire "dérailler" le gouvernement de Theresa May 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 11:19 Pinera v Guillier: Who will win Chile's election? Al Jazeera
Sun 17 @ 11:15 Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Maëva Coucke, élue Miss France 2018 France24
Sun 17 @ 11:12 Autriche : des ministères régaliens confiés à l'extrême droite France Info
Sun 17 @ 11:10 Alpes-Maritimes : dans les pas de la police aux frontières France Info
Sun 17 @ 11:10 Saudi FM Reveals Riyadh Has 'Roadmap' for 'Normal' Ties With Israel Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 11:02 Philippines: 26 killed by storm Kai-Tak Vietnam+
Sun 17 @ 10:56 Soyuz spacecraft lifts new crew to ISS Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 10:53 Public Furor Unleashed Over US Gov"t Ban on Using 'Fetus,' 'Transgender' Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 10:52 Manchester Football Player Sterling Attacked on Racial Grounds | Reports Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 10:51 Français du monde. Elle veut convertir les Américains au foie gras France Info
Sun 17 @ 10:49 Chinese military transport plane flies near Taiwan Indian Express
Sun 17 @ 10:35 UK Foreign Minister Johnson Sees No Trace of Russia's Influence on Brexit Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 10:33 UK's foreign secretary sees no evidence of Russia's meddling with Brexit referendum TASS
Sun 17 @ 10:32 La Californie se bat toujours contre l'incendie Thomas 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 10:31 Mueller 'obtained thousands' of Trump transition emails Al Jazeera
Sun 17 @ 10:25 California winds fuel state's third-largest wildfire Indian Express
Sun 17 @ 10:21 En route vers Paris 2024. Comment devenir un sport olympique ? France Info
Sun 17 @ 10:17 Un château digne d'un prince héritier The N.Y. Times
Sun 17 @ 10:17 Sweden Forced to Raise Retirement Age To Pay For Mass Immigration Policy Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 10:00 Analysis: A $15 Minimum Wage Will Cost California 400,000 Jobs W. Free Beacon
Sun 17 @ 10:00 Experts: Ethical Concerns Over AI Use in Medical Care Pressing but Answerable W. Free Beacon
Sun 17 @ 10:00 Anti-Trump Liberal Activist Group Pulls in Another $400,000 In Gov't Grants W. Free Beacon
Sun 17 @ 09:56 Family of billionaire Barry Sherman doubts murder-suicide reports ABC News
Sun 17 @ 09:53 Tel Aviv Protest Draws Thousands Calling for Netanyahu's Imprisonment Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 09:52 Thou shalt not report fakes: Pope Francis says bias + disinformation "a grave sin" Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 09:52 La tempête emporte des vies dans son sillage Tribune de Genève
Sun 17 @ 09:52 Un Australien accusé d'être un "agent nord-coréen" 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 09:48 Ice Age Revisited: Mammoth Skeleton Fetches Over $600,000 at French auction Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 09:48 At least 26 killed in Philippines by landslides caused by Tropical Storm Kai-Tak S.China Morning Post
Sun 17 @ 09:43 Manifestation géante en Indonésie pour Jérusalem 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 09:17 Two Chinese charged as Brazil police foil million dollar fraud to export precious Amazon wood S.China Morning Post
Sun 17 @ 09:10 Coulée de boue meurtrière au Chili Euronews
Sun 17 @ 09:03 'Crime Minister': Thousands rally in Tel Aviv demanding Netanyahu quit over corruption scandal Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 08:55 Close Encounters: Pentagon Pulls Plug on Secret UFO Program Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 08:51 Pakistan : plusieurs morts dans une attaque-suicide contre une église, revendiquée par le groupe EI France24
Sun 17 @ 08:47 Islamic State claims suicide attack on church in Pakistan that killed eight, wounded 30 S.China Morning Post
Sun 17 @ 08:45 Why Australia needs a smarter China policy S.China Morning Post
Sun 17 @ 08:35 Pyongyang Calls Trump 'Lunatic' as US-N Korea's War of Words Enters New Phase Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 08:31 Two couples tie knot in Australia's first same-sex weddings S.China Morning Post
Sun 17 @ 08:24 Dutch company of 'the 17th-century bitcoin' era would be worth $8tn in today's money Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 08:18 In disputed Kashmir, Pakistan and India are racing to tap the Himalayas S.China Morning Post
Sun 17 @ 08:16 Trois astronautes en route vers l'ISS 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 08:07 Saudi Arabia releases billionaire Sabih al-Masri Al Jazeera
Sun 17 @ 08:06 9 dead, dozens injured in suicide bombing of Christian church in Pakistan Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 08:05 Investors won't dump gold for bitcoin – Goldman Sachs Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 08:04 Chileans vote in fiercely contested presidential election Indian Express
Sun 17 @ 08:03 Un milliardaire et son épouse meurent dans des circonstances suspectes 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 07:57 Explosion in Christian Church in Pakistan: 9 Reportedly Killed, 50 Injured Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 07:46 Soyuz MS-07 with three crew members gets to orbit TASS
Sun 17 @ 07:39 Three New Crew Members on Voyage to International Space Station NASA
Sun 17 @ 07:37 Cinq morts et 15 disparus à la suite de fortes pluies au Chili 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 07:36 Incendie en Californie : nouvelles évacuations à Santa Barbara Euronews
Sun 17 @ 07:35 Soyuz MS-07 Manned Spacecraft With New ISS Crew Launched From Baikonur Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 07:32 Mammoth skeleton auctioned for more than half a million euros S.China Morning Post
Sun 17 @ 07:19 National Geographic Reporters Injured in Stabbing Attack in Gabon – Reports Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 07:10 Australian Tried to Sell Missile Parts for North Korea, Police Say The N.Y. Times
Sun 17 @ 07:09 Hey kids, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe 'will finally start doing Instagram in 2018' S.China Morning Post
Sun 17 @ 07:06 'We Will Not Be Derailed': Theresa May's Firm Course For 'Successful' Brexit Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 07:00 North Koreans mark 6th anniversary of Kim Jong Il's death Fox News
Sun 17 @ 06:59 Mystère sur le décès d'un milliardaire canadien et de son épouse DH
Sun 17 @ 06:56 Trump's Transition Lawyer Says Mueller Improperly Obtained Files in Russia Probe Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 06:47 UN Security Council considers vote to reject Donald Trump's Jerusalem decision as 80,000 protest in Jakarta S.China Morning Post
Sun 17 @ 06:44 Finnish govt. fumes over leaked papers on long-running spy program targeting Russia Russia Today
Sun 17 @ 06:41 Russia to test-fire 12 intercontinental missiles in 2018 | Defense Ministry TASS
Sun 17 @ 06:41 Indonesia clerics want boycott of US products over Jerusalem Indian Express
Sun 17 @ 06:35 Le Pentagone a mené des recherches sur les ovnis durant plusieurs années DH
Sun 17 @ 06:33 Robert Mueller accused of unlawfully obtaining Donald Trump's transition documents Indian Express
Sun 17 @ 06:30 Une majorité des Britanniques sont maintenant contre le Brexit 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 06:19 Voile : en 42 jours, François Gabart pulvérise le record du tour du monde en solitaire France24
Sun 17 @ 06:19 Japan CPAC: In Searing Defense of 'Trump Miracle', Bannon Calls Out Chinese Regime Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 06:17 Boeing 747 takes last US commercial flight as iconic jumbo jet reaches end of an era S.China Morning Post
Sun 17 @ 06:15 Two Russian Lugers Summoned to IOC Commission Meeting | Luge Federation Sputnik
Sun 17 @ 06:14 Le Pentagone a enquêté sur les ovnis durant des années 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 06:00 L'autre visage de Courchevel: l'abordable et accessible à tous 7 SUR 7
Sun 17 @ 05:56 Attentat déjoué en Russie: Poutine remercie Trump pour l'aide américaine BFM TV
Sun 17 @ 05:26 Stomach virus sickens more than 500 on two Royal Caribbean cruise ships S.China Morning Post
Sun 17 @ 05:11 Grassroots Group Urges Major Retailers to Say 'Merry Christmas' Again Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 05:02 India: no country for Muslims S.China Morning Post
Sun 17 @ 04:52 Pirro: Members of FBI, DOJ 'Did Everything They Could' to Exonerate Hillary, Incriminate Trump With 'Non-Existent Crime' Breitbart
Sun 17 @ 04:44 North Korea marks 6th anniversary of Kim Jong Il's death ABC News
Sun 17 @ 04:44 German Interior Minister Offers to Set Anti-Semitism Commissioner Sputnik
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We all have the same concerns, we all have the same goals, we want to live in peace, have food, shelter and love. Whatever part of the world you live in, we all feel the same, we all have the same basic needs.

This planet is going to crash if we, as a global ensemble, continue like we have been. But before doing something that can apply to and help all of us, we must all have the same stance on the situation.

This is why the Knights of News exist. View them as a tool that enables you to have better common knowledge of the situation on Planet Earth. We put in evidence complex topics, that at first may not seem to be important (e.g.: geoengineering, geopolitical tensions, global economy, etc.) so that in the long run, YOU do care and become curious. Without basic curiosity, we can’t have any hope to fix the smallest problem.

Today, a small group of people have all the space they want to decide, just because the majority of us don’t care enough about the decisions taken by this Elite. This must change, and the very first step is to get CURIOUS about everything, from the simplest topic to the most complex.

Don’t be afraid, just because you don’t understand, we are all together on this boat, we all need to help each other. The majority of us want peace, but the war mongering minority have control because we don’t take the time to understand what is happening or why.

Knowledge is power. Be powerful. Start learning about complex world news. This can be very hard at first, but be courageous, and you will see that over time, this will becomes easier.

Peace, love and justice requires common knowledge of what’s happening on Earth.
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What is this site?


But more precisely:

It fetches a custom set of world news RSS feeds from various official media outlets.

It filters the resulting list to remove non pertinent links.

It orders and timestamps the news links with UTC time zone.

And finally colours them if they are important news, special topics, etc.

News for pros, plain and simple!

Why everyone should visit this site?


Nothing less than that, thanks to the "comparison effect" by putting all news media outlets side-to-side, on the same list.

This way, we can compare titles and spot the nice written and descriptive ones. It forces MSMs to be as complete and pertinent as possible.

This way, we can compare the content and when it's reported. The media that will have the greater and more pertinent content will win the popularity race when displayed with all his competitors, it's pure logic.

Everybody win by visiting the Knights of News: quality and pertinence over entertainment and consumerism!

Overall, this website forces each of our beloved MSMs to do a better job, this is why your visit, and to talk about it around you, is so important.
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Jonathanboucharddotca micro 2016 ruche Peace, love and justice requires common knowledge of what’s happening on Earth.

L'amour, la paix et la justice exigent une connaissance commune des événements sur terre!

"Chevaliers de l'information",
"Knights Of News"
created by / conçu par
Jonathan Bouchard

Born in 1976, I am a computer geek and programmer who loves geopolitics and MSM.

I am from Quebec, Canada, I speak french. I started to learn english with a Commodore 64.

FPS lover who can't play as he wants like many others but still, I finished original Doom I and II without cheating at hard. ;)

Philosopher who loves to think about the future of mankind, evolution and what we are supposed to do on Earth.

My dream would be that each one of us develops his curiosity toward what's really happening in the world. Before trying to fix our major problems of coexistence, I think the very first step is to learn about what we are and then, we will be able to fix problems like global warming, terrorism, hunger and war. Because, that's our goal, right?

My english grammar is not perfect, my french is a lot better, but I am trying hard.

Suits and ties are not for me... even if I look handsome in it!

I kept my child's hearth, I make jokes, I sing, I am not shy to laugh at myself.

I don't bite. I just know what I want and there's reasons for it, each time.

Don't you think it's enough? Contact me if you still want more! :D
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Thank you for your visit!

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