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Sun 19 @ 13:52 Zimbabwe's ruling party to vote on firing Mugabe CNN
Sun 19 @ 13:47 Zimbabwe ruling party ZANU-PF fires Robert Mugabe as chief; impeachment follows Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 13:45 Syria: IS militants defeated in final stronghold MetroNews
Sun 19 @ 13:45 Syria: IS militants defeated in final stronghold ABC News
Sun 19 @ 13:45 EU backs Spain in fight against Catalan secession Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 13:44 Syria: IS militants defeated in final stronghold Fox News
Sun 19 @ 13:42 Saudis, allies discuss Iran ahead of Arab League meeting ABC News
Sun 19 @ 13:41 How an unpaid UK researcher saved the Japanese seaweed industry ArsTechnica
Sun 19 @ 13:40 Kenyan police fire teargas to break slum protests after four murdered The Star Online
Sun 19 @ 13:40 Bangladesh says begins talks with Myanmar on Rohingya repatriation deal The Star Online
Sun 19 @ 13:37 Trump era sparks new debate about nuclear war authority MetroNews
Sun 19 @ 13:32 List of US students named as Rhodes scholars for 2018 MetroNews
Sun 19 @ 13:32 Les Chiliens aux urnes pour le premier tour des élections présidentielles Radio-Canada
Sun 19 @ 13:30 Some firsts among 32 US students picked as Rhodes scholars MetroNews
Sun 19 @ 13:29 'War on men': Pastors defend Roy Moore, dispute allegations Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 13:27 Bill Clinton's past re-examined in light of Weinstein and Trump –but is it a distraction? The Guardian
Sun 19 @ 13:27 Le Chili vote pour désigner un nouveau président La Presse
Sun 19 @ 13:24 The Soviet WWII Counteroffensive That Changed the Course of History Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 13:23 Jesse Jackson's decades in public eye shaped by many roles MetroNews
Sun 19 @ 13:20 Fillon confirme "tourner la page de la politique" 7 SUR 7
Sun 19 @ 13:13 La N-VA fera de la fusion des polices une condition sine qua non en 2019 RTL
Sun 19 @ 13:09 "On subit une véritable tragédie": 60% de la population mondiale ne possède pas de toilettes, le habitants de Kinshasa ne sont pas épargnés RTL
Sun 19 @ 13:09 Lavrov: Antalya Talks Participants Agree on 'All Key Issues' Concerning Syria Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 13:08 Syrian Army Thwarts Daesh Attack on Syria's Abu Kamal | Source Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 13:07 Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip release new photo to mark 70th anniversary ABC News
Sun 19 @ 13:03 Robert Mugabe Is Ousted From His Ruling Party in Zimbabwe The N.Y. Times
Sun 19 @ 13:01 Juncker: EU backs Spain in fight against Catalan secession MetroNews
Sun 19 @ 13:00 Juncker: EU backs Spain in fight against Catalan secession Fox News
Sun 19 @ 13:00 Robert Mugabe sacked as leader of ZANU-PF Al Jazeera
Sun 19 @ 13:00 Zimbabwe's ruling party sacks Robert Mugabe as leader BBC
Sun 19 @ 12:58 Sous-marin argentin disparu : "Chaque heure compte" France Info
Sun 19 @ 12:56 Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe dismissed as country's leader Fox News
Sun 19 @ 12:53 Satellite signals give hope to search for missing Argentine submarine The Star Online
Sun 19 @ 12:53 Syrie : Daesh définitivement chassé de son dernier bastion syrien d'Abou Kamal ? Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 12:51 'The Zimbabwe of My Youth Is No More' The N.Y. Times
Sun 19 @ 12:48 Jack Straw hints he was sacked for wanting Hamas talks Al Jazeera
Sun 19 @ 12:46 French policeman kills three and himself north of Paris BBC
Sun 19 @ 12:37 India passenger train hits and kills 2 Asian elephants MetroNews
Sun 19 @ 12:37 Zimbabwe : Robert Mugabe destitué de la présidence de son parti France24
Sun 19 @ 12:36 Zimbabwe ruling party says Mugabe goes or impeachment starts MetroNews
Sun 19 @ 12:36 India passenger train hits, kills 2 endangered Asian elephants Fox News
Sun 19 @ 12:32 'Resign as president or be impeached': Zimbabwe's Mugabe and wife Grace expelled from party, ordered to step down S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 12:31 Syrian army, allies take back Albu Kamal from Islamic State The Star Online
Sun 19 @ 12:30 Southern African leaders to discuss Zimbabwe on Tuesday The Star Online
Sun 19 @ 12:27 6 police killed, 8 injured in Taliban attacks at checkpoints in Afghanistan Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 12:26 Zimbabwe's ruling party expels Mugabe The Star Online
Sun 19 @ 12:22 Top China diplomat talks refugee crisis with Myanmar leaders ABC News
Sun 19 @ 12:22 Saudis, allies discuss Iran ahead of Arab League meeting MetroNews
Sun 19 @ 12:21 Rioting in Kenya after murder of 4 in alleged ethnic attack MetroNews
Sun 19 @ 12:21 Saudis, allies discuss Iran ahead of Arab League meeting Fox News
Sun 19 @ 12:20 Rioting in Kenya after murder of 4 in alleged ethnic attack Fox News
Sun 19 @ 12:19 Début du vote au Chili pour désigner le successeur de la présidente Michelle Bachelet RTL
Sun 19 @ 12:19 Zimbabwe's ruling party fires Robert Mugabe as leader The Guardian
Sun 19 @ 12:18 Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe expulsé par son parti La Presse
Sun 19 @ 12:17 Lavrov: Russian, Turkish, Iranian Chiefs of General Staff to meet prior to Nov 22 summit TASS
Sun 19 @ 12:17 Zimbabwe's ruling party sacks President Robert Mugabe: Report Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 12:17 Bangladesh arrests militant suspect in U.S. blogger killing The Star Online
Sun 19 @ 12:16 Chileans go to polls to vote in 1st round of presidential election Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 12:16 Zimbabwe: Mugabe poussé vers la sortie par son parti RTL
Sun 19 @ 12:16 Robert Mugabe destitué de la tête de son parti Euronews
Sun 19 @ 12:14 Fillon confirme "tourner la page de la politique" RTL
Sun 19 @ 12:14 Toshiba lance une méga-augmentation de capital pour clore le sombre chapitre Westinghouse RTL
Sun 19 @ 12:13 Sarcelles : un policier en pleine séparation tue trois personnes avant de se suicider RTL
Sun 19 @ 12:12 US mulled Japan nuke deployment request in 1960s amid fears of East Asia crisis, documents show S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 12:12 German parties forge ahead with talks on new government MetroNews
Sun 19 @ 12:11 #MoiÀ13ans: la ministre de la Justice pourrait baisser l'âge de consentement sexuel, Twitter riposte Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 12:11 German parties forge ahead with talks on new government Fox News
Sun 19 @ 12:10 Bundeswehr Rape Claims Double, German Defense Minister Sees 'Positive Sign' Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 12:07 Mugabe expulsé par son parti Radio-Canada
Sun 19 @ 12:05 Looking toward election after Menendez's 'Resurrection Day' MetroNews
Sun 19 @ 12:04 Arab League to discuss Iranian 'violations' Al Jazeera
Sun 19 @ 12:01 Insider Q+A: Health data helps doctors pick drugs MetroNews
Sun 19 @ 12:00 Missing Argentine Navy sub may have sent distress signals, US Navy sends help Fox News
Sun 19 @ 12:00 Zimbabwe's Ruling Party Starts Removing Mugabe From Office | Reports Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 11:59 U.S. Marine Involved in Deadly Crash on Okinawa The N.Y. Times
Sun 19 @ 11:57 China pledges another three years of 'toilet revolution' to boost tourism  Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 11:55 FACTBOX | Conflicting demands of Zimbabwe's Mugabe, military The Star Online
Sun 19 @ 11:54 Le pape à table parmi les exclus pour la 1ère "Journée mondiale des pauvres" RTL
Sun 19 @ 11:53 'A new era': Mugabe removed as leader of Zimbabwe's ruling party ABC
Sun 19 @ 11:51 French Policeman Reportedly Kills Three, Commits Suicide Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 11:49 Fire Kills at Least 19 in Beijing Apartment Building The N.Y. Times
Sun 19 @ 11:49 EU cuts Turkey funding after 'democratic deterioration' Al Jazeera
Sun 19 @ 11:48 Lena Dunham sorry for comment on writer accused of sexual assault BBC
Sun 19 @ 11:47 WATCH a New Russian Radar Plane Take to the Sky for the First Time Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 11:45 Ann Wedgeworth, known for 'Three's Company' role, dies at 83 ABC News
Sun 19 @ 11:45 Zimbabwe : Robert Mugabe exclu de son parti, première étape de la destitution du dirigeant ? Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 11:44 Driver in Japan dies in crash with truck driven by US Marine ABC News
Sun 19 @ 11:44 Car Crash Involving US Military Vehicle Leaves Civilian in Japan's Okinawa Dead Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 11:40 Amid Turkey–NATO S-400 Rift, Erdogan Questions 'Trustworthiness' of Alliance Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 11:37 Some Massachusetts towns going to pot, after all MetroNews
Sun 19 @ 11:35 Robert Mugabe exclu du parti au pouvoir Tribune de Genève
Sun 19 @ 11:35 Transat Jacques-Vabre: Vivo a Beira, le bateau qui tape à l'œil des favelas RTL
Sun 19 @ 11:31 Anti-immigration politician could sit on Nobel committee The Guardian
Sun 19 @ 11:31 Pressure weighs on Mugabe to quit after mass protests Al Jazeera
Sun 19 @ 11:29 Gaia Pope: sister pays tribute to 'beautiful and wise' teenager The Guardian
Sun 19 @ 11:26 Zimbabwe: Mugabe en passe d'être lâché par tous ses pairs Canoe
Sun 19 @ 11:23 L'amélioration en profondeur de l'emploi en France prendra deux ans RTL
Sun 19 @ 11:19 Clichy-la-Garenne: "il n'y aura pas de prières de rue", affirme Collomb RTL
Sun 19 @ 11:19 Lavrov: Russia, Iranian, Turkish foreign ministers agree in Antalya on all issues TASS
Sun 19 @ 11:18 LA PHOTO. Au Somaliland, chacun cherche son khat France Info
Sun 19 @ 11:16 Beijing housing block fire: Nineteen people killed BBC
Sun 19 @ 11:12 Chile to elect President Bachelet's successor BBC
Sun 19 @ 11:11 'No evidence whatsoever' that Nibiru is coming to kill us says NASA scientist (POLL) Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 11:10 UNICEF expresses concern over Afghan children's malnutrition, poor access to school Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 11:08 Manifestation monstre au Zimbabwe pour demander le départ de Mugabe : "Je pense que là il comprend le message !" France Info
Sun 19 @ 11:04 Chinese military launches website to rat on leaks, violations + fake news Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 11:02 Argentine: des appels de détresse relancent l'espoir de localiser un sous-marin disparu France24
Sun 19 @ 11:01 Zimbabwe: Le comité central de la Zanu-PF écarte Robert Mugabe DH
Sun 19 @ 11:01 Un policier tue trois personnes avant de se donner la mort en France 7 SUR 7
Sun 19 @ 11:00 Un policier tue trois personnes avant de se donner la mort en France RTL
Sun 19 @ 10:59 Helping the poor is a 'Passport to Paradise,' Pope says The Star Online
Sun 19 @ 10:59 Earthquake with 6.4 magnitude strikes off France's New Caledonia in Pacific Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 10:54 Rohingya refugee injured in Nauru motorcycle crash ABC
Sun 19 @ 10:49 UK Sikh MP Tan Dhesi abused online for not speaking on Sikh issue Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 10:45 Japan's sumo panel questions grand champion Harumafuji about bar brawl assault S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 10:42 Taliban attack checkpoints in Afghanistan, killing 6 police MetroNews
Sun 19 @ 10:41 Taliban attack checkpoints in Afghanistan, killing 6 police Fox News
Sun 19 @ 10:38 China's foreign minister meets with Myanmar's leaders Fox News
Sun 19 @ 10:38 Teacher pulls off Muslim student's hijab in US, sent on leave Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 10:37 Taxe sur les dividendes: Le Maire dédouane Macron, pas inquiet pour son poste au gouvernement RTL
Sun 19 @ 10:35 Top China diplomat talks refugee crisis with Myanmar leaders MetroNews
Sun 19 @ 10:31 European cities battle fiercely for top agencies leaving UK MetroNews
Sun 19 @ 10:27 Rare prière de juifs israéliens sur un site sacré en Cisjordanie occupée RTL
Sun 19 @ 10:26 2nd round of Mugabe exit talks as party poised to oust him Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 10:23 Republican party is 'toast' says Az. senator in 'hot mic' moment Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 10:22 Pope devotes Mass to poor, calls indifference a 'great sin' MetroNews
Sun 19 @ 10:21 Pope devotes Mass to poor, calls indifference a 'great sin' Fox News
Sun 19 @ 10:21 Argentine : des appels de détresse redonnent l'espoir de retrouver le sous-marin "San Juan" France Info
Sun 19 @ 10:19 Florida spending money to keep bears out of the trash MetroNews
Sun 19 @ 10:16 Taxe sur les dividendes: "aucune responsabilité" de Macron (Le Maire) RTL
Sun 19 @ 10:16 Israel PM Netanyahu says security must come first in any peace plan Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 10:15 Zimbabwe's ruling party expected to sack Robert Mugabe The Guardian
Sun 19 @ 10:12 Les dauphins virtuels présentent des vertus thérapeutiques: "Il y a quelque chose de magique" RTL
Sun 19 @ 10:11 Aung San Suu Kyi honours revoked amid Rohingya backlash Al Jazeera
Sun 19 @ 10:09 Dubois (XV de France): "La confiance est là" RTL
Sun 19 @ 10:08 Russian Navy's Caspian Flotilla Ships Take Part in Air Defense Drills Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 10:07 L'horreur dans le nord de la France: un policier tue trois personnes avant de se donner la mort DH
Sun 19 @ 10:07 China military sets up website to report leaks, fake news Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 10:06 Israel PM says security must come first in any peace plan Fox News
Sun 19 @ 10:05 L'Europe face au casse-tête de la taxation des GAFA RTL
Sun 19 @ 10:05 Le chef du nucléaire américain prêt à s'opposer à des frappes ordonnées par Trump France24
Sun 19 @ 10:05 Turkey, Russia and Iran meet to discuss Syria Al Jazeera
Sun 19 @ 10:00 NYC College Settles Discrimination Claim With Pro-Life Group W. Free Beacon
Sun 19 @ 10:00 Preparing for Doomsday in a $1.5 Million Bunker Condo The N.Y. Times
Sun 19 @ 10:00 Déplacements de Trudeau: une facture de 150 000 $ pour les élections partielles La Presse
Sun 19 @ 09:56 Russian, Iranian, Turkish foreign ministers begin meeting on Syria TASS
Sun 19 @ 09:52 US nuclear chief would resist 'illegal' presidential strike order BBC
Sun 19 @ 09:45 Le chef de la diplomatie nord-coréenne attendu à Cuba RTL
Sun 19 @ 09:40 Ex-President Sebastian Pinera favored in Chile vote, runoff likely Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 09:38 La Ligue arabe se penche sur l'Iran et ses "milices" à la demande de Ryad RTL
Sun 19 @ 09:28 Zimbabwe: Second round of Mugabe exit talks as party poised to oust him Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 09:28 Brand New Report Exposes Britain's Most Racially Harassed Minority Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 09:28 Après le triple-meurtre de Sarcelles, la police restera armée, assure le ministre de l'Intérieur Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 09:13 Un mariage binational à la frontière USA-Mexique Tribune de Genève
Sun 19 @ 09:06 Sénégal : le réchauffement climatique menace Saint-Louis, la "Venise africaine" France Info
Sun 19 @ 09:06 US warship and Japanese tug collide in latest incident BBC
Sun 19 @ 09:05 More than 30 rescued in Afghan raid on Taliban prison Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 09:02 Argentine : le sous-marin Ara San Juan ne répond plus France Info
Sun 19 @ 09:01 Into thin air: Japanese climber's 25-year search on holy Chinese mountain S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 09:00 Birthplace of Dionne quintuplets moves today after yearlong grassroots campaign MetroNews
Sun 19 @ 09:00 UN concerned by controversial US plan to revive Afghan militias The Guardian
Sun 19 @ 09:00 How we men can – and must – help bring down sexual predators The Guardian
Sun 19 @ 08:59 EU Commissioner for Budget Piles Pressure on UK Amid Deadlocked Brexit Talks Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 08:54 Proche-Orient : "La France offre une possibilité de médiation" France Info
Sun 19 @ 08:53 France : un policier tue trois personnes et se suicide France24
Sun 19 @ 08:52 Liban : Saad Hariri a été reçu à l'Élysée France Info
Sun 19 @ 08:51 Disparition de Maëlys: la défense du suspect à l'offensive 7 SUR 7
Sun 19 @ 08:48 Journalists to launch digital currency to fight fake news Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 08:47 'No Morals': Twitter Reacts to Emergence of Weinstein's Hitlist Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 08:46 'The Great Crash of 2018' will start in bond market | strategist Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 08:43 US white supremacist convicted of murdering 3 best friends, shooting another Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 08:43 Thousands of runners brave New Delhi smog for annual half-marathon despite health warnings S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 08:37 NGO writes to Donald Trump against proposed move of lifting ban on importing elephants trophies Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 08:36 Pourquoi les Amish vivent plus longtemps DH
Sun 19 @ 08:35 Sri Lanka troops on alert after traffic accident sparks riots between Sinhalese and Muslims S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 08:31 Disparition de Maëlys: la défense du suspect à l'offensive DH
Sun 19 @ 08:29 Zimbabwe's political drama: What just happened? A timeline Fox News
Sun 19 @ 08:29 'Love won': vandalised George Michael mural in Sydney gets a makeover The Guardian
Sun 19 @ 08:09 Le rappeur Jay-Z dénonce le système judiciaire américain qui "harcèle des centaines de milliers de Noirs chaque année" France Info
Sun 19 @ 08:09 Russian Artillery and Missile Forces Day: Over 600 Years on Guard of Safety Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 08:08 US destroyer collides with Japanese tug boat China.org.cn
Sun 19 @ 08:01 Saad Hariri précisera ses intentions seulement au Liban Euronews
Sun 19 @ 08:00 Chroniques du ciel. Loueurs d'avions, les géants du ciel France Info
Sun 19 @ 08:00 Rat soup, anyone? Mexican politician bids to restore delicacy to the menu The Guardian
Sun 19 @ 07:59 Qatar-Gulf crisis: All the latest updates Al Jazeera
Sun 19 @ 07:58 En direct de l'Europe. Mettre l'état de droit à Malte sous surveillance et porter la liberté de la presse en étendard France Info
Sun 19 @ 07:57 Panamanian president receives honorary doctorate from Renmin University of China China.org.cn
Sun 19 @ 07:50 Près de 20 morts dans l'incendie d'un bâtiment à Pékin 7 SUR 7
Sun 19 @ 07:49 Vatican opens probe into sex abuse at school for young boys S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 07:48 Esclavage en Libye : des dirigeants africains "indignés" réclament à la Libye une enquête France Info
Sun 19 @ 07:47 Français du monde. Un nouveau souffle pour le tourisme en Tunisie France Info
Sun 19 @ 07:46 Jardin. Les primevères, messagères du printemps, poussent aussi en hiver France Info
Sun 19 @ 07:45 China organizes 19-unit standby peacekeeping force China.org.cn
Sun 19 @ 07:43 Defiant Hun Sen challenges US to cut all aid to Cambodia as Washington moves to penalise PM for opposition crackdown S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 07:41 L'Auto et la Moto. Les nouveautés 2018 en matière de deux et trois roues au Salon de Milan France Info
Sun 19 @ 07:39 Netanyahu to face new questioning over graft, media reports say Arab News
Sun 19 @ 07:37 Netanyahu à nouveau entendu pour corruption présumée 7 SUR 7
Sun 19 @ 07:36 Gerry Adams to step down as Sinn Fein leader next year Al Jazeera
Sun 19 @ 07:35 Five villages in Donbass remain in blackout after shelling TASS
Sun 19 @ 07:33 Xi Jinping and Shinzo Abe say it's a fresh start for China and Japan. Hmm... S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 07:31 Former UK Trade Chief Claims Britain 'Poorer' Without EU Single Market Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 07:26 Gerry Adams, figure du nationalisme irlandais, quittera la présidence du Sinn Féin en 2018 France24
Sun 19 @ 07:20 Palestinians threaten to cut ties if US shuts PLO office in Washington S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 07:18 US Marine kills elderly civilian in drunk-driving accident in Okinawa, Japan Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 07:18 Defiant Cambodia PM dares US to cut all aid to his country ABC
Sun 19 @ 07:18 Le sous-marin argentin disparu a donné signe de "vie" 7 SUR 7
Sun 19 @ 07:16 David Cassidy: Ex-Partridge Family star suffers organ failure BBC
Sun 19 @ 07:11 Signals from missing Argentine sub give hope for rescue effort ABC News
Sun 19 @ 07:02 Merkel se lance dans une ultime tentative pour former un gouvernement 7 SUR 7
Sun 19 @ 06:59 Zimbabwe: A guide to what's happened so far in Mugabe drama Fox News
Sun 19 @ 06:55 Dog Earns Special Treat: British Award for Bravery The N.Y. Times
Sun 19 @ 06:53 Netanyahu entendu pour corruption présumée Tribune de Genève
Sun 19 @ 06:52 'Partridge Family' star David Cassidy in hospital with multiple organ failure S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 06:50 L'Égypte ouvre la frontière avec Gaza, des centaines de Palestiniens sur le départ France24
Sun 19 @ 06:48 More than 30 rescued in Afghan raid on Taliban prison Arab News
Sun 19 @ 06:46 2nd round of Mugabe exit talks as party poised to oust him Fox News
Sun 19 @ 06:41 It Must Have Been Love? Hillary Clinton Says Trump 'Obsessed' With Her Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 06:27 Des appels émis depuis le sous-marin argentin disparu DH
Sun 19 @ 06:25 'My eyes are burning': Delhi holds half marathon despite pollution warning The Guardian
Sun 19 @ 06:19 Five things you need to know about Zimbabwe Al Jazeera
Sun 19 @ 06:16 At Least 12 Killed, Two Others Seriously Wounded in Car Crash in Western Kenya Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 06:15 Inside 160-square-foot UN prison cell where 'Butcher of Bosnia' Ratko Mladic awaits fate for war crimes and genocide S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 06:13 China willing to help Bangladesh and Myanmar defuse Rohingya crisis, says foreign minister S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 06:10 China approves projects worth US$10B in October China.org.cn
Sun 19 @ 06:03 Lebanon's PM Saad Hariri says he will be in Beirut within days Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 06:00 Saad Hariri will be in Lebanon 'by Wednesday' Al Jazeera
Sun 19 @ 05:59 Zimbabweans demand Mugabe's resignation at Harare rally Al Jazeera
Sun 19 @ 05:59 Urban rail transit reaches 31 Chinese mainland cities China.org.cn
Sun 19 @ 05:59 Philippines thanks China for understanding China.org.cn
Sun 19 @ 05:59 Palestinians to suspend US ties if PLO office closed Al Jazeera
Sun 19 @ 05:56 Senator Jeff Flake says GOP is 'toast' if it follows Donald Trump, Roy Moore Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 05:48 From iPhones to cancer, the India-China relationship is full of irony S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 05:44 Steve Bannon: Donald Trump Wouldn't Be President if Not for the Death of Brian Terry Breitbart
Sun 19 @ 05:41 After Macron meeting, Hariri says will clarify position in Lebanon Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 05:37 Ukraine quickly becoming world's most mined nation with 1,796 casualties since start of war in 2014 S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 05:30 Palestinians speak out on anniversary of Resolution 242 Al Jazeera
Sun 19 @ 05:24 AC/DC co-founder Malcolm Young dies aged 64 The Guardian
Sun 19 @ 05:08 Un remorqueur japonais heurte un destroyer US Tribune de Genève
Sun 19 @ 05:04 Ex-President Pinera favored in Chile vote, runoff likely Fox News
Sun 19 @ 05:03 Un incendie fait 19 morts dans le sud de Pékin Tribune de Genève
Sun 19 @ 05:03 NASA scientist debunks doomsday rumours over mysterious planet Nibiru Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 05:01 Washington menace de fermer la mission de l'OLP, les Palestiniens en colère 45e Nord
Sun 19 @ 04:59 En Irlande, Gerry Adams tire sa révérence Euronews
Sun 19 @ 04:59 Syrie : la difficile entente américano-russe Tribune de Genève
Sun 19 @ 04:59 Le Niger demande un débat sur la vente aux enchères de migrants en Libye Radio-Canada
Sun 19 @ 04:57 Argentina missing submarine: Satellite signals detected BBC
Sun 19 @ 04:56 In Rio de Janeiro, 'Complete Vulnerability' as Violence Surges The N.Y. Times
Sun 19 @ 04:49 Trump blasts Hillary Clinton for questioning legitimacy of election result China.org.cn
Sun 19 @ 04:48 Miss Russia-2017 says not disappointed by results of Miss World pageant TASS
Sun 19 @ 04:47 Prachanda's only son Prakash dies due to heart failure Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 04:44 Marked for 'De-escalation,' Syrian Towns Endure Surge of Attacks The N.Y. Times
Sun 19 @ 04:39 Mysterious Planet X will apparently destroy Earth Sunday, and this Nasa scientist says we should all just chill S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 04:36 15 prisoners have convictions thrown out in Chicago over crooked cops Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 04:34 Signals Detected From Missing Argentine Submarine as Foreign Navies Join Search The N.Y. Times
Sun 19 @ 04:30 Le Chili se choisit un président Tribune de Genève
Sun 19 @ 04:28 Miami International Airport Resumes Work After Bomb Scare Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 04:27 Soldiers held without trial threaten 'new Gambia' reputation Arab News
Sun 19 @ 04:10 Chanting American flag-waver heckled at UC Berkeley in 'social experiment' VIDEO Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 04:06 About 600 Migrants From Africa Rescued off Spanish Coast Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 03:57 US warship damaged off Japan during joint navy drills aimed at North Korea The Guardian
Sun 19 @ 03:55 New York subway ditches 'ladies and gentlemen' announcements, now uses gender-neutral terms instead S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 03:49 Pirro: 'I'm Tired of the Powerful and the Clintons Being Above the Law' Breitbart
Sun 19 @ 03:34 Nucléaire: il refuserait un ordre illégal de Trump Tribune de Genève
Sun 19 @ 03:33 Gerry Adams, Irish Republican Leader, to Step Down From Sinn Fein The N.Y. Times
Sun 19 @ 03:27 Roy Moore critic says Alabama Senate race a battle for nation's soul Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 03:27 Argentina says it may have received signals from missing sub ABC News
Sun 19 @ 03:27 Des appels émis depuis le sous-marin argentin Tribune de Genève
Sun 19 @ 03:16 Haitian army set to make controversial return after two decades Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 03:16 'King of Cling' fashion icon Azzedine Alaia, who dressed Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama, dead at 77 S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 03:11 Entretien entre Macron et Trump sur la crise au Liban La Presse
Sun 19 @ 03:07 Russian Film Week opens in UK TASS
Sun 19 @ 03:03 Online game about child trafficking released by Indian charity Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 03:02 'Faithful' Detroit priest beatified by Catholic church Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 02:54 “No fireworks” at NAFTA talks, but few signs of progress Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 02:48 US warship 'scraped' by drifting tug boat off Japan S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 02:47 Sous-marin disparu : un nouvel espoir Euronews
Sun 19 @ 02:42 Italy Senate chief: Mafia planned to kill me next in 1992 ABC News
Sun 19 @ 02:40 Argentina says signals detected, likely from missing submarine Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 02:28 US general says illegal nuclear launch order can be refused ABC News
Sun 19 @ 02:25 The US general who could stop Donald Trump launching a nuclear strike S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 02:23 Miami International Airport concourse evacuated over 'suspicious item' Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 02:20 House fire in southern Beijing suburb kills 19, injures 8 Arab News
Sun 19 @ 02:19 Argentina Detects 7 Satellite Calls From Missing Submarine Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 02:16 United States general says nuclear launch order can be refused Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 02:06 Les électeurs chiliens appelés aux urnes Euronews
Sun 19 @ 02:04 China: House fire in southern Beijing suburb kills 19, injures 8 Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 02:01 Trump's vanishing act: a metaphor for the US in Asia? S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 02:00 Rock legends salute AC/DC founding member and guitarist Malcolm Young, dead at 64 S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 02:00 House Fire in South of Beijing Kills 19, Injures 8 Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 01:58 Surgeons remove worms, parasites from North Korean soldier Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 01:57 Zimbabwe's President Mugabe reportedly faces immediate removal as protesters march in capital Fox News
Sun 19 @ 01:45 Zimbabwe says Robert Mugabe must quit now, but more talks planned Indian Express
Sun 19 @ 01:45 Argentina says satellite calls detected, likely from missing submarine with 44 crew S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 01:41 House fire in southern Beijing suburb kills 19, injures 8 Fox News
Sun 19 @ 01:39 General in charge of US nukes says he can defy an 'illegal' strike order from Trump Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 01:35 Distress calls bring hope to Argentina's search for missing sub Arab News
Sun 19 @ 01:34 Saad Hariri: I will explain on return to Lebanon, says prime minister The Guardian
Sun 19 @ 01:26 ALENA: les différentes délégations avancent à pas de tortue La Presse
Sun 19 @ 01:19 PBOC to improve 'twin pillar' policy framework China.org.cn
Sun 19 @ 01:17 Escaped Venezuela Opposition Leader Reaches Spain and Vows Fight The N.Y. Times
Sun 19 @ 01:16 US general says nuclear launch order can be refused Fox News
Sun 19 @ 01:15 Grave fears for Rohingya refugee injured in Nauru motorbike crash The Guardian
Sun 19 @ 01:12 Le républicain accusé ne renoncera pas Tribune de Genève
Sun 19 @ 01:11 Missing Argentina submarine sent seven failed satellite calls The Guardian
Sun 19 @ 01:10 Syrian army clashes with Islamic State in Abu Kamal — SANA TASS
Sun 19 @ 01:08 Top diplomats of Russia, Iran, Turkey to discuss Syrian crisis in Antalya TASS
Sun 19 @ 01:06 Equipping Russian ground forces with Iskander-M systems 80% complete — defense ministry TASS
Sun 19 @ 01:05 Sweden, Uruguay submit 'compromise' draft on Syria chemical probe to UN Security Council TASS
Sun 19 @ 01:04 Panetta: Bill Clinton 'More Than Paid the Price' for Lewinsky Affair Breitbart
Sun 19 @ 01:01 'Mugabe Must Go': Thousands in Zimbabwe Rally Against Leader The N.Y. Times
Sun 19 @ 01:00 Syrie: l'entente USA-Russie déjà en difficulté avant de nouveaux pourparlers 45e Nord
Sun 19 @ 00:59 Irlande : Gerry Adams quitte la présidence du Sinn Féin Radio-Canada
Sun 19 @ 00:54 Irish Sinn Fein Party's Leader Gerry Adams Intends to Step Down in 2018 Sputnik
Sun 19 @ 00:51 With Nudity, Anti-Trump Chants in the Stands, Yale Beats Harvard on the Field in the Only Game That Matters Breitbart
Sun 19 @ 00:51 Satellite calls likely to be from missing submarine, Argentina says ABC
Sun 19 @ 00:50 Failed distress calls detected, likely from missing Argentine sub – Defense Ministry Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 00:47 Federer stunned by Goffin at season-ending ATP Finals ABC
Sun 19 @ 00:46 US nuclear general would resist 'illegal' Trump strike order ABC
Sun 19 @ 00:44 Afghan Army Recruitment Dwindles as Taliban Threaten Families The N.Y. Times
Sun 19 @ 00:36 Surgeons remove worms, parasites from N. Korean soldier ABC News
Sun 19 @ 00:30 Images show North Korea's 'submarine ballistic missile programme' BBC
Sun 19 @ 00:17 Bosnia's silent killer: The coal industry BBC
Sun 19 @ 00:11 Priest urges church to abandon Christmas, 'hijacked' by Santa Russia Today
Sun 19 @ 00:09 Un dessin de Hergé avec Tintin et Milou adjugé pour 750 000 $ TVA Nouvelles
Sun 19 @ 00:06 Thousands in Zimbabwe protest President Mugabe after military moves against him ABC News
Sun 19 @ 00:05 Italy's self-esteem has taken a beating, but I still wouldn't live anywhere else The Guardian
Sun 19 @ 00:00 Medical tourism looks healthy in Malaysia, but in Singapore? S.China Morning Post
Sun 19 @ 00:00 Irak : le PM confirme que les législatives se tiendront à la date prévue Xinhuanet
Sun 19 @ 00:00 Irlande : Gerry Adams quittera la présidence du Sinn Fein l'année prochaine Xinhuanet
Sun 19 @ 00:00 France : un policier tue trois personnes avant de se suicider Xinhuanet
Sun 19 @ 00:00 L'OTAN présente ses excuses au président turc après l'apparition de son nom sur une "liste d'ennemis" Xinhuanet
Sun 19 @ 00:00 Mexique : 90% des attaques contre des journalistes restent impunies Xinhuanet
Sun 19 @ 00:00 France : Christophe Castaner élu délégué général d'En marche ! (SYNTHESE) Xinhuanet
Sat 18 @ 23:52 Another big day for Manchester sides in Premier League as Arsenal wins derby ABC
Sat 18 @ 23:52 Lebanese Prime Minister Meets Macron After Mysterious Saudi Stay The N.Y. Times
Sat 18 @ 23:52 Sweden, Uruguay Submit Draft Resolution on JIM to UNSC Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 23:51 MSNBC Guest: The U.S. Was Founded on the Backbone of Racism Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 23:43 Palestine warns it will cut off relations with US if its DC office is shut down Russia Today
Sat 18 @ 23:37 They're the voice: Zimbabweans send Mugabe on his way with some classic Farnsey ABC
Sat 18 @ 23:36 Gerry Adams quitte la présidence du Sinn Féin Tribune de Genève
Sat 18 @ 23:34 Québec ouvre la porte à la vente de cannabis au privé TVA Nouvelles
Sat 18 @ 23:30 'There are no fireworks': The hunt for news in a ho-hum NAFTA round MetroNews
Sat 18 @ 23:20 U.S. Submarine Rescue Equipment, Crews Set to Arrive in Argentina on Sunday; U.K. Ice Patrol Ship Joins in Search for Missing Submarine U.S. Naval Institute
Sat 18 @ 23:18 José Manuel Maza: Spain's attorney general dies aged 66 BBC
Sat 18 @ 23:18 AG Sessions Blasts Obama Amnesty: 'Lawfully,' DACA 'Cannot Be Defended' Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 23:17 Several Foreign Nationals Detained in Athens Over Clashes With Police Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 23:12 High School Gives Deceased Homeless Veteran a Military-Style Send Off Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 23:12 Nigerian Bobsled Team Will Participate in 2018 Winter Olympics for First Time Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 23:06 Décès du procureur général espagnol Euronews
Sat 18 @ 23:03 Trump Congratulates Duterte on the Liberation of Marawi From Daesh-Linked Group Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 23:00 Forum de Halifax: le commandant du Stratcom refuserait d'exécuter un ordre illégal de Trump 45e Nord
Sat 18 @ 23:00 Il est resté 24h avec ses parents massacrés: "Mais pourquoi personne n'est venu m'aider?" 7 SUR 7
Sat 18 @ 22:56 Oswald killer Jack Ruby told FBI informant to 'watch the fireworks' the day JFK was shot – documents Russia Today
Sat 18 @ 22:47 Scandale autour d'un tweet antisémite mettant Macron en scène 7 SUR 7
Sat 18 @ 22:45 Frank Schaeffer: Evangelicals Are Treating Women Like South Africa Treated Black People in Apartheid Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 22:44 Palestine May Halt Relations With US Over Closure of PLO Office in Washington Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 22:44 Palestinians 'could freeze US ties' over Washington office closure BBC
Sat 18 @ 22:23 There's a new spirit in Zimbabwe as people lose their fear of Mugabe ABC
Sat 18 @ 22:23 Décès du procureur qui poursuivait les indépendantistes catalans 7 SUR 7
Sat 18 @ 22:20 Gerry Adams to stand down as Sinn Féin leader next year BBC
Sat 18 @ 22:18 Israel fires tank shell at Syrian forces in Golan Heights Russia Today
Sat 18 @ 22:15 Le régime syrien tue 14 civils à Damas 7 SUR 7
Sat 18 @ 22:14 L'OLP pourrait perdre son assise à Washington 7 SUR 7
Sat 18 @ 22:05 Full-Term Abortion Backer Doug Jones Now Aims to Fool Alabama Voters on Anti-Life Stance Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 22:04 Corporal Punishment Makes Children 'Aggressive and Antisocial' | Study Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 22:02 The Great Grey Gardens Garage Sale: hoards flock to the house of Jackie Onassis' notoriously eccentric relatives for a shop S.China Morning Post
Sat 18 @ 22:01 Rugby: le XV de France s'incline face à l'Afrique du Sud France24
Sat 18 @ 22:00 Zimbabweans gather for 'death of a dynasty' BBC
Sat 18 @ 21:47 La mort du procureur général qui poursuivait les indépendantistes catalans Canoe
Sat 18 @ 21:46 Gerry Adams to step down as Sinn Fein leader ABC
Sat 18 @ 21:28 Mort subite du procureur général espagnol Tribune de Genève
Sat 18 @ 21:26 Liban : Saad Hariri reçu à l'Élysée par Emmanuel Macron France Info
Sat 18 @ 21:25 Trusted fact-checker? Politifact duped by Bergdahl satire piece, tediously explains why it's fake Russia Today
Sat 18 @ 21:21 This is redistribution for Zimbabwe's elite, not revolution in a ruined nation | Jason Burke The Guardian
Sat 18 @ 21:19 Abus sexuels au coeur du Vatican: le Saint-Siège enquête La Presse
Sat 18 @ 21:18 Turkish Prosecutors Investigate US Lawyers Over Evidence in Iran Sanctions Probe Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 21:15 Man Released from Prison 45 Years After Wrongful Rape Conviction Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 21:10 LaVar Ball Does Not Credit Trump for Son's Release After China Arrest Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 21:09 Spanish Attorney General Dies in Argentina | Prime Minister Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 21:09 Un bateau japonais percute un destroyer US, 5e collision impliquant la flotte du Pacifique en 2017 Russia Today
Sat 18 @ 21:05 Liban : la mystérieuse démission de Saad Hariri France Info
Sat 18 @ 21:03 Azzedine Alaïa: Popular Tunisian couturier dies aged 77 BBC
Sat 18 @ 20:58 Malcolm Young, Whose Guitar Riffs Helped Propel AC/DC to Fame, Dies at 64 The N.Y. Times
Sat 18 @ 20:55 Le séminariste aurait abusé 140 fois d'un enfant de choeur au Vatican 7 SUR 7
Sat 18 @ 20:52 Les deux camps mobilisés à Barcelone Euronews
Sat 18 @ 20:47 As Mexico Builds Green Airport of the Future, Age-Old Mistakes Loom The N.Y. Times
Sat 18 @ 20:46 UK: Leaders, academics raise alarm over Saudi 'crisis' Al Jazeera
Sat 18 @ 20:41 Victime des «macroniens du PS» ? Filoche s'explique sur RT France après son tweet jugé antisémite Russia Today
Sat 18 @ 20:40 Militants shell southeastern outskirts of Damascus — media TASS
Sat 18 @ 20:36 Espagne: mort du procureur général qui poursuivait les indépendantistes catalans DH
Sat 18 @ 20:33 I will never get over it, says mother of woman killed in Kenya ABC
Sat 18 @ 20:31 Ils achètent une usine 2 M$, mais elle fonctionne au ralenti faute de soudeurs TVA Nouvelles
Sat 18 @ 20:29 Over 60 Syrians Return Home Over Past 24 Hours Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 20:27 NATO hires Canadian as special representative on women, peace on security MetroNews
Sat 18 @ 20:25 Poor weather conditions hinder desperate search for Argentine submarine ABC
Sat 18 @ 20:24 Les mesures annoncées par Ottawa se font attendre, dit Équiterre La Presse
Sat 18 @ 20:16 The Planet is Breathing: NASA Releases Historic 20-Year Earth Timelapse Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 20:12 Greg Gianforte misled police after assault of Guardian journalist, incident report shows The Guardian
Sat 18 @ 20:10 L'ancienne demeure new-yorkaise de Michael Jackson en vente pour 39 M$ TVA Nouvelles
Sat 18 @ 20:10 HuffPost: 'Joe Biden 2020 Is a Terrible Idea in a Post-Weinstein America' Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 20:06 Syria: at least 14 civilians killed in air strikes by government forces The Guardian
Sat 18 @ 19:59 Palestinians vow to suspend talks if US closes diplomatic office in Washington The Guardian
Sat 18 @ 19:56 Des volcans seraient en train de se réveiller Tribune de Genève
Sat 18 @ 19:55 US STRATCOM Head Ready to Resist Possible Illegal Order to Use Nuclear Weapons Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 19:53 Russia delivers over two tonnes of humanitarian aid to Syria's Daraa TASS
Sat 18 @ 19:52 Abus sexuels dans une école: enquête du Vatican Tribune de Genève
Sat 18 @ 19:52 'Arrogant' Saudi Arabia fails to hurt Hezbollah with Hariri gambit, but won't stop trying Russia Today
Sat 18 @ 19:51 FIS Council against politicizing decision on Russian skiers — sports minister TASS
Sat 18 @ 19:43 Un millier de manifestants à Paris pour dénoncer des cas d'esclavage en Libye France24
Sat 18 @ 19:40 Chinese FM calls on Bangladesh, Myanmar to properly settle Rohingya issue, offers help China.org.cn
Sat 18 @ 19:40 19 killed, 8 injured in Beijing house fire China.org.cn
Sat 18 @ 19:37 Syria Receives 25 Tonnes of Humanitarian Aid From Belarus Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 19:29 Top US nuclear commander says he would resist 'illegal' Trump strike order — CBS Arab News
Sat 18 @ 19:29 Le sort de Mugabe décidé demain 7 SUR 7
Sat 18 @ 19:27 Election de Castaner : sans plus de démocratie, LREM va «se dessécher», selon un marcheur Russia Today
Sat 18 @ 19:25 Un jeune héros grec sauve un couple d'une coulée de boue meurtrière 7 SUR 7
Sat 18 @ 19:21 Small Ontario town to offer second round of generous incentives to move there MetroNews
Sat 18 @ 19:20 Museum of the Bible Opens with Mission to Engage Millions with 'Book of Books' Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 19:19 Pakistan postpones action against activists Arab News
Sat 18 @ 19:19 Bangladesh tailors struggling against ready-made garment makers Arab News
Sat 18 @ 19:18 La mission palestinienne menacée de fermeture Tribune de Genève
Sat 18 @ 19:06 Le régime syrien reprend le contrôle quasi total de Boukamal, dernier fief urbain de l'EI 45e Nord
Sat 18 @ 19:04 "Others Will Follow": World's Largest Investment Fund to Exit Oil Stocks Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 18:57 Concerns grow as Argentina intensifies submarine search Al Jazeera
Sat 18 @ 18:54 'Russian King' Disputes 'Indian King's' Ownership of No Man"s Land in Africa Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 18:53 Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees face water shortage as wells run dry ABC
Sat 18 @ 18:47 Les taximen new yorkais comme vous ne les verrez (normalement) jamais 7 SUR 7
Sat 18 @ 18:46 Damascus Shelled by Militants, 22 People Injured | Police Source Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 18:45 Transgender killings hit all-time high, advocacy group points finger at Trump Russia Today
Sat 18 @ 18:41 Entire Bedouin village faced with forced displacement Al Jazeera
Sat 18 @ 18:37 Un voyage à Cuba rempli de mauvaises surprises TVA Nouvelles
Sat 18 @ 18:36 Ice patrol HMS Protector joins the search for the missing Argentine submarine Merco Press
Sat 18 @ 18:35 US-Mexico Border 'Deeply Out of Control', Trump's Wall Will Help | Ex-Official Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 18:35 Japanese boat crashes into US Navy destroyer in Pacific Fleet's 5th collision this year Russia Today
Sat 18 @ 18:33 600 migrants secourus en mer en 24 heures Tribune de Genève
Sat 18 @ 18:28 Climatologist Warns of Mass Disasters That Could Make Whole Countries Disappear Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 18:28 Le responsable de l'arsenal nucléaire américain dit qu'il pourrait défier Trump Radio-Canada
Sat 18 @ 18:24 Putin amazed by fortitude Tsar Alexander III displayed in advocating for peace for Russia TASS
Sat 18 @ 18:22 Ruling party sets meeting to discuss Mugabe's exit; elated Zimbabweans celebrate Arab News
Sat 18 @ 18:21 Japanese Tug Boat Crashes Into US Warship During Exercise Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 18:10 Une chanteuse égyptienne arrêtée pour un clip "indécent" 7 SUR 7
Sat 18 @ 18:09 Offensive de l'armée syrienne et de ses alliés à Abou Kamal et dans la Ghouta orientale Euronews
Sat 18 @ 18:04 Lebanese PM Hariri visits France, promises to clarify resignation statement on his return to Lebanon Russia Today
Sat 18 @ 18:03 Egypt Opens Rafah Border Crossing With Gaza Strip for 3 Days | Reports Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 18:02 Illegal Alien Not Prosecuted for Assaulting Border Patrol Agent, Says CBP Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 18:02 Lawmakers endorse renewing NSA's most controversial spying powers Russia Today
Sat 18 @ 18:00 Frappe nucléaire:un général ne suivrait pas d'ordre «illégal» de Trump La Presse
Sat 18 @ 17:57 Lena Dunham Defends 'Girls' Producer Accused of Raping 17-Year-Old Girl Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 17:56 Destroyer USS Benfold Damaged After Collision with Japanese Tug U.S. Naval Institute
Sat 18 @ 17:54 'Last Thing China Wants is Conflict on Korean Peninsula' – Scholar Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 17:54 "La venue de Hariri à Paris apaise les tensions" 7 SUR 7
Sat 18 @ 17:46 Anne Soy: Freedom frenzy grips Zimbabwe BBC
Sat 18 @ 17:37 500 Migrants Cross Mediterranean to Spain 46 Boats Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 17:34 E! Investigating Ryan Seacrest Over Misconduct Allegation from Former 'E! News' Stylist Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 17:28 Police Use Tear Gas to Disperse Paris Protest Against Human Trafficking in Libya Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 17:26 US Weapons Sales to Poland Fuel Tensions in Europe – Russian Lawmaker Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 17:19 Washington menace de fermer la mission palestinienne La Presse
Sat 18 @ 17:16 'Less Money, More Problems': Netizens Describe 2017 Using Just Four Words Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 17:15 Brooks: Franken's Behavior 'Callous' – But Shouldn't Necessarily 'Be a Career-Ender' Like Moore's Behavior Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 17:13 Le début d'une nouvelle ère au Zimbabwe Euronews
Sat 18 @ 17:08 Le Forum de Davos présidée par des femmes en 2018 TVA Nouvelles
Sat 18 @ 17:05 22 injured as terrorists shell central Damascus Russia Today
Sat 18 @ 17:04 UNGA adopts Pak-backed resolution on self-determination Indian Express
Sat 18 @ 17:01 'Accepted Practice': US Troops Told to Ignore Child Rape in Afghanistan | Report Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 17:00 L'EI n'a pas disparu, mais son rêve d'État, si 45e Nord
Sat 18 @ 16:58 President Robert Mugabe to be sacked by party, as protesters march on his residence: Sources Indian Express
Sat 18 @ 16:57 Moscow Regrets Growing Attempts to Use Sports As Tool of Exerting Pressure Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 16:56 Voici Miss Monde, future médecin de 20 ans 7 SUR 7
Sat 18 @ 16:54 "L'esprit de Paris est toujours vivant" 7 SUR 7
Sat 18 @ 16:52 Zimbabwe: 'Freedom has finally come to Zimbabwe' BBC
Sat 18 @ 16:52 China wants Bangladesh, Myanmar to solve Rohingya crisis bilaterally Indian Express
Sat 18 @ 16:52 Au Zimbabwe, la rue gronde pour demander le départ de Mugabe La Presse
Sat 18 @ 16:50 One person dead, five others injured in early-morning crash in Kingston, Ont. MetroNews
Sat 18 @ 16:50 AC/DC co-founder + rock icon Malcolm Young dies aged 64 Russia Today
Sat 18 @ 16:48 Majority of attendees at India's business summit are women: US Indian Express
Sat 18 @ 16:47 Israeli Tank Fires 'Warning Shot' Toward Syrian Army | IDF Source Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 16:41 Marche sur l'Elysée pour dénoncer la "politique anti-sociale" de Macron 7 SUR 7
Sat 18 @ 16:26 Russia regrets attempts to use sport as pressure lever — Russian Foreign Ministry TASS
Sat 18 @ 16:26 Le légendaire groupe AC/DC perd son cofondateur Malcolm Young France24
Sat 18 @ 16:21 Police can request your DNA without your knowledge or consent via ancestry websites Russia Today
Sat 18 @ 16:21 Boukamal, dernier fief urbain de l'EI, est tombé 7 SUR 7
Sat 18 @ 16:19 Politique migratoire de Trump : le rictus des campus américains France24
Sat 18 @ 16:17 Egypt opens Rafah for first time under unity deal Al Jazeera
Sat 18 @ 16:14 China Envoy Discusses 'Situation of the Korean Peninsula' With North The N.Y. Times
Sat 18 @ 16:14 La police espagnole tire sur un Français criant "Allah Akhbar" 7 SUR 7
Sat 18 @ 16:09 Trump-Bashing Cardinals Hailed as Peacemakers and Bridge-Builders Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 16:07 Can Trump spare us his outrage on sexual harassment? | Jessica Valenti The Guardian
Sat 18 @ 16:04 AL Senate President Del Marsh: Roy Moore Allegations Could Be Part of a 'Washington Conspiracy' Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 16:01 Man shot at, detained after shouting 'Allahu akbar' at Spanish-French border Russia Today
Sat 18 @ 15:59 Coup de froid sur les relations cordiales entre la France et l'Iran France24
Sat 18 @ 15:53 AC/DC Guitarist Malcolm Young Dead at 64 Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 15:52 'Like having human-rights discussion in N. Korea': WMA debates euthanasia in Vatican City Russia Today
Sat 18 @ 15:50 Miss Inde met le monde à ses pieds Euronews
Sat 18 @ 15:49 Une Indienne couronnée Miss Monde Tribune de Genève
Sat 18 @ 15:43 Sri Lanka violence: 19 held amid Buddhist-Muslim street clashes BBC
Sat 18 @ 15:37 AC/DC perd son cofondateur Malcolm Young Euronews
Sat 18 @ 15:30 Israel fires 'warning shot' after Syrian border construction, accuses Syria of violating Yom Kippur ceasefire Indian Express
Sat 18 @ 15:30 Russian bombers strike IS targets in eastern Syria China.org.cn
Sat 18 @ 15:30 'Simple apology' is not enough: Insulted Erdogan on NATO 'impudence' over enemy-chart scandal Russia Today
Sat 18 @ 15:29 Egypt-Gaza border handed over to PA under new Hamas-Fatah deal Russia Today
Sat 18 @ 15:29 Zimbabwe Ruling Party to Dismiss Mugabe as Its Leader | Reports Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 15:28 Following Fake News from Dem on Sexual Harassment, Truth About Extent of Abuse Unknown Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 15:28 African Union calls for 'slave market' probe Arab News
Sat 18 @ 15:26 In China, an Education in Dating The N.Y. Times
Sat 18 @ 15:24 Thousands take to the streets to protest Mugabe CNN
Sat 18 @ 15:24 Ratko Mladic's Son Says Detained Commander Expects No Impartiality From Judges Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 15:22 Putin motorcade threatened by 50 false bomb alerts from 'telephone terrorists' Russia Today
Sat 18 @ 15:20 Ousted mayor of Caracas city reaches Spain after fleeing Venezuela Indian Express
Sat 18 @ 15:19 UN climate talks conclude with positive, balanced results China.org.cn
Sat 18 @ 15:17 Une adolescente meurt électrocutée dans son sommeil par son chargeur d'iPhone DH
Sat 18 @ 15:12 German political parties seek compromise on migrants, climate change Indian Express
Sat 18 @ 15:05 Character Witnesses: Former Girlfriends, Employees, and Childhood Friends Step Up to Defend Roy Moore Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 15:02 Au Zimbabwe, la rue gronde pour demander le départ de Mugabe Canoe
Sat 18 @ 15:02 Palestinians reject 'extortion' in face of US move Indian Express
Sat 18 @ 14:59 Un Russe recherché pour le meurtre d'un journaliste de Forbes arrêté en Ukraine Canoe
Sat 18 @ 14:56 Syrie: l'entente entre la Russie et les États-Unis déjà en difficulté avant de nouveaux pourparlers Canoe
Sat 18 @ 14:54 Harveywood Backlash: Buttman's 'Justice League' Tanks at Box Office Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 14:53 Putin unveils monument to Russia's Tsar Alexander III in Crimea TASS
Sat 18 @ 14:53 Treaty to Phase Out 'Greenhouse Gasses on Steroids' to Enter Force The N.Y. Times
Sat 18 @ 14:52 US Brick-and-Mortar Still Clinging to Life Despite Rise of E-Commerce Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 14:50 Murder Rate in Mexican Border City Spikes from Cartel Violence Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 14:47 Private-sector Unions take NAFTA wage fight to Mexican Senate Indian Express
Sat 18 @ 14:46 Un satellite qui améliore les prévisions météo Euronews
Sat 18 @ 14:43 After Three-Month Slump, China Home Prices Again On the Rise Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 14:42 Il crie «Allah Akhbar» et est blessé par la police Tribune de Genève
Sat 18 @ 14:37 Annual Torchlight March in Latvia Has 'Clear Nationalist Context' | Activist Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 14:35 Radio Free Asia Cambodian journalists charged with providing information to foreign nation S.China Morning Post
Sat 18 @ 14:33 News Analysis: At Bonn Climate Talks, Stakes Get Higher in Gamble on Planet's Future The N.Y. Times
Sat 18 @ 14:26 Indian-origin UK pharmacist cleared of elderly father's murder Indian Express
Sat 18 @ 14:25 Lebanon crisis: Saudi Arabia summons German ambassador over supportive comments Indian Express
Sat 18 @ 14:20 China's home prices remain stable as control policies resume China.org.cn
Sat 18 @ 14:20 AC/DC Founder Malcolm Young Dies at 64 Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 14:17 Nouveau satellite lancé pour prévoir la météo Tribune de Genève
Sat 18 @ 14:13 Taboo Pakistani drama Verna challenges censors by putting rape under the spotlight S.China Morning Post
Sat 18 @ 14:13 Jeff Flake Caught on Live Mic Saying GOP Is 'Toast' Under Leadership of Moore, Trump Breitbart
Sat 18 @ 14:07 Puigdemont is 'Moscow Spy Cipollino': Russian Pranksters Troll Spain's Minister Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 14:03 Celestial Empire Aims for the Stars: China Unveils Ambitions Space Program Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 14:01 Saad Hariri, Lebanon PM, to return to Beirut 'in coming days' BBC
Sat 18 @ 14:00 Le bilan des inondations en Grèce s'alourdit à 19 morts 7 SUR 7
Sat 18 @ 13:59 Trump Calls 'Crooked' Hillary Clinton 'Worst and Biggest Loser of all Time' Sputnik
Sat 18 @ 13:55 'Flying Radar': Russian A-100 AWACS Aircraft Makes Maiden Flight Sputnik
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I would like everyone to know more about our world.

Hi, my name is Jonathan and I am 40 years old. First, let me tell you that the English language isn’t my first language; I speak French in my everyday life. So don’t be too severe with me, since I will make mistakes. You can laugh about it, and you can also point out some errors I may make so I can improve myself.

I am the founder of the Knights of News, a concept I created to show my love of world news. Everyone can be a Knight of News, you simply need to care about humanity and have the willingness to inform others.

The home of the Knights of News is TacticalFM.com, a website I created in 2007. Our headquarters changed many times since its launch. Before today, it was firing in all directions… but now, it’s more focused than ever: on world news.

« Why world news? » Very simple: I care about my planet and the people who are living on it. One day I had a flash, I realized that the VERY FIRST STEP to being able to settle even the simplest problem requires a common knowledge of the context and parameters of this problem.

In short, as humanity, we cannot fix what’s wrong in our society if we, each one on our side, have different knowledge of the situation. The reason is simple and very logical: solutions a person may suggest will always miss important key points that another may have, and the consequence is that these solutions will be incomplete and partial.

We all have the same concerns, we all have the same goals, we want to live in peace, have food, shelter and love. Whatever part of the world you live in, we all feel the same, we all have the same basic needs.

This planet is going to crash if we, as a global ensemble, continue like we have been. But before doing something that can apply to and help all of us, we must all have the same stance on the situation.

This is why the Knights of News exist. View them as a tool that enables you to have better common knowledge of the situation on Planet Earth. We put in evidence complex topics, that at first may not seem to be important (e.g.: geoengineering, geopolitical tensions, global economy, etc.) so that in the long run, YOU do care and become curious. Without basic curiosity, we can’t have any hope to fix the smallest problem.

Today, a small group of people have all the space they want to decide, just because the majority of us don’t care enough about the decisions taken by this Elite. This must change, and the very first step is to get CURIOUS about everything, from the simplest topic to the most complex.

Don’t be afraid, just because you don’t understand, we are all together on this boat, we all need to help each other. The majority of us want peace, but the war mongering minority have control because we don’t take the time to understand what is happening or why.

Knowledge is power. Be powerful. Start learning about complex world news. This can be very hard at first, but be courageous, and you will see that over time, this will becomes easier.

Peace, love and justice requires common knowledge of what’s happening on Earth.
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This way, we can compare the content and when it's reported. The media that will have the greater and more pertinent content will win the popularity race when displayed with all his competitors, it's pure logic.

Everybody win by visiting the Knights of News: quality and pertinence over entertainment and consumerism!

Overall, this website forces each of our beloved MSMs to do a better job, this is why your visit, and to talk about it around you, is so important.
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Jonathanboucharddotca micro 2016 ruche Peace, love and justice requires common knowledge of what’s happening on Earth.

L'amour, la paix et la justice exigent une connaissance commune des événements sur terre!

"Chevaliers de l'information",
"Knights Of News"
created by / conçu par
Jonathan Bouchard

Born in 1976, I am a computer geek and programmer who loves geopolitics and MSM.

I am from Quebec, Canada, I speak french. I started to learn english with a Commodore 64.

FPS lover who can't play as he wants like many others but still, I finished original Doom I and II without cheating at hard. ;)

Philosopher who loves to think about the future of mankind, evolution and what we are supposed to do on Earth.

My dream would be that each one of us develops his curiosity toward what's really happening in the world. Before trying to fix our major problems of coexistence, I think the very first step is to learn about what we are and then, we will be able to fix problems like global warming, terrorism, hunger and war. Because, that's our goal, right?

My english grammar is not perfect, my french is a lot better, but I am trying hard.

Suits and ties are not for me... even if I look handsome in it!

I kept my child's hearth, I make jokes, I sing, I am not shy to laugh at myself.

I don't bite. I just know what I want and there's reasons for it, each time.

Don't you think it's enough? Contact me if you still want more! :D
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