Oldpaper kon v2 band sepia
Tue 25 @ 17:09 Moscow says Russian and Syrian planes have not bombed Aleppo for a week The Star Online
Tue 25 @ 17:08 C'est comment ailleurs ? L'obésité au Japon France Info
Tue 25 @ 17:06 Ukraine to Remain One of Red Cross' Largest Humanitarian Programs Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 17:06 Demolition underway of Calais 'Jungle' camp CNN
Tue 25 @ 17:05 Common-Law Wife of Mexico Narco "El Chapo" Files Complaint ABC News
Tue 25 @ 17:05 Canadian nurse charged with eight murders BBC
Tue 25 @ 17:04 Russia moves up to 40th place in Doing Business-2017 rating — World Bank TASS
Tue 25 @ 17:04 Lavrov to Steinmeier: Al-Nusra Front Blocking Aid to Aleppo Unacceptable Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 17:03 Russia hopes to receive soon road map from IPC on Paralympic membership TASS
Tue 25 @ 17:03 'We Need to Clean This Up': #Podesta18 Exposes Obama's Lies Over Clinton Emails Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 17:02 Venezuela opposition divides after blocked Maduro recall effort The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 17:02 Trump Place tenants in Manhattan push to change name of building S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 17:02 L'Allemagne pourrait accueillir des centaines des réfugiés issus de Calais Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 17:01 China + US Elections: Trump May Start a Trade War, But Clinton Could Begin WWIII Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 17:00 Maduro's Opponents Fan Flames of Venezuela Birther Debate ABC News
Tue 25 @ 16:59 Vatican: No scattering of cremated remains CNN
Tue 25 @ 16:59 The Battle for Gender Pay Equality | Temer Pushes for Public Spending Cap Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 16:56 Russia Expects to Keep UN Rights Council Seat, Favors 'Non-Politicized Approach' Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 16:55 Ex-Nurse Charged With Killing 8 Nursing Home Residents in Ontario The N.Y. Times
Tue 25 @ 16:55 Russian, Syrian top diplomats to hold talks on October 28 — diplomat TASS
Tue 25 @ 16:55 France: plus forte baisse mensuelle du chômage depuis 1996 La Presse
Tue 25 @ 16:53 Choléra en Haïti: l'attitude «honteuse» de l'ONU dénoncée La Presse
Tue 25 @ 16:53 CETA : selon Guy Verhofstadt, l'Union européenne doit contourner le «non» wallon Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 16:52 Vatican and Argentina to release 'Dirty War' archives soon The Star Online
Tue 25 @ 16:51 La Wallonie ne veut pas «céder sous la pression» TVA Nouvelles
Tue 25 @ 16:51 New Brunswick court grants Dennis Oland bail pending murder appeal MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 16:51 Libre-échange avec l'UE: Trudeau a parlé avec le président du Parlement européen La Presse
Tue 25 @ 16:50 FBI: Man wearing cat 'mugshot' shirt robs Oklahoma bank MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 16:50 Ryan urges Pentagon to suspend collection of Guard bonuses MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 16:50 Canoes reek of genocide, theft and white privilege, professor claims Fox News
Tue 25 @ 16:49 Third runway at Heathrow cleared for takeoff by ministers BBC
Tue 25 @ 16:49 Frappes de la coalition à Mossoul : 60 morts, 200 blessés parmi les civils Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 16:49 Lausanne Format Members Prepare Working Document on Aleppo Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 16:48 IMF Chief Lagarde Praises Pakistan's Economic Reforms, Urges More Progress Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 16:48 Hungary: Publisher of Suspended Opposition Newspaper Sold ABC News
Tue 25 @ 16:48 Daech: la Belgique entre dans la cour des grands 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 16:47 Arafat museum recovers Nobel prize from Hamas MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 16:46 Arafat Museum Recovers Nobel Prize From Hamas ABC News
Tue 25 @ 16:46 Syrian Opposition Fighters Trained by UK to Submit Data on Ensuing Activities Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 16:45 France: plus forte baisse mensuelle du chômage depuis 20 ans RTL
Tue 25 @ 16:45 Iraq: Coalition huddles as forces inch towards Mosul Al Jazeera
Tue 25 @ 16:43 The Christian refugees who can never return to Mosul CNN
Tue 25 @ 16:43 ECB Chief: Low Interest Rates Don't Make Inequality Worse ABC News
Tue 25 @ 16:42 France Clears 'Jungle' Camp at Calais, Dispersing Thousands of Migrants The N.Y. Times
Tue 25 @ 16:41 Imports of Turkish citrus fruit to Russia may start "any day" – official TASS
Tue 25 @ 16:40 Obama to Visit Florida Friday to Campaign for Clinton in Key US State Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 16:39 Lukoil warns about fake "namesake" company in UK TASS
Tue 25 @ 16:38 US expects "overlap" in Mosul, Raqqa battles against Islamic State The Star Online
Tue 25 @ 16:38 2 Ugandans arrested demonstrating for Trump at US embassy MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 16:38 Moscow Has No Plans to Evacuate Diplomatic Staff From Erbil Amid Mosul Operation Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 16:37 2 Ugandans Arrested Demonstrating for Trump at US Embassy ABC News
Tue 25 @ 16:37 Vers une réforme de l'impôt des sociétés en Europe 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 16:36 'The Worst We Have Ever Seen': Fewer Migrants, More Death The N.Y. Times
Tue 25 @ 16:35 Facebook accused of 'collective punishment' in crackdown on Palestinian users Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 16:35 Manhunt for Oklahoma decapitation suspect continues MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 16:34 India can produce up to 492 nuclear bombs: Pakistan think-tank Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 16:33 U.N. urges South Sudan to defuse growing tensions between ethnic groups The Star Online
Tue 25 @ 16:32 Les Bourses virent au rouge TVA Nouvelles
Tue 25 @ 16:32 Evacuation in progress, crews tear down French migrant camp MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 16:31 Evacuation in Progress, Crews Tear Down French Migrant Camp ABC News
Tue 25 @ 16:31 Montenegro PM hints Russian connection in coup attempt MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 16:31 Police release names of 5 victims in Massachusetts crash MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 16:30 Iraqi Forces Battle IS in Western Town, Far From Mosul ABC News
Tue 25 @ 16:30 Mosul battle: UN receives reports of IS atrocities BBC
Tue 25 @ 16:30 Montenegro PM Hints Russian Connection in Coup Attempt ABC News
Tue 25 @ 16:30 Iraqi forces battle IS in western town, far from Mosul MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 16:30 Kerry: US, Vietnam committed to rule of law in S China Sea MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 16:29 Obama to Advocate TPP Deal in Peru Summit of Asia-Pacific Leaders Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 16:29 Montenegro PM hints Russian connection in coup attempt Fox News
Tue 25 @ 16:29 France Demolishes Calais Jungle Camp, UK Pledges More Funds to Control Borders Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 16:29 Moscow: States Demanding Assad's Removal Keep Military Option for Syria in Mind Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 16:28 Metro lance son épicerie en ligne TVA Nouvelles
Tue 25 @ 16:28 La dernière mini-tournée de Barack Obama 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 16:27 Trudeau signals Canadian TPP approval following delays securing trade pact with EU S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 16:27 Why are people confusing Tom Hanks and Bill Murray? BBC
Tue 25 @ 16:26 Belgium Saying Wallonia Talks on EU-Canada Deal Progressing ABC News
Tue 25 @ 16:25 Belgium saying Wallonia talks on EU-Canada deal progressing Fox News
Tue 25 @ 16:24 Florida inks deal with fertilizer maker on sinkhole cleanup MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 16:23 Winnipeg police arrest parents after baby boy exposed to fentanyl MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 16:22 New Supreme Court nominee faces grilling by MPs, senators, law school students MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 16:22 Iranian, Russian Energy Ministers May Meet at OPEC Talks in November Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 16:21 François Hollande admirerait... Marine Le Pen Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 16:21 Yuan's Devaluation Raises Risk of Global Markets Coming Crashing Down Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 16:20 Nepal Parliament discusses impeachment of anti-graft body chief Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 16:20 FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists 15 Years Later: The Ones Who Got Away ABC News
Tue 25 @ 16:20 Texas County Switches to Paper Ballots after Software Glitch Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 16:19 Fiber optic racetrack makes for an excellent computer ArsTechnica
Tue 25 @ 16:19 Afghan leaders trade barbs as government splits widen The Star Online
Tue 25 @ 16:19 16 revelations from Wikileaks' hacked Clinton emails BBC
Tue 25 @ 16:18 Common-law wife of Mexico narco "El Chapo" files complaint MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 16:18 How a region of Belgium is able to stall the Canada-EU trade pact MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 16:17 Common-law wife of Mexico narco "El Chapo" files complaint Fox News
Tue 25 @ 16:17 The farthest shore: peaceful images of Russia's Primorsky Krai TASS
Tue 25 @ 16:16 UK Public Spooked by Cyberattacks Takes Online Security From Red to Green Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 16:16 Crise migratoire: vers une prolongation des contrôles aux frontières de l'Europe 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 16:15 Battleground Florida: Candidates Strategies Suggest Base, Not Independents Will Determine Sunshine State Outcome Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 16:15 Explosion at Turkish Mediterranean resort injures at least 10 Fox News
Tue 25 @ 16:15 Libyan Instability Unlikely to End in Near Future | Russian Deputy FM Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 16:14 BA flight diverted after cabin crew became ill CNN
Tue 25 @ 16:14 UN expert calls UN response to cholera in Haiti 'a disgrace' MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 16:14 Pôle emploi : le chômage connaît sa plus forte baisse mensuelle depuis 1996 Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 16:13 US says coalition laying groundwork to retake Raqqa from IS MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 16:12 Ankara as Interested in Syrian Integrity as Damascus | Turkish Ex-FM Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 16:12 US says coalition laying groundwork to retake Raqqa from IS Fox News
Tue 25 @ 16:12 Robots could put more than 1mn Brits out of work by 2030 – study Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 16:11 'Al-Shabab attack' on Kenyan town Mandera kills 12 BBC
Tue 25 @ 16:10 Russia Has No Hidden Agenda on Syria, Abides by UNSC Resolutions Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 16:08 Scotland to pardon gay men convicted under outdated laws The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 16:08 Draghi: low rates result of savings glut, low productivity Fox News
Tue 25 @ 16:07 Canadian Blood Services increases iron guidelines for donors MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 16:07 Who's ahead in the polls? BBC
Tue 25 @ 16:06 Carter promises to resolve conflict over Guard bonuses Fox News
Tue 25 @ 16:06 Russia to exhibit over 200 military hardware items at Airshow China-2016 TASS
Tue 25 @ 16:06 ISIL atrocities reported near Mosul: UN Al Jazeera
Tue 25 @ 16:06 Pentagon Rules Out Russia's Participation in US-Led Coalition's Raqqa Operation Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 16:05 EU Commission seeks extension to border controls inside Schengen zone The Star Online
Tue 25 @ 16:04 Douze migrantes font peur à un village tout entier Tribune de Genève
Tue 25 @ 16:04 "We don"t want them here": Italian commune blocks arrival of 12 migrant women + kids Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 16:02 La Belgique fait son entrée dans le "small group" de la coalition anti-EI RTL
Tue 25 @ 16:02 MILO: University of Maryland, I Am Coming for You Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 16:02 La Turquie veut participer à la guerre contre Daesh en Irak malgré les accusations de «complicité» Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 16:00 La zone euro débloque 4 milliards $ pour la Grèce TVA Nouvelles
Tue 25 @ 16:00 La Marine royale canadienne dirige des exercices de préparation du détachement maritime dans le cadre de SPARTAN WARRIOR 2016 45e Nord
Tue 25 @ 16:00 Pussy Riot celebrate the vagina in lyrical riposte to Donald Trump The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 16:00 New Vatican guidelines say no to scattering ashes after cremation Fox News
Tue 25 @ 15:59 2 Ugandans arrested demonstrating for Trump at US embassy Fox News
Tue 25 @ 15:58 Calais 'Jungle': Demolition crews pull down migrant camp BBC
Tue 25 @ 15:58 Battle for Mosul: Iraqi army making advance Al Jazeera
Tue 25 @ 15:58 CETA Stalemate to Cast Uncertainty on All EU Free Trade Deals Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 15:58 Francois Hollande Slammed Over Anti-Terror Response as Police March on Paris Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 15:57 La Commission recommande une prolongation des contrôles aux frontières intérieures de l'UE RTL
Tue 25 @ 15:57 Exclusive: Pictures and Video from 20K+ Trump Rally in Tampa Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 15:57 Vatican's Argentina archives ready to be shown to victims of dictatorship crimes The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 15:56 A US man who covered himself in branches is arrested for obstructing traffic BBC
Tue 25 @ 15:54 Justin Trudeau hit with heckles at Ottawa youth labour forum MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 15:54 Coups de sang contre le droit du sol Le Monde
Tue 25 @ 15:54 La guerre des princes fait rage à Buckingham 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 15:54 Beyond Brexit: Euroskepticism, Lack of EU Trust on the Rise Across Europe Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 15:53 Keep Calm and Demonize Trump: WikiLeaks Exposes Clinton Aides' Plan Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 15:53 L'Amérique approuve le plan d'indemnisation de Volkswagen 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 15:52 Venezuela's oil minister says Iraq should be part of oil production freeze deal TASS
Tue 25 @ 15:51 Syrian Kurds say fear Turkish 'stab in back' in Islamic State battle The Star Online
Tue 25 @ 15:51 ISIS carries out massacres around Mosul, Hollande urges vigilance after jihadists return from Iraq Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 15:51 Rajoy chargé par le roi Felipe de former un nouveau gouvernement 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 15:50 GCHQ hired New Zealand firm for mass hack capabilities – Snowden leak Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 15:49 Xiaomi blows minds with the Mi Mix, a nearly bezel-less smartphone ArsTechnica
Tue 25 @ 15:49 Who are the southern Belgians blocking Ceta? BBC
Tue 25 @ 15:49 Indian Prime Minister Modi to Celebrate Diwali With Army at Pakistani Border Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 15:48 Rajoy chargé de former un gouvernement Tribune de Genève
Tue 25 @ 15:47 Duterte warns end to US defence pact during Japan visit Al Jazeera
Tue 25 @ 15:47 Ruling on EU-Singapore Trade Deal May Let CETA Bypass Ratification Deadlock Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 15:46 Man on the run in US after killings, attempted decapitations Arab News
Tue 25 @ 15:46 Bosnia's administrator condemns honoring of war criminals Fox News
Tue 25 @ 15:45 Arafat museum recovers Nobel prize from Hamas Fox News
Tue 25 @ 15:45 Projet hydroélectrique de Muskrat Falls: le Bloc voulait un débat d'urgence La Presse
Tue 25 @ 15:43 Un village italien se barricade contre l'arrivée de 12 migrantes DH
Tue 25 @ 15:43 L'arrêt des frappes aériennes à Alep se poursuivra 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 15:42 Police officer injured in hit-and-run leaves intensive care The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 15:42 WikiLeaks: Clinton's Aide Knew Obama Received Emails Sent From Hillary's Server Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 15:41 Volkswagen : la justice américaine approuve le plan d'indemnisation de près de 15 milliards $ US TVA Nouvelles
Tue 25 @ 15:40 Federal government set to launch competition for Canada's next warship design MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 15:40 Vatican to open Argentina's 'Dirty War' archives BBC
Tue 25 @ 15:38 Obama to travel to Greece, Germany and Peru next month The Star Online
Tue 25 @ 15:37 N.L. premier to meet with aboriginal leaders over Muskrat Falls protests MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 15:37 US Military Deployment in Norway 'to Send Negative Signals Eastward' Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 15:37 UE : feu vert de la Commission à une nouvelle prolongation des contrôles aux frontières intérieures Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 15:37 Clinton et Trump à l'assaut de la Floride La Presse
Tue 25 @ 15:35 Canadian nurse charged with murders of eight nursing home patients The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 15:35 Ex-UK Ambassador to Syria Tells Sputnik That UK Should Stay Out of Civil War Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 15:34 Vol de British Airways dérouté vers Vancouver Tribune de Genève
Tue 25 @ 15:33 Syrian child refugees making British clothes in Turkey | BBC investigation The Star Online
Tue 25 @ 15:33 Dreams, smugglers feed migrant myth of El Dorado in Britain Fox News
Tue 25 @ 15:33 Libyan interference in rescue may have caused 30 migrant deaths | German group The Star Online
Tue 25 @ 15:32 La Tunisie arrête deux Américains qui auraient préparé des attentats à la frontière avec l'Algérie Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 15:30 Christian shrine vandalized, robbed in northern Israel Fox News
Tue 25 @ 15:29 Croissance surprise du PIB en juillet TVA Nouvelles
Tue 25 @ 15:28 A President Hillary Clinton Would Bring Wind Turbines to Your Town Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 15:28 Venezuela Expects OPEC Oil Output Limit Deal to Remain in Force For 6 Months Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 15:26 Calais 'Jungle' empties as demolition crews move in S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 15:26 Russia keeps urging West to set up wide coalition against terrorism TASS
Tue 25 @ 15:26 Drooping Eagle, Soaring Dragon? China Surpasses US in Total Foreign Investment Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 15:26 Un vol San Francisco-Londres dérouté suite à un malaise de l'équipage 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 15:24 'They had AK-47s and were firing blindly': survivors recall Quetta attack The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 15:24 British Banker's Torture Video Stuns Jury in Hong Kong Murder Trial Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 15:23 Nawaz Sharif a 'security risk' to Pakistan: Imran Khan Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 15:23 INQUIÉTANT: cette vidéo décrit les effets d'un traité similaire au CETA et qui existe entre les USA et... le Canada RTL
Tue 25 @ 15:22 German Die Linke Party Vows to Lift Anti-Russia Sanctions, Recognize Crimea Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 15:21 Affecté par le Brexit, GM veut faire des économies en Europe 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 15:20 WW2 POW's postcard returned to family by teacher BBC
Tue 25 @ 15:19 Aegis destroyer USS Carney enters Black Sea to replace US 6th Fleet flagship Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 15:19 German city tells residents: stay indoors after ammonia leak Fox News
Tue 25 @ 15:18 French nationals suffer post-Brexit abuse, claims ambassador Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 15:18 Russia Has Serious Humanitarian Concerns Over Coalition's Mosul Operation Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 15:17 L'aéroport de Heathrow comptera une piste de plus Radio-Canada
Tue 25 @ 15:16 MSF dénonce une "sélection au faciès" des mineurs à Calais 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 15:15 Le Nikkei atteint un sommet de 6 mois TVA Nouvelles
Tue 25 @ 15:14 Lyon accueille des migrants évacués de Calais Euronews
Tue 25 @ 15:14 IAAF supports IOC decision to encourage Russia's whistleblowing couple TASS
Tue 25 @ 15:13 Report: Texas Voters Say Voting Machines Picked Clinton/Kaine with Straight Republican Ballot Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 15:13 Separation of Opposition From Terrorists is Key to Ceasefire in Syria | Moscow Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 15:12 Dan Gainor: Hillary Clinton Could 'Kill Someone and Get Less Coverage' Than a Typo in a Trump Tweet Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 15:11 Iraqis 'most generous to strangers' BBC
Tue 25 @ 15:11 Les magasins à 1$, les grands gagnants de l'Halloween TVA Nouvelles
Tue 25 @ 15:10 UKIP Leadership Race: The Most Unpopular Job in UK Politics Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 15:09 Suge Knight sues Dr Dre over 'hitmen' claim BBC
Tue 25 @ 15:09 Ontario nurse charged in deaths of 8 nursing home residents Fox News
Tue 25 @ 15:09 Brazil man freed 'after 20 years held by family' BBC
Tue 25 @ 15:08 MP blasts 'cynical' calls to suspend Russia from UN Human Rights Council TASS
Tue 25 @ 15:08 Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline Project Contradicts EU Interests Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 15:08 Espagne: Mariano Rajoy chargé de former un nouveau gouvernement La Presse
Tue 25 @ 15:07 Moldova: 28 police officers detained on bribe suspicions Fox News
Tue 25 @ 15:07 Dirty COW — Critical Linux Kernel Flaw Being Exploited in the Wild The Hacker News
Tue 25 @ 15:07 Daesh publie une vidéo de l'explosion d'un char américain en Irak (IMAGES CHOC) Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 15:06 "Il faut un changement de fond pour résoudre le malaise des policiers" France24
Tue 25 @ 15:06 UN Envoy to Yemen hands peace plan outline to rival parties Fox News
Tue 25 @ 15:06 Panama Papers are an issue of transparency: IMF chief Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 15:04 Cocaine 'torpedo' found in Ireland BBC
Tue 25 @ 15:04 États-Unis : l'incroyable histoire d'un bébé né deux fois France Info
Tue 25 @ 15:04 Minsk sees military cooperation with Moscow productive TASS
Tue 25 @ 15:04 Tempting Tokyo: Is Japan Ready 'to Escape Washington's Embrace?' Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 15:03 Claims That Assad Used Chemical Weapons Against Civilians are 'Political Ploy' Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 15:03 Russian Aerospace Forces Ready to Strike Militants on Syria-Iraq Border Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 15:03 Déraillement tragique: la vitesse en cause Tribune de Genève
Tue 25 @ 15:01 Maduro's opponents flame Venezuela birther debate Fox News
Tue 25 @ 14:59 Hollande dégringole à 4% de «très satisfaits» Tribune de Genève
Tue 25 @ 14:57 "Hijabi Barbie" + other Islamic-themed toys join the fight against extremism Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 14:57 Obamacare rates will rise by 25% in 2017, US government says BBC
Tue 25 @ 14:56 Colin Kaepernick Doesn't Understand Why Fight for 'Justice' Would Cause NFL Ratings Drop Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 14:56 Hollande Calls for Vigilance as Foreign Fighters May Carry Out Terror Attacks Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 14:55 Israeli Working on Border Fence Shot Dead Near Egypt Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 14:54 Trudeau and EU president have spoken on troubled CETA deal MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 14:53 Vertigineux: il saute de 7.700 mètres d'altitude, un record mondial (vidéo) RTL
Tue 25 @ 14:52 Sugar shortage and soaring food prices fuel discontent in Egypt The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 14:51 Pour se dire « oui », les gays australiens devront attendre Le Monde
Tue 25 @ 14:50 Joomla Joomla! Two Critical Flaws Discovered — Update to Protect Your Site The Hacker News
Tue 25 @ 14:49 Hai Phong seeks investment from Japan, Thailand Vietnam+
Tue 25 @ 14:49 Première livraison effectuée par un camion sans chauffeur 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 14:49 'Siri, Catch Market Cheats': Wall Street Watchdogs Turn to A.I. Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 14:46 Conference highlights Vietnam-China relations Vietnam+
Tue 25 @ 14:46 Athens borrows from Peter to pay Paul Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 14:45 Banquier britannique jugé à Hong Kong: des images de tortures insoutenables La Presse
Tue 25 @ 14:44 Perquisitions anti-terroristes en Allemagne Euronews
Tue 25 @ 14:43 'Humanitarian farce': Lawmakers blast rights groups' call to exclude Russia from UN council Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 14:43 Nova Scotia teachers union vote on strike mandate after rejecting proposed deal MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 14:43 Ho Chi Minh City, Netherlands boost cooperation Vietnam+
Tue 25 @ 14:43 National Assembly backs VN-Laos agreement implementation Vietnam+
Tue 25 @ 14:43 Russia, Syria to Extend Moratorium on Airstrikes in, Around Aleppo Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 14:42 Israeli Killed by Gunfire Along Egyptian Border, Israel Army Says The N.Y. Times
Tue 25 @ 14:40 Calais camp: demolition crews move in The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 14:40 WikiLeaks Releases 18th Batch of Clinton Campaign Chair's Leaked Emails Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 14:39 Les pièges tendus par Daech Tribune de Genève
Tue 25 @ 14:38 Curt Schilling: 'Elizabeth Warren Is at Center of Everything That's Wrong with American Politics' Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 14:37 Les Américains stressés par les élections La Presse
Tue 25 @ 14:37 Militants Shelled Aleppo 52 Times in 3 Days, Killing 14 | Russian General Staff Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 14:37 La « jungle » démantelée sous haute surveillance à Calais Radio-Canada
Tue 25 @ 14:36 Russia ready to deliver strikes on militants moving into Syria from Iraq — general TASS
Tue 25 @ 14:36 Arian Foster Takes a Knee on Career after Taking a Knee for National Anthem Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 14:36 Migrants : un accueil qui diverge selon les communes France Info
Tue 25 @ 14:36 Wallonia not against trade, but secret arbitration must go – Magnette Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 14:36 Born This Way: Russian 'Lady Gaga' Becomes Newest Game of Thrones Star Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 14:35 Iraq army's elite forces pause advance to consolidate around Mosul ABC
Tue 25 @ 14:34 Fin des unités pour les détenus radicalisés : le syndicat Ufap approuve mais veut la construction de prisons "adaptées" France Info
Tue 25 @ 14:34 Dieselgate: la justice américaine approuve le plan d'indemnisation de Volkswagen RTL
Tue 25 @ 14:32 Mexico drug lord Joaquin Guzman 'fears for his sanity' BBC
Tue 25 @ 14:32 Des faits de tortures rapportés après le putsch manqué en Turquie 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 14:31 La Bourse de Paris finit en recul, les investisseurs choisissant la prudence (-0,26%) RTL
Tue 25 @ 14:30 Russia needs EU guarantees to extend Turkish Stream to Europe Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 14:29 L'Eglise catholique opposée à la dispersion des cendres des morts dans la nature RTL
Tue 25 @ 14:29 Des jeunes tournent le dos à Trudeau La Presse
Tue 25 @ 14:29 CETA: l'Europe va-t-elle se "venger" de la Wallonie? 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 14:28 Wikileaks révèle la dix-huitième partie des emails du directeur de campagne de Clinton, John Podesta Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 14:26 Registered U.S. Voters In Israel Up 60% Since Last Election Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 14:24 US Air Force Jet Struck Girls' School in Iraq's Mosul | Russian Military Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 14:24 60 civilians killed, 200 injured as US-led coalition strikes Mosul residential areas – Russian MoD Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 14:23 Pôle emploi: le chômage connaît sa plus forte baisse mensuelle depuis 1996 RTL
Tue 25 @ 14:23 Russia Has Photo Evidence Proving Its Jets Didn't Strike Syrian Hospital Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 14:22 Assad's political advisor to visit Moscow this week – source TASS
Tue 25 @ 14:22 Vatican bans cremation ashes scattering in new guidelines BBC
Tue 25 @ 14:22 US Conducts Four Airstrikes Against Daesh Positions in Libya's Sirte Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 14:21 France: début de la démolition des tentes et abris dans le camp de migrants de Calais RTL
Tue 25 @ 14:19 Confiantes, les forces spéciales irakiennes mènent l'avancée vers Mossoul France Info
Tue 25 @ 14:19 Russia, Iran to Lay First Stone of Bandar Abbas Power Plant Soon Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 14:19 L'Eglise catholique opposée à la dispersion des cendres 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 14:17 Norvège : légère fuite radioactive près d'un réacteur nucléaire Euronews
Tue 25 @ 14:17 "Jungle" de Calais : au cœur de l'évacuation France Info
Tue 25 @ 14:17 'We want strong EU': Lavrov dismisses 'Russophobic' Tusk claim that Russia seeks to weaken bloc Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 14:15 Déraillement Yaoundé-Douala : le train roulait trop vite, selon le groupe Bolloré France24
Tue 25 @ 14:14 What Lies Behind the Italian PM's Call to Scrap Anti-Russian Sanctions Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 14:14 Wall Street baisse un peu, croulant sous les résultats d'entreprises RTL
Tue 25 @ 14:14 #Podesta leaks continue with 18th release of emails from Clinton campaign chair Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 14:13 Russian commander assesses results of Russian-Egyptian drills' main phase TASS
Tue 25 @ 14:13 État d'urgence en Turquie: des détenus torturés, selon Human Rights Watch RTL
Tue 25 @ 14:13 Russian expert slams EU's sanctions against Moscow as gimmick to ensure its own unity TASS
Tue 25 @ 14:13 Une attaque à l'explosif fait 12 morts dans le nord-est du Kenya 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 14:13 Moscow Has 'Major Surprises' in Store for the US if New Sanctions are Introduced Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 14:12 Islamic State atrocities reported around Mosul, says UN The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 14:11 Turkey Notifies US of Possible Measures Against Syrian Kurds in Manbij Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 14:11 Trump backers arrested outside US embassy in Uganda Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 14:10 Pakistan: 61 morts dans l'attaque d'une école de police à Quetta 45e Nord
Tue 25 @ 14:10 Operation to Liberate Mosul Should Not Be Used for Political Gains – Tehran Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 14:08 Présidentielle américaine : en Floride, les supporters de Trump promettent "une surprise le 8novembre" France Info
Tue 25 @ 14:08 EU-Turkey Migrant Deal in Doubt as Evidence of Police Torture Emerges Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 14:07 NOLA Murder Rate Remains Steady Despite New Gun Control Laws Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 14:07 BMPS, après une énorme perte nette, poursuit sa mue et supprime 2.600 emplois RTL
Tue 25 @ 14:07 Liveblog: Microsoft's October Windows—and maybe even hardware—event ArsTechnica
Tue 25 @ 14:04 Czech Republic's National Day celebrated in HCM City Vietnam+
Tue 25 @ 14:04 Leonard Cohen et Bob Dylan, les deux poètes de la folk Le Monde
Tue 25 @ 14:03 Heathrow Airport Expansion: UK Gov't Facing Political and Public Upheaval Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 14:02 Trump et Clinton labourent la Floride, où tout va se jouer RTL
Tue 25 @ 14:02 UN Special Envoy Highlights Importance of Building Unified Libyan Army Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 14:01 Programme promotes sustainable production in ASEAN+3 Vietnam+
Tue 25 @ 14:00 La démolition des tentes et abris de la Jungle de Calais a débuté 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 14:00 La réponse cinglante d'Obama à un tweet de Trump 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 13:57 "Des conseillers militaires iraniens participent à l"offensive sur Mossoul" France24
Tue 25 @ 13:56 West Should Drop Empty Rhetoric, Engage in True Anti-Terror Fight | Tehran Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 13:56 UN urges probe into killings, arrests in Myanmar's Muslim-majority region Arab News
Tue 25 @ 13:56 Battle of the sexes: Women soldiers to serve in tank crews in 2017 Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 13:56 Foreign investment in Kazakhstan up 4.4 times TASS
Tue 25 @ 13:55 Déradicalisation : le gouvernement français met fin aux "unités dédiées" en prison France24
Tue 25 @ 13:55 Washington wolf killed in Montana after 1,100km journey across Idaho, Canada MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 13:55 Reports: Videos Appear to Show Iraqi Troops Torturing Children in Mosul Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 13:53 Turkey may launch ground op against Kurds in Iraq if feels threatened – minister Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 13:53 Atlantic provinces need to shed trade, regulatory barriers, study argues MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 13:52 Rudy Giuliani: Trump Campaign Has 'a Couple of Surprises Left' Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 13:52 Fuite radioactive près d'un réacteur nucléaire Tribune de Genève
Tue 25 @ 13:51 La jungle de Calais en cours de démolition: 1.056 personnes ont été "mises à l'abri" ce mardi RTL
Tue 25 @ 13:51 'How You Doin'? Joey From Friends Immortalized Using AI Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 13:51 L'AEI revoit à la hausse ses prédictions pour les énergies renouvelables La Presse
Tue 25 @ 13:49 Budget: l'Assemblée vote la partie recettes à une majorité un peu plus large que l'an dernier RTL
Tue 25 @ 13:49 NA deputies discuss bill on associations Vietnam+
Tue 25 @ 13:48 Party external relations official hosts Singaporean Foreign Minister Vietnam+
Tue 25 @ 13:48 UN Aware of Mass Executions of Civilians by Daesh Militants Near Mosul Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 13:47 Friendship order bestowed upon UN Resident Coordinator Vietnam+
Tue 25 @ 13:47 Espagne: Rajoy chargé par le roi de former un nouveau gouvernement RTL
Tue 25 @ 13:47 Tehran Expects Russian FM Lavrov's Visit to Iran Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 13:46 Les premières tentes et abris démontés à Calais Tribune de Genève
Tue 25 @ 13:46 Le Parlement européen lève l'immunité de Jean-Marie Le Pen Euronews
Tue 25 @ 13:46 More Migrants Leave Calais 'Jungle' Camp as Demolition Begins The N.Y. Times
Tue 25 @ 13:45 Demolition Begins at Calais Refugee Camp in France Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 13:44 Inside devastated Pakistani police training academy – video The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 13:44 Le gouvernement britannique soutient un agrandissement de l'aéroport londonien de Heathrow RTL
Tue 25 @ 13:44 Les ravisseurs de la femme d'affaires ont pris contact Tribune de Genève
Tue 25 @ 13:44 La Suisse mise sur les touristes asiatiques pour doper la fréquentation de ses pistes de ski RTL
Tue 25 @ 13:43 House Majority Leader McCarthy Vows Support for Donald Trump Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 13:43 Aucune arrestation lors d'une opération anti-terroriste en Allemagne 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 13:42 "Moi, Daniel Blake" : la Palme d"or militante d"un Ken Loach en colère France24
Tue 25 @ 13:41 Serbia will never impose sanctions against Russia — president TASS
Tue 25 @ 13:41 Ceta : le Belge Paul Magnette, nouveau patron du “non” à l'accord de libre-échange avec le Canada France24
Tue 25 @ 13:41 Vatican bans Catholics from keeping ashes of loved ones at home The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 13:40 Quetta atack: PM Nawaz Sharif, Army Chief attend high-level security meeting Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 13:40 Ils capturent un crocodile pour éviter un drame: "Des enfants se baignaient juste à côté" (vidéo) RTL
Tue 25 @ 13:40 Iran Offers Rosneft to Take Part in Oil Extraction, Refining Projects Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 13:40 Prévisions pessimistes pour Caterpillar 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 13:39 Trump Campaign Blasts Obamacare Hikes: 'Entire Program Must be Repealed and Replaced' Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 13:38 India's Home Grown War-Helicopter Undergoing Weapons Integration Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 13:38 'No Evidence' Universe Expanding at Accelerating Rate | Oxford Scientists Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 13:37 Formidable Sarmat: Satan's successor that can pierce any defense TASS
Tue 25 @ 13:37 Rosatom extends Bulgaria's main nuclear power plant's service for 30 years TASS
Tue 25 @ 13:36 Pas de sanctuaire pour les baleines La Presse
Tue 25 @ 13:35 Électroménager : lire les étiquettes énergie France Info
Tue 25 @ 13:35 Tehran Seeking to Expand Defense Cooperation With Moscow Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 13:32 Syria: Russia denies striking Aleppo over past week Al Jazeera
Tue 25 @ 13:31 Frontrunner in Moldova's presidential race recognizes Crimea as part of Russia TASS
Tue 25 @ 13:31 Russia seeks to grasp US intentions to respond to more possible sanctions TASS
Tue 25 @ 13:30 Israel's national theatre company criticised for show in West Bank settlement The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 13:30 Pyongyang Journal: Pizzas, Pony Rides and Dolphin Shows: Balms for North Korea's Elite The N.Y. Times
Tue 25 @ 13:30 PM stresses economic, infrastructure connectivity in Mekong region Vietnam+
Tue 25 @ 13:30 US-Led Coalition Conducts 11 Airstrikes Against Daesh in Syria, Iraq Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 13:28 Enquête contre des officiers italiens après un naufrage de migrants en 2013 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 13:25 Turkey's Eagerness to Join Mosul Offensive is 'All About Iran' Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 13:22 L'ONU évoque des massacres perpétrés par l'EI à Mossoul Radio-Canada
Tue 25 @ 13:20 Hollande appelle à "anticiper les conséquences de la chute de Mossoul" 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 13:19 London's first new runway in 70 years to be built at Heathrow ABC
Tue 25 @ 13:18 #Podesta conspiracy 2.0: Ex-Swedish PM + Soros ally Bildt makes false RT-WikiLeaks claims Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 13:18 Côte d'Ivoire: Simone Gbagbo refuse de comparaître à son procès La Presse
Tue 25 @ 13:18 Pentagon Chief 'Encouraged' by Counter-Daesh Mosul Operation Results Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 13:17 Russian Defense Ministry to Construct 15 Military Facilities in Arctic in 2016 Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 13:15 EXCLUSIVE — Super PAC Airing Anti-Hillary Clinton Ad: 'Take a Stand Against the Media Bosses and The Queen of Corruption' Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 13:15 President urges SMEs to engage in global value chain Vietnam+
Tue 25 @ 13:13 L'ex-Première dame de Côte d'Ivoire refuse de comparaître à son procès 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 13:12 Espagne : deux imams arrêtés à Ibiza pour avoir exprimé leur "soutien au groupe terroriste Daech" France Info
Tue 25 @ 13:12 L'Eglise catholique opposée à la dispersion des cendres des morts dans la nature DH
Tue 25 @ 13:12 Everything Picasso to celebrate the master's birth date 130 years ago Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 13:11 Isinbayeva calls for joint efforts to fight doping at global level TASS
Tue 25 @ 13:11 Party General Secretary greets Lao Prime Minister Vietnam+
Tue 25 @ 13:10 Les talibans diffusent la vidéo d'une attaque filmée par un drone 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 13:09 Kremlin believes Putin knows about financial situation of Rosneftegaz TASS
Tue 25 @ 13:08 Never-Before-Voted 79-Year-Old Would Have Made His First Vote for Donald Trump Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 13:08 UK Foreign Secretary Condemns 'Callous' Attack on Pakistan's Police Academy Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 13:05 Cambium Networks And DTL Bolster Wireless Broadband Networks At Refugee Camps In Lesvos TASS
Tue 25 @ 13:03 At least 4 dead in Queensland theme park incident CNN
Tue 25 @ 13:01 Navy's First Operational MQ-4C Triton Squadron Stands Up This Week U.S. Naval Institute
Tue 25 @ 13:01 Juppé conforte son avance, Sarkozy recule 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 13:00 Afghanistan: l'armée compte sur ses jeunes forces aériennes contre les talibans 45e Nord
Tue 25 @ 12:59 Démantèlement de Calais : les rêves d'Angleterre s'éloignent pour les jeunes migrants France24
Tue 25 @ 12:59 Top Media Reporter Hints Murdochs Could Tap CNN's Zucker to Run Fox News Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 12:57 Document: Report to Congress on Navy Laser, Railgun and Hypervelocity Projectiles U.S. Naval Institute
Tue 25 @ 12:57 Radiation alert: Discovery of uranium rock in Austrian school triggers evacuation Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 12:55 UK greenlights Heathrow airport expansion Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 12:54 Prisons : les unités de déradicalisation seront remplacées par des "quartiers d'évaluation de la radicalisation" France Info
Tue 25 @ 12:54 Poor security, mud wall blamed for Pakistan academy attack Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 12:53 'Absurd' Calls to Exclude Moscow From UNHRC 'Have Nothing to Do With Logic' Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 12:52 Sweden's highest court bans drones with cameras ArsTechnica
Tue 25 @ 12:47 Zimbabwe judge fines Chinese man for selling flags BBC
Tue 25 @ 12:46 Suisse : il poursuit sa voiture à pied sur l'autoroute Euronews
Tue 25 @ 12:45 Afghanistan Struggles to Deal with Wave of Returning Refugees Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 12:43 Lithuania Allocates $22,000 in Humanitarian Aid to Eastern Ukraine – Ministry Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 12:42 Australia targets backpackers with $10m campaign in London station ABC
Tue 25 @ 12:42 Plongé dans le coma, il parle couramment l'espagnol à son réveil 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 12:40 Al-Shabab suicide bomber hits AU base in Beledweyne Al Jazeera
Tue 25 @ 12:40 France continues Calais Jungle camp demolition Al Jazeera
Tue 25 @ 12:38 Priti Patel warns aid organisations must provide value for money or face cuts The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 12:38 Turkey's post-coup emergency rule led to torture, abuse: Human Rights Watch Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 12:35 «Vous faites à Mossoul ce que nous faisons à Alep» Tribune de Genève
Tue 25 @ 12:33 Russian lawmaker cites US hostile policy as reason for suspending plutonium deal TASS
Tue 25 @ 12:31 Carbon dioxide levels reach a new peak Al Jazeera
Tue 25 @ 12:30 Brexit talks with Theresa May 'deeply frustrating,' says SNP leader Sturgeon Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 12:30 Security, cooperation in war on terror top agenda of Russia-Switzerland consultations TASS
Tue 25 @ 12:30 Palestinian Authority created 'atmosphere of hysteria' Al Jazeera
Tue 25 @ 12:29 Polish women vow to step up pressure over abortion restrictions The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 12:28 Le prix Femina 2016 attribué à l'écrivain Marcus Malte France24
Tue 25 @ 12:27 Sinosphere: The 'Saddest' Polar Bear Lives in a Mall in China The N.Y. Times
Tue 25 @ 12:26 Turkey's post-coup emergency rule led to torture, abuse: HRW ABC
Tue 25 @ 12:24 Philippines' 'Balanced Policy in Choosing Partners' Yields Shift to China Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 12:24 Hollande: After Mosul's Liberation Daesh Will Flee to Raqqa, and We Need a Plan Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 12:23 Germany anti-terror raids: Chechen man held BBC
Tue 25 @ 12:21 Zac Goldsmith MP to resign over Heathrow expansion, triggering by-election Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 12:19 Tory deficit targets in tatters as leaked Treasury papers expose £16bn 'black hole' Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 12:16 Australian 70-year-old gets 15 years prison for sexually abusing girls in Bali S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 12:16 Daesh Burns Nine Fellow Militants Alive for Desertion in Iraq's Mosul Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 12:15 CETA Canada-EU Deal: 'The Credibility of Europe is at Stake' | Ex-Quebec Premier Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 12:13 Russian forces assume combat duty in all Arctic garrisons — ministry TASS
Tue 25 @ 12:13 "Gibraltar forms part of the UK", British ambassador Manley tells Spanish media Merco Press
Tue 25 @ 12:13 La Turquie sous le choc: il avoue le viol et le meurtre d'une enfant en plein direct 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 12:10 India train confiscated over compensation dispute BBC
Tue 25 @ 12:10 Dozens of British Airways Passengers Treated for Smoke Inhalation in Vancouver Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 12:10 FCO Minister, Baroness Anelay, marks UN Day on its 70th anniversary Merco Press
Tue 25 @ 12:07 Court adjourns Russia's Antimonopoly Service-Google case until November 1 TASS
Tue 25 @ 12:06 More Evidence Needed to Prove Syrian Gov't Involvement in Chemical Attacks Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 12:06 Le CETA «n'est pas mort» clament des eurodéputés Canoe
Tue 25 @ 12:06 Russian, Venezuelan Ministers Discuss Oil Output Freeze Deal – Energy Ministry Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 12:05 Total CEO Jet Crashed Due to Lack of Supervision From Airport Shift Supervisor Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 12:04 Opium fuels stalemate in America's longest war CNN
Tue 25 @ 12:04 Violences devant un lycée de Seine-Saint-Denis: huit arrestations 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 12:04 Aviation Committee completes probe into Falcon jet crash in Moscow's Vnukovo airport TASS
Tue 25 @ 12:02 Party commission's conclusion on violations at ministry welcomed Vietnam+
Tue 25 @ 12:01 Reticent Danish Queen Rethinks Islamic Integration Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 12:00 Le démantèlement de la «jungle» de Calais a débuté La Presse
Tue 25 @ 11:59 Jakarta attacks: Militant jailed over bomb-making role BBC
Tue 25 @ 11:59 Migrant crisis: Mediterranean to have 'deadliest year ever' BBC
Tue 25 @ 11:59 Donald Trump on adult film star: I'm sure she's never been grabbed Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 11:58 Obamacare premiums to soar 22% CNN
Tue 25 @ 11:58 25 British Airways cabin crew taken ill mid-flight, plane diverted Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 11:57 'Americans Have Foolishly Driven Russia in the Arms of the Chinese' Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 11:55 Irak : à l'Est, les derniers kilomètres avant Mossoul Euronews
Tue 25 @ 11:54 Indonesia sentences bomb attacker eight years in jail Vietnam+
Tue 25 @ 11:53 Londres choisit Heathrow pour une nouvelle piste Tribune de Genève
Tue 25 @ 11:53 How the Syrian Conflict Could Turn Into a 'Hopeless War of Extermination' Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 11:52 Vietnam, Thailand work to ensure Mekong river water usage Vietnam+
Tue 25 @ 11:52 Successful technical stop by an Avro RJ100 at St Helena airport Merco Press
Tue 25 @ 11:51 L'Europe évite de trop faire rêver les réfugiés qu'elle relocalise 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 11:50 WhatsApp Video Calling is Now Available for Android – Download Beta Version Now! The Hacker News
Tue 25 @ 11:49 European Commission ready to moderate in Russia-Ukraine gas talks TASS
Tue 25 @ 11:48 WB helps HCM City develop solar power Vietnam+
Tue 25 @ 11:48 Accidental release of radioactivity reported at nuclear site in Norway China.org.cn
Tue 25 @ 11:48 Libre-échange Canada-UE: Belges et Européens cherchent une solution La Presse
Tue 25 @ 11:48 VNA, PL urged to forge stronger information ties Vietnam+
Tue 25 @ 11:46 Sympathies offered on heavy losses in Cameroon train crash Vietnam+
Tue 25 @ 11:46 Foreign Minister Steinmeier Touted as Best Candidate for German Presidency Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 11:45 Cambodian, US navies to hold live fire exercise Vietnam+
Tue 25 @ 11:45 Vietnam launches hydrographic commission, office Vietnam+
Tue 25 @ 11:44 Le PCC conserve un bastion en Alberta La Presse
Tue 25 @ 11:42 Indian Patrols Along Chinese Border Get Female Touch Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 11:41 UK to decide on new airport runway in crowded London Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 11:40 Quetta attack: Militants kill dozens at Balochistan Police College BBC
Tue 25 @ 11:38 1 in 4 councils refuse to take Calais child refugees... including Theresa May's constituency Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 11:38 Turkey, Russia exchange intelligence information on Syria — minister TASS
Tue 25 @ 11:37 3rd Heathrow Runway Backed by British Government The N.Y. Times
Tue 25 @ 11:37 US-style democracy export arrogant, destabilizing, failure – Hungarian PM Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 11:36 A Slice to Save a Life: Rehab Center Wins Accolade for Italy's Best Pizza Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 11:34 Russian brews up in one-man tea party protest BBC
Tue 25 @ 11:34 Russia chooses wolf Zabivaka as the 2018 World Cup Mascot Merco Press
Tue 25 @ 11:32 L'ONU fait état d'exécutions par l'EI dans la région de Mossoul 7 SUR 7
Tue 25 @ 11:31 Monte dei Paschi shares suspended after 23% fall BBC
Tue 25 @ 11:28 Four killed after amusement park ride malfunctions – video report The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 11:27 Soviet patriotism in Russian text book BBC
Tue 25 @ 11:27 Egypt court cancels life term to Mohamed Morsi in espionage case Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 11:25 La Turquie pourrait lancer une opération terrestre en Irak si elle est menacée La Presse
Tue 25 @ 11:24 Moscow denies Russian or Syrian air strikes on Aleppo in past week Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 11:23 Pas de paradis pour les baleines de l'Atlantique sud Euronews
Tue 25 @ 11:23 Le géant américain de la distribution Costco installe son premier magasin en France France Info
Tue 25 @ 11:23 Ankara n'exclut pas une opération terrestre Tribune de Genève
Tue 25 @ 11:22 La grève est reconduite chez i-Télé Tribune de Genève
Tue 25 @ 11:22 Failure to sign trade deal with Europe may leave Canada stranded Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 11:22 London Mayor Opposes UK Gov't Heathrow Airport Expansion Decision Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 11:21 Jean-Marie Le Pen perd son immunité parlementaire européenne DH
Tue 25 @ 11:21 Australian Northern Territory May Ban Restraint Chairs in Juvenile Centers Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 11:20 No Data, No Fed Hike? US Authorities Seek to Regulate $13.6-Trn Gov. Bond Market Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 11:17 Colombia's ELN rebels balk at hostage ultimatum BBC
Tue 25 @ 11:17 Kremlin comments on hacker allegations against Putin's aide Surkov TASS
Tue 25 @ 11:13 Demolition of France's Calais 'Jungle' migrant camp set to begin Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 11:10 Warning! Your iPhone Can Get Hacked Just by Opening a JPEG Image, PDF or Font File The Hacker News
Tue 25 @ 11:10 Pakistan Reels After Attack on Police Training College Leaves 61 Dead The N.Y. Times
Tue 25 @ 11:09 Irak : avec les familles dans le camp de Bardarash Euronews
Tue 25 @ 11:09 Mosul Liberation Goes as Scheduled, Daesh Refuses to Budge Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 11:09 Determined Migrants Will Set Up More Calais Camps Despite 'Jungle' Demolition Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 11:07 Midwife in Haiti tells of delivering babies knee-deep in water by torchlight The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 11:07 Le Parlement lève l'immunité de Jean-Marie Le Pen Tribune de Genève
Tue 25 @ 11:03 Kaboom! Russian Military Successfully Launches Scary RS-18 Ballistic Missile Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 11:01 Dreamworld: Four killed on Australian theme park ride BBC
Tue 25 @ 11:00 Military strategies in the fight for Mosul CNN
Tue 25 @ 10:59 Calais : l'évacuation continue France Info
Tue 25 @ 10:58 Amid Higher Risks, Eurozone Banks Withdraw From Refi and Loan Securitization Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 10:58 Diplomat says US likely to continue hostile policy towards Russia under new president TASS
Tue 25 @ 10:58 4 killed on river rapids ride at Australian theme park Arab News
Tue 25 @ 10:58 Some Phantom Menace Must Be Nearby: NATO to Bolster Forces in Romania Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 10:57 Was missing RAF airman last seen heading back to base the night he disappeared? Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 10:52 Calais camp scuffles break out as 2,000 refugees prepare to leave The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 10:49 Prince's Paisley Park museum gets green light BBC
Tue 25 @ 10:48 Somali extremists kill 12 non-Muslims in northern Kenya's Mandera County Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 10:48 IOC forwards Russia set of questions on doping control in 2010-2015 TASS
Tue 25 @ 10:47 UN calls for probe into attacks on Rohingya in Myanmar Al Jazeera
Tue 25 @ 10:46 Trois ans après, l'assassinat des journalistes de RFI à Kidal n'a toujours pas été élucidé France24
Tue 25 @ 10:45 Russia Vows Inevitable Response to Possible New US Sanctions Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 10:44 Diplomat: US feels consequences of hostile actions against Russia TASS
Tue 25 @ 10:43 IEA Increases Renewables Growth Forecast for 2015-2021 Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 10:43 Antoine Griezmann sacré joueur de l'année en Liga France24
Tue 25 @ 10:43 Association of European Businesses in Russia Expects Mutual Investments to Grow Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 10:41 Russian Strategic Missile Force successfully test-fires RS-18 ICBM at Kamchatka range TASS
Tue 25 @ 10:39 Pastry pain: French politician woefully underestimates cost of pain au chocolat The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 10:39 Pernicious People Movers: Human Traffickers on Trial in Sweden Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 10:37 Turkey Considers Ground Operation in Iraq Against Daesh or PKK Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 10:37 The "retributive" football spirit between Argentina and Uruguay Merco Press
Tue 25 @ 10:36 Donald Trump, with electoral path narrowing, insists he's 'winning' Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 10:35 Monte dei Paschi trading suspended after 23% stock plunge Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 10:34 Trois blessés dans des attaques de clowns Tribune de Genève
Tue 25 @ 10:33 Over two-thirds of Russians oppose ban on abortions, poll shows Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 10:33 Russian diplomat points to difficulties hampering Lausanne-format talks TASS
Tue 25 @ 10:33 Australie: un accident fait 4 morts dans un parc d'attractions La Presse
Tue 25 @ 10:32 L'évacuation de Calais en 10 clichés saisissants DH
Tue 25 @ 10:31 How Asia's changing skylines inspire the world CNN
Tue 25 @ 10:30 Four Ku Klux Klan underground cells currently active in Germany – report Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 10:29 Macri and Vazquez agree that the trade approach to China should be done from Mercosur Merco Press
Tue 25 @ 10:29 Russia Should Brace Up for Next US Leader's Hostile Stance on Moscow | Deputy FM Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 10:28 Dreamworld: four confirmed dead at Australian theme park – as it happened The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 10:25 UK Labour Party Fined $24,000 for Undeclared 2015 Election Spending Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 10:25 US security chiefs stumped over source of global DDoS attack – Obama Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 10:23 Elizabeth Warren: 'nasty women' will defeat Trump on election day The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 10:22 Iranian-American Robin Shahini 'sentenced for spying' Al Jazeera
Tue 25 @ 10:22 UK ministers approve Heathrow airport expansion Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 10:22 'Crime Against Truth': How Aleppo Problems Fall Victim to Anti-Russian Agenda Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 10:21 Reconnaissance du scrutin: la menace de Trump risque fort de rester sans suite La Presse
Tue 25 @ 10:20 UK Treasury Document Exposes Gov't Failure to Reduce Budget Deficit Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 10:19 Donetsk Militia Spots More Foreign Mercenaries, This Time From Poland Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 10:16 Malaysian man gets 4 years' jail over ISIS-related material Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 10:15 Women are finally equal to men... in alcohol consumption at least Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 10:11 US presidential campaign does no credit to American colleagues — Lavrov TASS
Tue 25 @ 10:10 US troops to be stationed in Norway in break with tradition BBC
Tue 25 @ 10:10 Pakistan Summons Indian Diplomat to Voice Protest Against Ceasefire Violations Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 10:10 Lavrov: 'We Have No Ideological Differences Which Make the Cold War Inevitable' Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 10:09 Le procès en appel du premier Rwandais condamné en France pour génocide s'ouvre aux assises France24
Tue 25 @ 10:08 French businesswoman Jacqueline Veyrac kidnapped in Nice The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 10:07 Kremlin wants Western media's unbiased coverage of Russian, Syrian troops' activities TASS
Tue 25 @ 10:07 Up to 20 UK Personnel to Train Syrian Opposition Infantry, Other Skills Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 10:06 Welcome! Germany Expects French Requests for Relocation of Calais Migrants Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 10:05 Confessions of an Indonesian female Muslim stand-up comedian ABC
Tue 25 @ 10:03 Norway nuclear reactor suffered radioactive leak – authority Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 10:02 Militants Bomb Kenya Hotel, Killing 12; Shabab Claim Responsibility The N.Y. Times
Tue 25 @ 10:00 New Brunswick committee on climate change calls for 'carbon pricing mechanism' MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 10:00 Les Canadiens croient aux bienfaits de l'immigration La Presse
Tue 25 @ 09:59 Kremlin Urges NGOs to Focus on Terrorism in Syria Instead of Anti-Russia Calls Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 09:56 Un manège tue quatre personnes en Australie Radio-Canada
Tue 25 @ 09:56 Flash Flood of Colors: Unique Pictures of Our Planet From Space Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 09:54 Vietnamese sailors finally home after being held for four years by Somali pirates S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 09:54 German Authorities Conduct 13 Anti-Terrorist Raids in 5 Federal States Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 09:53 Consommation d'alcool: les femmes rejoignent les hommes Tribune de Genève
Tue 25 @ 09:52 'Those Are Our People': Aleppo Governor Pledges Support to Escaping Civilians Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 09:51 Choléra: la vaccination pourrait démarrer dimanche Tribune de Genève
Tue 25 @ 09:51 Over 7,700 Syrians Return to Syrian Jarabulus from Turkey | Migration Office Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 09:48 Egypt seizes 9,000 tonnes of sugar in raids amid shortage BBC
Tue 25 @ 09:48 Syrian Army Retakes Several Districts in Hama Province Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 09:46 Russian deputy PM: Agreements on crude production cap to stabilize oil sector investments TASS
Tue 25 @ 09:45 Western Media Blackout of Russian, Syrian Military Acts in Aleppo Regrettable Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 09:44 'Helpless and Hopeless' Merkel Dismisses Islamization, Suggests Playing a Flute Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 09:44 German police carry out 13 anti-terrorism raids across 5 federal states Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 09:43 As political crisis looms, Quetta attack piles pressure on Pakistan PM The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 09:42 Why Iraq needs more than a military victory in Mosul Al Jazeera
Tue 25 @ 09:42 At least six dead after fire sweeps through intensive care unit of Malaysia hospital S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 09:42 Hurricane Seymour turns a major Category 3 in the Pacific Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 09:42 Turquie : une dizaine de blessés dans une explosion à Antalya Euronews
Tue 25 @ 09:40 CETA Unlikely to Be Signed Within Week as Belgian Regional Gov'ts Reject Deal Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 09:38 Entre anxiété et renoncement, deuxième jour d'évacuation à Calais Euronews
Tue 25 @ 09:36 Mississippi: Call for investigation over 'noose put on black student' BBC
Tue 25 @ 09:34 Russia ready to extend Turkish stream after written guarantees from EU — Lavrov TASS
Tue 25 @ 09:32 Still Waters Run Deep: Finnish Arms Exports Arouse Concern Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 09:31 Pablo Picasso paintings come to life TASS
Tue 25 @ 09:30 RT meets Aleppo cancer kids denied aid, food due to EU + US sanctions against Assad (EXCLUSIVE) Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 09:30 Russia Ready to Extend Turkish Stream Into EU After Receiving Guarantees Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 09:29 Nicolas Maduro talks offer divides Venezuela opposition Al Jazeera
Tue 25 @ 09:29 Germany Condemns Terror Attack on Police Academy in Pakistan Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 09:27 Quetta attack: LeJ kills 60 in Pakistan police academy Al Jazeera
Tue 25 @ 09:24 US, Canada, Germany, UK to Map Out NATO's Planned Baltics Battalions Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 09:20 Kenya attack: 12 killed in Mandera 'by al-Shabab' Al Jazeera
Tue 25 @ 09:18 Long-delayed UK airport plan to finally take off, with government backing Heathrow expansion S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 09:17 Trilobites: A Wider-Eyed Watchdog of the Clutter Surrounding Earth The N.Y. Times
Tue 25 @ 09:17 Watchdog Slams South Sudanese Gov't Forces for Alleged Atrocities in Juba Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 09:16 Uruguay ex-President Jorge Batlle dies aged 88 BBC
Tue 25 @ 09:15 Lavrov: US Falls Under 'Artificial Impression' of Russian Meddling in Elections Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 09:09 Minsk confirms it is ready to host Contact Group meeting October 26 TASS
Tue 25 @ 09:08 Un attentat fait plusieurs morts au Kenya Tribune de Genève
Tue 25 @ 09:04 All US cyber force teams achieve 'initial operating capability:' Pentagon China.org.cn
Tue 25 @ 09:03 Moscow surprised as Germany places politics above economy — Lavrov TASS
Tue 25 @ 09:03 Egypt's Security Chief Warns of Scheme to Incite Chaos Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 09:00 For Iran, Exerting Force While Making Nice Is Part of the Plan The N.Y. Times
Tue 25 @ 09:00 Peru's royal pedigree: direct descendants trace roots to Incan emperor and kin The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 08:57 Wave of strikes as IS puts up tough defence of Mosul Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 08:54 South Korean bosses apologise after embezzlement accusations BBC
Tue 25 @ 08:54 Putin Confident Masterminds of Quetta Terrorist Attack to Be Brought to Justice Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 08:53 UK aid 'must give value for money' BBC
Tue 25 @ 08:53 Quetta attack: Pakistan reels as more than 50 die in assault on police academy The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 08:49 Pain au chocolat, baguette, timbre, ticket de métro : ces politiques déconnectés de la réalité DH
Tue 25 @ 08:48 US shouldn't treat Philippines like "dog with leash" – Duterte Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 08:47 China: 14 killed, 147 injured in massive explosion in Shaanxi province Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 08:46 Ban Ki-moon´s last UN Day speech; Guterres takes over next January Merco Press
Tue 25 @ 08:43 UN aborts plan to evacuate patients from Aleppo ABC
Tue 25 @ 08:42 Wave of strikes as IS puts up tough defence against Iraqi forces in Mosul Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 08:40 Iraqis on Edge of Mosul Face a Deadly Dilemma: Stay or Flee Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 08:39 Indian-American doctor Anil Kumar hopes Hillary Clinton magic will help him win Michigan Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 08:39 Russia Regrets EU's Curbed Antiterror Cooperation With Moscow | Foreign Minister Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 08:38 La mise à jour économique de Leitao présentée cet après-midi TVA Nouvelles
Tue 25 @ 08:33 Etats-Unis: deux hommes condamnés pour avoir tué un adolescent qui portait du rouge BFM TV
Tue 25 @ 08:32 Terrorists cutting off Aleppo residents from humanitarian corridors TASS
Tue 25 @ 08:30 Push to Eject Daesh From Iraq's Mosul 'Not Only About US Presidential Elections' Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 08:26 US Has Yet to Separate Terrorists From Opposition in Syria | Lavrov Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 08:25 After Daesh: The Future of the Middle East Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 08:23 Blast at Delhi Bazar in India Kills 1, Injures 5 – Police Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 08:22 Larmes et émotion au programme de la Reine DH
Tue 25 @ 08:17 Daesh revendique un attentat au Pakistan BFM TV
Tue 25 @ 08:17 Gold: The Kardashian of Commodities? Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 08:15 Cost to scrap Fukushima nuclear plant massively underestimated, Japanese officials admit S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 08:15 Norway's Second-Largest Export Threatened by Deadly Virus Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 08:14 Démanteler Fukushima sera bien plus cher que prévu Tribune de Genève
Tue 25 @ 08:10 Trump, the Media, and Strippers Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 08:07 Worried about doing business in the Philippines? Duterte has a solution for you. S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 08:06 Greek Journalists to Go on 5-Hour Strike Against Pension Legislation on Tuesday Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 08:05 Pakistan : des kamikazes attaquent une école de police, 60 morts Euronews
Tue 25 @ 08:02 France: Demolition of Jungle' migrant camp in Calais set to begin Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 08:01 Animal abuse probe opened as 2 dolphins, seal and sea lion cub die in Primorye aquarium TASS
Tue 25 @ 08:00 Nearly all Fossil brands now have hybrid smartwatches ArsTechnica
Tue 25 @ 08:00 French police kettle children in Calais as camp cleared – video The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 08:00 Animal welfare groups hire former top bureaucrat to investigate Ontario SPCA MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 08:00 Yukon Party promises to fight federal carbon tax amid election MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 07:57 How One US State is Driving the Nation's Agenda Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 07:49 Donald Trump may want to concede US presidential elections for this Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 07:49 Banker admits raping, killing hostage in video shown to court ABC
Tue 25 @ 07:48 4 killed at Australian theme park while riding 'Thunder River Rapids' Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 07:48 Pack up and leave, Philippine president tells worried foreign businesses Arab News
Tue 25 @ 07:48 Forte explosion dans la station balnéaire turque d'Antalya France24
Tue 25 @ 07:48 China: Officials deny plans to raise income tax Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 07:47 VimpelCom, Hutchison receive final approval for Italian JV worth €7.9 bln TASS
Tue 25 @ 07:46 Intimate ballet portraits showcase the 'Art of Movement' CNN
Tue 25 @ 07:45 Rescued Chinese+#160;sailors return home China.org.cn
Tue 25 @ 07:38 British banker describes rape, torture and killing in video shown to jury The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 07:37 Dreamworld Theme Park Accident Kills 4, Australian Officials Say The N.Y. Times
Tue 25 @ 07:37 South Ossetia's military may be allowed to serve in the Russian army – defense minister TASS
Tue 25 @ 07:36 China: Communist Party reminds Xi Jinping of Soviet collapse lessons Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 07:36 Venezuela Oil Minister Arrives in Moscow | Embassy Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 07:35 Japan wary of Philippine leader Duterte's manners, hopes he doesn't chew gum in front of emperor S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 07:29 European Stability Mechanism Approves $3 Bln Tranche to Greece Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 07:28 Quatre morts dans un parc d'attraction en Australie Euronews
Tue 25 @ 07:21 Mystery in Malta as five die in fiery crash of unmarked French spy plane S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 07:18 Australia: Four killed on ride at biggest theme park Dreamworld Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 07:15 Ex-Russian Foreign Minister Hopes US Policy on Syria Will Change After Elections Sputnik
Tue 25 @ 07:14 Cubs Curse Impotent Against Players Too Young to Remember Bartman Let Alone 1908 Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 07:11 François Hollande paraît hors jeu. Et les socialistes, en panne! Tribune de Genève
Tue 25 @ 07:11 Mosul offensive enters second week: All you need to know CNN
Tue 25 @ 07:09 Turquie: forte explosion à Antalya, des blessés BFM TV
Tue 25 @ 07:07 IMF urges African states to cut deficits as growth grinds lower Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 07:05 Canadian and EU leaders say free trade deal still possible, despite Belgian roadblock S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 07:02 Explosion in Mediterranean resort of Antalya, no 'life-threatening' injuries: Turkish media Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 07:00 Sydney festival to exhibit paintings by Myuran Sukumaran of Bali Nine The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 06:59 Philippines' Duterte visits Japan after China tilt Arab News
Tue 25 @ 06:55 Clinton slams Trump for comments about Mosul ABC
Tue 25 @ 06:52 Venezuela : l'opposition dément le début d'un dialogue avec le gouvernement France24
Tue 25 @ 06:45 'Everyone was screaming': four killed as raft flips on river rapids ride at Australia's Dreamworld S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 06:41 UN envoys urge Myanmar to probe killings, arrests in Muslim-majority region S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 06:40 Dr Dre hired hitmen to kill me, says rap mogul Suge Knight in jailhouse lawsuit S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 06:39 Donald Trump has disdain for America and its democratic traditions: Hillary Clinton Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 06:31 Australie: trois morts dans un accident dans un parc d'attractions BFM TV
Tue 25 @ 06:28 Les T-shirt "nasty woman" font le buzz aux USA Euronews
Tue 25 @ 06:27 Gunmen kill 59 in attack on police academy in Pakistani city of Quetta Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 06:24 Kenya: 12 killed in bomb attack in northeast, say police Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 06:21 Rurik Jutting: Hong Kong murder trial shown 'torture' video BBC
Tue 25 @ 06:21 Kenya: 12 morts dans une attaque à l'explosif à Mandera, dans le nord-est BFM TV
Tue 25 @ 06:18 Thai government tells Google and YouTube to remove royal 'insults' S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 06:16 If the US is the 'Great Satan', why do so many Iranians enter the green-card lottery? S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 06:10 Smiling panda, weeping dragon: China's Banksy brings life to city sprawl The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 06:08 Venezuela's oil minister visits Moscow for oil agreement talks TASS
Tue 25 @ 06:03 US: Surfer bitten by shark at Hawaii beach, says grateful to be recovering Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 06:01 Ghost hunters set to converge on England's 'most haunted village' ahead of Halloween S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 06:01 Chinese firm issues webcam recall after massive cyber attack Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 06:00 'It was like being in a boys' club': female aid workers on sexual harassment at work The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 06:00 'Nobody calls it Czechia': Czech Republic's new name fails to catch on The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 06:00 Justice is long overdue for the widows of South African mineworkers | Dean Peacock and Emily Nagisa Keehn The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 05:59 New Drammer Android Hack lets Apps take Full control (root) of your Phone The Hacker News
Tue 25 @ 05:58 US wants to stay in south Philippines, says envoy in Manila S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 05:54 At least I will go down as president: Obama tells Trump Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 05:49 US cannot have reality TV in Oval Office: Obama Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 05:47 Without media's 'dishonesty', Hillary Clinton would be nothing: Donald Trump Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 05:42 Chicago Cubs: Famous as the masters of sporting futility ABC
Tue 25 @ 05:41 Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta commutes all death sentences Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 05:39 Japan to deploy new batch of SDF in South Sudan China.org.cn
Tue 25 @ 05:37 Mosul: Iraqi forces close in on Bartella and Tob Zawa Al Jazeera
Tue 25 @ 05:35 Russia, Saudi Arabia don't belong on UN human rights council Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 05:31 Mexico: 20,000 child migrants held in 2015, say authorities Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 05:29 Federal Conservatives win reliable stronghold in Alberta byelection MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 05:28 Kim Kardashian West drops Paris robbery lawsuit BBC
Tue 25 @ 05:25 Forget about defence deal if I stay longer: Rodrigo Duterte tells US Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 05:18 Pakistan : attentat meurtrier contre une école de police près de Quetta France24
Tue 25 @ 05:18 Lavrov, Kerry discuss Syrian situation China.org.cn
Tue 25 @ 05:05 Pennsylvania voters will use 1980s machines, made by firms that no longer exist, that produce no paper record of their vote. What could go wrong? S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 05:01 British special forces set to resume training "democratic + moderate" Syrian rebels Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 05:00 President Nicolas Maduro meets pope as Vatican steps into Venezuela crisis Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 04:59 Clinton slams Trump for comments on offensive against Islamic State Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 04:55 Russia unveils first image of prospective ICBM set to replace 'Satan' missile Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 04:54 5 years later: Libyans recall the moment of Gadhafi's death CNN
Tue 25 @ 04:52 Schweizer: DOJ Funneling Fines To Left-Wing Organizations 'Requires a Congressional Investigation' Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 04:49 China Yulin: Deadly explosion shatters buildings BBC
Tue 25 @ 04:42 Obama: McCain and Romney Were 'Honorable,' Wouldn't Have Worried About 'General Course' of US If They Had Won Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 04:39 Quetta attack: US condemns strike on police training centre Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 04:31 Two more criminal cases opened over North Korean fisherman attack at Russian border guards TASS
Tue 25 @ 04:31 Analysis: why is Donald Trump cheerleading against US troops in the battle for Mosul? S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 04:30 Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 5 points in latest poll Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 04:20 'Big data' confirms Marlowe co-wrote three Shakespeare plays ABC
Tue 25 @ 04:12 Scenes from the Pakistan police attack BBC
Tue 25 @ 04:08 New Zealand police set up roadblocks to question euthanasia group, members say The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 04:06 Clinton slams Trump for comments on offensive against Islamic State SABC News
Tue 25 @ 04:05 Dozens killed in Pakistan raid targeting Balochistan police cadets The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 04:04 Procès d'un banquier britannique: les jurés voient des images insoutenables de tortures DH
Tue 25 @ 04:01 Les États-Unis vont déployer 330 soldats en Norvège 45e Nord
Tue 25 @ 04:00 Relatives baffled and shamed as Israel's 'Isis family' returns home The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 03:58 Ces Islandaises stoppent leur travail pour réclamer l'égalité salariale BFM TV
Tue 25 @ 03:58 22yo son knocks mother unconscious for not providing Taco Bell Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 03:54 Do you ever laugh when watching Trump on TV? Most of the time, says Obama Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 03:52 USA: deux hommes condamnés pour avoir tué un adolescent qui portait du rouge DH
Tue 25 @ 03:48 Cobra beer baron slams proposed cuts to UK immigration ABC
Tue 25 @ 03:41 Korean News Agency: US wants to deter influence of Russia, China in Asia Pacific TASS
Tue 25 @ 03:38 Tunnels, tranchées remplies de pétrole, véhicules bourrés d'explosifs: comment l'Etat ... DH
Tue 25 @ 03:32 Peru: Deputy minister faces possible jail time in graft case Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 03:31 Duterte on Japan visit says US to remain Philippines' sole military ally after his pivot to China S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 03:29 Obama se rendra en Grèce, en Allemagne et au Pérou en novembre BFM TV
Tue 25 @ 03:24 Vancouver's airport boss voices disapproval of federal privatisation recommendation S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 03:21 Emmett Till memorial pierced by gunfire, new tribute in the works Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 03:16 UN is getting a museum on the Internet and on the ground Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 03:16 Has The Walking Dead finally gone too far? ABC
Tue 25 @ 03:14 Mississippi NAACP urges federal probe of alleged noose attack on black student Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 03:10 Le New York Times publie la liste des insultes proférées par Trump BFM TV
Tue 25 @ 03:07 Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg: 'I Want Hillary Clinton to Win Badly' Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 03:06 Espagne: le conservateur Rajoy chargé par le roi de former un nouveau gouvernement BFM TV
Tue 25 @ 03:05 Krauthammer: Dems Will Sell 'Single-Payer Government System' as Obamacare Fix Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 02:55 Obamacare's Death Spiral: Double-Digit Cost Spikes, Disappearing Choices Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 02:53 Labor presses Coalition to rule out accepting Bob Day vote on ABCC bill The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 02:52 USA : le Kansas et le Texas peuvent déjà voter Euronews
Tue 25 @ 02:51 U.N. Plans to Pay Victims of Cholera Outbreak It Caused in Haiti The N.Y. Times
Tue 25 @ 02:51 Quetta attack: Other terror strikes in Pakistan in 2016 Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 02:51 Le rockeur Bobby Vee est mort Euronews
Tue 25 @ 02:50 'Astonishingly preserved' ancient shipwrecks accidentally found during seabed mapping ABC
Tue 25 @ 02:47 Stephen Wiltshire va dessiner Mexico de mémoire Euronews
Tue 25 @ 02:44 Quetta attack: These videos show what happened at police training academy Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 02:41 In two page spread, New York Times publishes list of every Donald Trump insult Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 02:37 US to release Internet of Things principles China.org.cn
Tue 25 @ 02:34 No Russian or Syrian airstrikes on Aleppo for 7 days – Moscow Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 02:33 Quetta attack: Banned Lashker-e-Jhangvi group responsible, says Pakistan military official Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 02:30 Grandmother sues KFC for US$20 million because her bucket 'didn't have enough chicken' S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 02:24 No flights of Russian, Syrian aviation over Aleppo in last 7 days — Defense Ministry TASS
Tue 25 @ 02:23 Tampa Turns Out Big for Trump in Pivotal Swing Florida County Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 02:19 L'ONU veut amasser 200 M$ pour les victimes du choléra en Haïti Radio-Canada
Tue 25 @ 02:14 CETA : face au "non" belge, UE et Canada gardent espoir Euronews
Tue 25 @ 02:05 59 killed, 117 wounded as militants attack police academy in Pakistan Arab News
Tue 25 @ 02:03 Irak: où en est l'offensive sur Mossoul après une semaine ? 45e Nord
Tue 25 @ 01:57 Un sénateur républicain vante le réchauffement climatique La Presse
Tue 25 @ 01:56 US Elections 2016: Barack Obama increasingly looks to boost down-ballot Democrats Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 01:52 Man with Nazi face tattoos will have to show his true colours during murder trial S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 01:51 Death toll in Pakistan police college attack grows to 59 people TASS
Tue 25 @ 01:49 Venezuela political foes 'to hold talks' in surprise move BBC
Tue 25 @ 01:47 US takes aim at cyber attacks from connected devices as recalls mount Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 01:47 Israel's next Gaza war will be the last, defense minister vows Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 01:44 Michigan court halts enforcement of law banning ballot 'selfies' Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 01:38 Indian Government accused of grabbing land from farmers for smart cities ABC
Tue 25 @ 01:31 Famed British climate scientist Gordon Hamilton plunges to his death in Antarctica crevasse S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 01:31 Crimea's integration, ecology to dominate agenda of RPF forum in Yalta TASS
Tue 25 @ 01:28 Philippines President Rodrgio Duterte softens stance toward US before Japan visit Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 01:28 LA Times Ignores Evidence, Claims 'Microstamping' Requirement Would Help Solve Crimes Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 01:18 Hillary who? In western Pennsylvania it's all about Trump ABC
Tue 25 @ 01:14 59 killed, 117 injured in Pakistan's police training center attack China.org.cn
Tue 25 @ 01:11 Freedom Works: To Keep Pressure on Paul Ryan, House GOP Must Delay Speaker Election Until December Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 01:09 Tom Hayden | 1960s activist, liberal statesman, Jane Fonda's ex | dead at 76 S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 01:08 Vatican to Act as Mediator Between Venezuela's Dueling Sides The N.Y. Times
Tue 25 @ 01:03 Oklahoma, Pennsylvania pipelines spill oil and gasoline over week-end Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 01:01 Deux hommes condamnés pour avoir tué un ado qui portait du rouge La Presse
Tue 25 @ 00:57 Could Trump have been Terminated? BBC
Tue 25 @ 00:56 Nouveau cas de viol collectif au Brésil: 10 hommes recherchés La Presse
Tue 25 @ 00:55 Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears denied fees after winning patent case ArsTechnica
Tue 25 @ 00:50 At least 48 people killed in attack at police college in Pakistan TASS
Tue 25 @ 00:41 Alert level raised for Alaska volcano after explosion detected Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 00:40 Syrian forces capture new area in Aleppo China.org.cn
Tue 25 @ 00:40 L'attaque d'une école de police fait au moins 59 morts au Pakistan Radio-Canada
Tue 25 @ 00:38 Présidentielle américaine: le vote anticipé favorable à Clinton BFM TV
Tue 25 @ 00:36 Will evangelicals still back Trump? BBC
Tue 25 @ 00:31 At Least 59 Die as Militants Storm Police College Near Quetta, Pakistan The N.Y. Times
Tue 25 @ 00:28 Mexico president: Trump visit could have been handled better Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 00:25 Glenn Beck to Charlie Rose: Trump Is a Sociopath Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 00:20 Man writes letter to editor about yoga pants; women take to the streets Indian Express
Tue 25 @ 00:15 Venezuela: Hundreds-Strong Chavista Mob Tries to 'Lynch' Anti-Socialist Lawmakers Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 00:14 Mediation set to begin between UBC, former student in human-rights complaint MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 00:12 Patriarch Kirill I to hold major news conference as part of Orthodox media festival TASS
Tue 25 @ 00:10 Un étudiant syrien explique comment survivre aux bombardements à Alep BFM TV
Tue 25 @ 00:09 Chicago Cubs hoping to break World Series curse against luckless Indians ABC
Tue 25 @ 00:09 Clinton pense au Congrès, Trump prédit une surprise digne du Brexit Radio-Canada
Tue 25 @ 00:04 Un avocat conteste l'accord de libre-échangeEurope-Canada La Presse
Tue 25 @ 00:03 B.C. children's rep Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond issues to-do list on departure MetroNews
Tue 25 @ 00:00 Bataille de Mossoul: les forces spéciales canadiennes «au plus près de l'action» 45e Nord
Tue 25 @ 00:00 Journée des Nations Unies : pour son 71e anniversaire, l'ONU met l'accent sur les 17 objectifs de développement durable Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 Syrian forces capture new area in Aleppo amid ongoing military showdown Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 Duterte voices aversion to presence of foreign troops in Philippines Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 U.S. Marine Corps to establish temporary presence of some 330 troops in Norway in 2017 Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 Accidental release of radioactivity reported at nuclear site in Norway Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 At least 10 injured as huge explosion rocks Turkey's Antalya Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 UNESCO : une réunion internationale portera sur le rôle des musée liés aux sites du patrimoine mondial Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 France : un tiers des migrants évacués lors de la première journée du démantèlement de la "Jungle" Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 France : l'évacuation de la jungle de Calais se déroule "dans le calme" (Bernard Cazeneuve) Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 France : le ministre de la Justice annonce un plan de lutte contre la radicalisation en prison Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 Depuis le début de l'offensive sur Mossoul, 17 militants de l'EI tués par les tirs de l'artillerie turque Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 4 policiers stagiaires blessés et plus de 200 autres pris en otage dans une attaque dans le sud-ouest du Pakistan Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 Pakistan : 20 blessés et plus de 200 policiers pris en otage dans une attaque dans le sud-ouest du pays Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 Les cas de poliomyélite ont diminué de 99 % dans le monde depuis 1988, annonce un porte-parole de l'ONU Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 Les forces syriennes s'emparent d'une nouvelle position dans la province d'Alep, sur fonds de combats violents Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 L'ONU appelle à une nouvelle approche favorisant la coordination, de meilleures solutions pour les personnes déplacées internes Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 La Belgique libère 4 millions d'euros d'aide humanitaire supplémentaire pour la Jordanie Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 Ukraine : les rebelles proposent de nouvelles zones de séparation des troupes (médias) Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 La Jordanie va héberger le prochain sommet de la Ligue arabe Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 6 killed, 92 others injured in police training center attack in SW Pakistan Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 ONUDC: la production d'opium en Afghanistan a augmenté de 43% en un an (enquête) Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 Pakistan : 59 morts dans un attentat contre un centre de formation de police Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 50 000 réfugiés syriens installés en Jordanie devraient bientôt partir vers d'autres pays, selon le HCR Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 Former WWII sex slaves ask Duterte to raise their plight with Japan's Abe Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 Turquie : violente explosion dans la station balnéaire d'Antalya Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 Turquie : au moins 10 blessés dans une violente explosion à Antalya Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 Syrie : 48 personnes évacuent les quartiers tenus par les rebelles à Alep Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 Pakistan : au moins 60 morts et 117 blessé dans un attentat contre une école de police (officiel) Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 L'"Europe de la Défense" n'arrive toujours pas à passer à l'attaque (ANALYSE) Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 Morocco arrests IS-linked suspect Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 Poland's "Black Protest" for women's rights demands free choice in family planning Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 France starts "calm" evacuation of Calais migrant camp Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 00:00 Irak : l'UNICEF et l'OMS s'unissent pour éradiquer la poliomyélite Xinhuanet
Mon 24 @ 23:56 No October Surprise: Gun-Controlled Chicago Exceeds 600 Homicides Breitbart
Mon 24 @ 23:54 Grade 8 student tells minister he teaches indigenous language course MetroNews
Mon 24 @ 23:49 Alberta judges ordered boy not to wear girls clothes in public MetroNews
Mon 24 @ 23:45 Thai tourism after the death of the king BBC
Mon 24 @ 23:44 Pakistan : 59 apprentis policiers abattus Euronews
Mon 24 @ 23:40 Jordan agrees to host next LAS summit instead of Yemen TASS
Mon 24 @ 23:37 Islamic State claims surprise attack on Pakistan police academy that left 59 dead S.China Morning Post
Mon 24 @ 23:36 Nominations à la Cour suprême: l'opposition aurait voulu un plus grand rôle La Presse
Mon 24 @ 23:27 Une stratégie de l'exportation qui tombe à point TVA Nouvelles
Mon 24 @ 23:24 FULL TEXT: 'Trannies Are Gay' By MILO Breitbart
Mon 24 @ 23:22 Five killed after French surveillance plane crashes in Malta ABC
Mon 24 @ 23:15 South Africa's golden rhino of Mapungubwe travels to London BBC
Mon 24 @ 23:14 Poland intends to participate in privatization processes in Belarus — vice-premier TASS
Mon 24 @ 23:12 At least 59 dead in Pakistan police academy attack ABC
Mon 24 @ 23:11 Women 'nearing equality with men | in alcohol consumption' BBC
Mon 24 @ 23:08 Meet Cairo's female tuk-tuk drivers BBC
Mon 24 @ 23:08 Obamacare premiums to increase 25 percent in 2017 – White House Russia Today
Mon 24 @ 23:05 UN blames all sides after Syria evacuation plan fails Indian Express
Mon 24 @ 22:59 'Outraged' Congress may intervene as National Guardsmen ordered to pay back bonuses Russia Today
Mon 24 @ 22:58 In emails, Clinton campaign measures diversity among staff Indian Express
Mon 24 @ 22:56 USS Wasp to Japan Next Year in Support of Marine F-35B Squadron Next Year; USS Bonhomme Richard to San Diego U.S. Naval Institute
Mon 24 @ 22:52 Kerry et Zarif récompensés pour l'accord sur le nucléaire La Presse
Mon 24 @ 22:51 Senior aide testifies that Christie knew of Bridgegate plot BBC
Mon 24 @ 22:49 Medvedev to hold session of Presidential Council on Strategic Development on Tuesday TASS
Mon 24 @ 22:48 UN wants $200 million to pay Haiti's cholera victims, communities Indian Express
Mon 24 @ 22:48 State of the biggest, best union: Trump nightly webcast debuts tonight ArsTechnica
Mon 24 @ 22:43 Pence Moves to Unify America Behind Donald Trump: 'It's Time to Come Home' Breitbart
Mon 24 @ 22:42 Japan and South Atlantic sanctuary main contentions at the Whaling Commission meeting in Slovenia Merco Press
Mon 24 @ 22:41 'IS fighters sat on bed as we hid underneath' BBC
Mon 24 @ 22:40 Calais : 1/3 de la "Jungle" évacué Euronews
Mon 24 @ 22:33 Moldovan court issues warrant for arrest of opposition figurehead TASS
Mon 24 @ 22:29 Climat: nouveau record de CO2dans l'atmosphère La Presse
Mon 24 @ 22:25 Pakistan: l'attaque d'une école de police fait plus de 60 morts La Presse
Mon 24 @ 22:20 France: les policiers en colère restent mobilisés La Presse
Mon 24 @ 22:18 Ceta talks: EU and Canada hold out hope for trade deal BBC
Mon 24 @ 22:16 US election: Polling stations open in must-win state of Florida BBC
Mon 24 @ 22:10 'All disguised as a duck': Video shows illegal collaboration between Clinton, DNC over mascot Russia Today
Mon 24 @ 21:59 La société-mère de Tim Hortons affiche un bénéfice en hausse La Presse
Mon 24 @ 21:54 Valdai Club hosts intl speakers as tensions peak between Russia + West Russia Today
Mon 24 @ 21:51 35 Turks With Diplomatic Passports Seek Asylum in Germany The N.Y. Times
Mon 24 @ 21:47 Une croissance moyenne de 3,7 % du PIB nominal prévue La Presse
Mon 24 @ 21:40 La Belgique ne peut pas signer le CETA Euronews
Mon 24 @ 21:37 1960s pop star Bobby Vee dies aged 73 ABC
Mon 24 @ 21:35 Des milliers de migrants débarquent en Italie La Presse
Mon 24 @ 21:30 Moscow ready with new counter measures if US toughens anti-Russian sanctions – Deputy FM Russia Today
Mon 24 @ 21:28 Les Canadiens peu nombreux à faire leur épicerie en ligne La Presse
Mon 24 @ 21:25 Leicester City's Vardy, Mahrez named on Ballon d'Or shortlist ABC
Mon 24 @ 21:25 Donald Trump prédit un nouveau «Brexit» La Presse
Mon 24 @ 21:23 Ukraine's prosecutor general seen as possible successor to President Poroshenko — MP TASS
Mon 24 @ 21:22 Boys fleeing recruitment by IS find refuge in camp ABC
Mon 24 @ 21:17 Ottawa promet un plan pour favoriser l'accueil des Yézidis La Presse
Mon 24 @ 21:14 US changes toddler screen time advice BBC
Mon 24 @ 21:12 Venezuela : gouvernement et opposition entament un dialogue Euronews
Mon 24 @ 21:12 Belgian media outlets hacked, Syrian Cyber Army claims responsibility Russia Today
Mon 24 @ 21:08 Baby Lynlee 'born twice' after life-saving surgery BBC
Mon 24 @ 21:04 Venezuela : le pouvoir et l'opposition vont discuter dimanche Radio-Canada
Mon 24 @ 21:03 Une manifestation meurtrière contre l'ONU en Centrafrique Radio-Canada
Mon 24 @ 21:02 Des squelettes envahissent Mexico avant le Jour des morts Euronews
Mon 24 @ 21:00 Centrafrique: quatre morts à Bangui lors d'une journée «ville morte» contre l'ONU 45e Nord
Mon 24 @ 20:59 Les petites institutions financières doivent innover TVA Nouvelles
Mon 24 @ 20:57 Russian deputy minister, Syrian nun discuss situation in Syria TASS
Mon 24 @ 20:52 Small spaceships for NASA may mean big leap for humanity Russia Today
Mon 24 @ 20:49 Trump blâme les «sondages bidon» et clame qu'il va l'emporter La Presse
Mon 24 @ 20:42 'We Are Ready to Leave': France Clears Out Calais 'Jungle' The N.Y. Times
Mon 24 @ 20:42 Américains et Nord-Coréens se rencontrent discrètement en Malaisie La Presse
Mon 24 @ 20:40 Horrific flesh-eating bacteria that killed man in four days expected to rise ArsTechnica
Mon 24 @ 20:40 Mourinho accused Conte of humiliating United, claims Italian TV ABC
Mon 24 @ 20:35 Can we survive not answering press questions? Clinton team's dilemma in #Podesta17 release Russia Today
Mon 24 @ 20:32 51 ceasefire violations reported in Syria in past day — Russian reconciliation center TASS
Mon 24 @ 20:32 Baby Jesus statue's head returned after orange replacement becomes viral joke The Guardian
Mon 24 @ 20:31 Two Ukrainian cities support initiative for broader status of Russian language TASS
Mon 24 @ 20:30 Testing the climate-drought-conflict connection ArsTechnica
Mon 24 @ 20:27 Un cadenas de vélo qui fait vomir les voleurs TVA Nouvelles
Mon 24 @ 20:18 Bob Dylan might never see his Nobel prize money ABC
Mon 24 @ 20:18 Partisans et adversaires de la chasse à la baleine s'affrontent en Slovénie Euronews
Mon 24 @ 20:16 Toujours plus de CO2 dans l'atmosphère : 2016 est un record Euronews
Mon 24 @ 20:12 India's Prime Minister weighs in on banning 'triple talaq' divorce law ABC
Mon 24 @ 20:12 Michael Moore: Hillary Went Easy on Trump During Debates Because She Is a Christian Breitbart
Mon 24 @ 20:05 Quetta attack: 60 cadets killed as militants storm police academy in Pakistan Indian Express
Mon 24 @ 20:05 Snooping requests approved by DC-area federal courts up 500% since 2011 – report Russia Today
Mon 24 @ 20:04 Mosul operation forces 7,000 Iraqi people to flee homes China.org.cn
Mon 24 @ 20:04 Centrafrique : incidents meurtriers à Bangui lors d'une journée de protestation contre l'ONU France24
Mon 24 @ 20:03 Kenya commutes all death sentences to life in jail China.org.cn
Mon 24 @ 20:02 6 killed, 40 injured in road crash in SE Brazil China.org.cn
Mon 24 @ 20:02 Tom Hayden never lost passion for social justice CNN
Mon 24 @ 20:00 Alep: une nouvelle trêve «humanitaire» «pas d'actualité» pour Moscou 45e Nord
Mon 24 @ 20:00 Un gardien suspecté d'avoir aidé 173détenus haïtiens à s'évader La Presse
Mon 24 @ 19:55 UK to take hundreds more children from Calais, home secretary says The Guardian
Mon 24 @ 19:54 Central African Republic: Four dead in UN Bangui shooting BBC
Mon 24 @ 19:52 French surveillance plane crashes in Malta, 5 killed Arab News
Mon 24 @ 19:52 Battle lines hold firm at global whaling huddle Arab News
Mon 24 @ 19:50 SAs decision to withdraw from ICC regretful SABC News
Mon 24 @ 19:49 Frank Bruni: Media Faces 'Moment of Truth' on Whether to Ignore Trump After the Election Breitbart
Mon 24 @ 19:48 Modi wades into political battle over Muslim triple talaq divorce Arab News
Mon 24 @ 19:47 China cautions US over visit to disputed border area with India Arab News
Mon 24 @ 19:47 German Terrorism Case Highlights Europe's Security Challenges The N.Y. Times
Mon 24 @ 19:45 Muslim model Mariah Idrissi breaking down barriers in fashion world ABC
Mon 24 @ 19:45 Clinton ally funded campaign of wife of deputy FBI director who oversaw email investigation Russia Today
Mon 24 @ 19:43 'Head Space': How Hillary Clinton's Inner Circle Tiptoes Around Her Health Issues Breitbart
Mon 24 @ 19:36 The millennials voting for Trump because they have 'no choice' BBC
Mon 24 @ 19:35 Happy to go? Saying goodbye to the Jungle BBC
Mon 24 @ 19:35 Brexit : une première réunion houleuse entre partenaires du Royaume-Uni Radio-Canada
Mon 24 @ 19:33 US marines to be deployed in Norway for first time since World War Two S.China Morning Post
Mon 24 @ 19:30 Mandatory arbitration restricts rights of ISP customers, says FCC Democrat ArsTechnica
Mon 24 @ 19:30 Centenaire de la bataille de Verdun : hommage aux troupes coloniales France24
Mon 24 @ 19:27 Donald Trump, à la traîne dans les sondages, prédit un nouveau "Brexit" DH
Mon 24 @ 19:26 Android phones rooted by “most serious” Linux escalation bug ever ArsTechnica
Mon 24 @ 19:26 SECNAV Mabus Reflects on Time in the Pentagon U.S. Naval Institute
Mon 24 @ 19:21 2.200 migrants secourus lundi au large de la Libye, 16 retrouvés morts DH
Mon 24 @ 19:20 Was the Google Pixel built in a mere 9 months? It would explain a lot… ArsTechnica
Mon 24 @ 19:17 Réinvestir dans les services publics figure parmi les priorités, dit Leitao La Presse
Mon 24 @ 19:15 59 killed, dozens injured in attack on Pakistani police training center Russia Today
Mon 24 @ 19:11 Brexit : Theresa May veut le soutien des Ecossais, des Gallois et des Irlandais Euronews
Mon 24 @ 19:05 Divided UK nations hold 'deeply frustrating' Brexit talks ABC
Mon 24 @ 19:03 Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad al-Thani, Former Emir of Qatar, Dies at 84 The N.Y. Times
Mon 24 @ 19:00 Cinq questions pour comprendre la « jungle » de Calais Radio-Canada
Mon 24 @ 18:59 Serbian president describes some EU membership conditions as humiliating TASS
Mon 24 @ 18:54 Pope Francis urges Maduro to listen to Venezuelans in surprise Vatican visit The Guardian
Mon 24 @ 18:50 Blast kills seven, injures almost 100 in north-western China: state media ABC
Mon 24 @ 18:43 Navy Adds Transparency, Strategy Provisions to Budget Process U.S. Naval Institute
Mon 24 @ 18:41 Donald Trump tire sur tout ce qui bouge sur Twitter Canoe
Mon 24 @ 18:24 Kenya Spares the Lives of Everyone on Its Death Row The N.Y. Times
Mon 24 @ 18:23 Russian Baltic Fleet's training ship Smolny ends its visit to Greece TASS
Mon 24 @ 18:19 News Analysis: Rodrigo Duterte Gets Closer to China, and the Neighbors Notice The N.Y. Times
Mon 24 @ 18:17 Freed Sailors Recount Years of Torture at the Hands of Somali Pirates The N.Y. Times
Mon 24 @ 18:16 Belgium Walloons block key EU Ceta trade deal with Canada BBC
Mon 24 @ 18:16 Dakota Access Pipeline: Police fire on media drones, mass arrests, treaty rights declared Russia Today
Mon 24 @ 18:14 Venezuela: l'opposition veut déloger Maduro, avec ou sans référendum La Presse
Mon 24 @ 18:12 Police say London airport incident not "terrorist-related" SABC News
Mon 24 @ 18:11 Algérie : Wilmots ne viendra pas
Mon 24 @ 18:11 First Mercosur test for Uruguay´s free trade agreement negotiations with China Merco Press
Mon 24 @ 18:10 CETA: le Canada garde "espoir" d'un accord, selon Chrystia Freeland DH
Mon 24 @ 18:08 Russian Security Council secretary arrives for consultations in Switzerland TASS
Mon 24 @ 18:07 Greece migrant protest wrecks EU Lesbos offices BBC
Mon 24 @ 18:07 Pakistan freezes accounts of 5,100 terror suspects, including JeM chief Indian Express
Mon 24 @ 18:04 Syrian refugee in Germany with 4 wives, 22 kids sparks social media fuss over welfare Russia Today
Mon 24 @ 18:03 Diplomat: US needs alleged attack on Russian ministry website to hype up cyberwar topic TASS
Mon 24 @ 18:02 Un avion de reconnaissance de la Défense française s'écrase à Malte: 5 morts 45e Nord
Mon 24 @ 18:01 Single mother fatally shot by police on Muckleshoot tribal land was 5 months pregnant Russia Today
Mon 24 @ 17:56 48 people evacuate rebel-held areas in Syria's Aleppo China.org.cn
Mon 24 @ 17:56 Retraite : le Canada en bonne position TVA Nouvelles
Mon 24 @ 17:48 Explosion Batters Neighborhood in China, Killing 14 and Wounding Nearly 150 The N.Y. Times
Mon 24 @ 17:44 'We had to eat rats,' say sailors held by Somali pirates for four years The Guardian
Mon 24 @ 17:40 UN chief appeals efforts for peace, sustainable development China.org.cn
Mon 24 @ 17:39 Yoga pants letter to editor prompts Rhode Island parade BBC
Mon 24 @ 17:34 IOC confirms talks between Thomas Bach and Russia's whistleblowing couple Stepanovs TASS
Mon 24 @ 17:34 L'icône de la lutte contre la guerre du Viêtnam Tom Haydenmeurt à 76 ans La Presse
Mon 24 @ 17:30 Clinton looks to win big in early voting in key US states S.China Morning Post
Mon 24 @ 17:27 S+P assigns junk rating "D" to distressed Peresvet bank linked with Moscow Patriarchate TASS
Mon 24 @ 17:23 Scottish rockers Nazareth will record album with new vocalist in 2017 TASS
Mon 24 @ 17:18 Les Etats-Unis vont déployer 330 soldats en Norvège DH
Mon 24 @ 17:16 Moscou exclut pour l'heure une nouvelle trêve à Alep Euronews
Mon 24 @ 17:14 La justice française saisie après la disparition de deux Franco-Syriens arrêtés en Syrie France24
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I would like everyone to know more about our world.

Hi, my name is Jonathan and I am 40 years old. First, let me tell you that the English language isn’t my first language; I speak French in my everyday life. So don’t be too severe with me, since I will make mistakes. You can laugh about it, and you can also point out some errors I may make so I can improve myself.

I am the founder of the Knights of News, a concept I created to show my love of world news. Everyone can be a Knight of News, you simply need to care about humanity and have the willingness to inform others.

The home of the Knights of News is TacticalFM.com, a website I created in 2007. Our headquarters changed many times since its launch. Before today, it was firing in all directions… but now, it’s more focused than ever: on world news.

« Why world news? » Very simple: I care about my planet and the people who are living on it. One day I had a flash, I realized that the VERY FIRST STEP to being able to settle even the simplest problem requires a common knowledge of the context and parameters of this problem.

In short, as humanity, we cannot fix what’s wrong in our society if we, each one on our side, have different knowledge of the situation. The reason is simple and very logical: solutions a person may suggest will always miss important key points that another may have, and the consequence is that these solutions will be incomplete and partial.

We all have the same concerns, we all have the same goals, we want to live in peace, have food, shelter and love. Whatever part of the world you live in, we all feel the same, we all have the same basic needs.

This planet is going to crash if we, as a global ensemble, continue like we have been. But before doing something that can apply to and help all of us, we must all have the same stance on the situation.

This is why the Knights of News exist. View them as a tool that enables you to have better common knowledge of the situation on Planet Earth. We put in evidence complex topics, that at first may not seem to be important (e.g.: geoengineering, geopolitical tensions, global economy, etc.) so that in the long run, YOU do care and become curious. Without basic curiosity, we can’t have any hope to fix the smallest problem.

Today, a small group of people have all the space they want to decide, just because the majority of us don’t care enough about the decisions taken by this Elite. This must change, and the very first step is to get CURIOUS about everything, from the simplest topic to the most complex.

Don’t be afraid, just because you don’t understand, we are all together on this boat, we all need to help each other. The majority of us want peace, but the war mongering minority have control because we don’t take the time to understand what is happening or why.

Knowledge is power. Be powerful. Start learning about complex world news. This can be very hard at first, but be courageous, and you will see that over time, this will becomes easier.

Peace, love and justice requires common knowledge of what’s happening on Earth.
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It fetches a custom set of world news RSS feeds from various official media outlets.

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Nothing less than that, thanks to the "comparison effect" by putting all news media outlets side-to-side, on the same list.

This way, we can compare titles and spot the nice written and descriptive ones. It forces MSMs to be as complete and pertinent as possible.

This way, we can compare the content and when it's reported. The media that will have the greater and more pertinent content will win the popularity race when displayed with all his competitors, it's pure logic.

Everybody win by visiting the Knights of News: quality and pertinence over entertainment and consumerism!

Overall, this website forces each of our beloved MSMs to do a better job, this is why your visit, and to talk about it around you, is so important.
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Jonathanboucharddotca micro 2016 ruche Peace, love and justice requires common knowledge of what’s happening on Earth.

L'amour, la paix et la justice exigent une connaissance commune des événements sur terre!

"Chevaliers de l'information",
"Knights Of News"
created by / conçu par
Jonathan Bouchard

Born in 1976, I am a computer geek and programmer who loves geopolitics and MSM.

I am from Quebec, Canada, I speak french. I started to learn english with a Commodore 64.

FPS lover who can't play as he wants like many others but still, I finished original Doom I and II without cheating at hard. ;)

Philosopher who loves to think about the future of mankind, evolution and what we are supposed to do on Earth.

My dream would be that each one of us develops his curiosity toward what's really happening in the world. Before trying to fix our major problems of coexistence, I think the very first step is to learn about what we are and then, we will be able to fix problems like global warming, terrorism, hunger and war. Because, that's our goal, right?

My english grammar is not perfect, my french is a lot better, but I am trying hard.

Suits and ties are not for me... even if I look handsome in it!

I kept my child's hearth, I make jokes, I sing, I am not shy to laugh at myself.

I don't bite. I just know what I want and there's reasons for it, each time.

Don't you think it's enough? Contact me if you still want more! :D
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