Oldpaper kon v2 band sepia
Fri 23 @ 16:58 Brexit forever or Brexit never? Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 16:53 8 UAE princesses convicted of human trafficking in Belgium Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 16:52 North Korea says it's 'biggest victim' in US student's death ABC News
Fri 23 @ 16:52 Bridge-name gridlock: NY inches toward spelling-error fix MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 16:51 Arctic's regional product grows by third within three years TASS
Fri 23 @ 16:50 Man found guilty of manslaughter over gas mask death The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 16:50 Senate probes Loretta Lynch's alleged interference in Clinton investigation ABC News
Fri 23 @ 16:49 Hungary: Lawmakers pass billboard law, opposition cries foul ABC News
Fri 23 @ 16:48 Kashmir mob beats Indian officer to death outside mosque Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 16:46 John Magufuli's pregnant schoolgirl ban angers Tanzanian women BBC
Fri 23 @ 16:43 L'Amazonie perd la moitié des fonds norvégiens Radio-Canada
Fri 23 @ 16:42 Cholera suspected as several ill at Kenya medical conference MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 16:42 You Don't Say? Syrian Military Fighting Daesh 'Not Bad Sign' | US Coalition Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 16:41 Harry Potters gather in Bolton to smash Guinness World Record The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 16:40 Hezbollah says future Israel war could draw fighters from Iran, Iraq, elsewhere The Star Online
Fri 23 @ 16:40 London could lose out as ECB seeks control of euro clearing after Brexit The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 16:40 Beijing in the Baltics: China's Unique Response to South China Sea Provocations Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 16:39 New York woman, 3 others charged with killing her mother MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 16:38 Turkish water park: Children and adults electrocuted BBC
Fri 23 @ 16:37 'Peace' buttons on bridge provoke anxiety, road closure MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 16:37 Qatar's decision to ease visa requirements for Russians comes into force TASS
Fri 23 @ 16:36 US Coalition 'Would Welcome' Daesh Leader Baghdadi's Death in Russian Airstrike Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 16:35 EU will restrict visas for states not taking back migrants The Star Online
Fri 23 @ 16:34 5 people electrocuted in pool at water park in Turkey Fox News
Fri 23 @ 16:34 Germany quashes gay men's convictions and offers compensation BBC
Fri 23 @ 16:33 Al-Jazeera manager denounces Gulf demands for its shutdown Fox News
Fri 23 @ 16:33 Money key: Leaders say damaged rail line to Churchill could be fixed in 2 months MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 16:32 Conseil européen : la Macronmania à Bruxelles France Info
Fri 23 @ 16:31 Cargo ship that hit US destroyer near Japan was on autopilot, data shows Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 16:31 Un niveau "historiquement bas" pour le foie gras en France et en Europe 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 16:29 Attaque contre une mosquée de Londres : les excuses émouvantes d'une Britanniques à l'imam France Info
Fri 23 @ 16:28 University of Missouri revokes Cosby's honorary degree MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 16:26 US releases photos showing 'unsafe' intercept by Russian jet over Baltic Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 16:24 Brexit: EU leaders says UK offer could 'worsen situation' BBC
Fri 23 @ 16:23 Espionage suspect totally thought messages to Chinese intel were deleted ArsTechnica
Fri 23 @ 16:22 Syria Safe Zones May Partly Settle Issue of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 16:22 Emergency! UK Police Would Face 'Real Challenges' Tackling Repeat of 2011 Riots Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 16:21 Réunion internationale samedi à Paris pour promouvoir un «Pacte mondial pour l'environnement» Canoe
Fri 23 @ 16:21 Violences dans le Kasaï : l'ONU va lancer une enquête France24
Fri 23 @ 16:21 One Year After Brexit Vote: EU Disasters 'Gone Too Far to Be Reformed' Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 16:20 Qatar row: Al Jazeera hits back over closure demands BBC
Fri 23 @ 16:20 La Russie menace de bloquer la messagerie cryptée Telegram 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 16:19 SportPesa to end Kenya football league sponsorship over tax BBC
Fri 23 @ 16:19 'Putin's Russia is Europe's Main Ally in Fight Against Extremism' Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 16:18 India's watchdog gives green light to construction of second stage of nuclear power plant TASS
Fri 23 @ 16:15 Homelessness almost doubled in England since Tories took power in 2010 Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 16:15 Chine : un festival de viande canine contesté France Info
Fri 23 @ 16:12 Mexico rejects Trump claim that it is the world's second most violent country Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 16:12 Minnesota police officer accused of 'brutality' by ACLU –video The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 16:12 Deconfliction Line in Use Amid Russia's Missile Strikes in Syria | US Coalition Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 16:11 Aucun progrès sur la répartition des migrants lors du Sommet européen 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 16:09 Qatar-Gulf crisis: All the latest updates Al Jazeera
Fri 23 @ 16:07 UN rights office: Nearly 5,000 killed in Yemen conflict MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 16:07 5 people electrocuted in pool at water park in Turkey MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 16:07 Arab nations give Qatar a list of demands CNN
Fri 23 @ 16:07 Déambulations dans Chefchaouen, la ville bleue du Maroc France Info
Fri 23 @ 16:06 UN rights office: Nearly 5,000 killed in Yemen conflict Fox News
Fri 23 @ 16:05 Report: Man gets 16 years in prison for cocaine trafficking MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 16:05 L'Arabie saoudite et ses alliés somment le Qatar de se soumettre à leurs exigences Radio-Canada
Fri 23 @ 16:04 Chinese Capital May Be Costly for Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline Project Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 16:03 «Mort aux Saoud !», «Mort à Daesh !», «Mort à Israël !»: les Iraniens manifestent pour la Palestine Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 16:01 40 people killed in bomb, gun attacks in 3 Pakistani cities Fox News
Fri 23 @ 16:01 Ferguson: Michael Brown's family gets $1.5m settlement BBC
Fri 23 @ 16:01 Une révision des traités n'est pas un tabou pour Macron et Merkel 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 16:00 London's temporary African-inspired architecture BBC
Fri 23 @ 16:00 La Marine royale canadienne organise une journée de l'industrie du navire expérimental 45e Nord
Fri 23 @ 16:00 Take a gander: Wawa, Ont., getting new giant goose to welcome visitors MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 15:59 Ex-Northern Ireland paramilitary figure admits 200 offences MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 15:59 Arab states issue list of demands to end Qatar crisis Al Jazeera
Fri 23 @ 15:59 US, Iraq say ISIS blew up famous Mosul mosque CNN
Fri 23 @ 15:58 J.K. Rowling reveals there are actually 2 Harry Potters ABC News
Fri 23 @ 15:58 Ex-Northern Ireland paramilitary figure admits 200 offenses Fox News
Fri 23 @ 15:58 Trump signs law to protect Veterans Affairs whistleblowers, expedite firings Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 15:57 Destiny 2's guns won't recoil on PC as they do on consoles ArsTechnica
Fri 23 @ 15:57 U.S.-led coalition unsure if Islamic State's Baghdadi dead or alive The Star Online
Fri 23 @ 15:57 Brexit talks 'will not consume EU', Angela Merkel warns Britain The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 15:57 Trump casts doubt on Russia investigator Mueller BBC
Fri 23 @ 15:55 Le gaz de schiste et l'industrie extractive, première cible de Nicolas Hulot France24
Fri 23 @ 15:55 Defenseless: Afghan MP Blames Washington for Weakening Country's Forces Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 15:54 Trump met en doute l'impartialité du procureur enquêtant sur l'affaire russe 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 15:54 Why Syria Relinquishing Its Chemical Weapon Stockpiles Didn't Bring Peace Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 15:53 Britain, EU clash over Brexit proposals on citizens' rights Fox News
Fri 23 @ 15:53 Twitter users hit back at Saudi-bloc's list of demands Al Jazeera
Fri 23 @ 15:53 Separate blasts kill nearly 30 in Pakistan | police The Star Online
Fri 23 @ 15:53 Navy commander defends spending billions to upgrade Canada's submarine fleet MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 15:53 En Chine, l'arbalète à cure-dents, qui fait fureur dans les écoles, inquiète les grandes villes France Info
Fri 23 @ 15:50 Riyad et ses alliés posent treize conditions au Qatar Tribune de Genève
Fri 23 @ 15:50 7 of Our Best 'Brexit' Pieces, a Year After the Vote The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 15:49 Little Pigeon, Great Message: Russia May Develop Light AWACS Plane Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 15:49 Le tourisme, problème n°1 de Barcelone selon ses habitants Canoe
Fri 23 @ 15:48 Une entreprise montréalaise écope d'une amende de 1 M$ TVA Nouvelles
Fri 23 @ 15:48 Collomb à Calais : "il n'y aura pas de centre" Euronews
Fri 23 @ 15:48 Syrie : les Etats-Unis promettent de récupérer un jour les armes confiées au milices kurdes Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 15:47 YouTube's “VR180” format cuts down on VR video's prohibitive requirements ArsTechnica
Fri 23 @ 15:46 N.L. unprepared for coming demographic time bomb, auditor general says MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 15:46 Protester at Iowa Trump rally arrested, faces assault charge MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 15:45 Turkish ambassador to Russia: Moscow and Ankara to join efforts in war on terror TASS
Fri 23 @ 15:44 Governors wary of Medicaid cost shift in Senate health bill MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 15:44 Slain Venezuela protester a son of former Maduro supervisor MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 15:44 Pakistan bombings kill several in Quetta and Parachinar BBC
Fri 23 @ 15:44 Former nurse suspected of killing up to 60 children ABC News
Fri 23 @ 15:43 Corbyn supporter calls Rupert Murdoch a c**t to his face Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 15:43 Slain Venezuela protester a son of former Maduro supervisor Fox News
Fri 23 @ 15:42 Mayors: Look to us, not Washington, for results MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 15:42 Ukraine's finance ministry files appeal to London Court against Russia in $3 bln debt case TASS
Fri 23 @ 15:39 Arab Nations Issue Demands to Qatar The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 15:39 AP Analysis: Could Trump push a partial Mideast deal? MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 15:39 Les touristes britanniques ruinent les hôteliers espagnols Tribune de Genève
Fri 23 @ 15:39 US releases photos of 'unsafe' Russian jet intercept ABC News
Fri 23 @ 15:38 Russia, India to Hold Joint 'Indra' Military Drills in Fall Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 15:36 What does Italy's Berlusconi like about Trump? His wife The Star Online
Fri 23 @ 15:36 EU leaders cool on Britain's Brexit citizens plan Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 15:34 Bergdahl judge rejects motion to limit desertion duration MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 15:34 Deep State: Education Officials Quietly Push Transgender Ideology Onto Schools Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 15:33 World record: Canadian sniper shoots ISIS fighter dead from over 2 miles away Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 15:32 Analysis: Health bill test of McConnell's leadership skills MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 15:31 Philippines: IS funded siege through Malaysian militant ABC News
Fri 23 @ 15:30 Los Angeles police shoot at pit bull but kill teenager BBC
Fri 23 @ 15:30 Low-latency satellite broadband gets approval to serve US residents ArsTechnica
Fri 23 @ 15:30 Philippines: IS funded siege through Malaysian militant Fox News
Fri 23 @ 15:30 House cleaning turns up urn with war veteran's remains MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 15:29 BNP Paribas Fortis transfère plus de 120 postes vers Lisbonne 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 15:28 Incendie à Londres: terreur au dix-huitième étage Canoe
Fri 23 @ 15:28 Dozens killed in two separate attacks in Pakistan on eve of Eid The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 15:27 Sicily's cornered Mafia primed for reversal of fortune The Star Online
Fri 23 @ 15:27 Un bus de tourisme s'encastre dans un tunnel Tribune de Genève
Fri 23 @ 15:26 Media watchdog slams demand to shut Al Jazeera Al Jazeera
Fri 23 @ 15:25 Diane Feinstein Defends Public Universities Shutting Down Free Speech Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 15:24 Fridge-freezer maker offers condolences in tower fire ABC News
Fri 23 @ 15:23 French minister nixes aid center for migrants in Calais Fox News
Fri 23 @ 15:23 Aucun progrès sur la répartition des migrants RTL
Fri 23 @ 15:23 L'armée irakienne veut scinder les dernières positions de l'EI à Mossoul Radio-Canada
Fri 23 @ 15:23 Pentagon Extravaganza: How the DoD Squandered Billions of US Taxpayer Dollars Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 15:21 Can May's minority government last? Politics Weekly podcast The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 15:20 A short exercise in middle school sets minorities on a path to college ArsTechnica
Fri 23 @ 15:20 Israel paid compensation to families of 2010 flotilla raid victims: Turkey Arab News
Fri 23 @ 15:18 Top terror financier believed killed in Marawi siege: Philippines Arab News
Fri 23 @ 15:18 Dutch customs discover rhino horn in carvings headed to Laos Fox News
Fri 23 @ 15:18 European MP emphasizes damage done to EU countries by anti-Russian sanctions TASS
Fri 23 @ 15:17 France takes tough line on Calais migrants Arab News
Fri 23 @ 15:17 University of Delaware Professor: Otto Warmbier 'Got Exactly What He Deserved' Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 15:17 Deadly London tower blaze began in Hotpoint fridge freezer: Police Arab News
Fri 23 @ 15:15 Qatar envoy to US: Blockade on Qatar is a smokescreen Al Jazeera
Fri 23 @ 15:14 Maroc: sortie du désert pour les réfugiés syriens à la frontière avec l'Algérie France Info
Fri 23 @ 15:14 Russie: l'opposant Navalny «n'a pas le droit d'être élu» La Presse
Fri 23 @ 15:14 La CIA a informé Obama dès l'été 2016 que Poutine voulait aider Trump 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 15:13 State Duma, FSB chief urge greater protection for Russia's informational infrastructure Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 15:13 Vietnamese, Cambodian legislature leaders hold talks Vietnam+
Fri 23 @ 15:12 China: Political solution in Syria speeds refugees' return Fox News
Fri 23 @ 15:11 Le Pakistan ensanglanté par des attentats Canoe
Fri 23 @ 15:08 Frantic Tests Being Carried Out on Cladding in 600 UK Tower Blocks After Fire Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 15:06 Brokaw: GOP Organized, Moving Forward But Some Views Not in the 'Best Interests' of the Country Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 15:06 Trump signals he will work with Republican holdouts on health bill The Star Online
Fri 23 @ 15:06 Al Jazeera: Call for closure siege against journalism Al Jazeera
Fri 23 @ 15:06 Russia's State Duma set to revive contacts with European Parliament TASS
Fri 23 @ 15:05 Iftar celebrations amid the Douma ruins The Star Online
Fri 23 @ 15:04 NewsGrid | Al Jazeera's interactive news hour Al Jazeera
Fri 23 @ 15:03 EU leaders hit out at Brexit citizens offer from Britain's May S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 15:02 Iran's president heckled at rally after criticism by supreme leader The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 15:02 Times claims hacked passwords of Tory cabinet ministers traded on Russian-language forum Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 15:02 Saudi and the Brotherhood: From friends to foes Al Jazeera
Fri 23 @ 15:00 Russian warships launch missiles at IS targets in Syria BBC
Fri 23 @ 14:59 Jeremy Corbyn would be better PM than Theresa May, poll finds Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 14:58 Ukrainian society tired of Poroshenko's policy — expert TASS
Fri 23 @ 14:58 Heritage: Senate Healthcare Bill 'Falls Short on Repealing Obamacare,' Does Contain Some Positives Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 14:58 Obama begins nostalgic vacation in Indonesia with his family Fox News
Fri 23 @ 14:56 Factbox | Arab states issue ultimatum to Qatar to meet list of demands The Star Online
Fri 23 @ 14:56 Total solar eclipse casts spotlight on Oregon town Arab News
Fri 23 @ 14:55 Class action against Facebook can be filed in B.C., Supreme Court says MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 14:55 Le Conseil freine les ardeurs de Macron sur le contrôle des investissements étrangers 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 14:54 'Close al-Jazeera': Saudi Arabia gives Qatar 13 demands to end blockade The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 14:54 Senate Judiciary Chairman Grassley: Chuck Schumer Knew Trump Wasn't Under Investigation but Said He Was Anyway Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 14:53 Making a Murderer: Brendan Dassey decision upheld by court BBC
Fri 23 @ 14:52 Polish human rights official under fire for Holocaust remark Fox News
Fri 23 @ 14:52 A Warning From History: Richard Nixon's War on Leaks Ended in His Downfall Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 14:51 Les propositions de May sur les expatriés européens accueillies fraîchement France24
Fri 23 @ 14:50 The Saturday Profile: The Man Who Helped Turn Toronto Into a High-Tech Hotbed The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 14:50 Asylum claimants cautious about new approach to their applications MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 14:48 Student visiting from China dies in boating accident: police MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 14:48 La CIA avait informé Obama dès l'été 2016 que Poutine voulait aider Trump Canoe
Fri 23 @ 14:46 Arab states issue ultimatum to Qatar: close Al Jazeera, curb ties with Iran Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 14:46 Algérie: flambée de racisme en ligne contre les migrants subsahariens France Info
Fri 23 @ 14:44 Brexit : un an après, certains Britanniques regrettent la sortie de l'Union européenne France Info
Fri 23 @ 14:44 Twin blasts kill dozens in Parachinar market Al Jazeera
Fri 23 @ 14:44 White House Calls for Actors to Condemn Johnny Depp 'Assassination' Comment Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 14:44 UAE princesses guilty of servant abuse in Belgium BBC
Fri 23 @ 14:43 North Korea Tour Options Dwindle for Americans. But Not by Much. The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 14:43 'I wanted the building to fly': Renzo Piano's Santander gallery opens The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 14:43 Wall Street soutenue par l'immobilier et le pétrole RTL
Fri 23 @ 14:42 Russia's army forum to discuss modern systems for Arctic military protection TASS
Fri 23 @ 14:42 US accused of 'smear campaign' over Warmbier death Arab News
Fri 23 @ 14:42 Taliban says foreign troops must go before peace talks as US plans 4,000-strong surge Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 14:42 UN to send experts to probe DR Congo violence Arab News
Fri 23 @ 14:42 Lenders to Essar Oil Okay Biggest Ever Foreign Direct Investment in India Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 14:41 Plus de 32 millions d'euros de subsides européens débloqués pour le rail belge RTL
Fri 23 @ 14:40 Outsourcing Firm Infosys Discriminates in Favor of Indians, Says Lawsuit Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 14:40 House Defense Bill Pushing For $640B In Base Budget; Would Trade Lower Top Line For Long-Term Budget Stability U.S. Naval Institute
Fri 23 @ 14:40 UN chief seeks $8bn for South Sudan refugee crisis Arab News
Fri 23 @ 14:40 Huit princesses émiraties condamnées en Belgique pour esclavage moderne Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 14:39 Alexei Navalny barred from Russia presidential poll BBC
Fri 23 @ 14:39 Pakistan says Indian man admits spying Arab News
Fri 23 @ 14:38 'Trump Village' unveiled in India ahead of Modi US visit Arab News
Fri 23 @ 14:38 Labour Confederation, Vietnam News Agency ink cooperation deal Vietnam+
Fri 23 @ 14:38 Obama avisé en août 2016 que Poutine voulait aider Trump La Presse
Fri 23 @ 14:37 Présidentielle russe: l'opposant Navalny déclaré inéligible RTL
Fri 23 @ 14:36 Juncker appelle les Européens à respecter leurs promesses pour les migrants RTL
Fri 23 @ 14:36 Michel très satisfait d'avoir obtenu des clarifications sur la taxe Tobin 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 14:35 Abusive Relationship: Ukrainian Ex-Pres Says EU 'Brought Ukraine to Its Knees' Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 14:34 Russian, German top diplomats hold phone conversation TASS
Fri 23 @ 14:34 North Korea Defends Otto Warmbier's Treatment The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 14:34 Deutsche Welle sees Russian international broadcasters as threat to European ideas TASS
Fri 23 @ 14:33 Brexit : les Français de Londres moins inquiets ? France Info
Fri 23 @ 14:31 Arab states issue ultimatum to Qatar: close Jazeera, curb ties with Iran The Star Online
Fri 23 @ 14:31 Mexico to Trump: American Drug Demand Causes Cartel Violence Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 14:31 Calais : Collomb ne veut pas de "point de fixation" pour les migrants France24
Fri 23 @ 14:31 Europe : les chefs d'État resserrent les rangs France Info
Fri 23 @ 14:30 "Tu n'as pas honte?": les images de vidéosurveillance d'un bus en Turquie montrent une femme se faire agresser pour avoir porté un short RTL
Fri 23 @ 14:30 Germani, le fugitif, raconte son "coup de poker" en pleine cavale RTL
Fri 23 @ 14:30 Theresa May's post-Brexit offer to EU citizens 'will make things worse' – Donald Tusk Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 14:28 GM+S Industry: nouveau sursis mais pas d'offre ferme de reprise RTL
Fri 23 @ 14:27 Un film fustige la politique de Trump sur le charbon Tribune de Genève
Fri 23 @ 14:25 "Fenêtre sur" le musée Guimet : la plus grande collection d"arts asiatiques d"Europe France Info
Fri 23 @ 14:25 US Disrupts Regional Balance by Supporting Middle East Allies – Iranian Official Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 14:25 The Bridge : commémoration du Centenaire par une traversée de l'Atlantique France Info
Fri 23 @ 14:24 'Afghan Forest Camo' Media Leak Hints at Battle for Government Funds in the US Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 14:24 21st ASEAN-RoK Dialogue convenes in Cambodia Vietnam+
Fri 23 @ 14:20 Syrie: l'armée pénètre dans la province de Deir Ezzor tenue par l'EI RTL
Fri 23 @ 14:20 Lavrov believes external players should support Syrian ceasefire TASS
Fri 23 @ 14:20 Barack Obama Plans Return to Campaign Trail to Save Democrats Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 14:19 France Tamps Down on Old Energy, Halting Exploration Licenses in Fall Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 14:19 UK authorities charge Welsh man with murder in mosque attack Fox News
Fri 23 @ 14:19 Macron et Merkel s'affichent ensemble pour donner "un nouvel espoir" à l'Europe RTL
Fri 23 @ 14:19 La Bourse de Paris finit sur une touche morose RTL
Fri 23 @ 14:18 Digital Armageddon: Obama Plotted Detonating Cyber Bombs in Russia Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 14:17 UK desperate to end Julian Assange embassy stand-off – Ecuadorian FM Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 14:17 The US 'Doesn't Fully Understand What It is Doing in Syria, Gets Very Nervous' Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 14:14 Un bus de tourisme s'encastre dans un tunnel à Paris: au moins 4 blessés DH
Fri 23 @ 14:14 Le livre du jour. "A couteaux tirés" de Nikolaï Leskov France Info
Fri 23 @ 14:14 Russian Opposition Figure Navalny Not Entitled to Be Elected | Commission Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 14:13 Soros Lawyers Fail to Prevent Deportation of Alleged Illegal Immigrant Gang Member Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 14:13 La proposition de Theresa May sur les expatriés "en deçà des attentes européennes" RTL
Fri 23 @ 14:11 Polish human rights official under fire for Holocaust remark Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 14:09 Party chief updates Hanoi voters on NA session's outcomes Vietnam+
Fri 23 @ 14:08 Irak: un kamikaze sème la mort parmi des civils fuyant le Vieux Mossoul RTL
Fri 23 @ 14:07 Gay activist claims she was spiritually abused by evangelical churches The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 14:07 Hungary: Opposition says hurt by law on political billboards Fox News
Fri 23 @ 14:06 US issues arrest warrants for former VW execs over emissions cheating Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 14:05 Incendie à Londres: la police n'exclut pas des poursuites pour "homicide" 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 14:04 Kazakhstan denies reports of talks on troop deployments to Syria Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 14:04 Gulf States' Demand to Close Al Jazeera Crime Against Freedom of Speech Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 14:03 Contrats passés par l'INA: Mathieu Gallet renvoyé en procès pour "favoritisme" RTL
Fri 23 @ 14:03 Gunmen kill 3 in suspected extremist attack in Kenya's north Fox News
Fri 23 @ 14:03 Paul: Insurance Should Be Available for $1 a Day — Current Plan Predicated on 'Propping Up' Insurance Companies Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 14:02 US releases photos of 'unsafe' Russian jet intercept Fox News
Fri 23 @ 14:01 Cyclisme: le Tour de France à l'appui des 60 ans du Traité de Rome RTL
Fri 23 @ 14:01 L'UE mitigée face à la proposition de Theresa May Euronews
Fri 23 @ 14:00 Australia to Send Spy Planes to Help Philippines Recapture Marawi The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 13:58 Report: PA President Abbas Fuming Over Jared Kushner Demand to Stop Paying Terrorists Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 13:57 Trade War: US Pressures EU to Nix Nord Stream 2 to Remove Russia From Gas Market Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 13:57 L'inflation à 1,3% en mai La Presse
Fri 23 @ 13:55 À l"heure des élections législatives, l"Albanie a peu d'espoir de guérir de la corruption Tribune de Genève
Fri 23 @ 13:55 Quarante ans de combats pour la Marche des fiertés parisienne RTL
Fri 23 @ 13:55 Myanmar releases nearly 70 more child soldiers: UNICEF Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 13:55 Incendie à Londres: terreur au dix-huitième étage RTL
Fri 23 @ 13:54 Russia Interested in EU Overcoming Difficulties Connected With Brexit | Lavrov Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 13:53 Année France-Colombie : le pays andin à l'honneur dans l'Hexagone France24
Fri 23 @ 13:53 Taliban-linked group kill 30 in double Pakistan bomb blasts S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 13:50 PM urges HCM City to create favourable start-up environment Vietnam+
Fri 23 @ 13:49 'Free wage' recipients in Finland report less stress + greater incentive to work Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 13:48 How Iran's Influence in Persian Gulf Grows Amid Saudi Rift With Qatar Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 13:46 US soon to have permanent diplomatic presence in Somalia Fox News
Fri 23 @ 13:46 Charles Michel très satisfait d'avoir obtenu des clarifications sur la taxe Tobin RTL
Fri 23 @ 13:46 Le Pakistan ensanglanté par des attentats à l'approche de l'Aïd RTL
Fri 23 @ 13:46 Manslaughter charges may be filed in London's lethal Grenfell Tower fire CNN
Fri 23 @ 13:45 Watchdog claims Telegram provides means of communication to terrorists TASS
Fri 23 @ 13:43 Deadly bombings rock Pakistan market Fox News
Fri 23 @ 13:42 Industrie: Le Maire juge possible de "rattraper" l'Allemagne RTL
Fri 23 @ 13:41 Donald Trump Wants Healthcare Deal with Senators Cruz, Paul, Lee, and Johnson Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 13:41 Tusk: UK's Offer on Rights of EU Citizens in Country Below Bloc's Expectation Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 13:41 London Police Say Apartment Blaze Caused by Faulty Freezer, 9 Victims Identified Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 13:40 When is Eid al-Fitr this year? Al Jazeera
Fri 23 @ 13:40 Lavrov: Moscow and Minsk will solve all bilateral issues TASS
Fri 23 @ 13:40 EU chief's one-word response to May's plan BBC
Fri 23 @ 13:39 Sait-on enfin qui se cache derrière Banksy ? Un DJ britannique révèle un indice majeur… Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 13:38 Malaysian financier 'killed in siege' during Philippine battle for Marawi S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 13:38 14 avions de reconnaissance étrangers interceptés en une semaine aux frontières russes Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 13:35 Relatives of 12-year-old indigenous girl who killed herself casting no blame MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 13:34 Almost 84,000 Migrants Arrive in Europe by Sea in 2017 | IOM Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 13:34 Londres: l'incendie de la tour Grenfell est parti d'un réfrigérateur France Info
Fri 23 @ 13:33 Kushner Visits Israel, Palestine to 'Lay the Groundwork' For Two-State Talks Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 13:32 Reaction to PM's plans for EU nationals in the UK BBC
Fri 23 @ 13:31 Police mull manslaughter charges over London tower blaze S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 13:31 La CIA avait informé Obama dès l'été 2016 que Poutine voulait aider Trump DH
Fri 23 @ 13:30 Asia in 3 minutes: lizard penises for India's lucky charm seekers, coffins for Cambodian leader's rivals S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 13:29 Pays-Bas: une application pour bloquer les cellulaires des jeunes cyclistes Canoe
Fri 23 @ 13:29 Migrations: retour de la route «espagnole»? France Info
Fri 23 @ 13:28 SpaceX goes for a launch doubleheader this weekend ArsTechnica
Fri 23 @ 13:27 Pakistan : un double attentat sur un marché bondé fait au moins 11 morts Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 13:27 Ingérence russe: Trump met en doute l'impartialité du procureur La Presse
Fri 23 @ 13:25 Country Club Rules: Why Minor EU Members Unable to Copy Brexit Model Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 13:25 Russia launches serial production of seaborne air defense missile system TASS
Fri 23 @ 13:24 Cladding in London Building Where Fire Raged Failed Investigators' Tests The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 13:20 Attentats au Pakistan: au moins 24 morts La Presse
Fri 23 @ 13:16 Kamaz to invest 50 mln euro in construction of assembly plant in Africa TASS
Fri 23 @ 13:13 Major New Brunswick tungsten mine gets federal environmental approval MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 13:13 Pakistan twin blast: At least 38 killed, 121 injured in Parachinar explosions Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 13:12 Un village d'Inde change son nom en "Trump" 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 13:11 Zebrafish provide new insight into human back pain + cancer Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 13:11 Vietnam asks US to lift embargo against Cuba Vietnam+
Fri 23 @ 13:09 Facebook lance un plan de lutte contre les discours haineux Canoe
Fri 23 @ 13:08 Khmer Rouge Trial, Perhaps the Last, Nears End in Cambodia The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 13:06 India-US Consortium to Bolster India's Power Grid With $30 million Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 13:05 Key facts about Turkish Stream project TASS
Fri 23 @ 13:02 Norway to Brazil: Curb deforestation or we stop the money ABC News
Fri 23 @ 13:01 Sécurité renforcée à Madrid pour la WorldPride Canoe
Fri 23 @ 13:01 SOE equitisation targets transparency Vietnam+
Fri 23 @ 13:00 Clarivate Analytics announces landmark partnership with Impactstory TASS
Fri 23 @ 12:59 Trudeau souligne la Journée nationale du souvenir des victimes de terrorisme La Presse
Fri 23 @ 12:58 Lavrov slams NATO for its geopolitical ambitions TASS
Fri 23 @ 12:58 Study: Support for Israel on U.S. College Campuses Drops by 'Devastating' 27 Percent Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 12:58 Why NATO's Increased Reconnaissance Activity 'Comes as No Surprise to Russia' Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 12:57 Finsbury Park attack suspect charged with terrorism-related murder CNN
Fri 23 @ 12:55 Donald Trump: 'It Would Be a Very Sad Day for Republicans' If Nancy Pelosi Steps Down Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 12:55 « Les Films interdits. L'héritage caché du cinéma nazi » sort en DVD Le Monde
Fri 23 @ 12:54 Thousands could be evacuated from UK tower blocks over fire risk Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 12:53 Cambodia's economic growth expected to hit 7 percent in 2017 Vietnam+
Fri 23 @ 12:52 Play in Polish theatre accused of inciting audience to murder The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 12:52 US Yet to Respond to Russia's Readiness to Renew Talks on Ukraine | Lavrov Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 12:52 US Treasure Hunter Says Search for $2Mln Chest Should Not End Despite Two Deaths Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 12:51 L'homme ayant fauché des musulmans à Londres formellement accusé Radio-Canada
Fri 23 @ 12:50 I'll Show You! Sweden Allows US to Browse Through Its Fingerprint Database Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 12:49 Au Danemark, l'école de la ségrégation Le Monde
Fri 23 @ 12:48 Boy charged in killing of 18-year-old woman on Halifax-area walkway MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 12:45 Russia Enraged Over Timing of Polish Bill to Raze Soviet WWII Memorials Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 12:45 G.-B.: Facebook lance un plan de lutte contre les discours haineux La Presse
Fri 23 @ 12:44 Queen reported to police for failing to wear a seatbelt Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 12:44 Electric Eye: New Satellite Gives India the Edge Along the Border Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 12:43 QuickList: May inflation rate for selected Canadian cities MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 12:43 Record Number of Agreements Signed During ATOMEXPO-2017 Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 12:43 Charles Aznavour reçoit une étoile sur le célèbre "Walk of Fame" à Hollywood France Info
Fri 23 @ 12:43 First agricultural trade fair opens in An Giang Vietnam+
Fri 23 @ 12:42 Loose Definition of Terrorism Upends a Syrian Asylum Seeker's Life The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 12:41 QuickList: May inflation rates for Canadian provinces, territories MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 12:40 Beijing Opposes Pyongyang's Actions in Violation of UNSC Resolutions Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 12:40 The Reappearance of Kaleidoscopes Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 12:39 Police Officer Beaten to Death by a Mob in Kashmir The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 12:39 Lavrov blasts Kiev's attempts to gain control over Donbass TASS
Fri 23 @ 12:38 100 Million African Refugees, Saudi Shake-Up, Iran's Missile Strike Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 12:37 À Paris, un bus de tourisme s'encastre dans le pont Alexandre III France24
Fri 23 @ 12:37 Russia, Belarus plan to create common visa space — Lavrov TASS
Fri 23 @ 12:37 Lavrov: NATO Unveils Facilities Near Russia Behind Far-Fetched Pretexts Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 12:36 China could benefit from Trump-Modi summit: Report Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 12:35 Antonio Guterres exhorte à la «solidarité» Tribune de Genève
Fri 23 @ 12:35 'I'm not a murderer': top Khmer Rouge leader denies genocide at close of UN-backed trial S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 12:34 Weaker growth in gas prices helps slow annual inflation rate to 1.3% in May MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 12:30 Et Mitterrand créa la gauche Le Monde
Fri 23 @ 12:29 In a world ruled by rumour, it is vital that scientists speak with humility and clarity | Sue Desmond-Hellmann The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 12:29 Vietnam's netizens mobilise to save foreign volunteer Vietnam+
Fri 23 @ 12:28 Un bus de tourisme à étage s'encastre sous un pont à Paris: des blessés 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 12:27 "We made history": NASA launches lightest + first 3D-printed satellite, designed by Indian teen Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 12:27 Un autocar heurte un pont à Paris: quatre blessés La Presse
Fri 23 @ 12:25 One of Russia's biggest oil companies mulling cooperation with Saudi Arabia TASS
Fri 23 @ 12:25 US-Led Coalition Conducts 19 Strikes Against Daesh Near Raqqa Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 12:25 Lavrov: Signs Point to EU's Readiness to Abandon 'Dead-Ended' Russia Policy Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 12:24 Des affiches anti-IVG sur les abribus 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 12:23 The week in 23 photos CNN
Fri 23 @ 12:22 China asks India, US not to disturb peace in South China Sea Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 12:22 Trump's options on North Korea after Warmbier's death ABC News
Fri 23 @ 12:21 Vietnam, Cambodia leaders exchange congratulations on diplomatic ties Vietnam+
Fri 23 @ 12:20 South Korean President Moon Jae-in vows to 'dominate' North Korea after missile test S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 12:20 Firms told to fix substandard fishing boats Vietnam+
Fri 23 @ 12:19 Après la Trump Tower, le «Trump village» Tribune de Genève
Fri 23 @ 12:16 Lavrov: 'Russia Has No Allergies to Belarus-EU Rapprochement' Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 12:15 Un kamikaze se fait exploser parmi des civils fuyant Mossoul: 12 morts 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 12:14 Ghana : la Cour suprême remet en cause la réinstallation de deux anciens détenus de Guantanamo Afrik
Fri 23 @ 12:13 L'homme qui a foncé sur des musulmans de Londres poursuivi pour meurtre lié au terrorisme France24
Fri 23 @ 12:13 Eid al-Fitr holiday: How many days is it by country? Al Jazeera
Fri 23 @ 12:12 Botswana's former President Ketumile Masire dies aged 91 BBC
Fri 23 @ 12:11 UK police charge Finsbury Park mosque suspect with terrorism-related murder ABC
Fri 23 @ 12:11 Lavrov says no plans to occupy Belarus on pretext of conducting military drills TASS
Fri 23 @ 12:11 De un à 28 ans de prison pour les membres d'une filière djihadiste 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 12:09 La franchise de McDonald's en Arabie saoudite fait publiquement allégeance au nouveau prince Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 12:08 Le siège du PS à vendre sur LeBonCoin, juste une blague ? Le Monde
Fri 23 @ 12:08 North Korea denies torturing Otto Warmbier and accuses US of 'smear campaign' S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 12:07 Dennis Rodman speaks out about his visit to North Korea ABC News
Fri 23 @ 12:07 Un bus de tourisme à étages heurte un pont à Paris, au moins quatre blessés Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 12:06 La France veut éviter un «appel d'air» à Calais Tribune de Genève
Fri 23 @ 12:05 Un feu de végétation ravage un parc naturel aux Pays-Bas 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 12:03 Deep fried tarantula, anyone? BBC
Fri 23 @ 12:03 Taliban say US must quit Afghanistan for peace Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 12:02 Le massacre perpétré par Breivik devrait faire l'objet d'un film 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 12:00 Check Point says Fireball malware hit 250 million; Microsoft says no ArsTechnica
Fri 23 @ 11:58 Malaysian PM calls for peace, unity among Muslims Vietnam+
Fri 23 @ 11:58 La Russie menace de bloquer la messagerie cryptée Telegram La Presse
Fri 23 @ 11:58 Un village indien change son nom en «Trump» La Presse
Fri 23 @ 11:54 Church leaders call for urgent debate on terrorism, Grenfell fire and election The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 11:54 Online concern over Chinese 'human embroidery' trend BBC
Fri 23 @ 11:53 Telegram : la Russie n'apprécie pas le cryptage Euronews
Fri 23 @ 11:53 St. Petersburg may apply for hosting Champions League final TASS
Fri 23 @ 11:51 How did Otto Warmbier die? The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 11:51 Hong Kong's new chief: detention of booksellers in China not our concern The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 11:50 Le nouvel ambassadeur américain en Belgique est connu 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 11:50 Un réfrigérateur défectueux serait responsable de l'incendie de la Grenfell Tower Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 11:49 Donald Trump: Robert Mueller Friendship with James Comey 'Bothersome' Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 11:49 Onze blessés dans une agression au gaz lacrymogène en Allemagne 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 11:48 Sadiq Khan Slammed for Refusing to Support Hezbollah Ban Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 11:48 Indian Police Arrest Former Customs Officer Who Sold Penises of Lizards for Luck Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 11:45 Pyongyang denies torturing US student who died after release from North Korea TASS
Fri 23 @ 11:43 Los Angeles Wants to Rename Rodeo Road 'Obama Boulevard' Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 11:43 Fight Or Flight: EU Plan to Stop Chinese Dumping Threatens to Spark Trade War Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 11:42 Deadly Grenfell Tower blaze because of faulty fridge Al Jazeera
Fri 23 @ 11:42 Etienne Daho, confessions d'un éternel fan Le Monde
Fri 23 @ 11:42 IDF: Iran Paying $195 Million Annually to Fund Anti-Israel Terrorist Groups Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 11:42 How Did We Get Here? Brexit One Year on From the June 23 Referendum Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 11:42 RoK investors explore chances in Can Tho's health care, construction Vietnam+
Fri 23 @ 11:41 Rosneft will export gas from Zohr project in Egypt to Middle East — source TASS
Fri 23 @ 11:41 Un réfrigérateur défectueux à l'origine de la tragédie de la tour Grenfell Radio-Canada
Fri 23 @ 11:41 Italian Scientist Plans to Transplant Human Head in China Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 11:40 Attaque d'une mosquée: le conducteur mis en examen Tribune de Genève
Fri 23 @ 11:40 Russian Arms Exporter's India Orders Portfolio Tops $4 Bln | Rosoboronexport Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 11:39 Bangladesh landslide: Roads to Rangamati reopened BBC
Fri 23 @ 11:36 The world is starting to solve its problems -- with or without Trump CNN
Fri 23 @ 11:36 Russian Investment Fund Denies CNN Report of US Sanctions Regime Violations Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 11:34 Court in China Reduces Sentence for Man Who Killed Debt Collector The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 11:33 Putin gives start to Turkish Stream pipeline segments jointing TASS
Fri 23 @ 11:33 Incendie à Londres: la police envisage des accusations d'homicide La Presse
Fri 23 @ 11:33 Did Tories break election law by canvassing voters from secret call center? Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 11:32 London fire-hit tower block cladding fail safety tests China.org.cn
Fri 23 @ 11:32 N. Korea blames US student's death on Obama policy, calls itself 'biggest victim' Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 11:31 Turquie: la jeune fille frappée parce qu'elle portait un short pendant le ramadan soutenue sur ... DH
Fri 23 @ 11:31 Palestinian Authority: Payments to Terrorists a 'Social Responsibility' Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 11:30 Infanterie 0010 #414 «La croix rouge» 45e Nord
Fri 23 @ 11:29 Syrie: 472 civils tués par les raids de la coalition depuis un mois Canoe
Fri 23 @ 11:26 ​HCM City expands walking space for tourists Vietnam+
Fri 23 @ 11:26 L'auteur de l'attaque à Londres poursuivi pour meurtre lié au terrorisme 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 11:25 Angoisse chez les employés de Sears TVA Nouvelles
Fri 23 @ 11:24 Theresa May offers to let 3mn EU citizens remain in UK after Brexit Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 11:21 Gazprom getting proposals on Turkish Stream gas pipeline extension in Europe TASS
Fri 23 @ 11:21 Pinpoint Precision: Russia Uses Kalibrs Only on Significant Targets in Syria Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 11:20 Theresa May promises to let EU citizens stay in UK after Brexit Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 11:20 Un frigidaire serait à l'origine de l'incendie de la tour Grenfell Euronews
Fri 23 @ 11:20 Pyongyang refuse tout blâme pour la mort d'Otto Warmbier Radio-Canada
Fri 23 @ 11:19 Criant manque de travailleurs dans l'aéronautique québécois TVA Nouvelles
Fri 23 @ 11:18 Putin certain Akkuyu NPP in Turkey to be built on time TASS
Fri 23 @ 11:17 Angela Merkel invite les responsables européens du prochain G20 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 11:16 Red Cross Ready to Mediate Talks on Safety Zones in Donbass Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 11:13 Au Yémen, les Emirats arabes unis disposent de prisons secrètes utilisées comme centres de torture Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 11:13 Turkey dismisses demand to close Qatar military base Al Jazeera
Fri 23 @ 11:13 Corbyn Overtakes May as Voters' Choice for Best Prime Minister, Poll Finds Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 11:11 Putin praises level of cooperation with Turkey TASS
Fri 23 @ 11:11 Pyongyang nie que l'Américain Otto Warmbier ait été torturé Canoe
Fri 23 @ 11:10 North Korea denies US student Otto Warmbier was tortured The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 11:10 Saudi reshuffle could completely shake up oil markets Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 11:09 Johnny Depp, Courting Outrage, Flirts With Idea of Trump Assassination The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 11:09 The pain and gain of Brexit vote: British economy a year on Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 11:09 Russia ready to deliver gas to South, Southeast Europe through Turkey TASS
Fri 23 @ 11:08 Thailand aims for world's best film location Vietnam+
Fri 23 @ 11:06 Quang Tri learns public administration experiences from RoK Vietnam+
Fri 23 @ 11:05 Finsbury Park Attacker Charged With Terrorism Related Murder, Attempted Murder Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 11:05 Attaque à Londres: le suspect formellement accusé La Presse
Fri 23 @ 11:04 Vinalines Container launches first lighterage service in the north Vietnam+
Fri 23 @ 11:04 La proposition de May fraîchement accueillie par les citoyens européens 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 11:03 Police office targeted in deadly Quetta suicide blast Al Jazeera
Fri 23 @ 11:02 DPRK says death of U.S. student Warmbier 'mystery' China.org.cn
Fri 23 @ 11:02 Putin to Erdogan: Turkish Stream's Pipe-Laying Work Has Started Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 11:02 Thai bank holds CLMV market seminar Vietnam+
Fri 23 @ 11:00 O: Canada's Edgy 150th Birthday Rebranding The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 11:00 From heatwaves to hurricanes, floods to famine: seven climate change hotspots The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 11:00 Researchers optimize a powered exoskeleton to cut energy used in walking ArsTechnica
Fri 23 @ 10:59 Balochistan blast: 11 killed in explosion in Pakistan's restive province Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 10:57 Not by Arms Alone: What is the Purpose of Russian Defense Sector Reform? Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 10:56 Mysterious 'unseen planetary mass' lurking at edge of solar system Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 10:55 Ukrainian Lawmakers Prepare Impeachment Proceedings Against President Poroshenko Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 10:54 EU leaders suddenly have a spring in their step CNN
Fri 23 @ 10:54 Denmark Probes Noxious US Army Base to Settle Toxic Issue With Greenland Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 10:51 Italie : la mort d'un enfant enflamme le débat sur la vaccination Euronews
Fri 23 @ 10:50 Gambia's "deserted" village: Why did the young men leave? BBC
Fri 23 @ 10:48 Quand Einstein regrettait ses mariages ratés Tribune de Genève
Fri 23 @ 10:48 South Korea Tests Missile Capable of Striking Any Part of the North The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 10:47 China-led AIIB Signs $160 Million Loan Pact for India's “Power for All” Project Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 10:47 Shark attacks threaten Reunion Island tourist trade BBC
Fri 23 @ 10:45 RuPaul to get star on Hollywood walk of fame along with Snoop Dogg and Simon Cowell BBC
Fri 23 @ 10:45 California 'road rage' results in motorway car crash BBC
Fri 23 @ 10:45 VEAM steps up manufacturing of machines for export Vietnam+
Fri 23 @ 10:43 US senator slams Chinese paper for 'threatening' Indian-origin University Chancellor Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 10:43 Russia and India sign military cooperation roadmap TASS
Fri 23 @ 10:43 Lavrov: Western campaign against Russia accompanied by pressure on Russians living abroad TASS
Fri 23 @ 10:41 'Dead end for EU': Senior lawmaker blasts fresh round of anti-Russian sanctions Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 10:41 Netanyahu Okays New Homes for Beit El Jewish Community in West Bank Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 10:40 Russia, Turkey and Iran continue cooperation on de-escalation zones in Syria TASS
Fri 23 @ 10:37 Paris-2024 : une piste d'athlétisme sur la Seine Euronews
Fri 23 @ 10:37 'State trojans': New German law enables police to hack into encrypted messengers Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 10:34 Syrie: 472 civils tués par les raids de la coalition en un mois La Presse
Fri 23 @ 10:32 Serbia, Russia to boost economic cooperation TASS
Fri 23 @ 10:32 Un frigo défectueux a fait s'embraser la tour Tribune de Genève
Fri 23 @ 10:31 L'ONU condamne la destruction du minaret Tribune de Genève
Fri 23 @ 10:30 Londres: l'homme qui a attaqué des musulmans est poursuivi pour meurtre lié au terrorisme DH
Fri 23 @ 10:27 Justin Trudeau au Québec pour la fête nationale La Presse
Fri 23 @ 10:25 Turkish Soldiers Kill 53 Kurdistan Workers Party Militants Last Week Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 10:24 Venezuela: manifestations pro-Ortega, 75e mort en trois mois BFM TV
Fri 23 @ 10:24 Sénégal : en Casamance, l'espoir d'une nouvelle ère France24
Fri 23 @ 10:24 Price tag for Muskrat Falls hydro megaproject rises by another billion, CEO says MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 10:22 Two British Men Arrested For Hacking Microsoft The Hacker News
Fri 23 @ 10:22 Junker pas satisfait du «premier pas» de May Tribune de Genève
Fri 23 @ 10:22 Otto Warmbier: North Korea denies mistreating US student BBC
Fri 23 @ 10:20 La "Raspoutine sud-coréenne" condamnée à trois ans de prison 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 10:19 Grenfell tower fire started in fridge freezer, say London Police Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 10:19 Russian defense minister: India's SCO accession opens up new prospects for cooperation TASS
Fri 23 @ 10:19 Un frigo défectueux est bien à l'origine de l'incendie de Londres 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 10:16 Le Canada revendique le tir de sniper le plus long du monde BFM TV
Fri 23 @ 10:15 Mort d'Otto Warmbier: Pyongyang accuse Washington de «diffamation» La Presse
Fri 23 @ 10:14 Russia and India to hold first combined forces drills in fall TASS
Fri 23 @ 10:14 Serbian president confident EU accession will not aggravate relations with Russia TASS
Fri 23 @ 10:13 '70% of Czechs reject euro': Prague still hesitant over single currency Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 10:12 Police considering manslaughter charges over London tower fire ABC
Fri 23 @ 10:12 North Korea says Otto Warmbier's death a 'mystery to us as well'  Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 10:07 Lionel Messi 'could swap tax fraud jail sentence for fine' BBC
Fri 23 @ 10:05 Russian fund says need for Russia-US dialogue stronger than attempts to limit contacts TASS
Fri 23 @ 10:05 Liste d'exigences et ultimatum au Qatar Euronews
Fri 23 @ 10:04 Populist Party Leader: Move the Austrian Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 10:02 It's the Anniversary of Britain's Independence Day – But Brexit Has Barely Left the Starting Blocks Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 10:00 Guatemala president under pressure over lobbying firm linked to Mike Pence The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 09:59 Message to the Neighbors: What Riyadh's New Crown Prince Means for the Region Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 09:59 American Airlines rejects bid from Qatar Airways to buy stake Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 09:58 Julian Assange espère "gagner" d'ici six mois 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 09:52 French Court Sentences 18 Men to Prison Terms Over Terror Charges Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 09:50 Syrie: près de 472 civils tués par les raids de la coalition depuis un mois BFM TV
Fri 23 @ 09:47 Police would struggle to tackle repeat of 2011 'mass riots' – chief constable Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 09:43 Man breaks running lawnmower balancing record BBC
Fri 23 @ 09:42 US: North Korea 'tests rocket engine for ICBM' Al Jazeera
Fri 23 @ 09:41 Le MoDem voulait "recaser un maximum de salariés" 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 09:40 All for Oil: Norway to 'Drown Paris Agreement' in Record Arctic Exploration Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 09:36 Emplois fictifs au MoDem : "François Bayrou ment", accuse un ancien assistant parlementaire France24
Fri 23 @ 09:31 La Corée du Nord nie que l'Américain Otto Warmbier ait été torturé 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 09:18 Filière jihadiste de Cannes-Torcy : deux acquittements et des peines jusqu'à 28 ans de prison France24
Fri 23 @ 09:18 Czech Army Modernization: Why Prague Sticks to Washington's Whims Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 09:15 London Mayor Urges UK PM May 'to Abandon Her Extreme, Hard Brexit Approach' Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 09:14 Turkey has no intention of closing Qatar base despite Saudi ultimatum Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 09:13 Obama sort de sa réserve pour dénoncer la réforme santé voulue par Trump BFM TV
Fri 23 @ 09:13 L'incendie de la Tour Grenfell est due à un frigo défectueux DH
Fri 23 @ 09:13 Splish splashing spinning gorilla BBC
Fri 23 @ 09:11 Dubai's most extravagant hotels CNN
Fri 23 @ 09:10 Plus de 2.000 migrants décédés en mer vers l'Europe depuis janvier 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 09:08 Faire du mur de Trump à la frontière un mur solaire? Pas si facile 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 09:06 L'Albanie en quête d'élections apaisées Tribune de Genève
Fri 23 @ 09:06 Kim Dotcom trolls Obama with badass photo of Putin standing in rain Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 09:03 Crise du Golfe : l'Arabie Saoudite et ses alliés envoient une liste de doléances à l'émir du Qatar France24
Fri 23 @ 08:57 Kazakhstan expects US, Jordan, UN to confirm participation in Astana talks on Syria TASS
Fri 23 @ 08:57 Barnaby Joyce likens Brexit to divorce – but 'I'll talk to both sides' The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 08:56 Haïti réclame à l'ONU justice pour les victimes du choléra Euronews
Fri 23 @ 08:56 Chris Froome veut son Tour de France Euronews
Fri 23 @ 08:53 Tirs de missiles russes sur des cibles de l'EI Euronews
Fri 23 @ 08:53 Champs-Élysées Attacker May Have Been Plotting Attack at Eiffel Tower Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 08:51 Shelling of Water Treatment Plant Near Donetsk Could Cause Massive Chlorine Leak Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 08:50 Resurgent Middle Eastern Power Moves to Reshape the Balance in the Region Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 08:48 La prison s'éloigne pour Messi Euronews
Fri 23 @ 08:45 Toothpick crossbow prompts parent petitions in China ABC
Fri 23 @ 08:44 Le zoo de Tokyo annonce le sexe de son cher bébé panda 7 SUR 7
Fri 23 @ 08:43 China 'willing to work with US' to ease tensions over North Korea, top diplomat tells Trump S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 08:39 Qatar Simplifies Visa Rules for Nationals From 37 Countries Including Russia Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 08:37 Serbia views friendly ties with Russia as priority, ex-president says TASS
Fri 23 @ 08:37 EU members abstain as Britain defeated in UN vote on Chagos Islands The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 08:34 Get the message? Telegram threatened with blocking by Russian media watchdog over non-compliance Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 08:33 Le parquet disposé à remplacer la peine de prison de Messi par une amende DH
Fri 23 @ 08:29 Thou Shalt Not Pass? Refugee-Refusing Poland Risks Losing Nordic Support Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 08:26 Why has Italy been spared mass terror attacks in recent years? The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 08:25 'World fails miserably to stop opium threat': RT reports from drug factory Afghanistan Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 08:24 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia is 'so far, so good' – Germany"s Emre Can TASS
Fri 23 @ 08:24 Theresa May Says 3 Million EU Migrants Can Stay Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 08:22 China's top diplomat holds talks with President Donald Trump on North Korea Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 08:18 Un attentat suicide vise la police à Quetta Tribune de Genève
Fri 23 @ 08:14 Pakistani-origin man arrested for sex crimes in US Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 08:12 NHL says Olympic participation matter closed TASS
Fri 23 @ 08:12 Donald Trump's bright idea: A solar wall at the US-Mexico border Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 08:09 North Korea tests new missile engine, US officials say BBC
Fri 23 @ 08:07 California AG bans state travel to Texas, three other states Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 08:07 Pyongyang dément avoir torturé l'étudiant américain décédé BFM TV
Fri 23 @ 08:06 US airstrike kills al-Qaida commander, 2 others, in Yemen Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 08:03 Forest fires in Siberia double in size in 24 hours reaching 54,000 hectares TASS
Fri 23 @ 08:00 Tirs de missiles russes depuis la Méditerranée sur l'EI Canoe
Fri 23 @ 08:00 Toronto-born son of Russian spies wins fight to regain citizenship MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 07:56 Why the Creation of the EU Army is Nothing But 'a Pure Fantasy' Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 07:56 Daesh Transferring Militants to Hama Province Via Various Routes | MoD Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 07:51 Faire du mur de Trump à la frontière un mur solaire? Pas si facile Canoe
Fri 23 @ 07:49 Corbyn préféré à May comme premier ministre Tribune de Genève
Fri 23 @ 07:45 Explosion devant un QG de la police au Pakistan, au moins 11 morts BFM TV
Fri 23 @ 07:43 Ecology official considers Russia-China environmental cooperation exemplary TASS
Fri 23 @ 07:36 À Bruxelles, Theresa May dévoile ses premières propositions sur le Brexit France24
Fri 23 @ 07:33 400 more homes evacuated by growing fire near Utah ski town Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 07:32 It's a girl!: Tokyo zoo gives more details on its new panda cub S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 07:30 Is the Senate Health Care Bill DOA? Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 07:27 Trump Denies Obstructing Justice in FBI Probe Into Russian Meddling in Election Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 07:26 In South Korea, Confidante of Ousted President Gets 3 Years in Prison The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 07:23 India policeman lynched in Kashmir BBC
Fri 23 @ 07:22 MPs to argue Northern Irish women have right to abortion on NHS The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 07:21 'Can we bring Trump here?' Johnny Depp asks Glastonbury crowd about assassinating a president S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 07:20 Zemmour s'en prend à une députée En Marche: "on aurait mis une chèvre à votre place... ... DH
Fri 23 @ 07:20 America Tortures Once Again | This Time in Yemen War Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 07:19 With an Eye to the Future: Why Kurds Want to Vote on Independence Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 07:14 Kulbhushan Jadhav asks for clemency, says Pakistan army Al Jazeera
Fri 23 @ 07:13 The 'soulful torment' of psychologist who was paid millions to design CIA torture methods S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 07:11 Thailand to impose 20-year national strategy on future governments ABC
Fri 23 @ 07:10 US Implicated in Yemen Torture; ACLU Files Inauguration Day Lawsuit Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 07:09 WannaCry helps speeding drivers dodge fines in Australia BBC
Fri 23 @ 07:09 Peru prime minister to take on double role as finance minister: Sources Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 07:06 Brexit : ce que les résidents européens au Royaume-Uni doivent savoir Euronews
Fri 23 @ 07:02 ROK test-fires home-grown ballistic missile China.org.cn
Fri 23 @ 06:51 Prime Minister May offer: EU citizens can stay in UK CNN
Fri 23 @ 06:49 Mao Kobayashi: Japanese cancer blogger dies at 34 BBC
Fri 23 @ 06:33 La "Raspoutine" coréenne condamnée à trois ans de prison BFM TV
Fri 23 @ 06:32 Des griots d'Afrique au hip hop – Sons échos et résonnances de l'océan (II) Afrik
Fri 23 @ 06:30 Iraq PM: Mosul liberation to be announced in few days Al Jazeera
Fri 23 @ 06:28 Pakistan: 11 dead after car bomb near police chief's office in Quetta The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 06:26 Le prenant pour un terroriste, un policier français désarme... un autre policier DH
Fri 23 @ 06:23 India Successfully Launches Rocket With 31 Satellites | Space Agency Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 06:22 Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Hong Kong confirmed: report Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 06:21 Dawson City's stolen 'sour toe' returned to its rightful owner MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 06:17 EU agrees to create defence fund, boosting military co-operation and sending message to Trump S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 06:15 Russia's telecom watchdog may block Telegram messenger in Russia TASS
Fri 23 @ 06:14 Les Etats-Unis suspendent les importations de boeuf brésilien pour raisons sanitaires BFM TV
Fri 23 @ 06:11 Le basketteur français Frank Ntilikina sélectionné comme meneur des New York Knicks France24
Fri 23 @ 06:07 Russian warships fire Kalibr cruise missiles, destroy IS arms depots in Syria TASS
Fri 23 @ 06:05 What are the unspoken rules of using public transport in your city? The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 06:01 China's clampdown on webcasting sends Weibo, Sina reeling Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 06:00 Rider v rider: how transit etiquette campaigns make you the scapegoat The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 06:00 Aduro Diamonds appoints Mr. Ronald H. Winston to its Board of Directors TASS
Fri 23 @ 05:57 British accountant sentenced to 17 years in Myanmar jail in controversial court case The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 05:57 Geylang Ramadan bazaar: Singapore's new hipster haunt BBC
Fri 23 @ 05:55 BRICS member states reiterate commitment to Paris accord on climate TASS
Fri 23 @ 05:55 Over 1,700 Migrants Rescued Off Libyan Coast in 2 Weeks | IOM Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 05:53 Frank Ntilikina, le nouveau "frenchy" de la NBA Euronews
Fri 23 @ 05:51 Bill tabled in US House of Representatives to revoke Pakistan's ally status Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 05:49 New GhostHook Attack Bypasses Windows 10 PatchGuard Protections The Hacker News
Fri 23 @ 05:48 Russian Warships, Sub Launch Cruise Missiles at Daesh Targets in Syria | MoD Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 05:39 Turquie : une gifle pour un short Euronews
Fri 23 @ 05:38 Trump names New York Jets owner Woody Johnson as ambassador to Britain S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 05:37 Indian Navy Readies To Select Firms Specializing In Warships, Submarines Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 05:37 Kulbhushan Jadhav: Pakistan says Indian 'spy' files mercy petition BBC
Fri 23 @ 05:33 South Korea: Choi Soon-sil handed three-year jail term Al Jazeera
Fri 23 @ 05:31 Friday briefing: It's the EU that is leaving Britain behind The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 05:30 Le grand défilé de Cyril Hanouna Le Monde
Fri 23 @ 05:25 Rafale Deal: Reliance Defence to Make Aerospace Parts With French Firm Daher Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 05:24 He hacked, then snacked: CIA vending machines raided by hungry high-tech thief S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 05:24 United Nations stresses for support for Haiti cholera fight Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 05:21 Quand Johnny Depp dérape sur Donald Trump Euronews
Fri 23 @ 05:20 La "Raspoutine" sud-coréenne condamnée Euronews
Fri 23 @ 05:16 Russia may ease visa regime for foreign students TASS
Fri 23 @ 05:16 Donald Trump assure ne pas avoir d"enregistrements de l'ex-chef du FBI, James Comey France24
Fri 23 @ 05:15 What Malaysia can learn from the Lee Kuan Yew family feud in Singapore S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 05:05 Kazakh foreign minister denies talks on sending troops to Syria TASS
Fri 23 @ 05:03 Europe Edition: 'Brexit', Republican Party, Confederations Cup: Your Friday Briefing The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 05:03 India launches 31 satellites in single space mission China.org.cn
Fri 23 @ 05:01 It's been so hot in Britain, these schoolboys wore skirts to school to beat ban on shorts S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 05:00 Turkish schools to stop teaching evolution, official says The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 05:00 Iran nuclear chief warns US over support for Saudi Arabia The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 05:00 'I buried my smallest one under a bush': starvation and sorrow in South Sudan | Jason Burke The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 05:00 Blast Near Police Office Kills 5, Injures 10 in Northwest Pakistan Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 04:59 Two Bali prison escapees caught in Timor-Leste, but Australian still at large The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 04:57 Two foreign inmates who escaped Bali's Kerobokan prison captured in East Timor S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 04:56 Arab states send Qatar 13 demands to end crisis, official says Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 04:56 Des enfants meurent du plomb : état d'urgence au Pérou Euronews
Fri 23 @ 04:55 Genoa airport lifts liquids ban for pesto The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 04:52 Super Mario fan makes augmented reality game BBC
Fri 23 @ 04:50 Healthcare protest spills over into DC national airport SABC News
Fri 23 @ 04:41 Choi Soon-sil: South Korean ex-president's friend jailed BBC
Fri 23 @ 04:41 Kazakhstan Foreign Minister Denies Talks Underway to Send Troops to Syria Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 04:38 Le MoDem a «recasé» des salariés à Bruxelles Tribune de Genève
Fri 23 @ 04:31 Facebook, YouTube, Netflix Face Ad Curbs in Thailand – Telecom Regulator Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 04:31 Job Creators Network: GOP Special Election Proof America Wants 'Trump's Job Creation Agenda' Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 04:30 NBA draft: A day in the life of Sports Illustrated ABC
Fri 23 @ 04:30 Un Californien visite Disneyland 2.000 jours d'affilée DH
Fri 23 @ 04:28 Noisy New York turns to technology to dial down the volume S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 04:26 Moscou : une artiste arrêtée pour “virtualité” Euronews
Fri 23 @ 04:26 USS Reagan crew can sue Japanese company over Fukushima nuclear disaster – court Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 04:25 'When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?' Depp asks crowd ABC
Fri 23 @ 04:25 Vivre sous la menace du Vésuve Le Monde
Fri 23 @ 04:23 Sean Hannity Offers to Pay for Therapy for Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 04:23 Otto Warmbier's Jewish Faith Was Kept Secret so Officials Could Negotiate His Release from North Korea Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 04:21 "Crooks, liars and oligarchs": corruption scandals and ethnic Chinese mud-slinging mar Mongolia's presidential vote S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 04:17 Friend of former South Korean leader Park Geun-hye jailed for three years: News agency Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 04:13 Gulf States to Qatar: Limit Iran Ties, Shut Turkish Base, Close Al Jazeera Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 04:12 La confidente de l'ex-présidente sud-coréenne condamnée à trois ans de prison La Presse
Fri 23 @ 04:07 Oussama Zariouh voulait se marier cet été DH
Fri 23 @ 04:06 Tour de France 2018 postponed due to 2018 FIFA World Cup TASS
Fri 23 @ 04:03 UK schoolboys wear skirts to protest against shorts ban ABC
Fri 23 @ 04:02 Facebook's New Mission: Bringing the World Closer Together Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 04:01 Irak: avancée des troupes à Mossoul, l'EI détruit un minaret symbolique 45e Nord
Fri 23 @ 04:01 Xi Jinping Is Set for a Big Gamble With China's Carbon Trading Market The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 03:57 Lockheed Martin Gets $130 Million to Provide US Navy With Acoustic Services Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 03:56 Virginia man charged with giving secret documents to China Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 03:51 Saudi Arabia + allies demand Qatar close Turkish base, shut Al Jazeera + more within 10 days Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 03:50 Celebrity chef Darren Simpson dies in Australia after battle with alcohol S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 03:50 Trump nomme son ambassadeur à Londres, le propriétaire des Jets de New York La Presse
Fri 23 @ 03:48 Faire du mur de Trump à la frontière un mur solaire? Pas si facile DH
Fri 23 @ 03:48 Neighbours want Qatar to shut down Al-Jazeera, among tough demands to end diplomatic crisis S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 03:46 Trump to Send Presidential Delegation to Serbia for Vucic Inauguration Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 03:37 76 women voyage to Antarctica to fight gender inequality CNN
Fri 23 @ 03:36 Ecuador, UK Seeking Solution to WikiLeaks Founder Assange's Detention | Minister Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 03:34 The US lawyer and his Chinese 'tour guide': how meeting Jack Ma inspired a footloose American 37 years ago S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 03:25 US Army Fails to Assess Annual Contractor Ops Totaling $74 Billion | Report Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 03:23 American Taliban Hostage Begs Trump to Negotiate Prisoner Swap: 'Have Mercy on Me' Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 03:21 In humiliating blow for Britain, UN asks international court to advise on sovereignty of Chagos Islands S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 03:20 Office of Ukraine's Russian-language news portal searched, owner detained TASS
Fri 23 @ 03:20 Trump nomme son ambassadeur à Londres, un propriétaire d'équipe de football américain DH
Fri 23 @ 03:18 North Korea tests new rocket engine — US media TASS
Fri 23 @ 03:17 Russian fighters scrambled 14 times in past week to intercept foreign aircraft — ministry TASS
Fri 23 @ 03:14 UN Asks International Court of Justice for Advice on Disputed Chagos Islands Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 03:13 Gandhi House in South Africa launches 'Satyagraha House Tea' Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 03:10 Le baron de la drogue "El Chapo" envisage de poursuivre Netflix DH
Fri 23 @ 02:59 Friend of Ousted South Korean President Gets 3 Years Behind Bars in Graft Probe Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 02:59 'Pizzagate' gunman who opened fire in DC pizzeria sentenced to 4 years in prison Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 02:58 Un village indien change son nom en "Trump" BFM TV
Fri 23 @ 02:52 ROK Park's confidante gets 3-year jail term over graft China.org.cn
Fri 23 @ 02:50 Ex-US Diplomat: Republicans to Fuel 'Russiagate' Witch Hunt by Passing Sanctions Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 02:48 Asia and Australia Edition: James Comey, Tesla, Qatar Airways: Your Morning Briefing The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 02:46 Video Refutes ISIS Claim That U.S. Blew Up Mosque The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 02:44 What's really behind Trump's 'poor person' comment CNN
Fri 23 @ 02:43 The end of globalisation? Chinese companies haven't heard about it S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 02:42 Assange espère «gagner» sa bataille contre les autorités britanniques La Presse
Fri 23 @ 02:42 Russian Senator Says Extended Sanctions on Moscow Sign of EU"s 'Inertia' Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 02:40 600 other high-rises could be under threat CNN
Fri 23 @ 02:36 Teenager arrested and charged in death of Hamilton man MetroNews
Fri 23 @ 02:36 Obamacare entre les mains du Sénat américain Euronews
Fri 23 @ 02:33 U.S. Suspends Beef Imports From Brazil The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 02:31 Pentagon Awards $20 Million for F-16 Simulator Control Equipment Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 02:30 North Korea tests rocket engine, possibly for ICBM: US officials Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 02:30 China Considering Banning National Anthem During Advertisements, Funerals Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 02:27 Senate Republicans unveil Obamacare replacement bill, but fate uncertain Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 02:25 Sex Offender Allegedly Raped 7-Year-Old Six Weeks After His Release from Prison for Another Rape Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 02:25 Park confidante Choi Soon-sil gets three years jail after soliciting university favours for daughter S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 02:20 Death Toll From Venezuela Protests Climbs to 75 as Another Youth Dies in Caracas Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 02:14 US: Detroit judge halts deportation of Iraqi Christians Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 02:13 Transgender: Pregnant Mom Insists She Is a Man Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 02:12 Two Bali jail fugitives captured in East Timor BBC
Fri 23 @ 02:11 240,000 Drug Addicts Under Compulsory Detox in China Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 02:10 Sanders: 'I Will Do All I Can to Defeat Trump-Ryan Healthcare Bill' Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 02:10 Royaume-Uni: un an après, où en est le Brexit? BFM TV
Fri 23 @ 02:08 Russia's Rosneft CEO: Company's New Strategy Based on Technological Breakthrough Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 02:06 In Yemen's secret prisons, torturers literally grill prisoners over flames, and US interrogates S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 02:02 North Korea: Trump Is 'Psychopath' Who Wants War to Distract from 'Tough Situation' at Home Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 02:02 Mexican President Says Government Acquired Spyware but He Denies Misuse The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 02:00 Venezuelan troops fire on protesters at airbase, one killed Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 02:00 US Congress Deprives Trump of Flexibility in Talks With Russia, Ex-Official Says Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 01:57 A Homeless 'Safe Space' Challenges Australia's Power Brokers The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 01:56 Study: More Noncitizens May Have Voted Illegally in Elections Than Previously Thought Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 01:56 US condemns Islamic State demolition of Mosul mosque Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 01:52 Angela Merkel says UK offer on EU citizens 'a good start' Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 01:50 Don't take the high road? Study finds legal pot link to car crash rise Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 01:50 US Awards $65 Million to Support Operations at Naples Base Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 01:47 Incendie de la tour Grenfell: un réfrigérateur à l'origine du feu BFM TV
Fri 23 @ 01:45 Judge says San Francisco can subpoena Uber for driver information Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 01:45 Glastonbury 2017: Johnny Depp talks of Trump 'assassination' BBC
Fri 23 @ 01:44 Johnny Depp: 'When Was the Last Time an Actor Assassinated a President?' Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 01:42 Mike Pence: President Trump is Restoring U.S. Leadership in the Free World by 'Putting America First' Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 01:42 Watched chimps change their hunting habits BBC
Fri 23 @ 01:39 Electric Boat Inks Over $203M for US, UK Strategic Submarines Missile Tubes Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 01:38 Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto calls for probe into alleged government spying Indian Express
Fri 23 @ 01:36 Lisa Murkowski Takes Swipe at GOP Leadership: I Haven't Seen Healthcare Bill Because I'm Not a Reporter Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 01:33 In China's far west the 'perfect police state' is emerging The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 01:33 No secret tapes after all: Trump ends month-long guessing game with another tweet, but the damage is already done S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 01:30 Russian Jets Intercepted 14 Spy Planes Near National Border in Past Week Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 01:24 Danger map reveals health threat zone BBC
Fri 23 @ 01:22 Mexican president denies spying on journalists, lawyers and activists BBC
Fri 23 @ 01:21 'US coalition bombs randomly, hitting civilians rather than ISIS' – Raqqa refugees to RT Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 01:20 China Orders Websites to Remove Unlicensed Political Content Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 01:19 EU Leaders Remain Committed to Paris Climate Deal After US Rollback Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 01:18 Lethal military aid to Ukraine included in next year's US defense budget — congressman TASS
Fri 23 @ 01:16 US Senate Republicans unveil Obamacare repeal plan, but struggle to muster votes to pass it S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 01:16 EU to set up body tasked with improving web surveillance on terrorists — Merkel TASS
Fri 23 @ 01:15 Take Your Coffee Black? Study Says You Might Be a Psychopath Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 01:11 EU summit participants show unity on anti-Russian sanctions — Merkel TASS
Fri 23 @ 01:11 Cholera outbreak causes panic at Kenyan hotel China.org.cn
Fri 23 @ 01:10 EU Leaders Agree on Shared Financing of Bloc's Rapid Response Force Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 01:09 'Fundamental meanness': Obama breaks silence to slam Republican health plan ABC
Fri 23 @ 01:08 U.S. Sends Civilian Team to Syria to Help the Displaced Return Home The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 01:03 US defense contractor caught with $16,500 in luggage is charged with spying for China The Guardian
Fri 23 @ 01:01 Madrid: sécurité renforcée pour la WorldPride BFM TV
Fri 23 @ 01:00 Mexican Central Bank Hikes Key Interest Rate to 7% Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 00:58 Pizzagate gunman jailed after acting on conspiracy theory ABC
Fri 23 @ 00:58 FreedomWorks' Adam Brandon: 'The Senate Bill Is an Amendment to Obamacare, Not a Repeal of It' Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 00:55 US Complicit in Torture at Secret Prisons in Yemen | Report Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 00:52 Mexico Now Second Most Violent Country in the World Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 00:51 US aims to ramp up scrutiny of foreign investment in defence technology companies S.China Morning Post
Fri 23 @ 00:50 U.N. Asks International Court to Weigh In on Britain-Mauritius Dispute The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 00:50 US Federal Judge Halts Deportation of Over 100 Iraqis | ACLU Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 00:49 United States suspends all Brazilian meat imports BBC
Fri 23 @ 00:48 Canadian Breaks World Record, Takes Out Daesh Militant From 2 Miles Away Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 00:47 US judge in Michigan blocks deportation of 100 Iraqis Al Jazeera
Fri 23 @ 00:46 Rhode Island considers highway surveillance cameras to automatically ticket drivers Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 00:45 Trump injects reality TV suspense into 'Comey tapes' saga BBC
Fri 23 @ 00:43 Los Alamos Nuclear Lab Denies It's a Disaster Waiting to Happen Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 00:41 Bipartisan Lawmakers Welcome US Navy Goal of 355 Ships as National Policy Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 00:38 Zika : le nord-est du Brésil plus touché par la microcéphalie Radio-Canada
Fri 23 @ 00:35 Pays-Bas: un feu de végétation ravage un parc naturel BFM TV
Fri 23 @ 00:33 DPRK opens new official website through foreign ministry China.org.cn
Fri 23 @ 00:31 Unexpected Viking toilet discovery leads to controversy ArsTechnica
Fri 23 @ 00:30 How the Socceroos can get their spark in the post-Cahill era ABC
Fri 23 @ 00:30 Canadian Suspect in US Airport Stabbing Tried to Buy Gun Before Attack | FBI Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 00:27 La Corée du Nord a testé un nouveau moteur pour ses missiles La Presse
Fri 23 @ 00:24 Celebrities Shred GOP Healthcare Bill: 'The Cost Will Be Human Lives' Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 00:24 Catherine Byaruhanga: Uganda's refugee solidarity BBC
Fri 23 @ 00:23 Merkel Calls UK Offer on Status of EU Expats 'Good Start' Despite Caution Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 00:21 Yémen: l'ONU s'attend à 300.000 cas de choléra fin août BFM TV
Fri 23 @ 00:21 'When was last time an actor assassinated a president?' BBC
Fri 23 @ 00:14 Noir tué par un policier au Minnesota : nouvelle vidéo-choc Radio-Canada
Fri 23 @ 00:13 Two Russian Directors in New Rosneft Board Replaced After Stake Purchase Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 00:13 One killed as Venezuelan troops fire on protesters Al Jazeera
Fri 23 @ 00:11 White Helmets Volunteer Caught With Rebels Dumping Beheaded Bodies Sputnik
Fri 23 @ 00:11 Germany to restart deportations to Afghanistan next week – reports Russia Today
Fri 23 @ 00:10 Manifestations au Venezuela: 75e mort en trois mois La Presse
Fri 23 @ 00:09 Critics Say U.S. Is 'Sleepwalking' Into Wider Role in Syria The N.Y. Times
Fri 23 @ 00:06 HBO's John Oliver Hit with Defamation Suit by Coal Companies Breitbart
Fri 23 @ 00:00 L'UE prolonge de six mois ses sanctions économiques contre la Russie Xinhuanet
Fri 23 @ 00:00 Les dirigeants de l'UE conviennent de nouvelles mesures contre le terrorisme Xinhuanet
Fri 23 @ 00:00 Iran : une cellule terroriste démantelée par les Gardiens de la révolution islamique Xinhuanet
Fri 23 @ 00:00 Le ministre russe des AE avertit les Etats-Unis que les nouvelles sanctions "mettent en danger l'ensemble de leurs relations" Xinhuanet
Fri 23 @ 00:00 France : un vol à la portière contre un officiel russe suscite les réactions diplomatiques française et russe Xinhuanet
Fri 23 @ 00:00 Les Etats arabes posent 13 conditions pour mettre fin à la crise avec le Qatar (médias) Xinhuanet
Fri 23 @ 00:00 La Russie a intercepté 14 avions étrangers près de ses frontières cette semaine (rapport) Xinhuanet
Fri 23 @ 00:00 Le sommet européen convient d'une coopération de défense permanente et de nouvelles mesures antiterroristes Xinhuanet
Fri 23 @ 00:00 Trafic de drogue: un marché toujours plus florissant (ONU) Xinhuanet
Fri 23 @ 00:00 L'Irak reconstruira la mosquée Al-Nouri après avoir libéré Mossoul, selon le Premier ministre Xinhuanet
Fri 23 @ 00:00 Six morts et 20 blessés dans un attentat à la bombe au Pakistan Xinhuanet
Fri 23 @ 00:00 Le HCR se félicite de l'admission de Syriens par le Maroc Xinhuanet
Fri 23 @ 00:00 Deux explosions font 15 morts et 70 blessés dans le nord-ouest du Pakistan Xinhuanet
Fri 23 @ 00:00 Les revers militaires de l'EI vont le pousser à mener davantage d'attentats en Occident (expert) Xinhuanet
Fri 23 @ 00:00 Des navires de guerre russes tirent des missiles de croisière sur des cibles de l'EI en Syrie Xinhuanet
Fri 23 @ 00:00 Bruxelles : le Brexit et la sécurité sur le menu du conseil européen Xinhuanet
Fri 23 @ 00:00 Des soldats turcs arrivent au Qatar pour y déployer une base militaire Xinhuanet
Fri 23 @ 00:00 Un fugitif se fait exploser lors d'une descente de police à La Mecque Xinhuanet
Fri 23 @ 00:00 Pour la RPDC, le décès de l'étudiant américain Otto Warmbier est un "mystère" Xinhuanet
Fri 23 @ 00:00 La Palestine exhorte Israël à saisir une "nouvelle opportunité" de paix soutenue par les Etats-Unis Xinhuanet
Thu 22 @ 23:59 China's Futuristic Elevated Bus Scrapped, Accused of Being a Scam Sputnik
Thu 22 @ 23:57 If the caps fits... BBC
Thu 22 @ 23:57 Kuwait Hands Over to Qatar List of Demands From Gulf Arab States – Reports Sputnik
Thu 22 @ 23:55 How the CIA infects air-gapped networks ArsTechnica
Thu 22 @ 23:55 Future of energy on show in Kazakhstan BBC
Thu 22 @ 23:52 Austria's Islamic Community Condemns FM's Wish to Close Muslim Kindergartens Sputnik
Thu 22 @ 23:51 Les grizzlys de Yellowstone retirés de la liste des animaux protégés La Presse
Thu 22 @ 23:48 'My feet can't stop' BBC
Thu 22 @ 23:46 US Air Force Kills Costly F-22 Raptor Program for Good Sputnik
Thu 22 @ 23:45 Trump Nominates Robert Wood Johnson as Ambassador to UK Sputnik
Thu 22 @ 23:45 Pizzagate shooter sentenced to four years in prison ArsTechnica
Thu 22 @ 23:43 Regimental CO: 5th Marines Turns 100, Honors Long Battle Legacy U.S. Naval Institute
Thu 22 @ 23:35 Macron Plans to Strip French Threatening National Security of Right to Bear Arms Sputnik
Thu 22 @ 23:30 Steam Summer Sale's best discounts, chosen by Ars' cost-cutting braintrust [Updated] ArsTechnica
Thu 22 @ 23:26 Could XPrize tablets replace teachers in Tanzania? BBC
Thu 22 @ 23:21 Fed: US banks have money for crisis BBC
Thu 22 @ 23:20 'Obamacare Is Dead': Trump 'Very Supportive' of Senate GOP Healthcare Bill Sputnik
Thu 22 @ 23:15 'I lost my eye' BBC
Thu 22 @ 23:12 Cuba urges US continuous effort against drug trafficking China.org.cn
Thu 22 @ 23:11 GB: l'homme qui a attaqué des musulmans poursuivi pour meurtre lié au terrorisme BFM TV
Thu 22 @ 23:11 Qatar Says No Conditions Received From Gulf States as Blockade Hits Day 18 Sputnik
Thu 22 @ 23:10 Bill Cosby plans to teach young people how to not get accused of sexual assault The Guardian
Thu 22 @ 23:10 La crise du Qatar, terrain idéal pour Rex Tillerson La Presse
Thu 22 @ 23:09 Marcel Groleau veut rester à la tête de l'UPA TVA Nouvelles
Thu 22 @ 23:06 Nazi spies planned bombings in Chile, archives reveal The Guardian
Thu 22 @ 23:05 Theresa May dévoile un peu de son Brexit à une UE revigorée La Presse
Thu 22 @ 23:03 Moldovan parliament refuses to hold no confidence vote in Foreign Minister Andrei Galbur TASS
Thu 22 @ 23:02 Exclusive–Sen. Rand Paul on Senate Healthcare Legislation: 'I Think the Bill Looks Too Much Like Obamacare' Breitbart
Thu 22 @ 23:01 McCain 'Concerned' About Suspending F-35B Jet Operations at Arizona Base Sputnik
Thu 22 @ 22:59 When your name is Andy Go To School, what do you call your own baby? ABC
Thu 22 @ 22:59 Google.ru's temporary ban should serve as reminder to others — lawmaker TASS
Thu 22 @ 22:57 US man may face execution, accused of sending secrets to Chinese spies with illicit communications device S.China Morning Post
Thu 22 @ 22:56 Pamela Geller: The Coming Civil War Breitbart
Thu 22 @ 22:56 Le Fonds de solidarité FTQ mise 8,75 millions $ US dans une biotech montréalaise TVA Nouvelles
Thu 22 @ 22:52 Trudeau on Trump: 'He Actually Does Listen' The N.Y. Times
Thu 22 @ 22:52 Michigan airport attacker failed to buy a gun: FBI China.org.cn
Thu 22 @ 22:49 Mexican authorities accused of failures over notorious mass murder The Guardian
Thu 22 @ 22:48 Donald Trump is a willing listener 'you can work with,' claims Trudeau MetroNews
Thu 22 @ 22:43 'Modern Barbarians': Top Russian MP Slams Poland for Toppling Soviet Monuments Sputnik
Thu 22 @ 22:39 Charles Manson follower Patricia Krenwinkel denied parole in California Russia Today
Thu 22 @ 22:35 How North Korea Deals With American Prisoners The N.Y. Times
Thu 22 @ 22:34 Washington Cops Sued for Rape of Journalists and Anti-Trump Protesters Sputnik
Thu 22 @ 22:33 Extension of EU Anti-Russian Sanctions 'Defeat' of European Diplomacy, MP Says Sputnik
Thu 22 @ 22:30 Conseil européen : une première journée sur fond de Brexit Euronews
Thu 22 @ 22:30 Shareholders fail to oust Mylan board, but down-voted massive salaries ArsTechnica
Thu 22 @ 22:28 Senate, Medicaid, N.B.A. Draft: Your Thursday Evening Briefing The N.Y. Times
Thu 22 @ 22:27 Germany Surveilled White House, US Defense Sector for Years Sputnik
Thu 22 @ 22:26 'Making a Murderer': Brendan Dassey's confession overturned as 'involuntary' Russia Today
Thu 22 @ 22:25 Australia joins fight against Islamists in the Philippines by sending surveillance planes S.China Morning Post
Thu 22 @ 22:22 US Mosque Arsonist Faces 20-Year Sentence for Hate Crime Sputnik
Thu 22 @ 22:19 Rand: Senate Healthcare Bill 'May Be Obamacare-Plus' on Subsidies, 'Subsidizes the Death Spiral' Breitbart
Thu 22 @ 22:19 Falklands Islands: Games 2017 Gotland Sweden Merco Press
Thu 22 @ 22:17 Tesla envisage de se lancer dans la musique TVA Nouvelles
Thu 22 @ 22:17 US veteran + defense contractor charged with espionage, giving secrets to China Russia Today
Thu 22 @ 22:10 Indigenous woman says shut down of Saskatchewan bus service will cost lives MetroNews
Thu 22 @ 22:07 Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia consolidate to thwart IS penetration in SE Asia ABC
Thu 22 @ 22:06 Michigan airport suspect tried to buy a gun, says FBI BBC
Thu 22 @ 22:05 US Senate Committee Demands Legal Rationale From Trump for Syrian Jet Shooting Sputnik
Thu 22 @ 22:02 Trump: I did not record ex-FBI chief James Comey BBC
Thu 22 @ 22:00 Trump assure ne pas posséder d'enregistrements de l'ex-chef du FBI 45e Nord
Thu 22 @ 21:59 Un important chantier s'amorce au centre-ville de Trois-Rivières TVA Nouvelles
Thu 22 @ 21:56 New Iran Deals for Airbus Jets Increase Pressure on Trump The N.Y. Times
Thu 22 @ 21:55 Theresa May Vows 'Settled' Status for EU Expats in Post-Brexit UK Sputnik
Thu 22 @ 21:53 Trump will be haunted by his Comey 'tapes' tweet ABC
Thu 22 @ 21:53 North Korea tests suspected ICBM rocket engine – US officials Russia Today
Thu 22 @ 21:52 At least 21 dead, 22 injured in Brazil pileup China.org.cn
Thu 22 @ 21:50 Mauritius wins UN vote on Chagos Islands BBC
Thu 22 @ 21:49 Tillerson Still Believes Gulf States, Qatar Can Resolve Crisis Themselves Sputnik
Thu 22 @ 21:49 Judge rips lawyers in IP rift over viral Facebook childbirth video ArsTechnica
Thu 22 @ 21:43 Lies have to matter: US Supreme Court tightens standard for revoking citizenship Russia Today
Thu 22 @ 21:38 Les demandes de crédit atteignent des sommets au pays TVA Nouvelles
Thu 22 @ 21:37 US man 'gave top-secret information' to Chinese agent BBC
Thu 22 @ 21:32 Russian lawmaker slams EU's decision to extend sanctions on Moscow as absurd TASS
Thu 22 @ 21:32 Military failures push IS to launch more terror attacks China.org.cn
Thu 22 @ 21:31 SNC-Lavalin vend son siège social montréalais et y signe un bail de 20 ans TVA Nouvelles
Thu 22 @ 21:31 Russian deputy premier thanks fans for supporting Russian team after defeat TASS
Thu 22 @ 21:30 Sears Canada ferme 59 magasins, dont 14 au Québec TVA Nouvelles
Thu 22 @ 21:25 Scammer who made 96 million robocalls should pay $120M fine, FCC says ArsTechnica
Thu 22 @ 21:19 Philando Castile: Girl, 4, calms mother in police car BBC
Thu 22 @ 21:15 Emotional father of missing Chinese student begs for her return in US kidnapping S.China Morning Post
Thu 22 @ 21:15 Australian planes to help fight Islamic State-affiliated groups in Philippines The Guardian
Thu 22 @ 21:13 Les Québécois ont déjà reçu leurs baisses d'impôts, dit Couillard TVA Nouvelles
Thu 22 @ 21:13 Theresa May unveils offer on EU citizens after Brexit China.org.cn
Thu 22 @ 21:13 No recordings of talks with Comey: Trump China.org.cn
Thu 22 @ 21:07 Feds investigate toxic spill on Ohio wetland by #DAPL operator Russia Today
Thu 22 @ 21:04 Bill Cosby plans 'sexual assault education' speaking tour BBC
Thu 22 @ 21:02 US-backed forces lay siege on IS in Syria's Raqqa China.org.cn
Thu 22 @ 21:02 Over 5M children need humanitarian aid in Iraq: UNICEF China.org.cn
Thu 22 @ 21:01 La réforme de la santé divise encore la majorité républicaine États-Unis: les républicains préparent une version amendée de leur réforme de la santé Canoe
Thu 22 @ 21:01 Syria crisis: Inside Islamic State's 'capital' Raqqa BBC
Thu 22 @ 21:01 Inside the fight for IS 'capital' BBC
Thu 22 @ 20:59 Indian teen celebrates as Nasa sends satellite to space BBC
Thu 22 @ 20:58 Mysterious 3,000-year-old 'sun altar' discovered in northwest China Russia Today
Thu 22 @ 20:52 No-one in Royal family wants to rise to throne, Prince Harry says ABC
Thu 22 @ 20:49 Brexit : les citoyens de l'UE devraient pouvoir rester au Royaume-Uni Euronews
Thu 22 @ 20:48 Test cricket welcomes newest members Ireland and Afghanistan ABC
Thu 22 @ 20:46 May Offers Plan for E.U. Citizens to Stay in U.K. After 'Brexit' The N.Y. Times
Thu 22 @ 20:45 Nombre record de meurtres au Mexique en mai La Presse
Thu 22 @ 20:42 Republican senators' revolt puts health bill in jeopardy BBC
Thu 22 @ 20:35 Valve tries to one-up Oculus Touch with five-finger “Knuckles” VR controller ArsTechnica
Thu 22 @ 20:33 Qatar wants 10% of American Airlines BBC
Thu 22 @ 20:33 Brewing opportunity for people with disabilities CNN
Thu 22 @ 20:31 Six mois de plus de sanctions européennes contre la Russie Euronews
Thu 22 @ 20:28 Ghana Court Rejects Resettlement of Guantánamo Bay Detainees The N.Y. Times
Thu 22 @ 20:28 Donald Trump ne détient pas d'enregistrements de James Comey Euronews
Thu 22 @ 20:27 IOC spokesperson confirms Bach's words about possible sanctions on Russia TASS
Thu 22 @ 20:24 Dernier hommage à Otto Warmbier Euronews
Thu 22 @ 20:23 Dernière trouvaille de Trump, des panneaux solaires sur le mur du Mexique Euronews
Thu 22 @ 20:22 Russian official praises Austria's respect for Soviet military monuments TASS
Thu 22 @ 20:20 House lawmakers endorse reusable rockets for military purposes ArsTechnica
Thu 22 @ 20:17 Funeral held for US student held prisoner by North Korea ABC
Thu 22 @ 20:16 Germany to quash convictions of 50,000 gay men under Nazi-era law The Guardian
Thu 22 @ 20:12 Germany-Chile Confederations Cup encounter in Kazan ends with 1-1 draw TASS
Thu 22 @ 20:11 Australia draws Cameroon 1:1 in FIFA Confederations Cup TASS
Thu 22 @ 20:10 Presidential aide Belousov reelected chairman of Rosneft's board TASS
Thu 22 @ 20:09 Tunisian-born Flint airport stabber had 'hatred for US' | FBI Russia Today
Thu 22 @ 20:08 Russian deputy PM calls for trusting national team's head coach TASS
Thu 22 @ 20:06 So far, Beyond Good and Evil 2 prototype looks like No Monkey's Sky ArsTechnica
Thu 22 @ 20:02 Berkshire Hathaway à la rescousse de Home Capital Group TVA Nouvelles
Thu 22 @ 20:00 NASA Awards Contract for Atmospheric Trace-Gas Monitoring Mission NASA
Thu 22 @ 19:58 "Les Émirats sont mal placés pour juger le Qatar en matière de terrorisme" France24
Thu 22 @ 19:57 Instagram Fitness Star Killed by Exploding Whipped Cream Container Breitbart
Thu 22 @ 19:56 Iran supplies 1,000+ tons of food to Qatar every day – media Russia Today
Thu 22 @ 19:55 First UK African war memorial opens BBC
Thu 22 @ 19:38 Trump says he didn't record Comey meetings ABC
Thu 22 @ 19:34 Yellowstone grizzlies can be hunted after endangered protections lifted The Guardian
Thu 22 @ 19:33 Les déménagements, une affaire de gros sous au Québec TVA Nouvelles
Thu 22 @ 19:32 US refuses to back UN on abortion access in human rights resolution The Guardian
Thu 22 @ 19:30 Russie: accord à l'UE pour prolonger de six mois les sanctions économiques Canoe
Thu 22 @ 19:29 Attaque à l"aéroport de Flint : Amor Ftouhi a tenté d'acheter une arme à feu Radio-Canada
Thu 22 @ 19:28 Centrepiece of Mosul's heritage, Grand Mosque was an obvious target Indian Express
Thu 22 @ 19:27 One-of-a-kind shop serves more than just coffee CNN
Thu 22 @ 19:24 Des bols IKEA pourraient prendre feu TVA Nouvelles
Thu 22 @ 19:20 Distilled entanglement brings long-distance quantum communication closer ArsTechnica
Thu 22 @ 19:15 Instagram fitness model dies in freak kitchen accident CNN
Thu 22 @ 19:09 Trump inquiète le secteur aéronautique TVA Nouvelles
Thu 22 @ 19:05 Trump plans to dismantle Obama-era “Startup Visa” ArsTechnica
Thu 22 @ 19:03 Orban + "new boy" Macron engaged in verbal slugfest over EU policies Russia Today
Thu 22 @ 19:02 Tanzanian president bans pregnant teens back to school China.org.cn
Thu 22 @ 19:02 Islamabad decries US drone strikes amid reports Trump mulls more such ops in Pakistan Russia Today
Thu 22 @ 18:59 L'Allemagne réhabilite les homosexuels condamnés après guerre Canoe
Thu 22 @ 18:59 Prince Harry: No royal wants to be king or queen CNN
Thu 22 @ 18:56 Why Migrants Keep Risking All on the 'Deadliest Route' The N.Y. Times
Thu 22 @ 18:56 New Yorker arrested in sting operation for attempting to join ISIS Russia Today
Thu 22 @ 18:50 Plus de 400 migrants secourus en mer depuis mercredi au sud de l'Espagne Canoe
Thu 22 @ 18:49 Putin praises Moscow International Film Festival TASS
Thu 22 @ 18:42 EU leaders agree to extend Russia sanctions over Ukraine Russia Today
Thu 22 @ 18:41 Athens: thousands of public-sector workers march against austerity The Guardian
Thu 22 @ 18:38 Russian football team getting ready for game with Mexico TASS
Thu 22 @ 18:38 Funeral for North Korea captive Otto Warmbier held in Ohio BBC
Thu 22 @ 18:33 'Still a threat to society': KKK remain active in 33 states – report Russia Today
Thu 22 @ 18:32 Senate healthcare bill suffers swift blow as four GOP senators voice opposition The Guardian
Thu 22 @ 18:30 La France découvre Costco TVA Nouvelles
Thu 22 @ 18:25 EU agrees to extend sanctions against Russia TASS
Thu 22 @ 18:24 Panel: India Seeking Strategic Defense Industry Partner U.S. Naval Institute
Thu 22 @ 18:20 Pilots condemn ditching of proposed tougher UK laws for laser attacks The Guardian
Thu 22 @ 18:19 L'Égypte prolonge l'état d'urgence pour trois mois Canoe
Thu 22 @ 18:16 La réforme de la santé divise encore la majorité républicaine La Presse
Thu 22 @ 18:13 BRICS states to sign memorandum on environmental protection TASS
Thu 22 @ 18:12 Man Charged With Stabbing Officer at Airport Had Tried to Buy a Gun, F.B.I. Says The N.Y. Times
Thu 22 @ 18:08 L'assaillant des Champs-Élysées voulait rejoindre l'EI en Syrie Radio-Canada
Thu 22 @ 18:07 Les pays du G7 veulent favoriser le développement des véhicules autonomes Canoe
Thu 22 @ 18:06 L'Église d'Angleterre admet avoir protégé un évêque agresseur La Presse
Thu 22 @ 18:02 Who Wants to Be King? No One, Prince Harry Says The N.Y. Times
Thu 22 @ 18:02 Les armes, partie intégrante de la vie des Américains La Presse
Thu 22 @ 18:00 NASA Opens Media Credentialing for Sept. 15 Cassini Saturn Finale NASA
Thu 22 @ 17:58 Moscow slams Poland's decision on war memorials as attempt to insult memory of fallen TASS
Thu 22 @ 17:58 Les armes, partie intégrante de la vie des Américains Canoe
Thu 22 @ 17:56 Projet de loi antiterroriste : quel équilibre entre sécurité et libertés individuelles ? (partie 1) France24
Thu 22 @ 17:55 Des chasseurs de l'OTAN ont suivi un avion ministériel russe La Presse
Thu 22 @ 17:48 Ancient Egypt: 'Billboard' hieroglyphics let historians see the big picture Russia Today
Thu 22 @ 17:46 Russian and US top diplomats discuss implementation of Minsk accords TASS
Thu 22 @ 17:45 Le Sénat dépose son projet de loi pour révoquer l'emblématique Obamacare Radio-Canada
Thu 22 @ 17:44 Vente de cannabis: Couche-Tard veut devenir un modèle mondial TVA Nouvelles
Thu 22 @ 17:39 Trump affirme ne pas posséder d'enregistrements de ses échanges avec Comey Radio-Canada
Thu 22 @ 17:32 None of royals wants to be king: Prince Harry China.org.cn
Thu 22 @ 17:25 Donald Trump says he did not record conversations with former FBI Director Comey Indian Express
Thu 22 @ 17:24 Snack attack: CIA contractors stole $3k worth of vending machine junk food, report says Russia Today
Thu 22 @ 17:23 Rival groups vie for supremacy as fight against Isis reaches tipping point The Guardian
Thu 22 @ 17:21 Asking women to swap seats for ultra-Orthodox Jewish men ruled illegal for Israeli airline Russia Today
Thu 22 @ 17:17 Point final dans une affaire emblématique de meurtre à Washington Canoe
Thu 22 @ 17:15 Les Québécois partagés sur le sort de Sears TVA Nouvelles
Thu 22 @ 17:14 Lavrov tells Tillerson attempts to exert pressure on Russia through sanctions pointless TASS
Thu 22 @ 17:12 Trump assure ne pas posséder d'enregistrements de ses échanges avec Comey Canoe
Thu 22 @ 17:06 Trump dit ne pas posséder d'enregistrements de l'ex-chef du FBI La Presse
Thu 22 @ 17:02 Indian death row spy files mercy petition: Pakistani army China.org.cn
Thu 22 @ 17:02 'Lordy': Comey's prayers not answered, Trump says he has no tapes Russia Today
Thu 22 @ 17:01 Norway issues $1bn threat to Brazil over rising Amazon destruction The Guardian
Thu 22 @ 17:01 Church of England 'Colluded' With Bishop to Hide Sex Abuse, Report Says The N.Y. Times
Thu 22 @ 17:01 Coupe des Confédérations : le Cameroun pourra s'en vouloir...
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I would like everyone to know more about our world.

Hi, my name is Jonathan and I am 40 years old. First, let me tell you that the English language isn’t my first language; I speak French in my everyday life. So don’t be too severe with me, since I will make mistakes. You can laugh about it, and you can also point out some errors I may make so I can improve myself.

I am the founder of the Knights of News, a concept I created to show my love of world news. Everyone can be a Knight of News, you simply need to care about humanity and have the willingness to inform others.

The home of the Knights of News is TacticalFM.com, a website I created in 2007. Our headquarters changed many times since its launch. Before today, it was firing in all directions… but now, it’s more focused than ever: on world news.

« Why world news? » Very simple: I care about my planet and the people who are living on it. One day I had a flash, I realized that the VERY FIRST STEP to being able to settle even the simplest problem requires a common knowledge of the context and parameters of this problem.

In short, as humanity, we cannot fix what’s wrong in our society if we, each one on our side, have different knowledge of the situation. The reason is simple and very logical: solutions a person may suggest will always miss important key points that another may have, and the consequence is that these solutions will be incomplete and partial.

We all have the same concerns, we all have the same goals, we want to live in peace, have food, shelter and love. Whatever part of the world you live in, we all feel the same, we all have the same basic needs.

This planet is going to crash if we, as a global ensemble, continue like we have been. But before doing something that can apply to and help all of us, we must all have the same stance on the situation.

This is why the Knights of News exist. View them as a tool that enables you to have better common knowledge of the situation on Planet Earth. We put in evidence complex topics, that at first may not seem to be important (e.g.: geoengineering, geopolitical tensions, global economy, etc.) so that in the long run, YOU do care and become curious. Without basic curiosity, we can’t have any hope to fix the smallest problem.

Today, a small group of people have all the space they want to decide, just because the majority of us don’t care enough about the decisions taken by this Elite. This must change, and the very first step is to get CURIOUS about everything, from the simplest topic to the most complex.

Don’t be afraid, just because you don’t understand, we are all together on this boat, we all need to help each other. The majority of us want peace, but the war mongering minority have control because we don’t take the time to understand what is happening or why.

Knowledge is power. Be powerful. Start learning about complex world news. This can be very hard at first, but be courageous, and you will see that over time, this will becomes easier.

Peace, love and justice requires common knowledge of what’s happening on Earth.
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What is this site?


But more precisely:

It fetches a custom set of world news RSS feeds from various official media outlets.

It filters the resulting list to remove non pertinent links.

It orders and timestamps the news links with UTC time zone.

And finally colours them if they are important news, special topics, etc.

News for pros, plain and simple!

Why everyone should visit this site?


Nothing less than that, thanks to the "comparison effect" by putting all news media outlets side-to-side, on the same list.

This way, we can compare titles and spot the nice written and descriptive ones. It forces MSMs to be as complete and pertinent as possible.

This way, we can compare the content and when it's reported. The media that will have the greater and more pertinent content will win the popularity race when displayed with all his competitors, it's pure logic.

Everybody win by visiting the Knights of News: quality and pertinence over entertainment and consumerism!

Overall, this website forces each of our beloved MSMs to do a better job, this is why your visit, and to talk about it around you, is so important.
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Jonathanboucharddotca micro 2016 ruche Peace, love and justice requires common knowledge of what’s happening on Earth.

L'amour, la paix et la justice exigent une connaissance commune des événements sur terre!

"Chevaliers de l'information",
"Knights Of News"
created by / conçu par
Jonathan Bouchard

Born in 1976, I am a computer geek and programmer who loves geopolitics and MSM.

I am from Quebec, Canada, I speak french. I started to learn english with a Commodore 64.

FPS lover who can't play as he wants like many others but still, I finished original Doom I and II without cheating at hard. ;)

Philosopher who loves to think about the future of mankind, evolution and what we are supposed to do on Earth.

My dream would be that each one of us develops his curiosity toward what's really happening in the world. Before trying to fix our major problems of coexistence, I think the very first step is to learn about what we are and then, we will be able to fix problems like global warming, terrorism, hunger and war. Because, that's our goal, right?

My english grammar is not perfect, my french is a lot better, but I am trying hard.

Suits and ties are not for me... even if I look handsome in it!

I kept my child's hearth, I make jokes, I sing, I am not shy to laugh at myself.

I don't bite. I just know what I want and there's reasons for it, each time.

Don't you think it's enough? Contact me if you still want more! :D
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