Oldpaper kon v2 band sepia
Wed 26 @ 22:22 Massachusetts jail to ban prisoner visits for video conferencing Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 22:22 Russian Pranksters Convince US Energy Secretary Ukraine Has Pig-Poop Biofuel Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 22:18 Secretive Saturn: New Cassini Data Upends Existing Theories About Planet Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 22:16 North Korea could test another ICBM as early as Wednesday night, US official says ABC News
Wed 26 @ 22:14 Venezuelan President Dismisses New US Sanctions as Moral Victory Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 22:13 White House defends Trump – using letter from nine-year-old boy The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 22:13 Saudi Arabia should stop 'bloody execution spree' Al Jazeera
Wed 26 @ 22:11 Teenager 'electrocuted' on tracks at Herne Bay railway station The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 22:08 'What happened to your promise?': Trump slammed over military transgender ban tweet Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 22:07 Cassie Sainsbury to serve six years in Colombian jail after judge accepts plea deal The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 22:06 First 2017 Texas case of local Zika transmission reported MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 22:05 One-armed 'clown' brandishing a machete arrested in Maine BBC
Wed 26 @ 22:04 Marines at MCAS Cherry Point Demonstrate the Future of Air Command and Control Operations U.S. Naval Institute
Wed 26 @ 22:04 General Electric Monitoring Progress of New US Anti-Russia Sanctions Bill Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 22:03 What is happening with Trump's transgender military ban? ABC
Wed 26 @ 22:01 Boko Haram ambushes oil convoy in Nigeria, killing 10 ABC News
Wed 26 @ 22:00 Décès à Val-Bélair d'un officier du 2e Bataillon du Royal 22e Régiment 45e Nord
Wed 26 @ 21:58 Raqa: 29 civils tués dans des raids de la coalition Tribune de Genève
Wed 26 @ 21:57 Trump donation first-quarter salary to education MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 21:55 Un hélicoptère se crashe avec 2 personnes à bord Tribune de Genève
Wed 26 @ 21:55 Hezbollah says nearing victory in battle at Lebanon-Syria border The Star Online
Wed 26 @ 21:53 Any U.S. military transgender ban could face major legal challenge The Star Online
Wed 26 @ 21:52 Two-day strike begins in Venezuela against Maduro CNN
Wed 26 @ 21:51 Canada tweets support for transgender troops after Trump announcement The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 21:48 Macron's Rating Drops to Historic 2-Month Low for French President Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 21:47 No suspects in 'random' homicide of 13-year-old girl: Burnaby RCMP MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 21:44 ECJ rules Hamas to remain on 'terror' list Al Jazeera
Wed 26 @ 21:44 Asia and Australia Edition: White House, Jeff Sessions, North Korea: Your Thursday Briefing The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 21:43 United Airlines sued over death of giant rabbit ABC
Wed 26 @ 21:42 Senate rejects plan to repeal Obamacare without replacement BBC
Wed 26 @ 21:40 Lawyer: No bribe money earmarked for US in oligarch case MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 21:40 Dubai bans Arabian Business for one month over report Al Jazeera
Wed 26 @ 21:37 Foxconn va investir 10 milliards aux États-Unis TVA Nouvelles
Wed 26 @ 21:35 Canada, U.S. heading in opposite directions as Trump says 'No' to trans troops MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 21:34 Advocate: Fees, loans threaten pardoned brothers' livelihood MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 21:30 What was said about top court rulings on digenous consultations MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 21:28 US Nukes in Turkey Not Secure, Former US Defense Officials Say Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 21:27 US Major Stock Indexes Close at New Record Highs Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 21:26 Trump: Transgender people 'can't serve' in US military BBC
Wed 26 @ 21:26 Judge: Waymo may be in “a world of trouble” if it can't prove actual harm by Uber ArsTechnica
Wed 26 @ 21:25 Former NFL star and Iraq veteran suing Jeff Sessions over 1970s cannabis law Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 21:25 Tillerson assure qu'il reste pour l'instant secrétaire d'État La Presse
Wed 26 @ 21:24 Former Quebec cabinet minister Jacques Daoust suffers stroke MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 21:22 Head of U.S. Senate panel says near deal on Russia, Iran sanctions vote The Star Online
Wed 26 @ 21:22 Man shot dead by police at Sydney's Central station The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 21:21 Tillerson reste pour l'instant secrétaire d'Etat Tribune de Genève
Wed 26 @ 21:20 Congo rebel leader, wanted for crimes, surrenders MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 21:20 Authorities: Drug proceeds paid for $3,000 baby stroller MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 21:20 Syrie : la moitié de Raqqa a été reprise aux jihadistes de l'Etat islamique, selon l'Observatoire syrien des droits de l'homme France Info
Wed 26 @ 21:19 Congo rebel leader, wanted for crimes, surrenders Fox News
Wed 26 @ 21:19 Lebanon calls on US to help solve Gulf crisis Al Jazeera
Wed 26 @ 21:18 German military helicopter crashes in Mali, two peacekeepers killed The Star Online
Wed 26 @ 21:17 Israeli lawmakers vote to set high bar for ceding parts of Jerusalem The Star Online
Wed 26 @ 21:16 Church burned to ground in Mapuche conflict zone in Chile MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 21:16 Euro-2017 : après un nul contre la Suisse, les Bleues qualifiées pour les quarts de finale France24
Wed 26 @ 21:16 US: North Korea could launch reliable nuclear-capable missile by 2018 CNN
Wed 26 @ 21:15 Austrian Chancellor: EU Economy Unable to 'Digest' Turkey's Accession to Bloc Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 21:15 Le parlement catalan adopte une loi qui facilitera l'organisation d'un référendum d'indépendance Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 21:12 Brooks offers to drop out of Senate race to let Sessions run MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 21:08 Dépôts de résidus à Florange : "Ce qui a été déversé, c'était acide" maintient le lanceur d'alerte dans une vidéo France Info
Wed 26 @ 21:04 Twitter reacts to 'cringe-inducing' Trudeau Rolling Stone cover Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 21:03 Venezuela: Protesters clash with police during 48-hour strike BBC
Wed 26 @ 21:03 Tillerson on resignation rumours: I'm not going anywhere MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 20:58 Khalifa Haftar: "Nous traiterons avec tous les groupes terroristes par les armes" France24
Wed 26 @ 20:57 Oklahoma sheriff + staff face manslaughter charges over inmate"s death Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 20:55 Venezuela leader's foes levy new sanctions and fresh strike ABC News
Wed 26 @ 20:55 Tribes fight trade groups' intervention in pipeline dispute MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 20:55 Council of EU Agrees to Expand Anti-Russia Sanctions List | Source Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 20:55 L'économie russe reprend de belles couleurs au printemps Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 20:53 Is Breitbart about to turn on Donald Trump? | Jason Wilson Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 20:51 Suspected Boko Haram attack kills 10 soldiers Al Jazeera
Wed 26 @ 20:50 Rep. Brat: Despite Fake News, AG Jeff Sessions Restoring Integrity at DOJ Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 20:49 Aleppo Has Little Food or Water, but for a Night, Music The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 20:49 Djokovic to miss rest of 2017 season due to elbow injury ABC
Wed 26 @ 20:46 Pas de répit sur le front des feux de forêt au Portugal 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 20:44 Moderate Senators Shoot Down Rand Paul's Clean Obamacare Repeal Bill Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 20:43 iPhone-maker Foxconn to build flat-screen display factory in Wisconsin ArsTechnica
Wed 26 @ 20:42 Feds: Mayor, ex-mayor in 2 Pennsylvania cities sold favours MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 20:40 Using a blockchain doesn't exempt you from securities regulations ArsTechnica
Wed 26 @ 20:40 Vives réactions à la décision de Trump d'interdire l'armée aux transgenres 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 20:38 Families in Sanaa demand release of 'prisoners of war' Al Jazeera
Wed 26 @ 20:36 Iowa group sues United over death of giant rabbit ABC News
Wed 26 @ 20:33 Russia Sanctions Bill Hits a Snag in Senate The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 20:33 Judge sets deadline for doctors, parents of Charlie Gard to agree on end-of-life plan ABC News
Wed 26 @ 20:33 Future of Russia-EU Relations Depends on Brussels Reaction to New US Sanctions Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 20:33 Election meddling: US sanctions 13 Venezuela officials, warns against electing Constituent Assembly Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 20:32 Éoliennes : l'Écosse construit une ferme géante France Info
Wed 26 @ 20:31 Police dashcam footage captures moment suspect is riddled with 45 bullets (GRAPHIC VIDEO) Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 20:30 North Korea Purges Beijing Embassy After Diplomat Caught Watching K-Drama Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 20:29 Rep. Steve King: Imran Awan Had Access to 'All the Communication of the Foreign Affairs Committee' Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 20:28 Venezuela crisis: US sanctions 13 top officials BBC
Wed 26 @ 20:28 Microsoft expands bug bounty program to cover any Windows flaw ArsTechnica
Wed 26 @ 20:28 Partage de renseignements: un accord entre le Canada et l'UE invalidé La Presse
Wed 26 @ 20:27 Le Venezuela est à nouveau paralysé par une grève générale Radio-Canada
Wed 26 @ 20:26 220 Year-Old USS Constitution Leaves Dry Dock Following Two-Years of Repairs U.S. Naval Institute
Wed 26 @ 20:26 Political crisis grips Sweden as confidence vote looms The Star Online
Wed 26 @ 20:25 Transgender veteran fears witch-hunt following Trump ban – video The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 20:25 Still no arrest in decade-old disappearance, slaying of Cedrika Provencher MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 20:24 Israeli MP: I'd 'execute' Palestinian attacker's family Al Jazeera
Wed 26 @ 20:24 Tillerson Says to Remain Secretary of State as Long as Trump Lets Him Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 20:23 Lawsuit seeks Ajit Pai's net neutrality talks with Internet providers ArsTechnica
Wed 26 @ 20:22 Liberals can afford to spend $8 billion a year on daycare program, IMF says MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 20:21 'Vaulter' bandit, accused in bank robberies, sentenced to 15 years in prison MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 20:19 Pas de répit sur le front des feux de forêt Tribune de Genève
Wed 26 @ 20:18 Iraqi PM Promises Tal Afar, Hawija Liberation to Match Mosul's Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 20:18 Syrie: l'EI chassé de la moitié de Raqqa La Presse
Wed 26 @ 20:16 Les échanges entre constructeurs "habituels sur les questions techniques" 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 20:14 Trans healthcare costs are actually a tiny proportion of the US military budget The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 20:13 Nigerian Senate backs plans to reduce power of presidency The Star Online
Wed 26 @ 20:12 Details of U.S. military transgender policy being worked out | White House The Star Online
Wed 26 @ 20:11 Justin Trudeau en mode séduction au Saguenay La Presse
Wed 26 @ 20:09 Records: Student-loan forgiveness has halted under Trump MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 20:07 Russian Airborne Troops Received Over 3,000 Weaponry Pieces in 2 Years Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 20:06 Not Even Close: US Senate Fails (Again) To Pass 'Straight Repeal' of Obamacare Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 20:04 L'alliance kurdo-arabe a chassé l'EI de la moitié de Raqa 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 20:03 Vives réactions face à l'interdiction aux transgenres dans l'armée La Presse
Wed 26 @ 20:01 Italy drought: Water cuts pose Rome 'health risk' BBC
Wed 26 @ 20:01 Migrants in France Say Police Abuse Is Common The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 20:00 Switzerland's Lavertezzo overrun with tourists after video goes viral BBC
Wed 26 @ 20:00 Italians flock to Swiss town after viral video BBC
Wed 26 @ 20:00 Mali: deux Casques bleus meurent dans un crash d'hélicoptère 45e Nord
Wed 26 @ 20:00 Rolling Stone takes on Trump with Trudeau cover CNN
Wed 26 @ 20:00 Rolling Stone cover asks why can't Canada PM be US president Fox News
Wed 26 @ 19:59 Royaume-Uni: une adolescente liée à l'EI poursuivie pour préparation "d'actes ... DH
Wed 26 @ 19:59 Le navire "anti-migrants" affrété par les Identitaires immobilisé à Chypre France Info
Wed 26 @ 19:57 Intelligence artificielle: «Fortune» encense le Québec TVA Nouvelles
Wed 26 @ 19:57 Angelina Jolie reveals Bell's palsy diagnosis in Vanity Fair MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 19:57 Chine : «Minority Report» bientôt une réalité grâce aux technologies de reconnaissance faciale ? Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 19:56 Le parlement israélien vote une loi compliquant le partage de Jérusalem 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 19:54 CIA director blames media for leaks from intelligence community Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 19:54 Russian Business Union Head Calls Siemens Turbines Scandal High-Cost Mistake Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 19:53 House GOP works to deliver on border wall for Trump MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 19:51 Bois d'oeuvre: Tembec voit du progrès avec Washington La Presse
Wed 26 @ 19:50 Prosecutors weigh charges for teens who mocked drowning man MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 19:47 White House Expects Russia Sanctions Bill May Undergo More Changes Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 19:45 US Air Force Admits to Poisoning Colorado Groundwater Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 19:40 Avenir incertain pour l'usine de crevettes de Sainte-Anne-des-Monts TVA Nouvelles
Wed 26 @ 19:40 Trump says transgender people should be barred from military Arab News
Wed 26 @ 19:39 Russia sanctions bill hits yet another snag CNN
Wed 26 @ 19:38 Mariano Rajoy, Spanish Premier, Testifies in Graft Trial Involving His Party The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 19:37 Torturée et violée : un présumé crime d'honneur émeut la Grande-Bretagne Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 19:35 La Réserve fédérale américaine maintient ses taux d'intérêt Radio-Canada
Wed 26 @ 19:29 Saudi-led coalition blamed for deaths off Yemen coast Al Jazeera
Wed 26 @ 19:27 Canada to Buy Over 1,100 Machine Guns From Colt Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 19:26 Chantiers STX : le bras de fer franco-italien France Info
Wed 26 @ 19:26 Le chiffre d'affaires de Tembec en hausse de 43 M$ au 3e trimestre TVA Nouvelles
Wed 26 @ 19:25 Rihanna à l'Elysée : Benoît Hamon et des internautes morigènent Macron pour son sens des priorités Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 19:22 Charlie Gard finira ses jours dans une unité de soins palliatifs Canoe
Wed 26 @ 19:21 Flock of sheep move through streets of Montreal to carry on lawnmowing duties MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 19:20 Can Luis Gutierrez Read? A Breitbart Investigation Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 19:19 President Trump Says Apple CEO Tim Cook Promised to Build Three Factories in U.S. Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 19:19 Un hélicoptère de l'ONU s'écrase au Mali 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 19:15 US to screen tablets, video game consoles in airport carry-on baggage to tighten security S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 19:14 Samsung granted patent for banana-shaped 'spy phone' Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 19:12 Hillary Clinton's New Book to Focus on How Russia, Comey Cost Her the Presidency Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 19:12 Le petit Charlie Gard finira ses jours dans une unité de soins palliatifs 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 19:09 Les pilotes de canadair sont en colère Tribune de Genève
Wed 26 @ 19:07 Quantum leap: China to launch world's first 'unhackable' messaging system Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 19:05 Thousands evacuated from tourist-heavy French Riviera as wildfires rage ABC
Wed 26 @ 19:05 Hurricane, tropical storm prowl Pacific Ocean far off Mexico Fox News
Wed 26 @ 19:04 La réforme de la santé au Québec aurait un impact négatif sur Loblaw TVA Nouvelles
Wed 26 @ 19:03 Minneapolis police set stricter body camera rules after Justine Damond shooting ABC
Wed 26 @ 19:01 E.U. Rebukes Poland Over Vetoed Bills, but Backs Off Harsher Threat The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 19:01 Chinese Navy Expands Submarine Detection Testing in the South China Sea Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 19:00 Tourisme : la France déroule le tapis rouge aux Chinois France Info
Wed 26 @ 19:00 Sssurprise! King Cobras Found Hidden in Potato Chip Canisters in California Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 18:59 Verizon accused of violating net neutrality rules by throttling video ArsTechnica
Wed 26 @ 18:58 US Sanctions Venezuelan Officials, Warns of Economic Penalties | Treasury Dept. Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 18:58 'I'd have helped him bury the bodies,' says new wife of Ukrainian serial killer, who bore his child Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 18:54 Le bébé malade finira sa vie en soins palliatifs Tribune de Genève
Wed 26 @ 18:52 Microsoft Is Paying Up To $250,000 With Its New Bug Bounty Program The Hacker News
Wed 26 @ 18:52 First Shipment of Russian Grain to Venezuela to Be Dispatched in August Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 18:51 'What if it was your child?': Charlie Gard's parents lash out as judge orders baby cannot die at home ABC
Wed 26 @ 18:48 Four migrants die trying to cross Rio Grande, days after Texas truck deaths The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 18:46 Polish law may prompt Russia to stop protecting its memorials — lawmaker TASS
Wed 26 @ 18:44 Ah, nuts! Squirrel leaves 45,000 people without power in San Diego Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 18:42 Complément d'enquête du mercredi 26 juillet 2017 France Info
Wed 26 @ 18:41 John McCain Backs Transgender Ideology, Slams Donald Trump's Policy Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 18:41 U.S. to impose stricter electronic carry-on airport screening The Star Online
Wed 26 @ 18:41 Trump Administration Slaps Sanctions on Venezuela and Warns of More The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 18:40 Egypt sets up national council to fight terrorism The Star Online
Wed 26 @ 18:39 Canada's Supreme Court halts seismic testing near Inuit hamlet BBC
Wed 26 @ 18:39 Moon Rover Company Chooses ULA Rocket for Apollo 11 Anniversary Mission Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 18:38 Massive 8th Grader Receives Multiple College Football Offers Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 18:37 17 dead after building collapses in Mumbai, owner detained CNN
Wed 26 @ 18:35 Apple must pay $506M for infringing university's patent ArsTechnica
Wed 26 @ 18:34 La situation demeure tendue dans la Vieille ville de Jérusalem La Presse
Wed 26 @ 18:32 Despacito Lyrics Rewritten for Venezuela Vote by People, Not Maduro | Ambassador Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 18:31 Turkey Wants to 'Ease Dependence on NATO' by Purchasing Russian S-400 Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 18:31 Migrants : le militant Cédric Herrou mis en examen pour "aide à l'entrée et à la circulation irrégulière d'un étranger en France" France Info
Wed 26 @ 18:30 McDavid disappointed at NHL decision to not participate in 2018 Olympic Games MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 18:29 Ankara dénonce la situation à Jérusalem, Israël répond: «Les jours de l'Empire ottoman sont révolus» Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 18:28 A better test of fitting in to Swiss society | Letter The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 18:28 How India and China Have Come to the Brink Over a Remote Mountain Pass The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 18:25 L'élu républicain grièvement blessé dans une fusillade est sorti de l'hôpital 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 18:25 US Congressman Rohrabacher Faced No Moscow Meddling in 2016 Visit | Russian MP Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 18:24 Frank Gaffney: For the Left, 'Little Girls Mutilated in Their Genitals Are Less of a Victim Class' Than Sharia Supremacist Imam Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 18:24 N Korea Threatens to 'Wipe US From the Face of the Earth' With Nuclear Strike Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 18:22 Panel: Open Architecture Key to Pentagon's Future Vertical Lift Program U.S. Naval Institute
Wed 26 @ 18:21 Federal Reserve keeps key interest rates unchanged amid low inflation Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 18:20 Putin Signs Off on Ratification of Convention Against Terrorism Financing Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 18:17 Moldova's president hopes Putin will visit his country TASS
Wed 26 @ 18:17 Court orders Dutch govt to finance new Islamic school Arab News
Wed 26 @ 18:13 State Media: Chinese Public 'Detest' America, Wanted U.S. Recon Plane Shot Down Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 18:12 Defence officials struggling with details of Liberal tax-break promise MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 18:11 Funérailles de la plus jeune victime de l'attentat de Manchester 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 18:08 Pakistani police arrest 14 village council members after teenage girl raped in 'honor revenge' Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 18:08 Fake Brazilian butt implant surgeon gunned down in suspected revenge attack Fox News
Wed 26 @ 18:07 Poland blasts EU 'blackmail' over judicial reform after voting rights threat Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 18:05 Russia, China Vessels Train Assistance Amid Joint Sea Drills – Baltic Navy Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 18:05 Video Released of US Ship Firing 'With the Aim of Provocation' at Iranian Vessel Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 18:04 Les Français de l'étranger se sentent oubliés par le nouveau gouvernement France24
Wed 26 @ 18:04 Mexican truckers' group protests rise in highway robberies Fox News
Wed 26 @ 18:00 Fuir Raqa avec des passeurs sans scrupules 45e Nord
Wed 26 @ 17:57 Turkey arrests 'threaten everyone,' says partner of detained German activist CNN
Wed 26 @ 17:57 Nationwide warrant issued for Ottawa man wanted in 2 homicide cases MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 17:56 Restored century-old warship docks back in Athens to serve as floating museum S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 17:55 GB: funérailles de la plus jeune victime de l'attentat de Manchester Canoe
Wed 26 @ 17:55 Rihanna: "Une rencontre absolument incroyable" 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 17:54 Cineplex ouvrira des complexes Topgolf au Canada La Presse
Wed 26 @ 17:51 Afghan forces rescue 2 abducted Pakistani diplomats Fox News
Wed 26 @ 17:50 Inside the US take down of a global criminal CNN
Wed 26 @ 17:48 Mali : deux casques bleus allemands morts dans le crash de leur hélicoptère France24
Wed 26 @ 17:47 US DoD to Provide New Guidance on Transgender Servicemembers After Trump's Tweet Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 17:46 Russia says 4 military police battalions deployed to Syria ABC News
Wed 26 @ 17:46 La Corée du Nord «se fiche» de l'interdiction des touristes américains Tribune de Genève
Wed 26 @ 17:46 Defense Ministry denies any encroachments on women's rights to military service TASS
Wed 26 @ 17:44 Wildfires hit French Riviera, thousands evacuated CNN
Wed 26 @ 17:44 US Senate Expected to Pass Russia-Iran Sanctions Bill 'in Short Order' Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 17:43 Venezuela crisis: US imposes fresh sanctions in effort to stop rewrite of constitution The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 17:40 Hamas claims victory over Israel in mosque dispute, calls for 'day of rage' Fox News
Wed 26 @ 17:40 Rihanna reçue à l'Élysée La Presse
Wed 26 @ 17:39 Crackdown on Migrants in Milan After Police Stabbing, Rise in Criminality Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 17:39 Foxconn expected to announce multi-billion dollar investment BBC
Wed 26 @ 17:39 Active TB Increased 30 Percent in Germany In 2015, Year of Massive Immigration Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 17:39 Some 800 Weaponry Pieces, Including Foreign, to Take Part in Army Games-2017 Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 17:36 Les comptes de 400 000 clients d'une banque italienne sont piratés Radio-Canada
Wed 26 @ 17:35 Japanese company preparing for country's first private rocket launch ArsTechnica
Wed 26 @ 17:34 The Great Brexit Betrayal: Farage Warns Tories, Big Business Conspiring on Immigration Sell-Out Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 17:34 Quarter of Banks Worldwide Affected by DDoS Cyberattacks in 2016 | Kaspersky Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 17:34 Pentagon Unable to Comment on Claims of Alleged Russian Arms Supplies to Taliban Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 17:34 Israël n'a "pas de leçon de morale" à recevoir d'Ankara 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 17:31 Russia Regrets Some ISSG States Sending Letter to UNSC on Syria Aid Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 17:31 Colombia's Avianca halts Venezuela flights, citing security Fox News
Wed 26 @ 17:30 Piégés par les flammes, des Romands racontent Tribune de Genève
Wed 26 @ 17:30 Lawmakers in Russia Call for Retaliation Against New U.S. Sanctions The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 17:30 Man arrested after live cobras found inside potato chip cans BBC
Wed 26 @ 17:28 Russia, Belarus to Take Part in 'Warrior of Commonwealth' Army Contest Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 17:27 Charlie Gard to be moved to hospice if no deal agreed CNN
Wed 26 @ 17:26 UCP leadership candidate Brian Jean wants public vote on photo radar MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 17:25 Pakistani police arrest 20 for ordering 'revenge rape' Al Jazeera
Wed 26 @ 17:24 Dubai news site, magazine shut over 'false news' allegation Fox News
Wed 26 @ 17:24 Russian political analyst sees status quo as most likely scenario for Donbass TASS
Wed 26 @ 17:22 Auschwitz: First travelling exhibition will visit Europe and US BBC
Wed 26 @ 17:22 Tensions près de l'esplanade des Mosquées Tribune de Genève
Wed 26 @ 17:22 Arabie Saoudite : 14 hommes promis à la décapitation pour avoir manifesté contre le gouvernement ? Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 17:22 Les républicains relancent leur réforme de la santé La Presse
Wed 26 @ 17:21 Jerusalem Palestinians find voice through prayer protests ABC News
Wed 26 @ 17:20 Former US Marine killed fighting ISIS in Syria Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 17:19 Jerusalem Palestinians find voice through prayer protests Fox News
Wed 26 @ 17:19 Russia's Response to US Russia Sanctions Should Be 'Constructive' | Russian MP Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 17:18 Report: Maduro Broker Offers Delay of Rewriting Constitution if Opposition 'Cools Off' Protests Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 17:17 Nouvelle attaque de Trump contre son ministre de la Justice Le ministre américain de la Justice sous le feu roulant de Trump Canoe
Wed 26 @ 17:16 Navy's Newest Aircraft Carrier is First to Have Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 17:15 US STRATCOM Chief Calls for Maintaining Open Communication Channels With Russia Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 17:14 US Sanctions 13 Venezuelan Gov't Officials, Ready to Impose New Measures Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 17:12 Le premier ministre espagnol devant la justice Tribune de Genève
Wed 26 @ 17:10 Ohio puts child killer to death with controversial lethal injection drug Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 17:10 Monsoon rains kill 48 in western India S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 17:08 North Korean FM Reportedly to Participate in ASEAN Forum in Philippines Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 17:07 Amazon.com Goes on Hiring Spree to Fill 50,000 Jobs Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 17:02 Putin Signs Decree Ratifying Agreement on Russian Air Group Deployment in Syria Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 17:01 'Everyone deserves 2nd chance': Germans say 16yo girl suspected of joining ISIS should return home Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 17:00 Britain to Ban New Diesel and Gas Cars by 2040 The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 17:00 Trump bars transgender people from US military S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 17:00 Stem cell brain implants could 'slow ageing and extend life', study shows The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 17:00 By 'Trying to Kill Nord Stream 2', US Risks Having 'Serious Tensions' With EU Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 16:59 Sénégal : Macky Sall veut autoriser toute pièce d'identité pour voter aux législatives France24
Wed 26 @ 16:59 Situation tendue autour de l'esplanade des Mosquée Canoe
Wed 26 @ 16:59 Israeli Concessions Over Temple Mount 'Tactical Retreat' | Palestine Ambassador Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 16:57 Ukraine strips citizenship of ex-Georgia leader Saakashvili Fox News
Wed 26 @ 16:55 Celebrities Melt Down over Trump's Transgender Military Policy: 'You Just Pissed Off the Wrong Community' Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 16:54 Travelers' electronics at US airports to get enhanced screening, TSA says ArsTechnica
Wed 26 @ 16:53 US, Ukraine to Talk About Lethal Defensive Weapons Provision for Kiev | Pentagon Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 16:53 Rihanna reçue par les Macron à l'Elysée: "2017 est l'année de l'éducation", ... DH
Wed 26 @ 16:53 Russian Ice Hockey Federation to wage ruthless war on doping abuse TASS
Wed 26 @ 16:51 Pakistan village council orders 'revenge rape' of girl BBC
Wed 26 @ 16:51 US Desires to Remain in INF Treaty With Russia | Strategic Command Head Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 16:50 Calais : les migrants régulièrement victimes de gaz poivre selon HRW Euronews
Wed 26 @ 16:50 Wild rabbits surf on sheep to flee New Zealand flood Fox News
Wed 26 @ 16:49 EU court removes Tamil Tigers from terrorism blacklist Arab News
Wed 26 @ 16:48 La Haute Cour de justice de Londres enjoint à Kiev de payer sa dette avec intérêts à Moscou Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 16:47 Memos reveal new details of NSA + FBI illegal spying on Americans under Obama Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 16:46 Century-old warship returns to Athens after repairs Fox News
Wed 26 @ 16:45 Taliban kill 30 Afghan soldiers as fighting intensifies Arab News
Wed 26 @ 16:45 Le marché du disque en baisse, malgré la dynamique du streaming RTL
Wed 26 @ 16:45 Un hélicoptère allemand de la Minusma s'écrase au Mali RTL
Wed 26 @ 16:45 Natation: pas de grand chelem pour Ledecky, battue par Pellegrini RTL
Wed 26 @ 16:45 Nord Stream 2 Not Impacted by German Network Agency's Decision on Gas Projects Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 16:44 Murkowski Tells Trump to Stop Campaigning: 'Every Day Shouldn't Be About Winning Elections' Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 16:44 Boko Haram kidnaps 10 researchers, kills soldiers in Nigeria Arab News
Wed 26 @ 16:44 RATP: sénateurs et députés donnent leur feu vert à la future PDG RTL
Wed 26 @ 16:41 Bloody Baltic! Russian Scientists Reveal the Secret of 'Red Tides' in the Sea Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 16:40 Situation tendue autour de l'esplanade des Mosquées à Jérusalem RTL
Wed 26 @ 16:40 US to Incorporate DPRK ICBM Threat, Russian Hypersonic Arms in Defense Reviews Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 16:39 Trump: US military will 'not accept' transgender people Al Jazeera
Wed 26 @ 16:38 Jehovah's Witnesses criticised over handling of child abuse case The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 16:37 Poland criticises EU 'blackmail' over court overhaul Al Jazeera
Wed 26 @ 16:36 German Islamic Extremist Is Convicted of Supporting Terror Group The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 16:34 Yamal authorities announce competition for Arctic airport modernization TASS
Wed 26 @ 16:33 Canada revokes Helmut Oberlander's citizenship for the fourth time BBC
Wed 26 @ 16:32 Tourisme: délivrance de visas accélérée et attente réduite aux aéroports RTL
Wed 26 @ 16:31 US Using Anti-Russia Sanctions to 'Push Russia Out' of European Energy Market Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 16:30 UN: Helicopter monitoring fighting in Mali has crashed Fox News
Wed 26 @ 16:30 Ireland 'going crazy' for good food -- where to go CNN
Wed 26 @ 16:28 Is There the Risk of Russia, Iran Being at Odds Over Syria's Future? Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 16:26 Des domestiques indonésiennes pro-Daesh à Hong Kong ? Une étude l'affirme Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 16:24 Jeux de la Francophonie: Koala s'offre un deuxième titre à la longueur RTL
Wed 26 @ 16:24 All Necessary Precaustions Made for Transparent Russian Presidential Election Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 16:23 Heavy rains lash western India; death toll 48 Arab News
Wed 26 @ 16:19 Le président de Pages Jaunes quitte son poste TVA Nouvelles
Wed 26 @ 16:18 Munro: Donald Trump's 'Transgender' Declaration Preserves Americans' Two-Sex Society Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 16:16 Veselnitskaya Says Browder to Give False Testimony to US Senate in Russia Probe Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 16:15 Fake News 2.0: Video Manipulation Technology Impressive, but Also Dangerous Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 16:14 L'UE prête à lancer une procédure sans précédent contre la Pologne France24
Wed 26 @ 16:14 Rare megamouth shark spotted off Indonesia's Komodo Island Fox News
Wed 26 @ 16:14 Mélenchon ramène des courses à cinq euros à l'Assemblée nationale 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 16:11 Boeing Determining Possible Impact of New Anti-Russia Sanctions Bill Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 16:11 Jerusalem's Old City: Tourists welcome, media not so much Fox News
Wed 26 @ 16:11 Poroshenko Strips Ex-Georgian President Saakashvili of Ukrainian Citizenship Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 16:09 Extension-cord mess cited in fire that killed N.B. mother, three sons MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 16:06 Etats-Unis: la Fed laisse les taux inchangés RTL
Wed 26 @ 16:05 Première exécution en trois ans dans l'Ohio Tribune de Genève
Wed 26 @ 16:05 High noon in Venezuela with strike, vote Arab News
Wed 26 @ 16:05 Qatar Communications Director Calls New Blacklist 'Disappointing Surprise' Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 16:05 Germany's decision on projects for Nord Stream 2 not related to sanctions — operator TASS
Wed 26 @ 16:04 France: le sud-est en proie aux flammes Canoe
Wed 26 @ 16:03 Catalonia gets ready to accelerate independence after ballot Fox News
Wed 26 @ 16:03 Erdoğan: Israel is harming Jerusalem's Islamic character The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 16:03 États-Unis: l'Ohio a effectué sa première exécution en plus de trois ans Canoe
Wed 26 @ 16:01 Les transgenres, question devenue centrale aux Etats-Unis RTL
Wed 26 @ 16:00 Sanctions votées aux États-Unis par le Congrès liant les mains de Trump: la Russie menace de riposter 45e Nord
Wed 26 @ 16:00 US energy secretary Rick Perry duped by Russian hoaxers BBC
Wed 26 @ 16:00 Baisse de la concentration en spermatozoïdes dans les pays occidentaux 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 16:00 Trump Administration 'Fully Supports' US Sanctions on Russia | Mnuchin Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 15:59 Thousands evacuated after wildfire on France's Mediterranean coast The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 15:58 UAE eyes 'new set of relations in Gulf' amid Qatar spat Fox News
Wed 26 @ 15:57 Donetsk Republic Leader Explains His 'Malorossiya' State Creation Initiative Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 15:56 Bourreaux et victimes, l'inversion des rôles Tribune de Genève
Wed 26 @ 15:56 Escrime: du bronze pour finir une campagne d'Allemagne réussie aux Mondiaux de Leipzig RTL
Wed 26 @ 15:55 Etats-Unis: les républicains relancent une réforme de la santé à l'avenir incertain RTL
Wed 26 @ 15:55 Russia warns US after House votes for new sanctions Arab News
Wed 26 @ 15:55 Infographie : les incendies dans le sud-est de la France France24
Wed 26 @ 15:54 Dryden police officer charged with impaired driving while off duty MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 15:53 Natation: titre et record du monde du 4x100 m 4 nages mixte pour les Etats-Unis RTL
Wed 26 @ 15:53 German Helicopter With Two UN Peacekeepers Crashes in Mali Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 15:50 Mr Bricolage: forte hausse du résultat net au 1er semestre RTL
Wed 26 @ 15:49 UN urges Congo to hold elections by Dec. 31 deadline Fox News
Wed 26 @ 15:48 Rep. DeSantis: Political Class Exempting Themselves from Costly Obamacare Provisions Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 15:48 German Gas Regulator Excludes Nord Stream 2 Projects From Gas Development Plan Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 15:46 Barricades au Venezuela, en grève générale contre la Constituante de Maduro RTL
Wed 26 @ 15:45 Erythrée: des conteneurs servent de prison pour les chrétiens persécutés France Info
Wed 26 @ 15:43 Two Siberian residents jailed for killing three zoo birds in failed barbeque attempt TASS
Wed 26 @ 15:43 Calais migrants 'hijack truck after attacking British driver with brick' Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 15:43 Pressure of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon a 'Ticking Time Bomb' | Prime Minister Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 15:43 US-Russian Brokered Ceasefire in Syria Must Succeed | Lebanese PM Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 15:43 Trump s'acharne sur Jeff Sessions sur Twitter Radio-Canada
Wed 26 @ 15:41 LVMH clôt un semestre record mais garde les pieds sur terre RTL
Wed 26 @ 15:41 Taliban Slaughter Soldiers in Pattern of Attacks in Kandahar The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 15:40 Jerusalem: Muslim worshippers urged to continue boycott CNN
Wed 26 @ 15:40 Rohingya women abandoned after rapes Arab News
Wed 26 @ 15:39 How Can China Resolve the Djibouti-Eritrea Border Conflict? Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 15:37 La justice européenne maintient le Hamas palestinien sur la liste terroriste de l'UE RTL
Wed 26 @ 15:36 Natation: l'Italien Gabriele Detti dompte Sun Yang sur 800 m nage libre RTL
Wed 26 @ 15:36 Venezuela Decides on Destination for Oil if US Closes Market Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 15:35 Crise au Venezuela: sanctions américaines contre 13 Vénézuéliens RTL
Wed 26 @ 15:34 Soldiers killed as Taliban storms Kandahar base Al Jazeera
Wed 26 @ 15:32 Bruxelles prête à lancer la plus lourde procédure de sanction contre la Pologne RTL
Wed 26 @ 15:32 "Toute la politique forestière est à revoir en France", selon l'association Défense des Forêts contre l"incendie France Info
Wed 26 @ 15:32 Royaume-Uni: funérailles de la plus jeune victime de l'attentat de Manchester RTL
Wed 26 @ 15:31 Moscow slams Western media allegations about alleged Russian support for Taliban TASS
Wed 26 @ 15:31 L'effondrement d'un immeuble fait au moins 17 morts à Mumbai Radio-Canada
Wed 26 @ 15:30 BASF to Assess New US Anti-Russia Sanctions Impact After Bill Finalized Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 15:30 Duterte's threat to bomb 'communist' schools bewilders indigenous groups Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 15:30 Foreign Office eases Tunisia travel advice for British tourists The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 15:28 Democrat asks FCC chair if anything can stop net neutrality rollback ArsTechnica
Wed 26 @ 15:28 Pakistan: 14 arrestations après un viol ordonné par un conseil de village Canoe
Wed 26 @ 15:28 Les exportations québécoises ont augmenté de 2,2 % en mai TVA Nouvelles
Wed 26 @ 15:26 Denying husbands sex is abuse, says Malaysian MP S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 15:26 Smart Vacuum Cleaners Making Map Of Your Home — And Wants to Sell It The Hacker News
Wed 26 @ 15:25 Ex-Georgian president Saakashvili stripped of Ukrainian citizenship TASS
Wed 26 @ 15:23 Policeman who filmed couple having sex from helicopter had 'swung' with housewife, court told Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 15:23 'The Soros Plan': Hungary Rejects Brussels Court Demand For Forced Mass Migration Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 15:23 Obamacare: First Republican healthcare bill fails in US Senate BBC
Wed 26 @ 15:22 Russia has waited three years for a way to divide the West CNN
Wed 26 @ 15:18 Justine Damond death: Woman 'slapped police car' BBC
Wed 26 @ 15:18 Justin Trudeau traité en rock star sur la couverture du Rolling Stone La Presse
Wed 26 @ 15:16 Preliminary inquiry in suspected Montreal compassion killing to resume in October MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 15:15 Donald Trump says transgender people barred from US military Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 15:15 LA PHOTO. Afrique du Sud: la pêche à la sardine se termine France Info
Wed 26 @ 15:15 Russian Removed From US Flight for 'Occupying Crimea' Receives Online Threats Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 15:14 La poutine fait son entrée chez Tim Hortons TVA Nouvelles
Wed 26 @ 15:14 UK government relaxes travel advice for Tunisia BBC
Wed 26 @ 15:12 Ex-Cruz '16 Chief Strategist: Sessions Endorsement Critical, 'Swung a Lot of Conservatives to Trump' Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 15:12 US Civil Liberties Union Slams Trump's Ban on Transgender Military Service Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 15:11 Immigration detainees can be jailed indefinitely, federal judge rules MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 15:09 Nepal PM Sher Bahadur Deuba expands cabinet, inducts 19 new ministers Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 15:09 Poland court reforms: EU says it is launching legal action BBC
Wed 26 @ 15:08 Coup d'envoi des Fêtes de Bayonne 2017 France24
Wed 26 @ 15:07 Russian legislator dismisses US tightening sanctions as 'no disaster' TASS
Wed 26 @ 15:07 USB 3.2 will make your cables twice as fast… once you've bought new devices ArsTechnica
Wed 26 @ 15:06 Sessions to Launch Probe Into US Gov't Leaks of Classified Information Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 15:02 Jordan walks a tightrope in Jerusalem CNN
Wed 26 @ 15:01 First Person: How an American in London Learned to Fear the ASBO The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 15:01 Money Talks: Why US Concerned Over Russia-Turkey S-400 Deal Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 15:00 Tourists flee raging wildfires across French Riviera BBC
Wed 26 @ 15:00 Feu vert au projet d'inversion du pipeline d'Enbridge TVA Nouvelles
Wed 26 @ 14:59 Watchdog on U.S. Taxpayer Waste in Afghanistan: 'All I Can Say Is It's Too Much' Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 14:58 Nationwide Strike Initiated by Venezuela Opposition Starts in Country Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 14:58 Dashed Hopes: Russia, US Bracing for Sanctions War Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 14:55 Olive Garden apologizes to AllOfGarden blog, offers $50 gift card ArsTechnica
Wed 26 @ 14:55 Southwestern strategic direction remains top priority for Russia — defense chief TASS
Wed 26 @ 14:53 Death Without Commitment: Where Are All the Aliens? Sleeping, Apparently Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 14:51 Mousson en Inde: 17 membres d'une même famille retrouvés morts noyés Canoe
Wed 26 @ 14:49 UK court obliges Ukraine to pay par value on its Eurobond debt to Russia Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 14:48 Is Trump right that US has highest taxes? BBC
Wed 26 @ 14:46 Exclusive – Rand Paul: Let's Repeal Obamacare Now! Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 14:45 Les étudiants en médecine vont être mieux formés pour soigner les victimes d'attentat 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 14:44 Sanctions américaines : Moscou veut riposter, Bruxelles s'inquiète Quasi-unanimité au Congrès américain pour de nouvelles sanctions contre la Russie Canoe
Wed 26 @ 14:44 Mark Philippoussis's father arrested over allegations of child sexual abuse The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 14:42 Gay rights opponent picked as ambassador to Netherlands by Trump The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 14:41 Venezuela: début de la grève générale de 48 heures Canoe
Wed 26 @ 14:37 Russia's Kaspersky Lab gives away free antivirus software worldwide Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 14:35 Un village ordonne le viol d'une ado de 16 ans Tribune de Genève
Wed 26 @ 14:35 Venezuela: début de la grève générale de 48 heures contre la Constituante de Maduro Canoe
Wed 26 @ 14:35 Russia, Venezuela Mulling Joint Projects: Diamonds Mining, Optical Cable Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 14:34 Trump refuse aux personnes transgenres de servir dans l'armée américaine France Info
Wed 26 @ 14:34 Antarctique : le “super iceberg” perd des morceaux Euronews
Wed 26 @ 14:33 Blessé au coude, Novak Djokovic annonce la fin de sa saison France24
Wed 26 @ 14:33 Algeria busts Islamic State cell led by veteran militant: Security source Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 14:32 German Media Claims Russian Sub Headed for Drill, Instead of Navy Day Parade Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 14:29 ASEAN works to realise target of drug-free community Vietnam+
Wed 26 @ 14:25 At Least 180 Dead, Two Million Affected as Heavy Rains Lash India Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 14:24 Makhosi Khoza: Zuma critic on party discipline charges BBC
Wed 26 @ 14:23 États-Unis : Bruxelles, Paris et Moscou dénoncent le projet de nouvelles sanctions contre la Russie France24
Wed 26 @ 14:23 Caracas, Moscow May Reach Deal on Venezuela $1Bln Debt in September Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 14:22 Kremlin says new sanctions are sad news for US-Russia relations The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 14:20 Girl charged with plotting UK terror attack with ISIS fighter Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 14:19 Indian Air Force Looks to Get Eyes in Skies Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 14:19 US Ultimatum Over Constituent Assembly Vote Unacceptable | Venezuelan Envoy Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 14:18 Russian experts arrive in Egypt to inspect Cairo airport TASS
Wed 26 @ 14:18 Hoang Sa – Truong Sa exhibition comes to Nghe An Vietnam+
Wed 26 @ 14:16 Santé : la qualité du sperme se détériore France Info
Wed 26 @ 14:16 Third Parties Must Not Interfere in EU-Russia Energy Cooperation | Wintershall Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 14:15 E.U. Court Urged to Punish Hungary and Slovakia for Resisting Migrant Plan The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 14:13 Nigeria: Boko Haram relance l'offensive contre la prospection de pétrole France Info
Wed 26 @ 14:11 ASEAN, China reach consensus on connectivity cooperation Vietnam+
Wed 26 @ 14:10 Moscou promet de riposter à l'adoption de nouvelles sanctions américaines Radio-Canada
Wed 26 @ 14:10 Le Royaume-Uni veut bannir les voitures à essence et au diesel Radio-Canada
Wed 26 @ 14:07 Officials arrest suspect in $4 billion Bitcoin money laundering scheme ArsTechnica
Wed 26 @ 14:05 "Le Brexit était une très mauvaise idée" 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 14:03 ABAC convenes plenary session in Toronto Vietnam+
Wed 26 @ 14:00 Quebec police search for driver who crashed car into restaurant, causing fire MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 14:00 Anti-Russia Sanctions Bill: EU 'Reaping Fruits of Following Washington's Lead' Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 13:59 Report: Attorney General Sessions to Announce Leak Investigations Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 13:58 Poland hits back at EU 'blackmail' over judicial reforms The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 13:57 Afghanistan: 26 soldats tués dans l'attaque de leur base par les talibans Canoe
Wed 26 @ 13:57 CIA Torture Scientists Claim They're Innocent... Just Like Nazi Gas Suppliers Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 13:55 US Anti-Russia Sanctions Bill's Text Improved With EU, German Input | Berlin Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 13:55 Candle-lighting ceremonies honour war heroes, martyrs Vietnam+
Wed 26 @ 13:53 Trump Announces Ban on Transgender People in the U.S. Military Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 13:50 Reporters Without Borders Oppose EU Decision to Postpone Anti-Polish Sanctions Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 13:50 NewsGrid | Al Jazeera's interactive news hour Al Jazeera
Wed 26 @ 13:49 Current Pentagon, Department of the Navy Transgender Policy Documents U.S. Naval Institute
Wed 26 @ 13:48 Donald Trump says US military will not allow transgender people to serve The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 13:48 Libya Calls on Italy to Assist in Combating Human Trafficking | Italian PM Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 13:44 Qatar says new terror list 'disappointing surprise' Al Jazeera
Wed 26 @ 13:43 Bruxelles menace la Pologne d'une sanction sans précédent en raison d'une réforme de la justice controversée France Info
Wed 26 @ 13:43 Russian Embassy Confirms Detention of Russian on US Wanted List in Greece Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 13:42 Les personnes transgenres ne pourront pas servir dans l'armée américaine Canoe
Wed 26 @ 13:42 CIA chief: China tops Russia + Iran as biggest long-term threat to US Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 13:40 Arab Despacito: Comedy version of the song complains about high dowries BBC
Wed 26 @ 13:39 Sven Lau: German preacher jailed on Syria charges BBC
Wed 26 @ 13:39 Trump tweets ban on transgender troops in US military ABC
Wed 26 @ 13:39 Agro-forestry-aquatic exports hit 20.45 billion USD in 7 months Vietnam+
Wed 26 @ 13:38 Saisie de vingt kilos de cornes de rhinocéros Tribune de Genève
Wed 26 @ 13:38 'Not a holy cow': Russian MP seeks sanitary sanctions on McDonald's Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 13:38 Sessions' New Restrictions on Sanctuary Cities Draws Congressional Praise Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 13:37 Les personnes transgenres ne pourront pas servir dans l'armée, indique Trump 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 13:37 Number of States 'Building Up Military Presence' Near Russian Borders Increases Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 13:34 Pas de transgenres dans l'armée américaine Tribune de Genève
Wed 26 @ 13:34 Trump annonce sur Twitter l'interdiction des personnes transgenres dans les forces armées américaines 45e Nord
Wed 26 @ 13:33 US, Russian Navies Meet to Discuss Maritime Intercepts, Preventing Incidents Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 13:31 Britain bans gasoline and diesel cars CNN
Wed 26 @ 13:30 How an American city is cashing in on China's 'made in USA' desire S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 13:28 On ethics, Trump is leading America in the wrong direction CNN
Wed 26 @ 13:28 RoK firm seeks investment opportunities in Hau Giang Vietnam+
Wed 26 @ 13:27 Britain to ban diesel and petrol car sales by 2040 Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 13:27 Four Russian Military Police Battalions Carrying Out Tasks in Syria Safe Zones Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 13:26 NA leaders present gifts to policy beneficiary families Vietnam+
Wed 26 @ 13:22 Thang eyes SEA Games after Asian event Vietnam+
Wed 26 @ 13:21 La vidéo d'un cheval traîné par un van crée l'indignation 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 13:21 Trump interdit l'armée aux transgenres Radio-Canada
Wed 26 @ 13:18 Tory govt must refund millions to workers as employment tribunal fees ruled 'unlawful' Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 13:18 Pour sauver les singes, les primatologues africains unissent leurs forces France Info
Wed 26 @ 13:18 Danish EV Charging Docks Outnumber Petrol Stations Despite Plunging Demand Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 13:16 Les transgenres ne pourront pas servir dans l'armée, dit Trump La Presse
Wed 26 @ 13:16 Des feux de forêt forcent l'évacuation de 12 000 personnes en France Radio-Canada
Wed 26 @ 13:15 IT Aide of Former US DNC Chief Arrested | Reports Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 13:14 US Army Won't Accept Transgender People in Any Capacity | Trump Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 13:12 17 membres d'une famille tués par la mousson Tribune de Genève
Wed 26 @ 13:12 Iran to Take Countermeasures in Response to New US Sanctions Against Tehran Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 13:12 No transgender people to serve in US military 'in any capacity' – Trump Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 13:11 Moscow State University to Prepare Cybersecurity School Coursebook Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 13:10 Le numéro trois du Vatican en procès pour abus sexuels Tribune de Genève
Wed 26 @ 13:09 Russia bolsters military potential in South to respond to emerging threats — defense chief TASS
Wed 26 @ 13:05 Who owns Snopes? Fracas over fact-checking site now front and center ArsTechnica
Wed 26 @ 13:04 Europe's top court: Austria, Slovenia can deport asylum seekers CNN
Wed 26 @ 13:03 Moscow to frame stance on new sanctions once US bill becomes law TASS
Wed 26 @ 12:59 At least 8 dead in building collapse in Nigeria's Lagos Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 12:58 Localities mark War Invalids and Martyrs Day Vietnam+
Wed 26 @ 12:57 EU states told to get serious on funding anti-migration efforts The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 12:57 New US sanctions against Russia turn into boomerang for EU — envoy TASS
Wed 26 @ 12:57 Deputy Prime Minister visits New Zealand Vietnam+
Wed 26 @ 12:56 Russia sanctions: EU vows to retaliate over US measures BBC
Wed 26 @ 12:56 Russia's State Arms Exporter Order Portfolio Amounts to $45Bln Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 12:55 UK government wants to ban sale of gas and diesel cars starting in 2040 ArsTechnica
Wed 26 @ 12:55 Donald Trump Singles Out Lisa Murkowski for Voting Against Healthcare Debate Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 12:53 China selects site for simulated Mars colony, doubling as tourist attraction Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 12:53 Sarraj : "Nous avons besoin de l'ONU pour organiser des élections en Libye" France24
Wed 26 @ 12:49 US Sanctions On Chinese Entities Tied to N Korea Hinder Mutual Trust | Beijing Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 12:49 Musk Says Zuckerberg Has 'Limited' Understanding of Artificial Intelligence Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 12:48 Le Royaume-Uni imite la France, veut bannir les véhicules essence et diesel La Presse
Wed 26 @ 12:48 Vietnam attends international gifts fair in Singapore Vietnam+
Wed 26 @ 12:45 Tributes pour in for Muslim teen "raped, murdered + stuffed in freezer" in "honor killing" Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 12:45 Putin Yet to Decide on Russia's Response to New US Sanctions | Kremlin Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 12:43 Deputy Prime Minister urges drastic solutions to crimes Vietnam+
Wed 26 @ 12:42 North Korea's top diplomat to join security summit: Philippines Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 12:41 Twitter Suspends Breitbart Editor's Account Days After Radical Islam Book Announcement Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 12:37 Dr G Yunupingu: An exquisite singer who 'spoke to the soul' BBC
Wed 26 @ 12:37 Qatar-Gulf crisis: All the latest updates Al Jazeera
Wed 26 @ 12:36 Russia Might Ban McDonald's in Case of Revealed Violations – Lawmaker Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 12:35 La Tchèque blessée dans l'attaque au couteau en Egypte en état de "mort clinique" 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 12:34 France wildfires force mass evacuation BBC
Wed 26 @ 12:34 Swiss Man Suspected in Chain Saw Attack Is Arrested Near Zurich The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 12:34 Kazakhstan hopes to develop its own module for joint space station with Russia TASS
Wed 26 @ 12:32 Amid Ammo Shortage, Indian General Seeks More Funds to Counter China Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 12:32 Refuser une relation sexuelle à son mari est "un abus", clame un député 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 12:32 Moscow Calls Reports of Russia's Alleged Arms Supplies to Taliban 'Groundless' Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 12:31 Waste treatment plant inaugurated in Dong Thap Vietnam+
Wed 26 @ 12:30 Refusing husband sex is emotional abuse, says Malaysian lawmaker Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 12:30 Reinforcement: SDF Receives '190 Trucks' With US Weapons for Raqqa Operation Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 12:30 'Persian Gulf is No Place for US Navy' | Military Expert Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 12:30 Driverless Cars Can Wait, India Won't Let Drivers Lose Jobs Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 12:30 Migrants: Tripoli demande l'aide italienne dans les eaux libyennes La Presse
Wed 26 @ 12:29 China slams Botswana for going ahead with Dalai Lama's visit Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 12:28 Afghanistan : 26 soldats tués dans l'attaque d'un camp militaire par les Taliban France24
Wed 26 @ 12:25 Mariano Rajoy becomes first serving Spanish PM to testify in criminal case The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 12:23 Mariano Rajoy is first Spanish PM to testify in court BBC
Wed 26 @ 12:21 CalExit II Approved to Gather Signatures for Right to Secede Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 12:21 Vietnam faces rapid population ageing Vietnam+
Wed 26 @ 12:20 Scandal threatens to bring down star of Kenya's Silicon Savannah CNN
Wed 26 @ 12:20 L'Écosse veut rendre obligatoire l'introduction de toilettes non-genrées dans les établissements scolaires France Info
Wed 26 @ 12:19 Win Our Wedding competition leaves brides in lurch BBC
Wed 26 @ 12:18 US sanctions expansion may trigger dash for Russian currency — minister TASS
Wed 26 @ 12:16 Bruxelles prête à sanctionner la Pologne Tribune de Genève
Wed 26 @ 12:16 New Arabic Swimming Pool Signs Warn Guests Not to Molest Bikini-Clad Girls Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 12:15 How personal turmoil put a radical helper in Hong Kong on road to Syria to help Islamic State S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 12:15 France Says New US' Anti-Russia Sanctions 'Appear' to Break Int'l Law Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 12:14 Crise du Golfe: la nouvelle liste de Riyad est une «surprise décevante» La Presse
Wed 26 @ 12:11 EU diplomats move to slap more sanctions on Russia over Siemens turbines furor TASS
Wed 26 @ 12:11 États-Unis : l'entourage de Donald Trump questionné par le Congrès France Info
Wed 26 @ 12:10 Polish Government Calls EU Claims on Warsaw Judicial Reform 'Blackmail' Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 12:10 EU Business Interests, Energy Security 'Directly Hit' by New US Sanctions Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 12:09 'Haftar Is the Clear Winner' After Libyan Rivals Agree to Ceasefire Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 12:08 US Muslims concerned about place in society Al Jazeera
Wed 26 @ 12:07 80 per cent of Yemen children in need of immediate aid: United Nations Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 12:06 NYT Grieves Slowdown of Outsourcing for Low-Skilled Labor Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 12:05 London court binds Ukraine to pay par value of Eurobonds to Russia TASS
Wed 26 @ 12:05 Vice President meets Vietnamese Heroic Mothers Vietnam+
Wed 26 @ 12:05 Miami Swim Week 2017: Sultry Stunners in Trendy Swimwear Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 12:04 Comparution de l'argentier du Vatican pour agressions sexuelles en Australie Radio-Canada
Wed 26 @ 12:03 Russia Bans Proxy Services And VPNs To Purge Extremist Content The Hacker News
Wed 26 @ 12:00 Aboard the NS Savannah, America's first (and last) nuclear merchant ship ArsTechnica
Wed 26 @ 11:58 L'Ohio prépare sa première exécution en plus de trois ans 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 11:57 ASEAN, China to boost agricultural cooperation Vietnam+
Wed 26 @ 11:56 Siberian scientists suggest using fluorescent proteins to analyze toxicity TASS
Wed 26 @ 11:56 EU court rules to keep Hamas on terror list CNN
Wed 26 @ 11:56 UK to ban sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040 Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 11:55 Better Late Than Never: Europe Ready to Help Qatar Resolve Diplomatic Row Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 11:54 Kiev Cuts Electricity Supplies to Self-Proclaimed Donbass Republics Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 11:53 Moscow Zoo"s breeding center home to world's endagered species TASS
Wed 26 @ 11:53 L'UE "inquiète" des sanctions américaines contre la Russie 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 11:52 Etats-Unis : des serpents dans des… emballages de chips ! Euronews
Wed 26 @ 11:50 'Twice Shy' Swedish Navy Base Vexed by Archipelago Webcam Revealing Too Much Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 11:50 Street vendor spaces on paper, not concrete Vietnam+
Wed 26 @ 11:48 Espagne: un homme armé d'un couteau crie "Allah Akbar", le policier l'assomme avec ... DH
Wed 26 @ 11:47 Nestlé is building a factory just for flavored KitKats CNN
Wed 26 @ 11:47 Shock Horror! CIA Director Admits US Trying to Overthrow Venezuelan Government Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 11:46 Fin de l'essence et du diesel en 2040 Tribune de Genève
Wed 26 @ 11:46 Party official greets KOICA Vice President Vietnam+
Wed 26 @ 11:45 Grave robbers targeted Princess Diana's burial site 4 times, brother reveals Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 11:43 Feux : le sud de la France toujours menacé Euronews
Wed 26 @ 11:43 Russian Senator Vows Moscow's Retaliation if US Blocks Diplomatic Entry Visas Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 11:42 Hommage solennel au père Jacques Hamel Euronews
Wed 26 @ 11:42 Ha Giang province awaits tourism boom Vietnam+
Wed 26 @ 11:41 "America 1st doesn't mean Europe last" – EU lashes out at US sanctions against Russia Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 11:40 Diplomat says EU persuaded US to amend Russia sanctions bill but concern persists TASS
Wed 26 @ 11:40 Sanctions américaines : la colère gronde à Moscou Euronews
Wed 26 @ 11:40 Sanctions américaines: Bruxelles met en garde, Moscou temporise La Presse
Wed 26 @ 11:32 Merkel to win German parliamentary elections: survey China.org.cn
Wed 26 @ 11:31 Saudi Campaign in Yemen: 'UK-Made Fighter Jets Are Dropping UK-Made Bombs' Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 11:30 EU top court keeps Hamas on terror blacklist BBC
Wed 26 @ 11:28 Saudi Ambassador to Russia Reiterates Demand for Qatar to Shut Down Al Jazeera Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 11:24 Au moins 26 soldats afghans tués dans l'attaque de leur base 45e Nord
Wed 26 @ 11:24 EC announces readiness to defend European interests against US sanctions TASS
Wed 26 @ 11:23 La femelle panda du Zoo de Beauval en gestation, une première en France 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 11:22 Olympiakos : Ben Nabouhane, double première en LDC !
Wed 26 @ 11:22 Passers-by rescue dolphin on Weymouth beach BBC
Wed 26 @ 11:21 CIA Chief Calls Russian Influence 'Decades-Old Challenge', Vows to 'Defeat it' Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 11:20 Muslim feminist plans to open liberal mosque in Britain The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 11:19 EU migrant crisis: Austria can deport asylum seekers, court says BBC
Wed 26 @ 11:15 Brains of former football players donated to science are rife with disease ArsTechnica
Wed 26 @ 11:13 Austrian OMV to Adhere to New US Sanctions and Meet Nord Stream 2 Obligations Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 11:13 Le retrait des détecteurs de l'esplanade des Mosquées "pas suffisant" 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 11:12 Cardinal Pell faces court on sexual abuse charges Al Jazeera
Wed 26 @ 11:12 John McCain, atteint d'une tumeur au cerveau, ovationné pour son retour 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 11:11 Des gendarmes se payent une belle frayeur sur l'autoroute 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 11:11 Scandale autour d'une vedette de la télé iranienne surprise sans voile et bière à la main 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 11:10 EU's top court urged to dismiss refugee relocation case Al Jazeera
Wed 26 @ 11:09 Official says it's up to Turkey as NATO member to decide on purchase of Russian S-400 TASS
Wed 26 @ 11:09 Mercato : Aurier, Waris, Iajour… les infos du jour
Wed 26 @ 11:08 L'UE prête à priver la Pologne de ses droits de vote Euronews
Wed 26 @ 11:04 Acid attack victims 'screamed in agony' while skin 'peeled off' | witnesses Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 11:04 EU Sends Warsaw, Budapest, Prague Opinions on Refugee Relocation Non-Compliance Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 11:02 Incendie dans le Var : "On s'attend à passer deux ou trois jours loin de chez nous" France24
Wed 26 @ 11:01 Climate change threatens 'Himalayan Viagra' fungus, and a way of life The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 11:00 Man who named dog after president cleared BBC
Wed 26 @ 11:00 Whistleblower calls out problems with military drone accuracy and ethics ArsTechnica
Wed 26 @ 11:00 EU Ready to 'Act Appropriately' to US Sanctions on Russia Targeting EU Interests Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 10:59 Fake News: CNN Dunce Chris Cillizza Floats Joe Scarborough POTUS Run Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 10:58 L'accord Canada-UE sur le transfert de données sur les passagers est invalidé Radio-Canada
Wed 26 @ 10:57 Russian Navy gets 60 Kalibr missiles over three months TASS
Wed 26 @ 10:57 Russians fined about $1mln this year for smoking ban violations TASS
Wed 26 @ 10:57 Riyadh Envoy Sheds Light on First 'Historic' Visit of Saudi King to Russia Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 10:56 Nouvelle attaque de Trump contre Jeff Sessions La Presse
Wed 26 @ 10:55 High-Maintenance Divas: 'Morning Joe' Staff Fed Up with Demanding Co-Hosts Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 10:54 Wildfires Force Thousands to Evacuate in Southern France The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 10:54 Kiev court orders security service to launch probe against Poroshenko for high treason TASS
Wed 26 @ 10:54 After US Outrage and Member State Pressure, Hamas Remain on EU Terror Group List Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 10:50 VW and Daimler face cartel accusations BBC
Wed 26 @ 10:49 C'est le "Walk of Shame" de Magaluf 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 10:47 California independence 1 step closer as AG paves way for potential 2018 'referendum' Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 10:47 La Commission donne un mois à Varsovie pour régler les problèmes sur l'Etat de droit 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 10:46 German business lobby urges EU action against new US sanctions on Russia Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 10:45 Boko Haram ambushes oil convoy in Nigeria, killing soldiers Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 10:43 Au moins 26 soldats afghans tués dans l'attaque de leur base La Presse
Wed 26 @ 10:40 Germany Slams New Anti-Russia Sanctions as 'Tool' of US Commercial Interests Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 10:39 Major Networks Give More Air Time to Baby Whale Than Charlie Gard Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 10:39 EU Commission Threatens Poland's Bloc Voting Rights Over Judicial Reforms Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 10:38 Iran will 'strengthen defensive weapons' in response to US sanctions – Rouhani Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 10:38 Moscow warns new US sanctions take ties into 'uncharted territory'' ABC
Wed 26 @ 10:37 Tripoli demande l'aide italienne dans les eaux libyennes 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 10:35 UE : Bruxelles prête à lancer la plus lourde procédure de sanction contre la Pologne BFM TV
Wed 26 @ 10:34 Jean-Claude Juncker Wants to Block Chinese Takeovers of European Firms Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 10:32 Shell Vows to Act Accordingly to Nord Stream 2 Obligations Amid New US Sanctions Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 10:31 Incendies dans le sud de la France: 10 000 personnes évacuées La Presse
Wed 26 @ 10:30 Mooch Gets Daily Beast Writer to Apologize for Calling Sarah Huckabee Sanders 'Butch Queen' Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 10:29 US-China Tensions on the Rise as Money Helps Curtail 'Serious Conflict' Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 10:29 Possible New US Sanctions Infringe on Russian Sovereignty – Moscow Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 10:28 Israel pushing Palestinians to violence with Temple Mount blockade + settler crimes – US State Dept. Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 10:28 Une centaine de voyageurs de TUI bloqués à Malaga 7 SUR 7
Wed 26 @ 10:27 Les sénateurs américains lancent le débat sur l'abrogation d'Obamacare BFM TV
Wed 26 @ 10:25 United States Muslims see friendly neighbors, but a foe in White House, says Pew Research Center report Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 10:23 Taliban rout Afghan troops near Kandahar BBC
Wed 26 @ 10:23 Teenage girl charged with plotting terrorist attack with ISIS fighter Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 10:22 La bière d'une speakerine iranienne créé un séisme Tribune de Genève
Wed 26 @ 10:22 Iran to retaliate US new sanctions, breach of nuclear deal China.org.cn
Wed 26 @ 10:21 Dunkirk's Place in History Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 10:20 Burundi's exiles call world's attention to deadly crisis ABC News
Wed 26 @ 10:20 Venezuela: début de la grève générale de 48 heures La Presse
Wed 26 @ 10:17 Human rights ombudsperson does not believe secret FSB prisons exist in Russia TASS
Wed 26 @ 10:16 'Sophisticated' Ethereum hack steals $8mn worth of cryptocurrency Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 10:16 'Painful reply': Russian senator urges asymmetrical response to fresh US sanctions Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 10:15 Great Scott! This astronaut has probably endured more extremes than anyone ArsTechnica
Wed 26 @ 10:14 Boris Johnson plays down Tory leadership bid rumors... again Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 10:09 Woman forced to carry child on lap sues United Airlines Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 10:07 Golfe persique: coups de semonce d'un navire américain contre un vaisseau iranien DH
Wed 26 @ 10:05 Deported Nepalese teen Bivsi Rana can return to Germany BBC
Wed 26 @ 10:04 European Commission does not intend to fine Siemens for turbines sent to Crimea — source TASS
Wed 26 @ 10:02 No concrete proof of death of 39 missing Indians in Iraq: official China.org.cn
Wed 26 @ 10:02 World's first floating wind farm installed in Scotland China.org.cn
Wed 26 @ 10:01 The latest on HIV prevention: five ways to curb spread of virus outlined by scientists at Paris conference S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 09:53 Bullet-hole decor: the Brooklyn bar on the frontline of the gentrification wars The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 09:49 Ukraine starts liquidation of legendary aircraft manufacturer Antonov Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 09:45 Venezuelan agents seize two more court appointees, says opposition Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 09:41 Russian Army Receives Iskander Missile System, Kalibr Cruise Missiles Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 09:40 Dr. G. Yunupingu, Australian Aboriginal Singer, Dies at 46 The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 09:36 Travailleurs pauvres en Allemagne Euronews
Wed 26 @ 09:36 Russian Embassy in Turkey clarifying fate of citizens detained on Syrian border TASS
Wed 26 @ 09:35 Russian Journalist to be Expelled From Ukraine | Ukraine Security Service Sputnik
Wed 26 @ 09:33 Rapatriement mouvementé de Kos: certains vacanciers sont furieux DH
Wed 26 @ 09:32 UN official hails China for great leaps in poverty alleviation China.org.cn
Wed 26 @ 09:31 Libyan rivals agree on nationwide ceasefire Al Jazeera
Wed 26 @ 09:31 Hamas Ruled a Terrorist Organization by European Court of Justice Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 09:30 US senate votes to open debate on Obamacare repeal Al Jazeera
Wed 26 @ 09:30 Children of Isis fighters face threat of Mosul revenge attacks The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 09:29 Iran will respond to any new US sanctions, deputy foreign minister says Arab News
Wed 26 @ 09:28 Russian citizen removed from US domestic flight says he will sue air carrier TASS
Wed 26 @ 09:27 Taliban attack on Kandahar base: 26 Afghan soldiers killed, says MoD Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 09:20 Jérusalem : un calme sous tension Euronews
Wed 26 @ 09:19 US should help build Indian Navy to force China back down Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 09:18 Man arrested after 25-hr hostage stand-off in Manchester Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 09:18 'Minority Report" AI to collar suspects before they do the crime Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 09:17 Thailand king's birthday celebrations mark consolidation of power Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 09:08 Gang Behind Fireball Malware that Infected 250 Million PCs Busted by Police The Hacker News
Wed 26 @ 09:08 EU court: EU-Canada passenger data deal breaches privacy MetroNews
Wed 26 @ 09:05 EU court upholds Hamas terror listing The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 09:02 Thousands of Venezuelans cross border to Colombia BBC
Wed 26 @ 09:02 Protesting Locals Build Wall Around Planned Migrant Accommodation Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 09:00 Russia says US sanctions vote hits on the chance of better ties Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 09:00 MH370 mystery: 'Very surprised' if no breakthrough in next 3-4 years, says Malaysia Airlines CEO S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 09:00 Brazil's right on the rise as anger grows over scandal and corruption The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 09:00 Hambourg se prépare aux crues exceptionnelles de l'Elbe Euronews
Wed 26 @ 09:00 Un microbiologiste propose de faire du savon avec de l'eau sale La Presse
Wed 26 @ 08:59 Tighter US sanctions may plunge world into another Cold War — senior lawmaker TASS
Wed 26 @ 08:56 French police 'routinely' pepper spray innocent migrants, incl. children, in Calais | HRW Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 08:55 Justice européenne : le Hamas reste sur la liste des organisations terroristes France24
Wed 26 @ 08:54 Après trois ans de flirt sur Tinder, deux Américains se rencontrent enfin BFM TV
Wed 26 @ 08:53 De faux rabais sur Amazon? TVA Nouvelles
Wed 26 @ 08:51 'Not a food for consumption': Bali Governor cracks down on dog meat trade ABC
Wed 26 @ 08:46 US sanctions vote 'hostile', says top Iran negotiator Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 08:45 Small number of Indonesian domestic workers radicalised while in Hong Kong, report warns S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 08:40 Le président Donald Trump pourrait-il se gracier lui-même? Radio-Canada
Wed 26 @ 08:39 US energy secretary Rick Perry falls for fake interview with Russian pranksters S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 08:37 Humanity at risk as sperm levels among Western men plummet to record low Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 08:37 New US sanctions against Russia 'defy common sense', will cause retaliation – Moscow Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 08:28 Migrants : la justice européenne recale la Hongrie et la Slovaquie Euronews
Wed 26 @ 08:28 Argentina confident Falklands dialogue is advancing gently Merco Press
Wed 26 @ 08:25 Deadly Building Collapse in India Caused by Illegal Alterations, Police Say The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 08:22 Divorcee destroys ex's $1m violin collection in Japan BBC
Wed 26 @ 08:17 New package of US anti-Russian sanctions may affect German economy — Chamber of Commerce TASS
Wed 26 @ 08:10 Mariano Rajoy entendu comme témoin dans un procès pour corruption Euronews
Wed 26 @ 08:03 La justice européenne maintient le Hamas sur la liste noire de l'UE BFM TV
Wed 26 @ 08:02 Sikh man asked to take off kirpan, deboard bus in Auckland Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 08:00 Indonesian investigator injured in acid attack rallies anti-corruption efforts ABC
Wed 26 @ 08:00 The Breakdown: Want a Job, Mate? Amazon Is Hiring Aussie Speakers The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 07:44 Nestle to open Japan factory for exotic Kit Kat demand BBC
Wed 26 @ 07:40 Trois fois plus de feux de forêt cet été en Europe Euronews
Wed 26 @ 07:29 Over 10,000 evacuated over new wildfire in France Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 07:25 Adobe is Finally Killing FLASH — At the End of 2020! The Hacker News
Wed 26 @ 07:15 Will strike 'heart of US' if Kim Jong-un regime threatened: North Korea Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 07:09 'Disappointed' Trump steps up extraordinary attack on his 'VERY weak' Attorney General, Jeff Sessions S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 07:08 Diplomat says US sanctions may destroy prospects for better relations with Russia TASS
Wed 26 @ 07:00 Synthetic cannabis toll hits eight in New Zealand S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 06:46 Allow women to sing hymns at Golden Temple: Sikh-Americans Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 06:42 Forest dweller suspected in Swiss chainsaw attack is captured after international manhunt S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 06:36 Secrecy and security envelop George Pell's magistrates court show | David Marr The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 06:36 Hong Kong maids lured by Islamic State recruiters: Report Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 06:31 Hommage au père Hamel : "La haine ne triomphera pas" France24
Wed 26 @ 06:28 Swiss police arrest chainsaw-wielding attacker after cross-border manhunt Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 06:28 MP warns more anti-Russian sanctions undermine prospects of restoring ties with US TASS
Wed 26 @ 06:28 Grève générale de deux jours au Venezuela à l'appel de l'opposition Radio-Canada
Wed 26 @ 06:25 Tributes flow for acclaimed Australian Aboriginal singer Gurrumul, dead aged 46 S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 06:25 ASEAN-China forum on poverty reduction opens in Cambodia China.org.cn
Wed 26 @ 06:23 Woman kills 'cult-fearing' boyfriend after online conspiracist calls her 'reptilian super soldier' Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 06:22 North Korea: US detects signs of new missile test, official says The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 06:21 Reluctant to point fingers, US treads water on cyber policy as destructive attacks mount S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 06:15 'I am livid': Donald Trump criticized for odd, disjointed speech to Boy Scouts The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 06:08 L'incendie s'étend à Bormes-les-Mimosas, 10 000 évacuations Euronews
Wed 26 @ 06:08 Ces Vénézuéliens qui fuient leur pays de peur du pire Euronews
Wed 26 @ 06:07 Nine hackers held in China for spreading malware abroad Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 06:02 DPRK's vice foreign minister visits Philippines China.org.cn
Wed 26 @ 06:00 'It takes a lot of courage': Venezuelan protesters tell of rising police violence The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 06:00 South Sudan: 'When we came home for lunch our parents had been killed' The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 05:54 Journalists and Human Rights Watch slam Saudi 'threats' against Al-Jazeera | but also chastise Qatar S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 05:53 US cannot win war in Afghanistan without Pak support: US military chief Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 05:52 International army games improve personnel's military skills — Chinese delegation head TASS
Wed 26 @ 05:52 Trump supporters say it's time for Sessions to step aside BBC
Wed 26 @ 05:47 Le n°3 du Vatican devant la justice pour délit sexuel, une première Euronews
Wed 26 @ 05:45 People smuggler was in UAE jail when refugee arrested in his place The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 05:45 Narrowly drawn America first policy will create antagonistic approach: Nisha Desai Biswal Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 05:45 « Fight Club », le film aux mille placements de produits Le Monde
Wed 26 @ 05:41 Marche pour l'avortement au Chili Euronews
Wed 26 @ 05:40 Trump administration cuts short anti-teen pregnancy grants Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 05:39 Police 'routinely' use pepper spray on migrants in Calais: Human Rights Watch Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 05:35 Europe Edition: Donald Trump, Republican Party, Russia: Your Wednesday Briefing The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 05:34 Australian 'Solo Man' faces drugs charges in Cambodia ABC
Wed 26 @ 05:34 Incendies dans le Var : environ 10 000 personnes évacuées dans la nuit France24
Wed 26 @ 05:33 Survey suggests Russians showed little interest in Nemtsov murder case TASS
Wed 26 @ 05:31 New York City's transit agency unveils $836 million subway plan Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 05:28 Four Mali civilians killed in suspected jihadist attack Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 05:28 Wednesday briefing: Cleaner air for Britain – thanks to the EU The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 05:28 Three Brexiteers off to US/Mexico, Australia and Germany for trade talks Merco Press
Wed 26 @ 05:26 Rival Libyan leaders back ceasefire and elections, after talks in France hosted by Macron S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 05:24 Israel removes Jerusalem metal detectors, Palestinians reject new measures Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 05:24 Debate on Obamacare repeal: Here's what happened in the US Senate Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 05:23 Crise au Venezuela : grève générale de 48 heures contre la constituante de Maduro France24
Wed 26 @ 05:19 N. Korea vows 'merciless blow with nuclear hammer' if US attempts to topple Kim Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 05:16 Gibraltar launches "best brains" Consultative Council, but it is described as elitist and undemocratic Merco Press
Wed 26 @ 05:03 Jerusalem shrine conflict: Thousands join Palestinian Muslim prayer protests Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 05:03 Rights groups ask Rodrigo Duterte to retract threat to bomb schools Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 05:02 Colombia's FARC will officially become a political party on September first Merco Press
Wed 26 @ 05:01 Mark Levin: Schumer, Pelosi Getting Better Treatment From Trump Than Sessions Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 04:54 Philippines: Duterte threatens to bomb indigenous schools The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 04:47 Anger at plan to let Chinese police patrol in Hong Kong The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 04:45 Manus Island refugees told to leave or be forced out by police ABC
Wed 26 @ 04:41 Panama opens its embassy in Beijing after break with Taiwan Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 04:40 Violences et tensions à Jérusalem Euronews
Wed 26 @ 04:30 Obamacare repeal: Senator John McCain tips the scale in favour of the Republicans Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 04:27 Attorney General Sessions threatens sanctuary cities with federal grant cuts Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 04:23 US Navy fires warning shots near Iran ship in Persian Gulf Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 04:21 Trump taps Gary Cohn and incumbent Janet Yellen as frontrunners for Fed chair S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 04:21 Synthetic cannabis linked to eighth New Zealand death BBC
Wed 26 @ 04:21 Military aviation deployed in Kazakhstan and Russia's Siberia ahead of Soyuz launch TASS
Wed 26 @ 04:21 Largest active US wildfire burns 250k acres in Montana Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 04:12 US denies arms supplies to Ukraine — State Department spokesperson TASS
Wed 26 @ 04:06 Frank Sinatra's 4th wife Barbara dies at 90 SABC News
Wed 26 @ 04:04 Florida man stabs dog to death 'because it always took girlfriend's side' – reports Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 04:03 Le scandale automobile allemanddans le radar d'Ottawa La Presse
Wed 26 @ 04:00 Military coup in Iraq ousts monarchy – archive, 26 July 1958 The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 04:00 American Airlines flight attendants are preparing to sue after claiming their uniforms made them violently ill S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 04:00 'Going back home to Mommy': Trump mocks protester at campaign-style rally Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 03:59 Huge croc scoffs cow's head in western Australia (DRONE VIDEO) Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 03:58 Rights groups urge Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte to retract threat to bomb schools, claiming he has endorsed 'war crimes' S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 03:53 Exclusif : "Nous partageons la même vision d'un consensus politique", affirme le Premier ministre libyen France24
Wed 26 @ 03:53 Mousson en Inde: le bilan s'alourdit à 119 morts noyés BFM TV
Wed 26 @ 03:38 Trump assure qu'Apple lui a promis trois usines aux États-Unis TVA Nouvelles
Wed 26 @ 03:31 New Russia sanctions have passed US House of Reps, but will Trump sign them? ABC
Wed 26 @ 03:30 Baleines mortes: un défi pour les experts La Presse
Wed 26 @ 03:26 Un an après, la France rend hommage au prêtre assassiné par des jihadistes DH
Wed 26 @ 03:16 Cardinal George Pell denies sexual abuse charges during first appearance in Australian court S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 03:15 US says Macau billionaire hoped UN bribery would cement legacy Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 03:06 Former intel officers send Trump memo challenging 'Russia hack' evidence Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 03:02 Wasserman Schultz's IT aide arrested as he tried to leave the US Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 03:01 Woolly jumpers: rabbits ride on sheep to stay dry in flood The Guardian
Wed 26 @ 02:57 Cardinal Pell will plead not guilty, his lawyer confirms BBC
Wed 26 @ 02:52 Final decision on steel trade policy may have to wait, Donald Trump tells WSJ Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 02:50 Making enemies? Trump falls out with more top officials after attacks on Sessions + McCabe Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 02:47 Jordanians protest against Israel at funeral of shot teenager Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 02:46 EU-Turkey talks fail to ease friction over detentions Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 02:44 Erdogan: Turkey will 'no longer' cave in to pressure from the West Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 02:38 Vingt kilos de cornes de rhinocéros saisies à Johannesburg BFM TV
Wed 26 @ 02:38 En Algérie, des milliers de femmes organisent la "révolte du bikini" BFM TV
Wed 26 @ 02:35 Pédophilie : l'argentier du Vatican, le cardinal australien George Pell, plaidera non coupable France24
Wed 26 @ 02:34 Obamacare repeal bill fails in US Senate ABC
Wed 26 @ 02:33 Report: FBI Investigating Smashed Hard Drives Retrieved from Wasserman Schultz's Pakistani-Born IT Worker's Home Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 02:33 One step closer to liberating citizens from Obamacare: Trump during Ohio victory lap Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 02:32 Pentagon snared in govt sting as fake cops easily acquire $1.2mn worth of military gear Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 02:26 China denies its jets operated dangerously in encounter with US Surveillance plane Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 02:23 A First: Cardinal Pell Appears in Australian Court on Sexual Charges The N.Y. Times
Wed 26 @ 02:22 Un rapport dénonce l'usage de gaz poivré contre les migrants à Calais Radio-Canada
Wed 26 @ 02:18 Britain to ban sale of all petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2040 S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 02:18 North Korea making 'alarming progress' and could strike US with nuclear-capable ICBM by end of 2018 S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 02:18 Trump blasts Obama for Russia, Iran's control of Syria Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 02:15 Russia could play role in Qatar crisis settlement — US Department of State TASS
Wed 26 @ 02:13 US Navy fires warning shots at Iranian ship BBC
Wed 26 @ 02:11 LA man accused of smuggling king cobras in potato chip cans Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 02:11 Disappointed with Jeff Sessions' probe into alleged Russian meddling in US polls, won't sack: Donald Trump Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 02:10 Human Rights Watch dénonce l'usage de gaz poivre contre les migrants à Calais France24
Wed 26 @ 02:10 Catholic Church sex scandal: Top Vatican official faces Australian court Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 02:02 White House press official resigns amid mass firing threat over leaks Russia Today
Wed 26 @ 02:00 Une espèce menaçante fait son apparition dans les eaux de la Nouvelle-Écosse La Presse
Wed 26 @ 01:58 Trump warns 'emboldened' Iran to comply with nuclear deal or face 'big, big problems' Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 01:55 Donald Trump interdit aux personnes transgenres de servir dans l'armée BFM TV
Wed 26 @ 01:55 Sessions Moves Forward on Trump Agenda, Targeting Sanctuary Cities Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 01:53 Ivanka Trump speaks at Pence fundraiser Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 01:51 Showgirl-turned-philanthropist Barbara Sinatra, singer Frank's fourth wife, dies aged 90 S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 01:49 Mike Pence breaks tie as Senate opens 'Obamacare' debate at last Indian Express
Wed 26 @ 01:46 Opposition: Venezuela Rewards Loyal Soldiers with Toilet Paper Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 01:44 How to survive the coming stock market storm S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 01:40 Spanish border cop hurls barrier at knifeman ABC
Wed 26 @ 01:35 Experts Outline Costs, Benefits of Building a 355-Ship Navy Before Senate Panel U.S. Naval Institute
Wed 26 @ 01:29 Finland's membership of NATO off agenda at present – ambassador TASS
Wed 26 @ 01:29 Tucker Carlson: Trump's Attacks on Sessions Are 'Nuts' – Sessions 'Being Forced Out by Trump Himself' Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 01:28 Buchanan, Coulter, Other Voices of the Right Cry Out in Dismay as Trump Steps Up Attacks on Sessions Breitbart
Wed 26 @ 01:27 UN Security Council blocks statement condemning attack on Russian embassy in Damascus TASS
Wed 26 @ 01:20 Sperm counts among western men have plunged by more than half since 1970s, study finds S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 01:12 Baby of murdered NYC policeman born 3 years after his death ABC
Wed 26 @ 01:08 Trump s'imagine gravé sur le Mont Rushmore, Internet exauce son vœu BFM TV
Wed 26 @ 01:03 Brazil: City of God actor wanted for killing Rio policeman BBC
Wed 26 @ 01:03 Le Sénat américain lance les débats sur l'abrogation de l'Obamacare Euronews
Wed 26 @ 00:59 US says Macau billionaire Ng Lap-seng hoped UN bribery would cement his legacy S.China Morning Post
Wed 26 @ 00:55 US Energy Secretary takes 22-minute prank call from “Ukrainian Prime Minister” ArsTechnica
Wed 26 @ 00:43 Russia looks into its citizen's removal from domestic US flight TASS
Wed 26 @ 00:41 Trump promet de résilier l'ALENA... si les négociations échouent La Presse
Wed 26 @ 00:40 Trump promet de résilier l'ALENA si les négociations échouent TVA Nouvelles
Wed 26 @ 00:34 Etats-Unis: l'Ohio prépare sa première exécution en plus de trois ans BFM TV
Wed 26 @ 00:22 Droits de la personne: le Canada exhorté à accroître la pression sur la Turquie La Presse
Wed 26 @ 00:18 UK set to ban sales of petrol and diesel cars from 2040: reports ABC
Wed 26 @ 00:01 Barbara Sinatra, activist and widow of Frank, dies at 90 BBC
Wed 26 @ 00:00 Les terroristes n'auront pas leur place dans la future Syrie, selon la Ligue arabe Xinhuanet
Wed 26 @ 00:00 Trump dit qu'il ne laissera pas Bachar al-Assad s'échapper avec les actions "horribles" qu'il a accomplies Xinhuanet
Wed 26 @ 00:00 L'armée syrienne et les forces soutenues par les États-Unis font des progrès dans Raqqa contre l'EI Xinhuanet
Wed 26 @ 00:00 Jérusalem-Est : l'envoyé de l'ONU appelle au respect du statu quo Xinhuanet
Wed 26 @ 00:00 Afghanistan : 8 combattants de l'EI tués dans la province de Nangarhar Xinhuanet
Wed 26 @ 00:00 La Russie a empêché le Moyen-Orient de s'effondrer, selon le vice-président irakien Xinhuanet
Wed 26 @ 00:00 Tirs d'avertissement d'un navire de la marine américaine sur un bateau iranien dans le golfe Persique Xinhuanet
Wed 26 @ 00:00 USA : La Chambre des représentants adopte des sanctions plus sévères à la Russie, à l'Iran et à la RPDC Xinhuanet
Wed 26 @ 00:00 L'Iran promet une réponse nécessaire aux nouvelles sanctions américaines Xinhuanet
Wed 26 @ 00:00 Un courte victoire au Sénat américain permet aux républicains de poursuivre le débat sur l'abrogation de l'Obamacare Xinhuanet
Wed 26 @ 00:00 Le projet de loi américain sur de nouvelles sanctions générera plus d'incertitudes dans relations avec la Russie, l'Iran et la RPDC Xinhuanet
Wed 26 @ 00:00 UNICEF : les enfants migrants quittent l'Afrique pour plusieurs raisons, "moins de facteurs d'attraction" de l'Europe (étude) Xinhuanet
Wed 26 @ 00:00 France : hommage au père Hamel assassiné par deux djihadistes l'année dernière Xinhuanet
Wed 26 @ 00:00 France : Emmanuel Macron tente de résoudre la crise libyenne en réunissant deux chefs rivaux de la Libye Xinhuanet
Wed 26 @ 00:00 La Corée du Sud ne fixe aucune date limite pour l'ouverture des négociations avec la RPDC Xinhuanet
Wed 26 @ 00:00 La mosquée al-Aqsa doit revenir au statu quo (Abbas) Xinhuanet
Wed 26 @ 00:00 Les nouvelles sanctions américaines vont affecter la mise en oeuvre de l'accord nucléaire iranien, selon Téhéran Xinhuanet
Wed 26 @ 00:00 Les forces afghanes reprennent un district dans la province de Faryab Xinhuanet
Wed 26 @ 00:00 Afghanistan : un chef de district et ses cinq gardes du corps tués dans l'explosion d'une mine Xinhuanet
Wed 26 @ 00:00 Le premier convoi d'aide humanitaire entre dans la région de la Ghouta Orientale près de Damas après l'accord de cessez-le-feu Xinhuanet
Wed 26 @ 00:00 Afghanistan : des soldats auraient été tués dans une attaque des talibans Xinhuanet
Tue 25 @ 23:56 Saudi Arabia set to behead 14 anti-govt protesters, including Michigan-bound student Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 23:49 Baisse majeure des profits pour General Motors TVA Nouvelles
Tue 25 @ 23:43 Qatar – Arabie Saoudite : des soutiens africains qui en disent long… Afrik
Tue 25 @ 23:42 Jeff Sessions' Tenure at DOJ Marked by Progress on President Trump's America First Agenda Breitbart
Tue 25 @ 23:38 Venezuela couple move to sue officials over death of son BBC
Tue 25 @ 23:33 Ghana's dancing pallbearers bring funeral joy BBC
Tue 25 @ 23:30 North Korea promises nuclear strike on US if regime is threatened CNN
Tue 25 @ 23:29 NASA issues safety guidelines ahead of rare 'coast-to-coast' total solar eclipse Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 23:27 Trump Finds Reason for the U.S. to Remain in Afghanistan: Minerals The N.Y. Times
Tue 25 @ 23:26 German police will be able to hack WhatsApp, other encrypted messages by end of 2017 – leaked report Russia Today
Tue 25 @ 23:25 A life left behind BBC
Tue 25 @ 23:25 Hot mic catches Republican slamming Trump, mocking 'unattractive', pyjama-wearing colleague ABC
Tue 25 @ 23:17 Victoire d'étape de Trump contre Obamacare Canoe
Tue 25 @ 23:15 Indonesia has the 'biggest' drugs market in the world: anti-narcotics chief ABC
Tue 25 @ 23:15 Le prolongement du réseau payé par le Fonds vert TVA Nouvelles
Tue 25 @ 23:12 La veuve d'un policier new-yorkais accouche de leur enfant trois ans après sa mort BFM TV
Tue 25 @ 23:07 Google accuse le Canada de vouloir le censurer TVA Nouvelles
Tue 25 @ 22:59 Coups de semonce d'un navire américain contre un navire iranien La Presse
Tue 25 @ 22:56 Swiss chainsaw attack suspect arrested after manhunt ABC
Tue 25 @ 22:55 US may replace top Asia diplomat as North Korea crisis grows more urgent S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 22:47 Trump's new communications chief vows he will 'fire everybody' over leaks S.China Morning Post
Tue 25 @ 22:47 US House decisively votes to approve new sanctions against Russia The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 22:44 Metal Detectors Vanish, but Tensions in East Jerusalem Remain The N.Y. Times
Tue 25 @ 22:40 États-Unis : la Chambre des représentants vote l'alourdissement des sanctions contre la Russie France24
Tue 25 @ 22:38 Rex Tillerson ne démissionnera pas, malgré les rumeurs La Presse
Tue 25 @ 22:36 Disciplinary panel revokes Elizabeth Wettlaufer's nursing licence BBC
Tue 25 @ 22:33 Israel bars five US Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders backing boycott effort The Guardian
Tue 25 @ 22:33 Swedish Government Scrambles to Contain Damage From Data Breach The N.Y. Times
Tue 25 @ 22:31 La Chambre adopte de nouvelles sanctions contre Moscou Euronews
Tue 25 @ 22:31 Senate, John McCain, Jeff Sessions: Your Tuesday Evening Briefing The N.Y. Times
Tue 25 @ 22:26 Trump to Lebanese premier: 'You're on frontline of fighting ISIS, Al-Qaeda – and Hezbollah' Russia Today
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I would like everyone to know more about our world.

Hi, my name is Jonathan and I am 40 years old. First, let me tell you that the English language isn’t my first language; I speak French in my everyday life. So don’t be too severe with me, since I will make mistakes. You can laugh about it, and you can also point out some errors I may make so I can improve myself.

I am the founder of the Knights of News, a concept I created to show my love of world news. Everyone can be a Knight of News, you simply need to care about humanity and have the willingness to inform others.

The home of the Knights of News is TacticalFM.com, a website I created in 2007. Our headquarters changed many times since its launch. Before today, it was firing in all directions… but now, it’s more focused than ever: on world news.

« Why world news? » Very simple: I care about my planet and the people who are living on it. One day I had a flash, I realized that the VERY FIRST STEP to being able to settle even the simplest problem requires a common knowledge of the context and parameters of this problem.

In short, as humanity, we cannot fix what’s wrong in our society if we, each one on our side, have different knowledge of the situation. The reason is simple and very logical: solutions a person may suggest will always miss important key points that another may have, and the consequence is that these solutions will be incomplete and partial.

We all have the same concerns, we all have the same goals, we want to live in peace, have food, shelter and love. Whatever part of the world you live in, we all feel the same, we all have the same basic needs.

This planet is going to crash if we, as a global ensemble, continue like we have been. But before doing something that can apply to and help all of us, we must all have the same stance on the situation.

This is why the Knights of News exist. View them as a tool that enables you to have better common knowledge of the situation on Planet Earth. We put in evidence complex topics, that at first may not seem to be important (e.g.: geoengineering, geopolitical tensions, global economy, etc.) so that in the long run, YOU do care and become curious. Without basic curiosity, we can’t have any hope to fix the smallest problem.

Today, a small group of people have all the space they want to decide, just because the majority of us don’t care enough about the decisions taken by this Elite. This must change, and the very first step is to get CURIOUS about everything, from the simplest topic to the most complex.

Don’t be afraid, just because you don’t understand, we are all together on this boat, we all need to help each other. The majority of us want peace, but the war mongering minority have control because we don’t take the time to understand what is happening or why.

Knowledge is power. Be powerful. Start learning about complex world news. This can be very hard at first, but be courageous, and you will see that over time, this will becomes easier.

Peace, love and justice requires common knowledge of what’s happening on Earth.
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What is this site?


But more precisely:

It fetches a custom set of world news RSS feeds from various official media outlets.

It filters the resulting list to remove non pertinent links.

It orders and timestamps the news links with UTC time zone.

And finally colours them if they are important news, special topics, etc.

News for pros, plain and simple!

Why everyone should visit this site?


Nothing less than that, thanks to the "comparison effect" by putting all news media outlets side-to-side, on the same list.

This way, we can compare titles and spot the nice written and descriptive ones. It forces MSMs to be as complete and pertinent as possible.

This way, we can compare the content and when it's reported. The media that will have the greater and more pertinent content will win the popularity race when displayed with all his competitors, it's pure logic.

Everybody win by visiting the Knights of News: quality and pertinence over entertainment and consumerism!

Overall, this website forces each of our beloved MSMs to do a better job, this is why your visit, and to talk about it around you, is so important.
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Jonathanboucharddotca micro 2016 ruche Peace, love and justice requires common knowledge of what’s happening on Earth.

L'amour, la paix et la justice exigent une connaissance commune des événements sur terre!

"Chevaliers de l'information",
"Knights Of News"
created by / conçu par
Jonathan Bouchard

Born in 1976, I am a computer geek and programmer who loves geopolitics and MSM.

I am from Quebec, Canada, I speak french. I started to learn english with a Commodore 64.

FPS lover who can't play as he wants like many others but still, I finished original Doom I and II without cheating at hard. ;)

Philosopher who loves to think about the future of mankind, evolution and what we are supposed to do on Earth.

My dream would be that each one of us develops his curiosity toward what's really happening in the world. Before trying to fix our major problems of coexistence, I think the very first step is to learn about what we are and then, we will be able to fix problems like global warming, terrorism, hunger and war. Because, that's our goal, right?

My english grammar is not perfect, my french is a lot better, but I am trying hard.

Suits and ties are not for me... even if I look handsome in it!

I kept my child's hearth, I make jokes, I sing, I am not shy to laugh at myself.

I don't bite. I just know what I want and there's reasons for it, each time.

Don't you think it's enough? Contact me if you still want more! :D
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