Oldpaper kon v2 band sepia
Mon 22 @ 08:19 Top Labor Politician Secretly Offered Help to EU in Brexit Talks | Reports Sputnik
Mon 22 @ 08:18 Afghanistan : ce que l'on sait de l'attaque d'un hôtel à Kaboul, qui a fait au moins 22 morts France Info
Mon 22 @ 08:16 Fugitive Puigdemont arrives in Copenhagen ABC News
Mon 22 @ 08:16 VIDÉO. "Weah réussira mieux que tous les autres" : l'espoir dans le bidonville de Monrovia où le président du Liberia a grandi France Info
Mon 22 @ 08:14 US government shutdown: How did we get here? BBC
Mon 22 @ 08:14 Qatar-Gulf crisis: All the latest updates Al Jazeera
Mon 22 @ 08:13 Wish I had direct line with Putin, but I don't – RT Editor-in-Chief Russia Today
Mon 22 @ 08:13 Vietnam jails Trinh Xuan Thanh for life over corruption Al Jazeera
Mon 22 @ 08:13 Return of Farage? UK father of right-wing politics set to return… to FIGHT failing UKIP Russia Today
Mon 22 @ 08:12 TV socialite collects 100,000 signatures necessary to register as presidential contender TASS
Mon 22 @ 08:12 INSV Tarini is moored in Stanley, Falkland Islands Merco Press
Mon 22 @ 08:09 La marée noire en mer de Chine a triplé de taille en quatre jours, selon Pékin France Info
Mon 22 @ 08:09 Head of Russian outlet RT says US foreign agent order hurts ABC News
Mon 22 @ 08:07 China builds largest floating solar farm in the world Al Jazeera
Mon 22 @ 08:06 Bangladesh says Rohingya return to Myanmar is delayed Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 08:05 UK Army chief warns of Russian threat BBC
Mon 22 @ 08:04 Le brief politique. Le FN et les Insoumis s'opposeront à l'adoption d'un nouveau traité franco-allemand France Info
Mon 22 @ 08:02 Head of Russian outlet RT says US foreign agent order hurts MetroNews
Mon 22 @ 08:01 Solar industry on edge as Trump weighs tariffs on panels MetroNews
Mon 22 @ 08:01 Head of Russian outlet RT says US foreign agent order hurts Fox News
Mon 22 @ 08:01 Oxfam Speaks to Sputnik on Spiralling Global Inequality Ahead of Davos Sputnik
Mon 22 @ 07:54 Chinese Foreign Ministry Slams US Defense Strategy as 'Cold War Mentality' Sputnik
Mon 22 @ 07:53 Rohingya Muslims' repatriation to Myanmar postponed The Guardian
Mon 22 @ 07:52 Le ministre Peeters met fin à la procédure contre Ryanair RTL
Mon 22 @ 07:52 Bangladesh says start of Rohingya return to Myanmar delayed The Star Online
Mon 22 @ 07:50 UAE-backed group vows to 'overthrow' Yemen's government Al Jazeera
Mon 22 @ 07:49 German conservatives, partners face tough coalition talks Fox News
Mon 22 @ 07:49 Dollar regains footing after US govt shutdown, higher yields support Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 07:48 How Corruption and Cronyism in Banking Fueled Iran's Protests The N.Y. Times
Mon 22 @ 07:47 The 'Nothing Burger' CNN is Obsessed With: Reporters Expose Broadcaster's Agenda Sputnik
Mon 22 @ 07:46 L'"affaire Opaline Meunier" est "un immense gâchis", estime Céline Fremault RTL
Mon 22 @ 07:45 EU ministers, Abbas to study ways to back two-state solution MetroNews
Mon 22 @ 07:44 EU ministers, Abbas to study ways to back two-state solution Fox News
Mon 22 @ 07:43 Indonesia investigates 'defamatory' insults on Instagram about the Sultan of Brunei S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 07:43 Female Employees Having Sex With Migrant 'Kids' at Migrant Centers in Sweden Sputnik
Mon 22 @ 07:42 Germany coalition talks: SPD backs talks with Merkel BBC
Mon 22 @ 07:41 French prison guards in nationwide strike after attacks BBC
Mon 22 @ 07:41 Ethiopia to ease tensions with Egypt over Nile dam Al Jazeera
Mon 22 @ 07:39 Operation in Syria to have very limited impact on Turkish economy | Simsek The Star Online
Mon 22 @ 07:35 Russian fighter jets intercept hypothetical enemy planes in stratosphere during drills TASS
Mon 22 @ 07:31 US shutdown: Government services closed as working week begins BBC
Mon 22 @ 07:30 Venezuela's Most-Wanted Rebel Shared His Story, Just Before Death The N.Y. Times
Mon 22 @ 07:30 Philippines raises volcano alert again; hazardous eruption seen imminent The Star Online
Mon 22 @ 07:29 Bomb at pork stall in market in Thailand's south kills three, wounds 22 The Star Online
Mon 22 @ 07:24 Government shutdown: Republicans float minor immigration deal to end 'Dreamers' deadlock The Guardian
Mon 22 @ 07:21 Tokyo holds 'first ever' missile attack drills amid N. Korea tensions Russia Today
Mon 22 @ 07:18 Indonesia investigates online insults of Brunei's sultan MetroNews
Mon 22 @ 07:17 Indonesia investigates online insults of Brunei's sultan Fox News
Mon 22 @ 07:17 Man who slapped woman for not wearing a hijab in Malaysian viral video has been arrested S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 07:16 Vietnam jails most senior Communist Party official in decades BBC
Mon 22 @ 07:15 The big dig: how the high cost of land is forcing Hong Kong into caverns The Guardian
Mon 22 @ 07:13 Vladimir Poutine, nerveux ? «Comme tous les êtres humains», affirme son porte-parole Russia Today
Mon 22 @ 07:12 Japan to seek to have North Korea change its policy, abandon its nuclear, missile program TASS
Mon 22 @ 07:11 Trial in Kim Jong Nam's murder resumes in Malaysia ABC News
Mon 22 @ 07:10 US Considers Sending 1,000 More Troops to Afghanistan in Spring | Reports Sputnik
Mon 22 @ 07:09 Qatar's blockade in 2017, day by day developments Al Jazeera
Mon 22 @ 07:08 Police: House fire kills 7 children in United Arab Emirates MetroNews
Mon 22 @ 07:08 Carles Puigdemont est arrivé au Danemark 7 SUR 7
Mon 22 @ 07:07 Police: House fire kills 7 children in United Arab Emirates Fox News
Mon 22 @ 07:05 "Carles Puigdemont vient de quitter la Belgique": l'ancien président catalan a pris l'avion pour Copenhague RTL
Mon 22 @ 07:05 Padmavat: Violence after India top court lifts ban on film BBC
Mon 22 @ 07:05 Japanese capital holds first North Korean missile attack drill Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 07:03 50 years after key Vietnam battles, Mattis seeks closer ties MetroNews
Mon 22 @ 07:03 Protesters burn pictures of Kim Jong-un as North Korean girl band leader tours Seoul S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 07:02 Tokyo simule un tir de missile sur fond de menace nord-coréenne RTL
Mon 22 @ 07:01 Top 1% of Australians own more wealth than bottom 70% combined The Guardian
Mon 22 @ 07:01 Among Rohingya, refugee squalor can seem better than home Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 07:01 Syrian Kurds Force Turkish Army to Retreat From its Territory | Representative Sputnik
Mon 22 @ 07:00 Trump business ethics pledges left plenty room for profiting MetroNews
Mon 22 @ 06:57 Philippine volcano explodes, authorities raise alert level ABC News
Mon 22 @ 06:54 Mike Pence au Proche-Orient : héros des Israéliens, boudé par les Palestiniens France24
Mon 22 @ 06:54 La Bourse de Paris attendue stable malgré le "shutdown" américain RTL
Mon 22 @ 06:53 S. Koreans burn Kim's photo as N. Korean band leader passes ABC News
Mon 22 @ 06:52 Attaque de Kaboul: des corps calcinés découverts Tribune de Genève
Mon 22 @ 06:52 New attitudes, not just new laws, needed for gender equality, says rights group Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 06:52 Indonesia: Measles, chickenpox kill dozens of children Al Jazeera
Mon 22 @ 06:52 Thailand: Three killed in Yala market bombing Al Jazeera
Mon 22 @ 06:51 Turquie: mandats d'arrêt pour "propagande" en lien avec l'offensive en Syrie RTL
Mon 22 @ 06:51 Senate talks fall short, shutdown extends into workweek MetroNews
Mon 22 @ 06:50 Ouverture d'un procès pour corruption sous tension entre le Portugal et l'Angola RTL
Mon 22 @ 06:47 South Korea's Moon says Olympics should lead to nuclear talks with U.S The Star Online
Mon 22 @ 06:46 Mer de Chine: la marée noire triple de taille RTL
Mon 22 @ 06:46 Protesters greet North Korean Olympic delegation touring Seoul The Star Online
Mon 22 @ 06:46 Attempt in Thailand to save tiger with a two-kilo tumour S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 06:46 Indian farmer crushed to death as tractor seized over debts The Star Online
Mon 22 @ 06:45 Weather Channel co-founder dies; doubted climate science Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 06:45 UKIP in chaos: leader Henry Bolton loses confidence vote after girlfriend's racist Markle messages S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 06:42 Macron chez Toyota dans le Nord puis à Versailles pour séduire les multinationales RTL
Mon 22 @ 06:40 Appel au "blocage total" des prisons, la ministre reçoit les syndicats RTL
Mon 22 @ 06:39 Nouveau bras de fer entre Puigdemont et Madrid Tribune de Genève
Mon 22 @ 06:38 En Inde, la lente et pénible rénovation du Taj Mahal RTL
Mon 22 @ 06:33 1% de la population mondiale se partage 82% des richesses 7 SUR 7
Mon 22 @ 06:32 Monday briefing: Trump shutdown continues in US The Guardian
Mon 22 @ 06:32 Final Destination of Tanker Carrying Russian Gas to US 'Didn't Change' – Engie Sputnik
Mon 22 @ 06:31 Décision importante au parlement catalan sur la candidature de Puigdemont lundi RTL
Mon 22 @ 06:31 Trial in Kim Jong Nam's murder resumes in Malaysia MetroNews
Mon 22 @ 06:31 Trial in Kim Jong Nam's murder resumes in Malaysia Fox News
Mon 22 @ 06:30 Internet via réseau mobile: Bouygues Telecom limite à 200 Go sa "4G Box" RTL
Mon 22 @ 06:29 Doctor who aided hunt for bin Laden languishes, forgotten ABC News
Mon 22 @ 06:28 Kaboul: 22 morts, certains inidentifiables, dans l'hôtel attaqué RTL
Mon 22 @ 06:27 Philippine volcano Mount Mayon explodes, authorities raise alert level S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 06:26 In Women's March finale, Las Vegas rally kicks off voter drive Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 06:26 Australian moved to cell in Cambodia with 140 prisoners ABC
Mon 22 @ 06:26 Vietnam: l'apparatchik enlevé en Allemagne condamné à la prison à vie RTL
Mon 22 @ 06:24 Defamation case filed against Indian-origin publisher in Nepal Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 06:24 Rohingyas: le programme de retours ne débutera pas dans les délais prévus RTL
Mon 22 @ 06:22 Vietnam sentences former official to 13 years jail amid corruption crackdown – state media Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 06:21 Philippine volcano explodes, authorities raise alert level MetroNews
Mon 22 @ 06:21 Un homme attaqué par un requin en Nouvelle-Calédonie RTL
Mon 22 @ 06:20 Philippine volcano explodes, authorities raise alert level Fox News
Mon 22 @ 06:20 "Shutdown" : le bras de fer entre démocrates et républicains continue au Congrès américain France24
Mon 22 @ 06:19 Des milliers de fans rendent hommage à la chanteuse des Cranberries 7 SUR 7
Mon 22 @ 06:18 Un an après les premières révélations sur le "Penelopegate", où en est l'enquête? RTL
Mon 22 @ 06:18 Open d'Australie: Federer bat un partenaire d'entraînement et passe en quarts RTL
Mon 22 @ 06:18 Japanese PM says Tokyo will pursue peace treaty with Russia, cooperation in all areas TASS
Mon 22 @ 06:16 Puigdemont a pris l'avion pour Copenhague DH
Mon 22 @ 06:15 Vietnam jails former oil execs in high-profile graft case Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 06:13 UKIP Deputy Leader Resigns as Bolton Refuses to Go After No Confidence Vote Sputnik
Mon 22 @ 06:12 Factbox | Effect on commodities markets due to U.S. government shutdown The Star Online
Mon 22 @ 06:12 Tokyo holds evacuation drill to prepare for N. Korean threat ABC News
Mon 22 @ 06:12 U.S. government workers awake to shutdown, Senate vote looms The Star Online
Mon 22 @ 06:12 Sarcastic applause and tepid approval for German Social Democrats' coalition talks with conservative Merkel S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 06:11 Police: 2 IEDs detonated at a Florida mall, no injuries MetroNews
Mon 22 @ 06:10 Des milliers de fans rendent hommage à la chanteuse des Cranberries RTL
Mon 22 @ 06:07 Doctor who aided hunt for bin Laden languishes, forgotten MetroNews
Mon 22 @ 06:07 UK Home Office tells stateless man: go home The Guardian
Mon 22 @ 06:03 Great Barrier Reef: Australia unveils A$60m protection plan BBC
Mon 22 @ 06:03 Sports doctor back in court to hear from assault victims MetroNews
Mon 22 @ 06:02 Amazon to debut store without checkout in downtown Seattle MetroNews
Mon 22 @ 06:00 Sydney train crash sends passengers flying, injures 16 Russia Today
Mon 22 @ 06:00 Les bikers patriotes de Poutine, un phénomène russe Tribune de Genève
Mon 22 @ 06:00 Une nuit enflammée dans la tanière des Loups de Vladimir Poutine Tribune de Genève
Mon 22 @ 05:57 Turkish airstrikes, shelling in Syria kill 18 civilians Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 05:57 "Blocage total" dans les prisons françaises ce lundi 7 SUR 7
Mon 22 @ 05:55 Japan's Abe avoids timeline for amending pacifist constitution The Star Online
Mon 22 @ 05:55 China threatens military buildup in South China Sea after US Navy warship's passage: paper Fox News
Mon 22 @ 05:50 Tokyo simule une attaque de missile Tribune de Genève
Mon 22 @ 05:49 Apple's Tim Cook and Malala team up to fight for girls' education ABC News
Mon 22 @ 05:47 WikiLeaks: Ecuador president calls Julian Assange a 'problem' as welcome mat at London embassy wears thin S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 05:43 Iran's navy kicks off annual drill near key Strait of Hormuz MetroNews
Mon 22 @ 05:42 Iran's navy kicks off annual drill near key Strait of Hormuz Fox News
Mon 22 @ 05:41 Siege at Kabul Hotel Caps a Violent 24 Hours in Afghanistan The N.Y. Times
Mon 22 @ 05:32 'Minsk agreements irreplaceable in settlement of Ukrainian conflict' Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 05:31 Syrian troops begin eliminating surrounded Jabhat al-Nusra task force TASS
Mon 22 @ 05:28 Moscow sees US anti-Russia sanctions unpromising: Russian FM Sergei Lavrov Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 05:27 US shutdown: Senators trade blame ahead of new vote Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 05:26 Morality tale 'Three Billboards' wins big at Screen Actors Guild Awards S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 05:23 Assange a 'Problem' That Created 'More Than a Nuisance' | Ecuador President Sputnik
Mon 22 @ 05:21 «Le cas de Julian Assange est un problème» Tribune de Genève
Mon 22 @ 05:18 UN condemns terror attack on Kabul hotel Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 05:17 'Time running out to strike good Brexit deal' Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 05:16 Un pédophile aurait abusé de 274 enfants Tribune de Genève
Mon 22 @ 05:15 Iran urges Turkey to respect Syria's territorial integrity Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 05:15 Both UK Parties United Against Their Leaders Sputnik
Mon 22 @ 05:11 US needs to rebuild trust on two-state solution: Jordan Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 05:05 Seoul Activists Hold Rally Against DPRK's Olympics Participation | Reports Sputnik
Mon 22 @ 05:04 US Vice President Mike Pence arrives in Israel on third leg of Middle East trip Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 05:02 Trust in US institutions down dramatically, survey finds MetroNews
Mon 22 @ 05:02 Trust in US institutions down dramatically, survey finds Fox News
Mon 22 @ 05:01 Syrie: le Conseil de sécurité évoquera l'offensive turque qui a tué jusqu'ici 11 civils, dont 5 enfants 45e Nord
Mon 22 @ 05:01 Dismissive words on abuse scandal cast pall over pope's trip MetroNews
Mon 22 @ 05:01 Syrian Troops Start Op to Eliminate Nusra Front Militants in Idlib | Russian MoD Sputnik
Mon 22 @ 05:00 UK aid package to drought-hit Kenya to end in 2024 The Guardian
Mon 22 @ 05:00 Road Trip: Marfa Road Trip: Big Sky and Prada and Cowboys — Oh My! The N.Y. Times
Mon 22 @ 05:00 Dismissive words on abuse scandal cast pall over pope's trip Fox News
Mon 22 @ 05:00 PetroVietnam oil executive 'kidnapped' from Germany is jailed for life. But he faces death in another trial S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 04:59 La marée noire en Mer de Chine a triplé de taille La Presse
Mon 22 @ 04:57 «Marches pour les femmes» et contre Trump Tribune de Genève
Mon 22 @ 04:53 Chile praises China for rejecting protectionist policies S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 04:53 Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to attend World Economic Forum meeting Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 04:46 L'apparatchik enlevé en Allemagne condamné Tribune de Genève
Mon 22 @ 04:45 After Putin's icy dip, US ambassador Jon Huntsman tries shirtless diplomacy S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 04:41 Tokyo simulates first military attack since second world war at amusement park S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 04:41 Trinh Xuan Thanh sentenced to life imprisonment Vietnam+
Mon 22 @ 04:40 Bomb in market in Thailand's south kills 3, wounds 18-security official Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 04:39 Arrestation au Venezuela d'un pédophile recherché par la Colombie pour abus sexuels sur 274 ... DH
Mon 22 @ 04:32 Vietnam's steel export enjoys 34-percent growth Vietnam+
Mon 22 @ 04:29 Man charged in Tennessee student's death could plead guilty MetroNews
Mon 22 @ 04:25 Un éboulement fait basculer un bus, 13 morts Tribune de Genève
Mon 22 @ 04:23 Freedom does not mean freedom of imposition Vietnam+
Mon 22 @ 04:18 Bataille contre l'étoile de mer dévoreuse de corail Tribune de Genève
Mon 22 @ 04:18 Whoops! FBI 'Loses' Five Months of Texts Between FBI Agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page Breitbart
Mon 22 @ 04:18 Football fans celebrate victory of U23 Vietnam team Vietnam+
Mon 22 @ 04:17 Among Rohingya, refugee squalor can seem better than home Fox News
Mon 22 @ 04:13 Front leader gives Tet gifts to poor households Vietnam+
Mon 22 @ 04:12 Russian folk dance ensemble to perform in Hue Festival 2018 Vietnam+
Mon 22 @ 04:08 Landslide pushes Colombian bus into ravine, killing at least 13 Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 04:06 Tokyo holds evacuation drill to prepare for N. Korean threat Fox News
Mon 22 @ 04:05 US shutdown debacle extends into working week as crunch vote is delayed S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 04:03 Ha Nam: Over 1 million USD raised for poor people Vietnam+
Mon 22 @ 04:02 US government to remain closed on Monday as Senate still short of deal Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 04:01 US defence chief Jim Mattis is visiting China's neighbours with a key message about 'sovereignty' and 'respect' S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 04:01 Schumer Rejects McConnell's Proposal for a 3-Week Budget With an Immigration Debate Breitbart
Mon 22 @ 03:57 Jessica Falkholt: Home and Away actress remembered at funeral BBC
Mon 22 @ 03:56 Downtown HCM City parking lots overloaded Vietnam+
Mon 22 @ 03:56 US Senate to Vote on Stopgap Spending Bill on Monday Sputnik
Mon 22 @ 03:56 Mahmoud Abbas demande à l'UE de reconnaître l'État de Palestine Radio-Canada
Mon 22 @ 03:55 La marée noire a triplé de taille en 4 jours Tribune de Genève
Mon 22 @ 03:54 Mexico posts highest homicide rate in decades ABC News
Mon 22 @ 03:52 HCM City authorities ensure warm Tet for everyone Vietnam+
Mon 22 @ 03:50 3 dead, at least 22 injured in roadside market blast in Thailand Russia Today
Mon 22 @ 03:49 Gingrich: 'Schumer Shutdown' a 'Major Mistake' — Dems Pitted 700k Illegals Against Men, Women of U.S. Military Breitbart
Mon 22 @ 03:47 Droves fill Pope Francis's final Mass in restive Latin America trip Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 03:43 Little movement forecast for Vietnamese stocks Vietnam+
Mon 22 @ 03:43 PM's visit to India helps foster political trust Vietnam+
Mon 22 @ 03:40 Work begins on Truc Lam Zen monastery in Dong Thap Vietnam+
Mon 22 @ 03:39 How Never Trump Spent Their First Year in Resistance Breitbart
Mon 22 @ 03:38 Gaza will soon collapse and only Tel Aviv is helping, Israeli president claims Russia Today
Mon 22 @ 03:37 Pas question de toucher aux tarifs d'électricité, dit Pierre Moreau TVA Nouvelles
Mon 22 @ 03:36 Journalists covering Mexico indigenous candidate robbed Fox News
Mon 22 @ 03:32 Angela Merkel readies for intense German coalition talks after tight SPD vote Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 03:30 Droves fill pope's final Mass in restive Latin America trip Fox News
Mon 22 @ 03:28 Explosion at Florida mall spurs manhunt Russia Today
Mon 22 @ 03:26 Landslide threaten lives, crop of Thua-Thien Hue residents Vietnam+
Mon 22 @ 03:26 Cambodia: CPP's congress adopts five-year political platform Vietnam+
Mon 22 @ 03:24 South Koreans burn Kim Jong Un's photo as North Korean band leader passes Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 03:23 Firms urged to verify information of Thai business partners Vietnam+
Mon 22 @ 03:20 Las Vegas rally marks anniversary of Women's March against Trump BBC
Mon 22 @ 03:18 “Kong: Skull Island” director returns to Ha Long Bay Vietnam+
Mon 22 @ 03:18 Ly Hoang Nam jumps 26 places on world rankings Vietnam+
Mon 22 @ 03:15 German city bans new refugees amid anti-migrant mood Fox News
Mon 22 @ 03:13 Chile praises China's 'constructive role' at Latin American forum Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 03:13 L'avenir de l'ALENA pourrait se jouer à Montréal TVA Nouvelles
Mon 22 @ 03:10 Motorcycle bomb explodes at pork stall in Thailand's restive south, killing 3 and wounding 18 S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 03:07 Explosion meurtrière dans un marché Tribune de Genève
Mon 22 @ 03:07 Vocational training quality must improve: experts Vietnam+
Mon 22 @ 03:05 S. Koreans burn Kim's photo as N. Korean band leader passes Fox News
Mon 22 @ 03:05 Pope ends Latin American trip with warning about political corruption Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 03:04 Belarus supplies humanitarian aid to Vietnam Vietnam+
Mon 22 @ 03:02 Work starts on fruit processing centre in Gia Lai Vietnam+
Mon 22 @ 02:58 Bombing at market in southern Thailand kills 3, injures 18 Fox News
Mon 22 @ 02:56 US Senate moderates to pitch leaders on plan to end shutdown Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 02:52 Québec affirme que les positions américaines sont «radicales» TVA Nouvelles
Mon 22 @ 02:50 Les Etats-Unis toujours en «shutdown» Tribune de Genève
Mon 22 @ 02:50 Thaïlande: une bombe explose dans un marché, trois morts La Presse
Mon 22 @ 02:49 Mike Pence accuses US Congress of playing politics with military pay Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 02:44 Oxfam constate un accroissement des inégalités dans le monde, dont au Canada Radio-Canada
Mon 22 @ 02:43 'Colorado low' could pelt southern Ontario and Quebec with freezing rain MetroNews
Mon 22 @ 02:33 US govt shutdown continues for 3rd day as Senate fails to reach funding deal Russia Today
Mon 22 @ 02:32 Fur flies: Russian film watchdogs have a problem with 'Paddington 2' – it's too popular S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 02:31 'It's a miracle': Tonga's Rio flag-bearer qualifies for Winter Olympics ABC
Mon 22 @ 02:25 Netanyahu: Europe Must Preserve Nuclear Deal With Iran Sputnik
Mon 22 @ 02:12 US forcing China to accelerate South China Sea deployments: Chinese media Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 02:04 Saudi Arabia coalition announces $1.5 billion in aid for Yemen Indian Express
Mon 22 @ 02:02 Sydney train passengers injured in crash BBC
Mon 22 @ 02:01 'Humiliated' Sarah Ferguson wants US$62m in damages from Murdoch over 'Fake Sheikh' sting S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 01:59 Look: Highlights of the First Family's First Year in the White House Breitbart
Mon 22 @ 01:57 Three People Reportedly Injured in Manhattan Shooting Sputnik
Mon 22 @ 01:51 Venezuela helicopter attack pilot Oscar Pérez buried BBC
Mon 22 @ 01:47 Bomb in market in Thailand's south kills 3, wounds 18-security official Arab News
Mon 22 @ 01:44 Turkey Begins Ground Assault on Kurdish Enclave in Syria The N.Y. Times
Mon 22 @ 01:42 School in Russia's Siberia reopens after teenager's axe assault on teacher, classmates TASS
Mon 22 @ 01:42 Le pape termine son séjour en Amérique du Sud Euronews
Mon 22 @ 01:39 Europeans among Afghan hotel dead BBC
Mon 22 @ 01:38 Ex-footballer George Weah faces toughest challenge BBC
Mon 22 @ 01:36 Croatia introduces same-sex family bedtime stories BBC
Mon 22 @ 01:36 'You are my destiny': Simone de Beauvoir's mad passion for young lover revealed in letters The Guardian
Mon 22 @ 01:33 Billionaire bonanza: 80pc of all new wealth went to the richest 1pc in 2017, says Oxfam S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 01:27 China's top paper says US forcing China to accelerate S.China Sea deployments Arab News
Mon 22 @ 01:25 The president forced me to take his herbal HIV 'cure' BBC
Mon 22 @ 01:22 Nicole Kidman wins SAG award at this year's historic, female-focused ceremony ABC
Mon 22 @ 01:17 Last respects to late Russian and Soviet composer Vladimir Shainsky to be paid on Jan. 22 TASS
Mon 22 @ 01:16 Train hits barrier in Sydney, at least 15 hurt — official Arab News
Mon 22 @ 01:07 Le bilan des coulées de boue monte à 21 morts Tribune de Genève
Mon 22 @ 01:07 Russian Military, Syrian Authorities Discussing Creation of Refugee Shelters Sputnik
Mon 22 @ 01:04 Pope Francis ends Latin America tour with giant Mass BBC
Mon 22 @ 01:04 Pentagon: Troops Overseas Can Watch Two TV Channels During Shutdown Breitbart
Mon 22 @ 01:04 Britain looks to forge closer ties to Hong Kong amid EU exit with biggest innovation festival S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 01:00 Palm oil is cheap, but it's also an eco-disaster S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 00:57 Man Charged with DUI After Allegedly Attempting to Order Burrito Through Bank Drive-Thru Breitbart
Mon 22 @ 00:52 Les plus riches ont accaparé 82% de la richesse mondiale créée en 2017 TVA Nouvelles
Mon 22 @ 00:40 Amazon ouvre au public son épicerie sans caisses TVA Nouvelles
Mon 22 @ 00:39 2nd explosion rocks Malmo, Sweden in less than a week Russia Today
Mon 22 @ 00:37 Many foreign guests dead as Taliban siege at Kabul hotel is finally brought to a bloody end S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 00:34 The slime crafter with 850,000 fans on Instagram BBC
Mon 22 @ 00:31 Iran Moves to Lessen Revolutionary Guard Presence in Economy Sputnik
Mon 22 @ 00:26 Les frais accessoires ont pratiquement disparu TVA Nouvelles
Mon 22 @ 00:24 India woman fights family over 'low caste' husband's murder BBC
Mon 22 @ 00:18 George P. Bush: Confederate Heroes Day Should Not Be a Texas Holiday Breitbart
Mon 22 @ 00:15 On the road with stripper Stormy Daniels, where porn and presidential politics collide S.China Morning Post
Mon 22 @ 00:13 Feu vert du SPD pour une "grande coalition" Euronews
Mon 22 @ 00:12 Pope Lauds Peru's Young, but Stays Silent on Church Sex Abuse The N.Y. Times
Mon 22 @ 00:10 The businessman exiled for being Jewish BBC
Mon 22 @ 00:09 Etat de Palestine: Abbas compte sur l'UE Tribune de Genève
Mon 22 @ 00:07 IS and how it continues to plague Iraq BBC
Mon 22 @ 00:06 'World's richest 1% get 82% of the wealth', says Oxfam BBC
Mon 22 @ 00:05 White House changes voicemail to say Democrats 'holding Government hostage' ABC
Mon 22 @ 00:04 Les sociaux-démocrates approuvent le principe d'une coalition avec Merkel Radio-Canada
Mon 22 @ 00:02 The Malaysian region that became a hardware hub BBC
Mon 22 @ 00:01 Inequality gap widens as 42 people hold same wealth as 3.7bn poorest The Guardian
Mon 22 @ 00:00 Afghanistan : l'attaque des talibans contre un hôtel à Kaboul fait 18 morts, dont 14 étrangers Xinhuanet
Mon 22 @ 00:00 L'Iran appelle le gouvernement régional du Kurdistan irakien à mettre fin aux attaques reblles sur sa frontière Xinhuanet
Mon 22 @ 00:00 Jordanie : les Etats-Unis doivent reconstruire la confiance vis-à-vis de la solution à deux Etats Xinhuanet
Mon 22 @ 00:00 Afghanistan : l'ONU condamne l'attaque terroriste de l'hôtel Intercontinental à Kaboul Xinhuanet
Mon 22 @ 00:00 Le vice-président américain Mike Pence arrive en Israël pour la troisième étape de sa tournée au Moyen-Orient Xinhuanet
Mon 22 @ 00:00 Yémen : l'intervention humanitaire en 2018 nécessite 2,96 milliards de dollars (ONU) Xinhuanet
Mon 22 @ 00:00 Exposition Universelle 2025 : la France retire sa candidature Xinhuanet
Mon 22 @ 00:00 L'Inde condamne fermement l'attaque terroriste de Kaboul Xinhuanet
Mon 22 @ 00:00 Colombie : le gouvernement et les rebelles de l'ELN en quête d'un nouvel accord de cessez-le-feu Xinhuanet
Sun 21 @ 23:58 Mike Pence arrive en terre promise Euronews
Sun 21 @ 23:57 Topless FEMEN activists tackled by anti-abortionists during protest clash (EXPLICIT VIDEO) Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 23:54 CNN: Undetected Asteroids Could Threaten Earth During Government Shutdown Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 23:43 Second Women's March Since Trump Inauguration Sees Larger Turnout in Many Cities Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 23:37 Trump forced into making anti-Russian decisions, Lavrov says TASS
Sun 21 @ 23:33 Paul Bocuse, Celebrated French Chef, Dies at 91 The N.Y. Times
Sun 21 @ 23:31 François donne une messe géante à Lima Tribune de Genève
Sun 21 @ 23:27 Mattis says Turkey warned Pentagon before attacking US-backed Kurds Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 23:23 Tillerson: US Strongly Condemns Terrorist Attack in Kabul Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 23:20 Mahmoud Abbas demande à l'UE de reconnaître l'État de Palestine La Presse
Sun 21 @ 23:14 Le NPD-Québec a élu son premier chef La Presse
Sun 21 @ 23:08 Graham: 'As Long as Stephen Miller Is In Charge of Negotiating Immigration, We Are Going Nowhere' Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 23:06 Texas judge tells jury God wants not-guilty verdict in child trafficking trial Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 23:04 Schumer: 'Trump Shutdown' Because of a 'Dysfunctional President' Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 23:00 Immobilisé dans la glace, le USS Little Rock devra passer l'hiver à Montréal 45e Nord
Sun 21 @ 22:58 Greeks rally over name dispute with neighbor Macedonia ABC News
Sun 21 @ 22:56 A Death in Kosovo Stokes Fears and Threatens Peace The N.Y. Times
Sun 21 @ 22:56 The Interpreter: Trump's Hard-Line Israel Position Exports U.S. Culture War Abroad The N.Y. Times
Sun 21 @ 22:53 'Collapse' but 'Favorable Contact': Kremlin Spokesman Talks US Relations Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 22:51 Hockey, souvenirs et espoirs de paix : des vétérans de la guerre de Corée se retrouvent Radio-Canada
Sun 21 @ 22:45 Kremlin Spokesman Reveals Putin's Nerve, Details Work Collaboration Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 22:43 Syria: Turkish ground troops enter Afrin enclave BBC
Sun 21 @ 22:43 3 injured in Manhattan shooting near Empire State Building Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 22:38 Underperformed? Expert Weighs In on Trump's First Year Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 22:33 Bangui déplore le non-lieu de la justice française Tribune de Genève
Sun 21 @ 22:32 Peterborough Journal: This City Once Made Much of What Canada Bought. But No More. The N.Y. Times
Sun 21 @ 22:30 Canadian veteran reunited with boy he befriended in Bosnia decades ago MetroNews
Sun 21 @ 22:29 'They can kill us here': This Rohingya woman would rather die than return to Myanmar ABC
Sun 21 @ 22:29 Dozens Injured in Turkey Over Shelling From Syrian Afrin | Authorities Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 22:28 New York vows to reopen Statue of Liberty, at its own cost Arab News
Sun 21 @ 22:24 Pence and Jordan's King 'Agree to Disagree' on Jerusalem The N.Y. Times
Sun 21 @ 22:20 'Space is open for business': NZ start-up successfully launches rocket ABC
Sun 21 @ 22:14 Bangladesh says will coordinate with UN over Rohingya return Arab News
Sun 21 @ 22:11 Trump's Palestinian aid cut leaves refugees fearing 'a catastrophe' ABC
Sun 21 @ 22:07 Tension rises as Turkey sends troops to YPG stronghold Al Jazeera
Sun 21 @ 22:05 Germany's Social Democrats vote to have formal coalition talks with Merkel's CDU Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 22:05 DR Congo: Several deaths in anti-Kabila protests BBC
Sun 21 @ 22:05 Eighth Week in a Row: Marchers in Tel Aviv Call for Netanyahu Resignation Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 22:00 The 'black magic' belief behind a rising number of murders in PNG ABC
Sun 21 @ 22:00 Abbas va demander à l'UE de reconnaître l'Etat de Palestine 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 21:57 Iran nuclear deal breakdown to entail chaos in international relations — Lavrov TASS
Sun 21 @ 21:54 Greeks Protest Over Neighbor's Use of the Name Macedonia The N.Y. Times
Sun 21 @ 21:51 Allemagne : le SPD dit oui à une grande coalition en Allemagne France Info
Sun 21 @ 21:49 Paul Bocuse : l'empereur du Japon France Info
Sun 21 @ 21:47 Mattis heads to Asia to draw a contrast with assertive China Arab News
Sun 21 @ 21:46 Le pape termine son périple en Amérique latine Euronews
Sun 21 @ 21:43 Iran Calls on Turkey to Immediately End Olive Branch Operation Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 21:42 Kaboul : lourd bilan dans l'attaque d'un hôtel France Info
Sun 21 @ 21:41 Syrie : opération militaire turque contre les Kurdes France Info
Sun 21 @ 21:33 Intrusion Suspect Allegedly Assaults Homeowner, Dies After Being Shot Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 21:31 Toronto police seek 51-year-old suspect in stabbing at north side hair salon MetroNews
Sun 21 @ 21:31 Paralysie budgétaire : Trump propose de changer les règles du Sénat Radio-Canada
Sun 21 @ 21:31 'Russia's all we talk about but voters don't care': CNN reporter admits network's obsession on air Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 21:18 Un magasin révolutionnaire dans lequel vous ne ferez jamais la queue 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 21:13 Syrie : offensive turque contre les Kurdes France Info
Sun 21 @ 21:13 One Year of Trump: Border Wall Prototypes Sit in Desert As Border-Crossings Surge to Obama Levels Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 21:11 You'll make more than your immigrant parents, but your kids won't make as much as you: Census MetroNews
Sun 21 @ 21:08 En Europe, des "marches des femmes" pour leurs droits et contre Trump France24
Sun 21 @ 21:05 Yemen's children face 'worst diphtheria outbreak' Al Jazeera
Sun 21 @ 21:04 French FM to visit Iran on March 5 Arab News
Sun 21 @ 21:03 Dem Sen Duckworth Calls Trump 'A Five-Deferment Draft Dodger' Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 21:01 Sharpton: We Must 'Question the Integrity' of Evangelical Leaders Who Support Trump Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 20:59 CNN's Zakaria on Immigration: Trump Seems 'Racist' — GOP 'Ugly,' 'Encouraging 'Bigotry' Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 20:59 "US broken promises to stop arming Kurds triggered Afrin op" – Turkey's ex-FM to RT Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 20:57 Social Engineering to the People: Facebook Asks Users to Rank Media Credibility Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 20:56 Women's Marches Across the World, in Photos and Voices of Protest The N.Y. Times
Sun 21 @ 20:56 Snow Won't Stop Them: Widespread Corruption Protests Across Romania Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 20:55 Peggy Noonan: Trump Is Pulling 'New York Real Estate Moves on the American Political Scene' Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 20:54 Happy B-Day Fuhrer? Polish channel captures neo-Nazis' antics in undercover doc, triggering probe Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 20:54 Ronaldo borrows doctor's phone to check facial injury on pitch BBC
Sun 21 @ 20:48 Un voyage à risque pour Carles Puigdemont Euronews
Sun 21 @ 20:48 La météo extrême de plus en plus fréquente au Canada La Presse
Sun 21 @ 20:43 19h le dimanche du dimanche 21 janvier 2018 France Info
Sun 21 @ 20:42 Lavrov dénonce la "russophobie" occidentale 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 20:35 At least 18 dead in Kabul hotel attack, including 14 foreigners ABC
Sun 21 @ 20:33 Manifestation pour la défense de la Macédoine Euronews
Sun 21 @ 20:30 Lavrov castigates West for narrowing down relations with Russia to Donbass crisis TASS
Sun 21 @ 20:26 Des ménages à faible revenu apprendront àéconomiserde l'énergie La Presse
Sun 21 @ 20:20 Lawmakers to vote on pulling US 'back from brink' on shutdown Arab News
Sun 21 @ 20:12 Etats-Unis : fermée pour "shutdown", la statue de la Liberté va rouvrir grâce à l'Etat de New York France Info
Sun 21 @ 20:10 'Archaic' liquor laws in B.C. hurt consumers, whisky distributor says MetroNews
Sun 21 @ 20:09 Netanyahu: US Must Mediate Between Palestine and Israel Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 20:07 Angela Merkel Spared Disaster, and German Coalition Talks to Continue The N.Y. Times
Sun 21 @ 20:06 La Statue de la Liberté, fermée pour "shutdown", rouvrira lundi 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 19:58 More than 25,000 murdered in Mexico in 2017, country's deadliest year Arab News
Sun 21 @ 19:55 Germany: SPD narrowly backs coalition talks with Merkel Al Jazeera
Sun 21 @ 19:54 Nucléaire : Jean-Yves Le Drian se rendra en Iran en mars France24
Sun 21 @ 19:48 Mordovia State Preserve Ready to Welcome 2018 World Cup Guests Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 19:45 US 'very concerned' about military op in Syria"s Afrin – Tillerson to Turkey + Russia Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 19:45 RDC : 6 morts dans des manifestions anti-Kabila Euronews
Sun 21 @ 19:44 18 people, incl 14 foreigners, killed in Afghan hotel attack – interior ministry Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 19:42 Trump urges Senate rule change as shutdown stalemate continues ABC
Sun 21 @ 19:42 Ministry of Truth: UK Govt to Set up 'Rapid Response' Fake News Unit Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 19:42 Paralysie budgétaire: la Statue de la Liberté rouvrira lundi La Presse
Sun 21 @ 19:37 President Macron on Trump, Brexit and Frexit BBC
Sun 21 @ 19:36 Serial killers target people from marginalized communities, experts say MetroNews
Sun 21 @ 19:35 Lavrov dénonce une «russophobie» occidentale pire que dans la Guerre froide La Presse
Sun 21 @ 19:33 US Planned to Share 'Star Wars' Project With Russia | Reports Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 19:31 Turkey's troops cross over into Syria's Afrin Al Jazeera
Sun 21 @ 19:31 La Statue de la Liberté échappe au «shutdown» Tribune de Genève
Sun 21 @ 19:30 'How did life form from rocks?' Protein puzzle reveals secrets of Earth's evolution Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 19:30 Peskov refutes interpretations of his words about Putin's contacts with Poroshenko TASS
Sun 21 @ 19:25 Drug violence blamed for Mexico's record 29,168 murders in 2017 The Guardian
Sun 21 @ 19:25 White House Voicemail: Government Closed Because Democrats Holding Military Funding 'Hostage' over 'Immigration Debate' Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 19:24 After huge US crowds, European women join chorus for change Arab News
Sun 21 @ 19:16 Berlin Halts Sale of Weapons to Yemen War Belligerents Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 19:15 Taliban claims Kabul Intercontinental hotel siege Al Jazeera
Sun 21 @ 19:13 Afghan forces end Kabul hotel siege Al Jazeera
Sun 21 @ 19:10 Congés pour les pères: le modèle québécois inspire le fédéral  La Presse
Sun 21 @ 19:09 DRC: Protesters killed in anti-Kabila protests Al Jazeera
Sun 21 @ 19:06 King Abdullah reiterates support for two-state solution Al Jazeera
Sun 21 @ 19:06 Smuggler lifts lid on 'mafia' orangutan trading ABC
Sun 21 @ 19:04 Turkish ground forces enter Syria ABC
Sun 21 @ 19:03 "Ça suffit" aussi pour les Européennes Euronews
Sun 21 @ 19:02 Le roi de Jordanie exprime à Pence son «inquiétude» au sujet de Jérusalem 45e Nord
Sun 21 @ 19:01 Le grand défilé d'Oprah Winfrey Le Monde
Sun 21 @ 19:00 Here's how to make sure Hawaii's missile warning fiasco isn't repeated ArsTechnica
Sun 21 @ 18:59 «Probablement oui... dans un contexte similaire», à la BBC Macron estime que le Frexit est possible Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 18:56 Kashmiris mark 28th anniversary of Gaw Kadal massacre Al Jazeera
Sun 21 @ 18:56 Gazans call for strike over collapsing economy Al Jazeera
Sun 21 @ 18:51 First 'Made in Rwanda' Volkswagen Cars May Be Released in Spring 2018 Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 18:49 La Statue de la Liberté, fermée pour "shutdown", rouvrira lundi DH
Sun 21 @ 18:40 Germany's SPD votes for coalition talks with Merkel Al Jazeera
Sun 21 @ 18:40 UN Security Council to discuss situation in Syria on January 22 | French top diplomat TASS
Sun 21 @ 18:39 CNBC Reality TV Crew Arrested for Trying to Smuggle Fake Bomb into Airport Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 18:39 Canada faces angry Americans in pivotal sixth round of NAFTA talks MetroNews
Sun 21 @ 18:36 Israël déroule le tapis rouge pour Mike Pence 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 18:33 Ruining Football: New England Democrats' Votes for Schumer Shutdown Cancel Military Jet Flyover at Patriots-Jaguars AFC Championship Game Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 18:31 Samara to Introduce Tough Air Control Measures During 2018 World Cup Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 18:30 Senate Majority Leader McConnell: Shutdown Might End Monday Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 18:29 Mike Pence à Jérusalem: en ami pour les Israéliens, importun pour les Palestiniens La Presse
Sun 21 @ 18:26 "We agreed to disagree": Pence + King Abdullah clash over US recognition of Jerusalem Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 18:25 Russian top diplomat calls on West to respect Russia's red lines in foreign policy TASS
Sun 21 @ 18:14 'Of course Putin gets nervous, he is human' – Press Secretary Peskov Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 18:10 Lavrov bashes allegations of Russian 'meddling' as lame propaganda tool TASS
Sun 21 @ 18:05 Demonstrations Against Kabila in Congo Leave at Least 6 Dead The N.Y. Times
Sun 21 @ 18:03 US Unilateral Actions in Syria Provoked Turkey to Fury | Moscow Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 18:02 U.S. Taxpayers Continue Funding Commercial Flights for Illegal Immigrants Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 18:00 Australia Diary: We're Watching the Men The N.Y. Times
Sun 21 @ 18:00 Catalan Economy Slumps After Last Year's Independence Bid Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 17:55 «Pays de merde» : 10 jours après la polémique Macron condamne enfin les propos de Trump Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 17:55 German Social Democrats OK coalition talks with Merkel bloc ABC News
Sun 21 @ 17:46 Poland's competition for skiing priests BBC
Sun 21 @ 17:43 Monstrous males? Analysis of children's book villains show strong gender bias Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 17:42 Deadly Siege at Kabul's Largest Hotel The N.Y. Times
Sun 21 @ 17:41 Women's March protests: Thousands rally against Trump Al Jazeera
Sun 21 @ 17:40 "Pays de merde" : "Ce n'est pas un mot que vous pouvez utiliser", lance Macron à Trump France Info
Sun 21 @ 17:40 'Yes, It's Love': Gerhard Schroeder Takes to Korean Food Because of Girlfriend Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 17:38 Germany's SPD gives cautious green light to Merkel coalition talks The Guardian
Sun 21 @ 17:35 Pro-Abortion Activists Attempt to Block Pro-Life Banners at D.C. Women's March, Some 'Verbally Violent' Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 17:34 New Pedestrian Bridge in St. Petersburg to Appear for FIFA 2018 Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 17:33 'Pray for Me' — Kabul Hotel Guest's Plea During Bloody Siege Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 17:33 British Manufacturers Call for UK to Stay in EU Customs Union Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 17:32 One year under Trump: 'An assault on women's health' Al Jazeera
Sun 21 @ 17:29 Paul Ryan on Trump Ad Attacking Dems: 'I Don't Know If That's Necessarily Productive' Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 17:27 Dem Sen Durbin: GOP Doing Away With Filibuster Would Be the 'End of the Senate' Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 17:23 Dem Sen Coons: Negotiating with GOP Is Like Convincing Kids to Do Their Homework Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 17:23 A $130,000 ticket could get you on a dive to the Titanic, off the Newfoundland coast MetroNews
Sun 21 @ 17:21 Ryan: Democrats Shut Down Government 'With No End Game in Sight' W. Free Beacon
Sun 21 @ 17:19 Hundreds of thousands of women march across the world against Trump, demand equal rights, dignity Indian Express
Sun 21 @ 17:16 Allemagne : le parti social-démocrate approuve le principe d'une coalition avec la CDU d'Angela Merkel France Info
Sun 21 @ 17:16 Une djihadiste allemande condamnée à mort en Irak, une première 45e Nord
Sun 21 @ 17:15 Les obsèques de Paul Bocuse se tiendront vendredi à Lyon 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 17:12 2018 Women's March in US Gathers Hundreds of Thousands of Participants Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 17:11 Trudeau à Davos afin de tirer des bénéfices pour la classe moyenne La Presse
Sun 21 @ 17:09 'Égalité et Fraternité': France And Germany Vow to Enhance Cooperation Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 17:07 Les juges au sommet de la pyramide à 300 000$ TVA Nouvelles
Sun 21 @ 17:07 FREXIT: Macron Admits French Public Would 'Probably' Vote to Leave the EU if Given the Chance Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 17:03 Paris : oui aux JO, non à l'Exposition universelle Euronews
Sun 21 @ 17:02 Refugee Admissions Down 70 Percent in First Full Year of Trump Administration Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 17:00 German Social Democrats Say 'Yes' to Coalition Talks With Merkel Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 16:59 UKIP to Hold Emergency Membership Meeting after No Confidence Vote in leader Henry Bolton Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 16:57 Last thing Syria needs after beating ISIS is another conflict – German FM on Turkish op Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 16:53 La paralysie budgétaire persiste à Washington La Presse
Sun 21 @ 16:52 UN official: Rohingya camps at risk of deterioration Al Jazeera
Sun 21 @ 16:51 Stephanopoulos to Durbin: 'Is It Right to Hold the Government Hostage?' W. Free Beacon
Sun 21 @ 16:51 Newly commissioned U.S. combat ship stuck in Montreal due to icy conditions MetroNews
Sun 21 @ 16:51 Zombie Nation? 'Executed' North Koreans return to life Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 16:49 'US managed to betray both Turks and Kurds' Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 16:49 "Pays de merde": Macron condamne les propos de Trump 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 16:37 Broken Arrow: The US H-Bomb That Was Lost at Sea Near Greenland Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 16:33 Allemagne : le SPD réuni en Congrès approuve le principe d'une grande coalition avec Merkel France24
Sun 21 @ 16:33 US shutdown: White House voicemail changed to blame Democrats BBC
Sun 21 @ 16:30 Russian embassy says it has no information about Russians among hotel attack victims TASS
Sun 21 @ 16:23 'They're holding government hostage': White House phone line blames Democrats over shutdown (AUDIO) Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 16:17 Gutiérrez: Kelly Said Trump Was 'Not Fully Informed,' Wall Could Be Inhospitable Terrain, Drones Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 16:15 CNN Reporter: People 'Don't Care' About Russia Investigation Even Though 'That's All We Talk About at CNN' W. Free Beacon
Sun 21 @ 16:14 Fans pay tribute to Dolores O'Riordan in Limerick The Guardian
Sun 21 @ 16:12 «Erdogan est devenu le fossoyeur de la fragile démocratie turque» Tribune de Genève
Sun 21 @ 16:00 Poison arrows inspire new male contraceptive, scientists report ArsTechnica
Sun 21 @ 16:00 Ontario seeks public feedback on allowing cannabis lounges as legalization looms MetroNews
Sun 21 @ 16:00 Assad slams Turkey's operation in Afrin as support for terrorism in Syria TASS
Sun 21 @ 15:56 'Rise of Populism' in Europe is by No Means Inevitable – Former British Diplomat Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 15:53 «Marches pour les femmes» et contre Trump dimanche Canoe
Sun 21 @ 15:52 US, Jordan 'Agreed to Disagree' on Trump's Jerusalem Decision | Pence Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 15:51 Des factures d'électricité plus salées pour les Québécois TVA Nouvelles
Sun 21 @ 15:51 Le pape fustige la corruption en Amérique latine La Presse
Sun 21 @ 15:48 Hommages unanimes aux Halles "Paul Bocuse" de Lyon Euronews
Sun 21 @ 15:47 Grèce : manifestation nationaliste sur le nom de la Macédoine France24
Sun 21 @ 15:46 États-Unis : quel bilan économique pour la première année de présidence Trump ? France Info
Sun 21 @ 15:45 Chuck Todd to Tom Cotton: You Accused Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham of Being a Liars Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 15:45 Feu vert du SPD pour une coalition avec Merkel 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 15:45 «Marches pour les femmes» et contre Donald Trump en Europe La Presse
Sun 21 @ 15:41 Vers un blocage total des prisons françaises Euronews
Sun 21 @ 15:38 Sanders: Deporting DREAMers 'Would Be a Stain That This Country Would Never Recover From' Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 15:37 Allemagne : première étape vers une coalition Euronews
Sun 21 @ 15:36 Johnson attacks 'puerile' protesters over bid to block Trump's UK visit Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 15:35 Trump: Senate Republicans Should Use 'Nuclear Option' to Pass Long-Term Budget if Shutdown Continues W. Free Beacon
Sun 21 @ 15:32 Incendie dans un hôtel 4 étoiles de Prague: 4 morts Canoe
Sun 21 @ 15:30 Red-Blooded Photos of Engineer Troops Day in Russia Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 15:30 Safety precautions taken in Russia in case of US' further sanctions | Kremlin spokesman TASS
Sun 21 @ 15:30 OPEC, Non-OPEC States Agree to Search New Targets for Market Rebalancing | Novak Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 15:28 La culture européenne à La Valette Euronews
Sun 21 @ 15:24 Mulvaney: Schumer Only Offered to 'Authorize' Wall Funding Not Actually Spend Money Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 15:24 Philippines says it won't be embroiled in US-China sea spat ABC News
Sun 21 @ 15:24 Liberals quietly tap experts to craft new paternity leave policy MetroNews
Sun 21 @ 15:23 Dolores O'Riordan: Hundreds queue in rain to pay respects BBC
Sun 21 @ 15:21 Donald Trump...Made of Eggs? Student Posts Omelets With Most Unusual Shapes Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 15:19 La Turquie déploie ses soldats en Syrie Euronews
Sun 21 @ 15:18 Attaque de l'hôtel de Kaboul: 18 morts dont 14 étrangers Canoe
Sun 21 @ 15:18 Democratic Senator Who Voted to Shut Down Government Says 'the Government Should Not Be Shut Down' W. Free Beacon
Sun 21 @ 15:17 Trump: Senate should change rules if shutdown stalemate continues S.China Morning Post
Sun 21 @ 15:00 Tesla's Model X: A lovely roadtripper with stiff daily driving competition ArsTechnica
Sun 21 @ 14:57 Des soldats turcs sont entrés en Syrie pour combattre une milice kurde 45e Nord
Sun 21 @ 14:55 Attaque de l'hôtel de Kaboul: 18 morts dont 14 étrangers ( Canoe
Sun 21 @ 14:52 Attaque de l'hôtel de Kaboul: 18 morts dont 14 étrangers ( Canoe
Sun 21 @ 14:45 'Life of Luxury': Items Seized From Liverpool Criminals Go Under Hammer Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 14:44 Kurdish Problem: Possible Common Ground for Ankara, Damascus, Tehran? Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 14:42 Un atterrissage effrayant à Düsseldorf 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 14:41 Incertitudes pour l'ALENA à la reprise des négociations TVA Nouvelles
Sun 21 @ 14:40 Kremlin spokesman says confident in Putin's convincing victory at presidential polls TASS
Sun 21 @ 14:39 Une offensive turque controversée Euronews
Sun 21 @ 14:33 Assad slams Turkey's Syria offensive as 'support for terrorism' S.China Morning Post
Sun 21 @ 14:30 Realizing you can't have enough JK Simmons, new sci-fi spy series doubles him ArsTechnica
Sun 21 @ 14:25 No alternative to Minsk agreements, waiver would mean complete collapse | Peskov TASS
Sun 21 @ 14:20 Si Puigdemont va au Damenark, le parquet demandera son arrestation 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 14:16 Kabul hotel attack: guests 'sprayed with bullets as they ran' The Guardian
Sun 21 @ 14:15 Deux chasseurs meurent après avoir percuté un troupeau de sangliers 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 14:14 Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's risky gamble could quickly turn sour | Simon Tisdall The Guardian
Sun 21 @ 14:14 Bachar al-Assad accuse Ankara de soutenir le "terrorisme" 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 14:08 Report: Palestinian Negotiator Urged Abbas to Dump Trump's Draft Peace Plan Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 14:05 Tens of thousands of Greeks protest over Macedonia name row S.China Morning Post
Sun 21 @ 14:05 Ethiopia Waldiya: Five killed by police at religious festival BBC
Sun 21 @ 14:00 Iraq sentences German woman to death over IS involvement BBC
Sun 21 @ 14:00 There are no awkward questions for Putin, he easily parries any | Kremlin spokesman TASS
Sun 21 @ 13:59 Mexique: 25 339 homicides en 2017, record en 20 ans Canoe
Sun 21 @ 13:59 Trump's Election Promises – Broken + Kept Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 13:59 Un hôtel attaqué à Kaboul: 18 morts dont 14 étrangers 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 13:58 Mais pourquoi la France renonce-t-elle à l'exposition universelle 2025 ? Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 13:56 Une manifestation contre l'avortement se tient à Paris Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 13:56 Erdogan menace les opposants à l'offensive turque en Syrie 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 13:54 Le fisc espagnol veut poursuivre Shakira pour fraude Canoe
Sun 21 @ 13:49 Missiles hit Turkish towns near Syrian border, casualties reported Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 13:47 Italy's First Female Astronaut: 'No Room for Conflicts in Space' Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 13:45 Russia to Respond to Orchestrated Media Attacks on 2018 Presidential Election Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 13:40 Des marches interdites tournent à l'affrontement en République démocratique du Congo Radio-Canada
Sun 21 @ 13:39 Afghanistan: au moins 18 morts dans l'attentat à l'hôtel Intercontinental de Kaboul 45e Nord
Sun 21 @ 13:37 Deux crânes humains découverts pendant des travaux Canoe
Sun 21 @ 13:36 Turkish City Reyhanli Hit by Rocket Attack From Afrin: 1 Killed, 32 Wounded Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 13:33 Un pilote de ligne en état d'ébriété arrêté quelques minutes avant de décoller Canoe
Sun 21 @ 13:32 Scholar Explains What Lures Jihadists From Daesh to al-Qaeda Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 13:31 Iran, Egypt Calls for End of Turkish 'Disruptive' Offensive in Syria Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 13:29 Turkish Troops Enter Syria in Operation Against Kurdish Militia Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 13:24 Catalogne: si Puigdemont va au Danemark, le parquet demandera son arrestation DH
Sun 21 @ 13:20 Russia to continue coordination with OPEC on oil market after OPEC+ deal is over TASS
Sun 21 @ 13:19 Man, 33, charged in France with planning to carry out terrorist attack Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 13:17 Les sociaux-démocrates font un pas de plus vers une coalition avec Merkel La Presse
Sun 21 @ 13:13 Business as usual? 'Americans can expect govt shutdown every 6 months' Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 13:12 Nom de la Macédoine: les nationalistes grecs dans la rue contre un compromis La Presse
Sun 21 @ 13:09 Donald Trump: Senate Republicans Should Kill 60 Vote Rule to End Government Shutdown Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 13:07 UK school forced to reverse hijab ban Indian Express
Sun 21 @ 13:04 Syrie: 11 civils, dont 5 enfants, tués dans des frappes turques  La Presse
Sun 21 @ 13:04 Boris Johnson invite le Royaume-Uni à accueillir Trump 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 13:00 Erdogan accuses allies of sending "thousands of planeloads' and 'truckloads of arms' to Kurds Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 12:59 France requests UN Security Council meeting on Turkish operation in Afrin Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 12:58 RDC: 6 morts dans la dispersion de la marche anti-Kabila selon l'ONU La Presse
Sun 21 @ 12:57 Au moins cinq morts et 33 blessés lors de marches interdites en RDC 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 12:57 Olivia Lua, cinquième star du X à mourir en trois mois 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 12:54 Déchets: la Chine ferme sa poubelle, panique dans les pays riches La Presse
Sun 21 @ 12:50 RD Congo : plusieurs morts lors des marches interdites contre Kabila France24
Sun 21 @ 12:50 Azerbaijan understands Turkey's concerns about terrorist threats | foreign ministry TASS
Sun 21 @ 12:49 Erdogan Vows to Eliminate PKK, YPG, PYD, Urges US to Refrain From Provocations Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 12:47 Turkey 'soon' will finalize operation in Syria's Afrin – Erdogan TASS
Sun 21 @ 12:47 Turkish Op in Afrin is Part of Ankara's Strategy to Support Terrorists | Assad Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 12:43 Those who help Kurdish fighters in Afrin will become Turkey's targets – PM Yildirim Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 12:40 Mexique: 25 339 homicides en 2017, record en 20 ans La Presse
Sun 21 @ 12:30 Turkish artillery fires in northern Syria after border town hit Indian Express
Sun 21 @ 12:30 North Korea Moranbong girl band leader heads Olympic inspection team BBC
Sun 21 @ 12:27 Attentat dans un hôtel de Kaboul: au moins 18 morts La Presse
Sun 21 @ 12:21 Quatre morts dans l'incendie d'un hôtel à Prague 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 12:19 OPEC+ leaves unchanged decision to extend production cut deal | Russian Energy Minister TASS
Sun 21 @ 12:07 German woman sentenced to death in Iraq for joining Islamic State Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 12:05 Erdogan vows swift end to Afrin operation, warns pro-Kurdish opposition against taking to streets Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 12:03 Cryptocurrency: 'Biggest Evolution of Financial System in History' – Investor Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 12:00 Montreal abolishes infamous traffic and parking ticket quotas, bonuses tied to them MetroNews
Sun 21 @ 11:57 Erdogan: Turkey to Quickly Conclude Op in Syria as Terrorists Already Fleeing Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 11:46 Aux Etats-Unis, mobilisation contre le sexisme... et Donald Trump Euronews
Sun 21 @ 11:43 Syrie : l'armée turque affirme être entrée dans Afrin France24
Sun 21 @ 11:32 Situation on Turkish-Syrian Border on Second Day of Ankara's Military Operation Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 11:30 France Demands Urgent UNSC Meeting Over Turkish Operation in Syria's Afrin Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 11:29 JO : une délégation nord-coréenne à Séoul Euronews
Sun 21 @ 11:20 Turkey starts ground incursion into Kurdish-controlled Afrin in Syria The Guardian
Sun 21 @ 11:18 Europe readies riposte to Donald Trump's “America First” push in Davos Indian Express
Sun 21 @ 11:16 Attentat dans un hôtel de Kaboul: au moins 18 morts dont 14 étrangers BFM TV
Sun 21 @ 11:13 "Jérusalem, un désaccord entre amis" Euronews
Sun 21 @ 11:10 Fire Traps Workers in Delhi Factory, Killing at Least 17 The N.Y. Times
Sun 21 @ 11:08 Jordan's King: East Jerusalem Must Be Capital of Palestine Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 11:07 Une Allemande condamnée à mort en Irak pour appartenance à l'EI 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 11:05 Iraqi Court Sentences German Islamic State Member to Death Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 11:02 How a rising tourism tide lifts all boats in Vietnam S.China Morning Post
Sun 21 @ 11:01 Guests' desperate escape during Taliban assault on Kabul hotel ABC
Sun 21 @ 11:00 Russian President Vladimir Putin takes holy dip in icy waters Indian Express
Sun 21 @ 10:51 Un employé fédéral sur huit gagne 100 000$ TVA Nouvelles
Sun 21 @ 10:49 Turkey's PM says Russia has no objections against operation in Syria's Afrin – media TASS
Sun 21 @ 10:49 Killer viruses from outer space might be more common than we think – study Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 10:41 Bondarchuk's Aliens Have Landed in Edinburgh Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 10:40 Pope Francis in Peru: Violence against women 'a plague' BBC
Sun 21 @ 10:34 France : un projet d'attentat déjoué, un suspect arrêté dans le Gard France24
Sun 21 @ 10:25 NY Teacher Arrested for Giving Student Oral Sex Released Without Bail Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 10:24 Irak: une Allemande condamnée à mort pour appartenance à Daesh BFM TV
Sun 21 @ 10:24 Shakira visée par une enquête du fisc espagnol: des poursuites envisagées contre la chanteuse DH
Sun 21 @ 10:22 Au Pérou, le pape dénonce la misère des périphéries des grandes villes BFM TV
Sun 21 @ 10:16 Accueil chaleureux au Pérou mais douche froide au Chili pour le pape François 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 10:13 Iraqi Court Sentences German Woman to Death for Joining Daesh | Reports Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 10:12 World Economic Forum preps for Modi mantra with tastes of India, twists of yoga Indian Express
Sun 21 @ 10:02 Turkey Launches Air, Ground Offensive Against U.S.-Backed Kurdish Militia in Syria Breitbart
Sun 21 @ 10:00 Medicaid Expansion Has Enrolled Twice As Many Able-Bodied Adults as Projected W. Free Beacon
Sun 21 @ 10:00 Washington Examiner Writer to Pursue DC Gun-Carry Permit in Wake of Armed Robbery W. Free Beacon
Sun 21 @ 10:00 L'histoire de "Lucky" Luciano, le patron de la mafia à New York 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 09:59 French Journalist 'Mad at Media' for Their Role in Unleashing Bloodshed in Syria Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 09:55 3 bodies found in capsized fishing boat off S. Korean coast – Yonhap Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 09:47 Mahmoud Abbas va demander à l'UE de reconnaître l'Etat de Palestine BFM TV
Sun 21 @ 09:47 100 feared dead from measles, malnutrition in Indonesia's Papua S.China Morning Post
Sun 21 @ 09:43 The OPEC deal may end in June Russia Today
Sun 21 @ 09:38 Standoff in Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul Over, 43 People Killed | Reports Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 09:37 Honduras : un mort lors d'affrontements entre policiers et manifestants France24
Sun 21 @ 09:33 La Turquie annonce que son armée est entrée dans l'enclave kurde d'Afrine 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 09:23 2018, l'année Clemenceau : l'homme qui voulait faire la paix France24
Sun 21 @ 09:20 Le sud de La Réunion dévasté: il est tombé en 24 heures l'équivalent d'une année de pluie ... DH
Sun 21 @ 09:18 Blaze at firecracker factory outside Indian capital kills 17 S.China Morning Post
Sun 21 @ 09:11 Turkey's Olive Branch operation in Syria to have four stages | Turkish PM TASS
Sun 21 @ 09:11 Turkey attacks: jets bomb Kurds while ground forces enter Syria in new offensive called 'Operation Olive Branch' S.China Morning Post
Sun 21 @ 09:07 Tirs de roquettes contre une ville turque à la frontière syrienne Canoe
Sun 21 @ 09:05 North Korean Pop Singer Leads Pre-Olympic Delegation to South The N.Y. Times
Sun 21 @ 09:02 L'île de Chypre divisée s'apprête à élire son président Canoe
Sun 21 @ 09:01 Turkey to Create 30-Km Security Zone in Syria, PM Confirms Start of Ground Op Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 09:01 Une délégation nord-coréenne à Séoul pour une inspection avant les JO 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 09:01 'Dems Are Holding Gov't Funding Hostage': Here's What Happens When You Call WH Sputnik
Sun 21 @ 08:57 Myanmar soldiers jailed for killing civilians in rare trial S.China Morning Post
Sun 21 @ 08:56 Les talibans revendiquent l'attaque d'un hôtel de luxe à Kaboul 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 08:51 Incertitudes pour l'ALENA à la reprise des négociations Canoe
Sun 21 @ 08:42 La Turquie avait prévenu les Etats-Unis du lancement de son opération en Syrie BFM TV
Sun 21 @ 08:38 Tirs de roquettes contre une ville turque à la frontière syrienne 7 SUR 7
Sun 21 @ 08:28 They're cute and cuddly, but will Japan's Olympic mascots become cash cows? S.China Morning Post
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I would like everyone to know more about our world.

Hi, my name is Jonathan and I am 40 years old. First, let me tell you that the English language isn’t my first language; I speak French in my everyday life. So don’t be too severe with me, since I will make mistakes. You can laugh about it, and you can also point out some errors I may make so I can improve myself.

I am the founder of the Knights of News, a concept I created to show my love of world news. Everyone can be a Knight of News, you simply need to care about humanity and have the willingness to inform others.

The home of the Knights of News is TacticalFM.com, a website I created in 2007. Our headquarters changed many times since its launch. Before today, it was firing in all directions… but now, it’s more focused than ever: on world news.

« Why world news? » Very simple: I care about my planet and the people who are living on it. One day I had a flash, I realized that the VERY FIRST STEP to being able to settle even the simplest problem requires a common knowledge of the context and parameters of this problem.

In short, as humanity, we cannot fix what’s wrong in our society if we, each one on our side, have different knowledge of the situation. The reason is simple and very logical: solutions a person may suggest will always miss important key points that another may have, and the consequence is that these solutions will be incomplete and partial.

We all have the same concerns, we all have the same goals, we want to live in peace, have food, shelter and love. Whatever part of the world you live in, we all feel the same, we all have the same basic needs.

This planet is going to crash if we, as a global ensemble, continue like we have been. But before doing something that can apply to and help all of us, we must all have the same stance on the situation.

This is why the Knights of News exist. View them as a tool that enables you to have better common knowledge of the situation on Planet Earth. We put in evidence complex topics, that at first may not seem to be important (e.g.: geoengineering, geopolitical tensions, global economy, etc.) so that in the long run, YOU do care and become curious. Without basic curiosity, we can’t have any hope to fix the smallest problem.

Today, a small group of people have all the space they want to decide, just because the majority of us don’t care enough about the decisions taken by this Elite. This must change, and the very first step is to get CURIOUS about everything, from the simplest topic to the most complex.

Don’t be afraid, just because you don’t understand, we are all together on this boat, we all need to help each other. The majority of us want peace, but the war mongering minority have control because we don’t take the time to understand what is happening or why.

Knowledge is power. Be powerful. Start learning about complex world news. This can be very hard at first, but be courageous, and you will see that over time, this will becomes easier.

Peace, love and justice requires common knowledge of what’s happening on Earth.
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What is this site?


But more precisely:

It fetches a custom set of world news RSS feeds from various official media outlets.

It filters the resulting list to remove non pertinent links.

It orders and timestamps the news links with UTC time zone.

And finally colours them if they are important news, special topics, etc.

News for pros, plain and simple!

Why everyone should visit this site?


Nothing less than that, thanks to the "comparison effect" by putting all news media outlets side-to-side, on the same list.

This way, we can compare titles and spot the nice written and descriptive ones. It forces MSMs to be as complete and pertinent as possible.

This way, we can compare the content and when it's reported. The media that will have the greater and more pertinent content will win the popularity race when displayed with all his competitors, it's pure logic.

Everybody win by visiting the Knights of News: quality and pertinence over entertainment and consumerism!

Overall, this website forces each of our beloved MSMs to do a better job, this is why your visit, and to talk about it around you, is so important.
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Jonathanboucharddotca micro 2016 ruche Peace, love and justice requires common knowledge of what’s happening on Earth.

L'amour, la paix et la justice exigent une connaissance commune des événements sur terre!

"Chevaliers de l'information",
"Knights Of News"
created by / conçu par
Jonathan Bouchard

Born in 1976, I am a computer geek and programmer who loves geopolitics and MSM.

I am from Quebec, Canada, I speak french. I started to learn english with a Commodore 64.

FPS lover who can't play as he wants like many others but still, I finished original Doom I and II without cheating at hard. ;)

Philosopher who loves to think about the future of mankind, evolution and what we are supposed to do on Earth.

My dream would be that each one of us develops his curiosity toward what's really happening in the world. Before trying to fix our major problems of coexistence, I think the very first step is to learn about what we are and then, we will be able to fix problems like global warming, terrorism, hunger and war. Because, that's our goal, right?

My english grammar is not perfect, my french is a lot better, but I am trying hard.

Suits and ties are not for me... even if I look handsome in it!

I kept my child's hearth, I make jokes, I sing, I am not shy to laugh at myself.

I don't bite. I just know what I want and there's reasons for it, each time.

Don't you think it's enough? Contact me if you still want more! :D
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